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Caught and Spanked by Two Women

I was nearly 17 and two attractive women made me undress to be spanked
I’d been in the scouts for years and usually enjoyed everything about it. At nearly 17 maybe I was getting too old for scouts but that wasn’t all, it hadn’t been the same recently and everything that Miss Swift and Miss Philips said and did made me cross. Our Scoutmaster, who was brilliant, had been ill for a while and so the two Arkelas were in charge - they were in their late twenties and very sexy but they didn’t run things well.

As soon as we were dismissed at the end of the evening I’d gone out to the back of the church hall to find my stash of cigs and ‘Parade’ magazine behind a loose stone in the wall. After a couple of drags of smoke and a look at ‘Miss February’ I was starting to feel better until I heard a noise behind me and looked up to see Miss Swift standing over me. I was about to leg it but Miss Philips stepped into my path from the other side and I was caught.

“Well Jim, what have you to say for yourself?” Miss Swift said ominously.

“I, ….er….I …. nothing Akela.”

“Come inside with us and we’ll decide what’s going to happen next.” And with that they lead me back inside the empty hall.

“What would your parents say if they knew,” said Miss Philips, “I imagine they’d be very upset.”

“Please don’t tell them” I pleaded, knowing that my father would no doubt give me the cane for smoking and I didn’t like to think what he’d do if he found out about the girly magazine.

“I don’t think we have any choice, you need to be punished for reading that sort of magazine and for smoking. How long have you had them?”

“Not very long Miss. Please, I’ll never do it again, I promise.”

“You should have thought of that before” said Miss Swift. “Stay right there while we decide what to do with you.” And they went out leaving me standing in the middle of the hall.

When they came back in they had obviously decided. “We think you must be punished for what you’ve done so you have a choice, either we telephone your parents and let them punish you or we punish you here and now. Well, what is it to be?”

“What sort of punishment?” I asked.

“What would your parents do?” said Miss Swift, “and don’t make it worse by lying, we can always check.”

My mind was reeling. My Dad would cane me on the bare backside and he could really swing the cane, it would hurt a lot. Surely these two wouldn’t hit me as hard as Dad ….. “My Dad would cane me for this.” I mumbled.

“Speak up, Jim.”

“My dad would give me the cane.” As I said this, standing there and telling these attractive women, I began to feel aroused.

“Exactly how does he canes you? Asked Miss Philips, with rather too much interest.

Should I lie? No, if they found out it would be worse still. “On my bum.” I said hoping that would be enough.

They had guessed from my reluctance. “Without your pants?” asked Miss Philips smiling and I nodded. “Well, make up your mind, do we phone your parents?”

They moved away to let me think and I enjoyed watching their sexy behinds, long legs, and full breasts pushing against the tight scout shirts and realised that just the thought of being spanked by these two was very exciting. I decided to get it over. “I’ll take my punishment here.” I said.

“Very well, strip down to your underpants and we’ll be back in one minute. Make sure you are ready”

I couldn’t move. I had started to get even more aroused at the prospect of being undressed in front of these attractive ladies and I was convinced they could see the swelling in my trousers.

“Well, come on or have you changed your mind?”

“Er, no, I er ….. I.. er, alright.“ and started to undress.

“We’ll return with the cane in a minute and if you are not ready…...” the threat was left hanging.

When they came back in the hall I felt very vulnerable. I was standing in the middle of this large hall wearing just my underpants in front of two attractive women in uniform. Miss Philips had my girly magazine and Miss Swift was holding a swishy looking cane. I was torn between feelings of arousal and fear.

Miss Swift spoke first. “Right, Jim, we are going to cane you for reading this disgusting magazine and for smoking cigarettes. I will give you six strokes for staring at the girls in that magazine and Miss Philips will give you another six for smoking. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I murmured, wishing I knew where to look and trying to cover my erection.

She glared at me, “Yes what?” she said.

“Yes Arkela.” I added.

Miss Swift brought a stool over and put it down in front of me. “Take off your pants and bend over here.”

“Not my pants, please!”

Swish. The cane caught me on the side of my leg and I slid down my pants and put them on the stool. I stood there nude in front of two women. Usually I was proud of my 8 inch cock but standing in front of these ladies, still in uniform, I tried to hide it with my hands.

“Move your hands away” barked Miss Philips, and they smiled at my embarrassment as my cock sprang out.

“Now, bend right over this stool and stand with your feet apart.” Miss Swift moved behind me ready to start the caning. As I bent over my penis ended up pushed onto the top of the stool, then I felt her hand slide in under my stomach and ease it down so that it was trapped by the edge of the stool pointing down between my legs. My erection was rigid.

Swish, swish, swish, I cried out after each stroke despite my determination to be brave. Swish, swish, I leapt up holding my bum. “Back over the stool”, said Miss Swift, again pushing my cock down under the edge of the stool. “Two more, for moving.” She said and swish, swish two more strokes made lines across my bum. “Now then, stand up!”

I stood up, knowing I was not allowed to hide my erection. “If you don’t control that, I will give him six strokes too.” smiled Miss Philips. “Now, bend over again.” Now it was her turn to touch me and I felt her hand slide down, past my stomach and she took my cock in her hand and moved it down past the edge of the stool.

Swish, swish, again, I tried not to but had to cry out and put one hand on my bum. “Hand down or you’ll get more!” Swish, swish, swish, swish.

Finally it was over and I stood up. My cock was rigid, pointing upwards, defiantly as my fingers felt the tramlines across my bum.

“I told you what would happen if you didn’t control that. Fetch me that ruler, she pointed across the room.” In full view of these ladies, I was made to walk across the room to fetch a springy plastic ruler from the desk and hand it to Miss Philips. “Hands on your head and stand upright.” she instructed. I did as I was told watching in ecstasy as Miss Philips ran her fingers under my penis and I felt it harden at her touch. Then thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack she spanked it four times along the length and thwack, thwack, twice on the tip.

Relieved that the punishment was finally over I reached for my pants, only to get another swish with the cane across my backside. “Stay where you are!” instructed Miss Swift, “I will also give him six with the ruler. Lie down across the desk on your back. Hands by your side.” Then she too felt my cock which hurt it was so rigid. Thwack, she hit it much harder, thwack, thwack on both sides of the shaft. Then, moving round slightly, thwack, thwack, two on the head and thwack, one on the tip making me cover my penis. “Keep still, or you’ll get more.” And she proceeded to give me another two strokes on the tip.

They were clearly getting excited by this whole event. “Now I think we’ll check you over,” said Miss Swift, swirling her fingers around my cock. 

She made me stand, feet apart, while she had a look at my bum before kneeling down in front of me to handle and examine my cock. She put her hands around my rigid member, sliding her hand along the shaft and back, down to the tip and back again, making me moan.

After a few minutes, Miss Philips took over, running her hand over my bum and down between my legs so I felt her fingers brush along my balls and slowly down the length of my cock. She moved round in front of me and touched my cock, peeling back the foreskin she ran her finger over the head, sliding my juice around. I could feel her breath on my cock as she moved the skin back and pulled it forward, then back again. As she squeezed her hand over the shaft I could hold it no longer and shot my load over the floor with an enormous groan.

They appeared to be satisfied with their work; they stood there for quite a long time examining my cock as it retreated. “Now, get dressed quickly and don’t let us catch you doing those things again.”

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