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Caught and Spanked by Two Women - My Revenge

My revenge on Miss Philips for spanking me nude and on the cock
As a sixth form boy scout I had been caught by the two Akelas reading a dirty magazine and smoking. For my troubles they made me undress and both spanked me on my bum with a cane and then on my cock with a plastic ruler because I had a hard-on “that I was unable to control”, they said.

I had been left with conflicting feelings. The cane had hurt but I was also turned on by being made to take off my clothes in front of these two very attractive women and have them touch and spank me.

More than a year had gone by since that occasion and I was now back from university for the summer holidays where I had grown in all respects. As I went past the old scout hall I recalled my experience at the hands of Miss Swift and Miss Philips and felt the blood pumping into my penis in response. Thinking about it now I realised that they’d had no right to punish me as they had and in fact they would be in some trouble if it had come out. Little by little an idea came into my mind and I was determined to go to see them after their next Friday meeting.

The day came and I waited outside the hall as the scouts filed out. I knew their routine meant that the Akelas would spend the next 10 minutes or so clearing the hall and putting everything away before they could leave, so I was in no rush and made sure everyone else had gone before going in.

I was slightly disappointed to find only Miss Philips in the hall busily tidying up.

I cleared my throat and said hello as she turned round. “Miss Philips”, I said, “do you remember me, Jim Murphy, I was in this scout group up till last year.”

“Good heavens,” she replied, “of course I remember you, Jim, but haven’t you grown.”

I decided to go for the punch. “Do you remember, about a year or so ago, how you and Miss Swift punished me for reading a dirty magazine and smoking?“

“I……. I think I remember the occasion,” she mumbled.

“Where is Miss Swift, by the way?”

“Er... she’s on holiday at the moment.”

“In that case I will see you individually. You see I have often recalled that evening but I now realise that you had no right to do what you did and you would be in a lot of trouble if I told people how you treated me.”

She was stunned into silence, so I went on. “Without realising it you introduced me to a new experience. And as it happens I enjoyed it.”

“Oh,” she mumbled, rather relieved, “so is that all you wanted to tell me?”

“No, I have come here to tell you I want you to punish me again, exactly as you did last time.”

“I see,” she answered, feeling a little more confident.

“And then I am going to give you a taste of your own medicine.”

“You can’t do that,” she asserted. “I am …. I was your Akela.”

“History.” I said

“And if I don’t accept” ……... But she could see from my face that I would not be put off. “Very well, I see I have no choice.”

“Shut the hall door,” I said “and then you will spank me as you did last time.”

She did as I instructed and returned with the cane. When I said nothing she took control. “Take off all your clothes, Jim.”

A few moments later I stood in just my underpants, my cock throbbing.

“Take them off too,” she instructed me.

All the feelings I had a year before were back. I dropped my pants and added them the pile of clothes, aware that Miss Philips eyes were drawn to my growing cock.

“Bend over the stool.”

I stepped up to the stool and bent over knowing what she would do next. Sure enough she slid her hand round my erection and drew it down between my legs. Then she brought back the cane and swish, swish, swish and I recalled that she was the harder hitter of the two. I was finding the whole experience very uplifting. Swish, swish, she brought down the cane across my muscled bum. Swish, the last one struck me at the top of my legs.

“Stand up.”

I stood and turned to face her my cock dripping with juice I was so turned on.

“How dare you flaunt that at me. I am going to punish your penis now. Fetch me the ruler and bring it over to the desk.”

I collected the ruler, aware of my cock bouncing from side to side as I walked.

“Lie down on your back along the desk.” she ordered.

I climbed up on the desk and lay down with my cock rigid in the air.

“I am going to give you six spanks with this ruler to punish you for waving that at me.” And with that thwack, one across the top of the shaft, thwack, one on the underside, thwack another across the top. This was so arousing, the ruler stung and then the warmth flooded along my cock making it throb. Thwack, one across the head and then thwack, thwack, two stingers on the very tip.

Now it was time for me to take over. I stepped down on to the hall floor and stood facing her. “Now it’s your turn, Miss Philips. Take of all your clothes.”

She hesitated, then started to undress. As I watched her I saw a glint in her eye and realised she was getting excited. She stood in front of me in bra and pants.

“I told you to take off all your clothes ………. but as you have disobeyed me I will remove your underwear.” I walked round behind her, my cock slipping up between her legs and undid the bra. I slid my hands round, cupping her breasts, and stroking her hard nipples before moving round to take the bra off. I knelt down in front of her, hooked my fingers into the elastic and slid down her pants, revealing a beautifully shaved juicy slit.

“Now, bend over the stool,” I ordered.

As she bent over I spread her legs wide, giving me a wonderful view of her firm swollen lips. I stepped back and swished the cane through the air, making her wince.

“Keep still, or you will get extra strokes.”

Swish, swish, two strokes across the beautiful round of her cheeks. Swish, one across the top of her legs making her cry out. Swish, swish, swish, I criss crossed a few strokes across the most fleshy part of her bum.

I put my hand on her back as she started to get up, “I’ll tell you when to stand.”

I ran my hand over her cheeks and down between her legs, sliding my fingers into her slit and she moaned. I moved my finger along her clit and it was hard.

“Do you remember how you spanked my cock because I was aroused? Well I see no reason for me to be punished and not you as you are very aroused. Lie down on your back along the desk.” I told her.

She sat on the edge of the desk and lay back with her legs apart so that her slit was open and waiting. As I stepped up to tell her that I was going to spank her with the ruler my hard cock slid along her thigh, touching her swollen lips. I told her I would not spank her as hard as she had me.

My cock swung from side to side as I moved round to stand next to the desk. As I picked up the ruler she was a little nervous but I could see she was also very excited and slid her hand onto my cock making me harden even more. Thwack, I brought down the ruler along the line of her slit and she moaned. Thwack, thwack and she gripped my cock tight.

“Hit me harder,” she cried.

Thwack, thwack, thwack and when I touched her this time her clit was rigid. She opened her legs wide and gestured me to move round. I didn’t need encouraging and as she moved to the edge of the desk I slid inside her. I ran my hands along her body and around her breasts as I pushed in hard then slid back so that I stopped at her lips, then back inside, pressing against the roof of her slit. Each time I pushed in she pushed against me, moaning with pleasure until we finally came in an explosion of cum.

As I walked home later, I relived the wonderful evening and began to plan how I would spank Miss Swift in a similar way.

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