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Charley's Apology

Charley apologizes for his impertinent behavior, but gets a public spanking anyway.
First thing Monday after work, Charley called his mistress and asked her if he still had to apologize to Miss Amanda. Seems Charley had disrespected Miss Abby’s dear friend, Amanda, when he went to her beauty shop to be fitted for a hairbrush. His mistress, Miss Abby, had been spanking Charley’s ass for a few weeks now, all under the guise of allowing him to take pleasures with her body. However, she was the only one being pleasured.

Abby had told him, all her boys have their own hairbrushes, and he was sent to get one too. Charley was a bit flippant with Amanda as she lowered his trousers, and he paid for it when he next visited his mistress. As Abby had sent him to Amanda’s, she took that impertinent behavior personally. Because he had embarrassed her, Charley knew he was in for another hard spanking, this time with his new hairbrush.

He only received two dozen hot kisses from his new pink hairbrush as his flaming bottom danced on Miss Abby’s lap. Abby rarely dispensed less than twenty-four spanks. Her philosophy was “a good spanking lasts for a while.”

This hairbrush spanking was not as severe as it should have been. Miss Abby, very knowledgeable in these matters, detected some mitigating factors. Charley might have a physical condition that caused his problematic behavior. That diagnosis was confirmed when Charley took an eight-inch nozzle up his ass and had his colon cleaned out. He was loaded!

Charley, not enjoying the invasion of his asshole, did realize the erotic side effects. He had a whopper of a boner as his mistress placed the enema equipment far up his ass. He almost shot a hot load from his bulging cock as his Miss Abby ass fucked him with the well-lubricated and very long nozzle.

Charley had been instructed that Amanda would be notified of his hairbrush spanking, and the extenuating conditions that may have caused his impudent behavior. In any event, he was told to call back Monday, after work, to see if Amanda was assuaged, or wanted him to apologize in person. There was a good chance the twenty-four crisp spanks was not sufficient to deter future disrespectful behavior. Charley had been told many times by his mistress to be very deferential to the superior sex.

“Charley, I have spoken to my dear friend Amanda. When I told her your swollen bowels might have contributed to your insolent behavior last week, she was not very impressed. She asked if I took your bare butt over my knees and paddled your sorry ass real good. I had to admit I only gave you twenty-four strokes, although you howled like a banshee.

You must go and see her this Saturday morning, at 10 am. Bring your hairbrush and don’t be late. That's when she offers her class on domestic discipline.

Charley stewed all week, not knowing what was going to happen. Amanda had been told of his spanking and enema. Wasn’t that enough humiliation? Would she add to his shame?

It took most of the week for Charley’s swollen ass cheeks to return to normal. Several cool baths and many meals on his feet helped. On Saturday, at ten minutes before 10 am, he arrived at Amanda’s beauty salon, carrying his hairbrush in its too small pink bag. As he entered, several women looked at him and giggled.

He was told Amanda was in the drying room and he was to go there. Upon entering that room, Charley was surprised to see four women, young and very pretty, sitting under hair dryers. Amanda was explaining something to them.

Amanda looked at him and announced, “This, Ladies, is the unappreciative young man I told you about. Instead of being thankful for the time I spent with him, he snarled at me. One of Abby’s charges, who just doesn’t learn. Please turn off your dryers, I want your input.”

The four young women turned off their machines and settled themselves comfortably in their chairs. Several turned a shapely leg over their knee and showed Charley plenty of thigh.

“Charley, I think your mistress is loosing her touch. Tell us about the little spanking she gave you.”

“It was very hard, Miss Amanda. I felt it all week.”

“Tell the ladies what she used to spank you, Charley.”

“Do I really have to be so specific? I am very ashamed to be here.” Charley tried to hide the pink bag behind his back, but Amanda ordered him to show it to the ladies.

“Unless you want five spankings instead of one today, do as you’re told, Boy.”

“I’m sorry, Miss Amanda. My mistress used my new pink hairbrush, the one I bought here. I’m not sure how many she gave me, as I couldn’t count after fifteen, but I think she said it was two dozen. She does like that number.”

“Keep going Boy. How was the spanking given?”

“She lowered my pants and put me across her lap. The spanking stung terribly, Miss Amanda.”

“Now Charley, she said there were some extenuating circumstances. Tell us about that.”

This caught the ladies attention as if they had been pre warned.

“Do I have to, Miss Amanda?”

“Charley, there you go again. I have four very experienced spankers here. Are you sure you want to defy me?”

‘No, Ma’am. I had told my mistress that my stomach had been bothering me all week, so she gave me an en… en… ene… enema.”

“Did you enjoy it, Charley?” asked one of the pretty ones who couldn’t contain her glee. “I clean my husband out every Friday after work and he is so appreciative, he dotes on me all weekend.” Later, when this cute one was holding Charley’s cock, she introduced herself as Melissa.

That got the other three smiling.

“Charley, you may lower you pants now and show the ladies the state of your sorry ass cheeks. Then we will decide on your punishment.”

“Do I have to, Miss Amanda?”

“Ladies, do you see what a difficult case this is. Two spankings a week and a good cleansing last Friday, and he is still defiant. What shall we do?”

Charley knowing he had no choice, turned around and dropped his drawers. The ladies started discussing his bottom cheeks and asked him to come closer. Amanda nodded and Charley walked up to them, trying to hide his growing cock.

“No one came here to see that poor excuse for a love tool, Charley. Just bend over and the girls will inspect you.”

Charley, very compliant now, did as he was told. He felt several hands sliding over his ass and some fingers separating his still tender cheeks.

When the ladies had fully explored the extent of the spanking Abby had administered, Amanda walked over, slapped his ass and told him to get the spanking chair. “You know where it is.”

With Charley out of the room momentarily, Amanda asked the girls what they thought. The consensus was, based on his current behavior; Charley needed at least two dozen spanks on his bare bottom today. Amanda should of course, use his new hairbrush. One suggested that each girl give him a dozen, before Amanda got to him.

It would be great to see his red ass hopping from lap to lap.

Soon Charley returned, lugging the spanking chair. He was also still holding his hairbrush. Walking was somewhat difficult as his pants were around his shoes.

“Where shall I place it, Miss Amanda?”

“In front of the ladies and facing them. As they have contributed to my decision, I want them to have a good view.”

With the chair properly situated, Amanda sat down and hiked up her skirt. Charley looked down and saw Amanda's full thighs, only partially covered by her stockings. Running down from above were her red garter suspenders and the clips attached to her hose. A glimpse of her red panties caught his eye as well.

“Charley, look at the ladies and tell them why you are here today.”

Charley tried to hide his tumescent organ with the pink bag, but Amanda took it.

“Keep your hands at your sides and start talking.”

“I am so sorry you have to see this, Ladies. I was disrespectful to Miss Amanda and I’m here to be punished for it. I should have appreciated what she was doing for me.

My mistress already spanked me, but I hope you will consider the physical problem I had. Miss Abby thinks that contributed to my irritability.”

Charley’s penis was at full flagpole position as he addressed the women. Melissa stepped up and took the erect cock in her hand. It swelled even more at her touch. The others asked how it felt.

“Not too bad for a snively little brat.”

“OK, Ladies, time to move on. I think Charley needs a little of both of Abby’s treatments. Charley, I am going to give your cute ass two dozen little kisses with your pink hairbrush. You seem to like that number. Maybe that will teach you to be humble in my presence.

Then, because you may not remember this instruction if I tell you later, I will advise you now.

Melissa and Kathy give their husbands enemas here every Friday. You will be cleaned out as well. We have a large station and you’ll fit right in. I’m sure one of the girls will be happy to “do you.” Something else you can thank us for.

Due to the good reports regarding Melissa’s husband, I hear Donna and Patty are also thinking about bringing their men here. You’ll feel much better after a good flush.

Hop aboard Charley, time for business.”

As Charley shuffled over to the right side of the spanking chair, Amanda grabbed his member, now limp from the talk of enemas, and helped him into position. He was now ready for his spanking. His pants were down, hands and feet on opposite sides of the spanking chair, and his bare ass smiling up at a beautiful, but very stern woman. Charley was totally defenseless; the perfect position for a bad boy about to be taught a lesson with his hairbrush.

As Charley let himself down to Amanda's lap, he felt her garter snaps on his bare thighs and he stiffened up again. His erect penis was squished between his and Amanda's warm thighs and started throbbing.

Charley looked over to his very anxious audience and they smiled at him. One blew him a kiss. Totally humiliated, he just endured the embarrassment and waited for his spanking to begin.

Not wanting any of his jism soiling her lap, Amanda went below the trembling boy and placed the hard penis between her thighs, facing downwards.

“Can everyone see? Charley tell the ladies where you will be next Friday at 6 pm?”

“Here Ma’am?”

“Why is that, Charley?”

“So one of the ladies can give me an … an enema.”

“That’s right, Boy. And how many spanks are you getting now?

“Twenty-four, Miss Amanda?”

“You know the rules. Hang onto the chair legs, and after we finish talking to your naughty bottom you can apologize to the ladies for interrupting their morning. I think they will keep the count for us!”

“Shall we begin?”

“Please don’t spank me too hard, Ma’am. My butt is still sore from my last spanking from Miss Abby,” was heard from down by the floor.

“You know the conversation, Charley. The hairbrush goes CRACK, and you say, “Oh please, Miss Amanda, it hurts so much!”



“One,” cried out the chorus.



“Two,” sang the ladies.

As the spanking progressed, Charley’s singing drowned out the count. His legs kicked out as he bounced and rolled. There was no escaping the loud cracks of Amanda’s strokes. Charley knew that after two smacks on each ass cheek, the brush’s imprint had covered the entire area. Each spank thereafter hit a hot spot. It didn’t matter how Charley twisted and bucked, Amanda’s sharp cracks burned right in. Amanda had a good grip on the hairbrush's long handle and wielded it like a pro.

“Please, Miss Amanda. I’m so sorry,” he shrieked as his legs went flying. “Please stop spanking me. My bottom is on fire. I will be so good.”



“Seven,” announced the girls.


“Oh, Oh, Oh.”

“Eight,” Charley heard between their chuckles.

Amanda, having no pity on the hapless young man, kept delivering the stinging spanks. After one particularly hard slap, Charley shot his butt so far up, his scrotum hung out.

“Can one of you ladies get that out of my way,” Amanda asked. Three raced up to grab it.


“Please stop, this really hurts, Miss Amanda.”

“Ten,” declared the crowd.

"Isn't this a nice hairbrush, Charley? I think it's doing a great job, don't you?"



“Eleven,” crooned the fans, amidst their giggles.

After the first dozen had been smartly administered, Amanda allowed the women to come up and examine Charley’s blistering ass cheeks. Each one slowly ran a palm over both hot cheeks. They all knew that Amanda was an experienced and talented spanker, and Charley’s swollen ass proved that. However, the insolent young man needed a good spanking and that was why he was pants down and ass up, over Amanda’s lap. Clogged colon or not, no one showed disrespect to a woman.

“Can we give him a few, Amanda?”

“Sure Ladies. I think he will enjoy the different techniques.”

One by one, Kathy, Melissa, Donna and Patty, each took the pink hairbrush and gave Charley two crisp ones on each red cheek. They made sure to stand clear of Charley’s wildly thrashing legs. Despite being hobbled by his pants; Charley’s legs still tried to run from this terrible, and very public spanking. He didn’t even think about the other women in the shop, all listening in to the loud smacks and his shrill cries for mercy.

They, on the other hand, bunched up outside the door and also joined the chorus. They sang along with the sounds of each hot stroke of Amanda's very loud spanking. The pussy juice was really flowing today.

The four trainees were consistent with the original plan for this hairbrush. Two very smart spanks on each cheek; up and down, left and right, nice and hard. Not that there were any white parts left, but the girls covered the discolored and tender butt over and over. As much as Charley swished his ass, the ladies never missed and not a spot was untouched. Abby spanked hard, but this was a spanking to remember.

Charley howled at the new onslaught.

Each CRACK and WHACK sounded slightly different, as did Charley’s pained responses.

“Owee, Aaaah, Ugggh. Please stop,” he bawled. “I am so sorry.”

After the girls each had a chance at Charley’s red and distended ass, Amanda stopped the spanking. The count was now slightly over the promised amount. No one seemed to mind, except Charley who kept moaning and dancing.

Charley continued to sob as he remained over Amanda’s lap, his stinging buns trembling and shimmering in the light. After several minutes of not hearing any loud slaps or counting, Charley assumed the spanking had ended. But he still felt the throbbing in his distended butt. That would last for days.

When the ladies regained their seats, Charley was allowed to cry himself out.

Amanda glided a hand over the crimson cheeks and smiled; Charley had been well spanked. She would report to Abby that her annoyance with the boy was assuaged.

She then asked Melissa to come up again and do the inspection for any injuries.

Running a cool hand over both of Charley’s hot butt cheeks and an intruding finger deep into his separation, the inspection was long and thorough. Charley felt the unwanted hand on every inch of his blistering bottom. Melissa’s touch only fanned the flames burning deep within.

Just a well spanked bottom, Amanda. Nothing damaged. He should be able to sit in a few days,” Melissa announced to all. “Probably be nice and pink in time for his enema on Friday.”

“That was an awesome spanking, Amanda,” called out Patty, very wet in her panties.

“Can you teach us your technique? Sometimes my Kenny is so exasperating. I must get him to respect me. Can I bring him here on Friday?”

“After the next poor report from Abby, and I’m sure there will be one soon, Charley will go over your lap. Once you get the hang of it, you should start spanking your Kenny too.

You don’t mind helping me show the girls how to train their men, do you, Boy? It’s called domestic discipline; you’ll love it!”

“No Ma’am,” Charley groaned.

Girls, you can have your naughty men each select their own hairbrush too.

Once you practice on this sad sack, you’ll be ready to teach your husbands some respect. I guarantee you’ll be treated as ladies should be.”

Charley remained draped and bare assed during the discussion. He was very distressed that his butt would be the classroom. Finally, he asked for permission to get up and Amanda granted it.

“Now you may apologize to the ladies, Charley.”

Charley struggled to right himself up and turned to face his audience. No sense trying to shield his cock, as that was not allowed. Standing at attention, Charley said between sobs,

“Ladies, I am so sorry I had to interrupt your morning, but I needed this spanking. I hope you will forgive me.”

Turning his wet face towards Amanda, he also apologized to her. “I hope you will forgive me for what I said during the fitting. I know you were trying to help me and I was wrong for acting like that. I am also sorry for any disrespect shown to my mistress by my conduct.”

His cock started growing again as he looked at the women.

Kathy called him over and took hold of his firm member.

“Feel it growing, Girls. Someday he may make a woman happy with it,” she said as she passed it off to the others. Each one in turn took Charley’s warm organ and felt it stiffen with their squeezes. Their panties could barely contain all the pussy juice the spanking produced. Much of the sweet nectar ran down their thighs.

“Charley, you may go now. Tell your mistress all is forgiven. Hope you walked here, as you probably don’t want to sit on the way home. Here, take your brush,” Amanda instructed as she stood up and straightened her skirt.

Even when lowered, Amanda's skirt barely covered her stocking tops and garter snaps. As much as Charley's butt burned, his cock noticed the snaps and hose clad thighs and looked up.

Amanda gave the resurrected cock a final squeeze and told Charley, "See you Friday, and don’t forget to lift your trousers before you leave.”

Charley dragged himself home. He walked the slow stiff walk of the recently well-spanked. Everyone he passed knew his butt was burning, even before seeing his small pink bag with the hairbrush’s handle protruding.

He soaked his steaming buns in a cool tub and then laid face down on his bed. Neither helped much as his ass felt like he had just sat on a hot stove.

Charley was in no mood to be berated by Abby, so he just waited for sleep to come. He tried his best to forget about the humiliating afternoon and his public, over the knee spanking on his bare ass cheeks. But then thinking of the four cute women, his dick got hard again. Maybe seeing them again on Friday wasn’t a bad idea. He wondered which of the sexy little vixens would slip the nozzle up his ass, and how long it would be. That made him even harder. Charley tried counting hairbrush strokes as he rolled on his swollen cock and finally fell asleep.

He fantasized over the well-lubed ass fucking awaiting him and mused about returning the favor. His cock wasn’t that small!”

Charley stayed in all weekend, hoping he could make it to work on Monday. He did, barely, but his throbbing buns kept him on his feet all day.

Monday night he called his mistress to report on his latest spanking. He omitted the promised enema, but assumed Amanda had brought his mistress up to date on his training.

“Charley, you can see me on Saturday, after your enema. If you are well behaved, and I get a good report from Amanda, you may be able to live out your wildest fantasies; I will take you around the world! But bring your hairbrush just in case.

You can be such a disappointment.”

Rickey Smarts © 2014

Will Charley finally get laid?

Or will his naked ass just get another wild ride over Miss Abby’s lap.

And what about Friday at Amanda’s? How many would watch his enema?

What would happen afterwards?

Looks like Charley has a great weekend coming up!

Come and join us.

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