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Charley's Public Humiliation

Charley is prepared for his public enema, by the women who spanked him
Charley Wilson spent the entire week recuperating from the over the knee hairbrush spanking Miss Amanda had given him Saturday morning. And what a spanking it was!

Miss Amanda spanked him in the hair drying room of her beauty salon. Pants down, bawling like a baby; his bare butt got a real tune-up. Added to the fires she set in his buns, was the humiliation of having four cute young ladies watch him squirm over this stern woman’s warm thighs. This was a visit to the beauty parlor they would long remember

His new love, Mistress Abby, had sent him there to see her friend Amanda.

Charley, age 22, had been dating the lovely (and somewhat older) Miss Abby for several weeks. But instead of slipping his hard cock into this beautiful, yet domineering woman, Charley just dropped his drawers and had his buns soundly spanked each time he visited her.

He was hoping that someday his rarely used cock would find a home in her sweet and very warm pussy, but Abby seemed to satisfy herself by toasting his bare ass cheeks instead.

She got off each time Charley came to see her, but Charley never got to use his cock. Yes, he did suck her clit to orgasm one time, but she sent him home with a hard dick and a wet face.

His dick did get hard, but it was never used. It got fondled, manipulated, squeezed and maligned, but used, No!

He was told that unauthorized discharges were not permitted. Charley, not wanting to disobey his mistress, always held his cum in, painful as that was.

Not exactly the experience he wished for when he joined the on line dating service and met the strong willed Miss Abby. She was about 30, had a great bod and dressed to entice him. Not advertised in her profile was her expertise as a very proficient spanker. That she willingly showed Charley in person.

Abby always wore an outfit that showed off her great legs. Not really an outfit, usually a short lacy top, fully exposing her tiny panties, long legs covered by black high top silk stockings and high heels. Charley got hard every time he saw the stunning Miss Abby, and she knew it.

He couldn’t believe it, but on their very first date, he went over her lovely lap for a hand spanking.

Why? He was ten minutes late!

That one hurt all week.

The latest reason Abby used for spanking Charley was his inappropriate behavior at her friend’s beauty salon. Charley had been sent there to purchase his own hairbrush.

Why did he need a hairbrush?

All her boys had one.

How else do you spank a naughty boy?

Her hand, she knew was adequate to get his attention, but a good spanking needed a bit more. The hairbrush saved the wear and tear on her palm.

Abby always told him, “When I give a spanking, you’ve been spanked.

“I guess she forgot how hard her hand was.”

The hairbrush Abby used to spank Charley had been personally fitted for him by Amanda. Because of the way Charley reacted to Amanda first trying out the brush on his bare bottom, both women were furious.

Amanda, another foxy martinet, had tried out several brushes on Charley’s butt until she found one appropriate for his firm athletic cheeks. Charley thought he was only buying a hairbrush, but four different ones kissed his bare ass first. Charley felt each one several times. Now his mistress, the stern Miss Abby, could give him a real spanking.

Due to Charley’s insolent behavior during his fitting at the salon, Abby decided a spanking was in order. And it was a doozy. Lucky for Charley, no one was in the warehouse below Abby’s loft apartment that evening and his cries went unheard.

Charley tried to explain away his regrettable behavior by complaining of stomach cramps. That just got him a warm soapsuds enema in Abby’s bathroom. Her eight-inch nozzle disappeared up his ass and the entire enema bag was emptied into his bowels. This was their second date, and the only fucking he got was up his ass!

Whether this was therapeutic or entertainment, we’ll never know, but afterwards Charley was docile as a lamb. After Charley was sent home, Abby massaged her swollen clit. She ended the night screaming as she got off reliving the way Charley danced during his spanking and enema.

Charley took his swollen and unused cock home with him again. This time though, for some strange reason, he had a glow about him and his insides felt real good.

Amanda was told of Charley’s hot spanking and very warm enema for disrespecting her during his visit. Even though Abby was a stern disciplinarian, Amanda decided that Charley needed another dose of the hairbrush.

She asked Abby to send Charley to her shop for the rest of his punishment. Charley would be spanked until he learned how to respect women. Amanda’s salon was well known for teaching that trait.

By Saturday morning, Charleys’ buns finally stopped throbbing. As welcomed as that felt, Charley knew it was short lived. He had to report to the beauty salon at 10 am.

Amanda, just as her good friend Abby, was a talented and experienced spanker. Knowing that from his first visit there, Charley still hoped that his spanking wouldn’t be too hard to take.

That Saturday morning was a memorable one. Not only did Amanda spank Charley’s ass with his own hard mahogany hairbrush, but she did it front of four of her customers having their hair done. Amanda was advising these women on training their new husbands.

Her motto was, “Break them in early, and well, and you’ll both be very happy.”

Spankings and enemas were absolutely necessary to maintain discipline in their households, Amanda taught them. The ladies received much more than hair care at the salon.

Halfway through his blistering bare bottom spanking, Amanda allowed each of the women to give Charley a few hot strokes of his hairbrush. Amanda explained to them the proper technique. The ladies seemed to get it, and so did Charley. He howled and bounced with each sharp crack of the mahogany.

Left, right, high and low, slow and crisp. This was a valuable lesson to take home to their husbands.

After Charley’s buns were bright red and swollen, he was allowed to rise from his demeaning station. He stood at attention, and sniveled, as he apologized to the women for interrupting their morning. They took turns holding his tumescent organ as he spoke to them.

Amanda explained to her students that Charley was stiff as many bad boys enjoyed being spanked and that they should take full advantage of their husbands’ erections as soon as practical. She reminded them to select a nice hairbrush for them.

“Pick a solid one, with a good handle and a nice round head. In the long run, your men will thank you. And don’t forget the weekly enema, it reminds them who’s in charge.”

Just as Charley thought his embarrassment was over, two of the women advised Amanda that the enemas she recommended for their husbands were having a wonderful effect on them.

Melissa, the prettiest of the group, told the others that her husband was very sweet to her after his weekly enema, given here at the salon.

“Charley, I have a wonderful idea. I want you here Friday after work. We can have the girls practice that treatment as well as give you a good cleaning out. I think it will also help with your attitude adjustment. Abby tells me you are difficult at times, but that you did take your enema very well.”

“Did everyone have to hear about that?” he silently cringed.

Kathy agreed. “My husband waits on me hand and foot all weekend after I clean him out.” She then added coyly, “and the sex is great too. That enema really stiffens him up!”

The other two, Donna and Patty hugged each other. “Oh, thank you Amanda,” Patty cried out. “I‘ve been looking forward to learning how to do that. Do you think Charley will mind if we watch?”

Donna, squeezing down on Charley’s ever growing penis, giggled. “This will be lots of fun, Charley. I can’t wait till then.”

Charley, still with his pants around his feet and his cock being fondled by these sexy young creatures, wasn’t so sure.

Knowing he had no choice in the matter, he looked over to Amanda and asked, “Must I Miss Amanda?”

Grabbing his red ass, Amanda clamped down real hard and told him, “Six o’clock, Boy, and don’t be late.”

As he extricated his throbbing cock before it exploded in the caressing hands and he embarrassed himself further, Charley picked up his pants and gingerly walked out. The four giggling girls hugged each other and laughed; one squealed, “This is the best beauty parlor I’ve ever been to.”

Finally Friday rolled around and Charley, hairbrush in tow, arrived at the salon as ordered. He really didn’t want an enema, but the one administered by his sweet Miss Abby wasn’t that bad.

It gave him a nice light feeling and made his dick very hard. The well-lubed nozzle also felt good going up his ass.

He actually got real hard as his tender mistress ass fucked him with the long nozzle. Having Miss Abby slip the well-lubricated, eight-inch long extension up his ass as she stood there in heels, shiny hose and the tiniest of panties added to the experience. Too bad he couldn’t see more of her, but he was bent over the commode. His usual position lately was, ass up --- head down. Charley leaned forward on his toes, giving his mistress full access.

Now he was going to get another enema, but not by the lovely Miss Abby. There would also be a few witnesses, but if that’s what his mistress wanted, so be it.

Someday, he knew, when his lovely mistress appreciated his attentiveness and obedience, she would let him make love to her. She did make his dick very hard. Why else would she do that? He was so lucky she liked him.

Charley made sure he was on time, as the last thing he wanted was another sizzling ass warming.

Charley was directed to the “water room” after being questioned by the receptionist. He entered and saw two other men standing there, holding large pink enema bags and small carry cases.

The room had four stations. Each one had a padded three-pronged stool, with the front much lower than the rear two sections. Nearby were four commodes, all in the open, along with a sink. Charley studied the stools, not sure what they were for.

This was where Miss Amanda offered training to her newlywed customers on how to maintain domestic discipline in their households. From what she saw, and heard back in reports, the girls were doing well and the new husbands, particularly when the nozzles were buried far into their anal canals, knew exactly who was master of the house. Nothing like some warm soapsuds to explain to a young man who the superior sex was!

After several minutes, Amanda came in with Donna and Patty, two of the young women who participated in his public spanking last Saturday.

“Good thing you’re on time, Boy. As soon as Melissa and Kathy get here, you can watch how we teach young men to mind their women.

Directing her comments to the two very anxious husbands, Amanda told them to drop their drawers and fix up the cocktails.

“Watch closely, Charley. Abby wants you to learn that too.”

The men, lowered their pants and boxers, and took out some plastic bottles from their bags. With their faces turning red as they looked at Charley and the three women, they poured some shampoo and a fragrance into the large pink enema bags. Before filling the large rubber bags with hot water, they also removed the nozzles and some lubricant. Their limp dicks hung down as they prepared the nozzles for their degradement.

“Charley, I hope you’re paying attention. If you don’t get the mix right, it has to be done again. And keep the ladies in mind when you add the fragrances. Give it a good dose.”

With that, Melissa and Kathy came in. “Hi Guys, sorry we’re late. There was a bit of traffic. Looks like you’re ready. Mind if Charley and the girls watch?”

If this didn’t teach the boys submissiveness, nothing would.

Little did Charley know, before the morning was over, he would mount the enema pedestal, present his bare butt to all present and be thoroughly cleaned out. He would soon learn exactly what the three-pronged stools were for.

A pretty horrifying procedure to endure with five young women watching! Charley’s humiliation, public, or in Abby’s loft, never seemed to end. He just hoped he didn’t embarrass himself further by squirting from his front end too.

The newcomers kissed the other two ladies and smiled at Amanda. Melissa and Kathy, knowing they would be close up to the action, dressed for the work ahead of them. Old jeans, sneakers and ratty t-shirts, one even carried a small damp hand towel.

Donna and Patty on the other hand, dressed for the exciting show they were about to watch. Nice mini skirts, baby heels and snug blouses, which showed off their ample breasts. Atop it all were some colorful scrunchies holding their very cute ponytails. They planned on going right home and getting a good poke.

Charley felt a twinge in his cock as the two young vixens swished their skirts around their cute thighs. He fantasized about raising those skirts and sticking the nozzle up between their tight buns. That straightened him out, but Amanda brought him back to reality by grabbing the point pushing out his pants and pinching it.

She was also dressed to intimidate. Four inch heels, long legs covered with shiny hose and a short dress that came halfway down her thighs, barely concealing her garter snaps tugging at her hose. As she gripped the stiff cock, she pushed her firm tits right into his chest. Amanda knew that guys with a hard-on did everything they were told.

“Owww, Miss Amanda. That hurt.”

“Plenty of time to show us what you have when it’s your turn.

Now Charley,” Amanda said, “Go out to the sales area and buy your equipment. My girls know just what to give you. Don’t be long, you don’t want to hold up the show.”

Charley, after trying to hide his extended penis, went back to the receptionist and just blushed. How could he tell her what he wanted? However, the young girl knew and showed him a nice collection of pink enema bags and long black nozzles. She suggested the largest of both, along with a carrying case and several plastic bottles.

The salesgirl offered him several different fragrances and suggested the “Wild Flowers” was very popular.

If anything was more embarrassing than his over the knee bare bottom spanking, in front of four female witnesses, this was it.

Charley paid for his purchases, and returned to the “water room” with his pink carrying case and large enema bag. Thankfully the extra long nozzle was hidden in the bag.

“It took you long enough, Boy. Now watch how the men get into position.” With everyone now ready for the training session to begin, the young husbands bent into the padded structures. Their bulging pink enema bags were already hanging from a nearby pole. Just as Charley thought, their butts pointed up and out and their heads were several inches below.

Perfectly positioned for the nozzle and even more so for the warm soapsuds to run down their insides to where they would be most effective in treating impertinence and defiance.

Melissa draped the damp towel on her husband’s lower back and went to work. Both women affixed the nozzles to the long pink hoses coming from the bags, and noted they were sufficiently lubricated. Taking a bit of the lube on their forefingers, they asked their husbands of they were ready.

A few “Yes, Dears,” came up from the floor. Melissa went first. She separated the butt cheeks of her husband’s ass with the fingers of her left hand. She then rubbed her slippery right forefinger against the pink opening looking up at her and winking. Her man squirmed just a bit, but was trained to stay in place.

After a few seconds of firm and steady digital pressure, his anus opened up and Melissa’s finger slipped right in. All the way to her fist!!

Smiling at Kathy, Melissa said, “Your turn, Sweetie. Get him ready!”

When both men were sufficiently opened and primed, Melissa and Kathy twisted their fingers around to get a good 360-degree lube.

“You boys ready for the nozzle?”

After another round of “Yes, Dears,” the girls wiped their fingers clean on the upturned shirts before them, finishing the job with the damp towel.

Melissa looked to Donna and Patty and said, “Take a good look, Girls. It’s really very easy. The key is a good lube and an upturned butt. After a while the boys know just what to do, and it pays off in spades. Just slip it all the way in. You want to get Mr. Soapy to where he is most needed.”

Both husbands were slowly injected and Charley saw exactly what he had experienced at Miss Abby’s the week before. The nozzles went up against the lubed anuses and were slowly pressed in. In and out, twisted left and right, they were reset several times until they were in “just right.” The men fidgeted a bit, but the groans were kept to a minimum.

The girls ignored their men’s cries about the nozzles “being too long and too far in.”

“Stop complaining, Honey. You know I only do this because you need it. “

The long nozzles were almost hidden from view, high up the rear ends of the dominated young men. Visible only were the pink tubes running up to the hanging enema bags, stretched out to their limits.

Donna and Patty giggled and looked at Charley. Anxious to learn, Patty asked,

“Can we feel the nozzle, Girls? “It may help us get it in correctly?”

“Sure, the boys won’t mind, will you, Guys?”

That’s when the groans came up from the floor. Careful not to get too close, Patty and Donna worked the long and wet nozzles out and in, again and again, until they got the hang of it.

Charley’s gaze went back and forth, from the perpetually disappearing nozzles to the sexy firm thighs running up into the tiny mini skirts. Oh, how he wished he could get under them and eat something! His cock was so sore from its prolonged erection.

The boys got huge boners from the action too. Charley was aghast, knowing he was next.

Finally, Amanda came over to take a look, and checked the tightness of the nozzles. The men grabbed the nearby handles with their hands and got ready for what they knew was next. Amanda opened the flow clips and the warm cocktails were released.

The “Ooooos and Ahhhhs” and dancing of the bare butts began. Due to the nozzles being forced in to their hilts, very little water slipped out.

Charley watched it all in horror. He wondered which of the girls would do him. How embarrassing to have a long enema nozzle slipped up his ass by a group of women he barely knew?

“They did spank him last week, but that hardly qualified as a relationship?”

It took a few minutes, as the enema bags emptied into the bowels of the unwilling recipients. As the warm mixture filled them up, the boys began complaining.

“That’s too much, please stop.”

“Please Amanda, I have to expel, let us get up.”

“Girls, just rub their tummies, and have them get the full benefit of the nice soapy water. Don’t forget to keep those plugs in tight, that will help.”

Melissa went under her husband and grabbed his huge cock first. Whispering into his ear, she told him, “I love you, Honey. This will make you feel much better.” She gently squeezed his swelling boner a few times and then moved over to his stomach.

“The longer we wait, Sweetie, the more of that yucky stuff will come out. Then we’ll go home and you can show me how much you love me.”

Amanda reminded the boys that unauthorized releases would get them a trip to the spanking room. The husbands had been here a few times and decided that they would rather submit to this indignity than go over Amanda’s lap.

Before their marriages they didn’t realize what it took to be a dutiful and caring husband, but they were learning. One enema at a time!

Charley could see the discomfort of the men growing as the large bags emptied their potions. The humbled men swished and bucked their bottoms, almost falling off their perches. But for the fact that he was next, it was an exciting production to watch.

Escaping air came out as the soapy water washed and dissolved their blocked and distended bowels.

“Men are such pigs,” Amanda muttered under her breath.

Charley even noticed how their cocks stiffened up and remembered how his dick did the same. He thought it strange, that the enema made him hard. But then, his enema was administered by his mistress, the scantily clad and lovely Miss Abby, not in front of a room full of people! Maybe the long nozzle had that effect.

Amanda, an experienced enema technician, knew exactly how the young men felt. Felt physically; she could care less about their embarrassment.

“Just hold it in a bit longer, Boys. Let the soap do its job. You know how good you’ll feel after we clean you out.

Maybe later, your wives will take advantage of those nice hard cocks.” Amanda looked at Melissa and Kathy and winked.

That made their stiff cocks even harder with anticipation. Charley wondered if he too, would get a reward for having everyone see the public invasion of his ass.

When sufficient time had passed, Donna and Patty were shown how to remove the nozzle, very slowly. To practice the insertion, they slipped the nozzles all the way back in, each time they were on the verge of coming out.

In and out, twisting left and right, and back in again. They slowly ass fucked their friends’ husbands with the slippery long nozzles. Eventually Amanda said it was enough, and the nozzles were removed. Melissa told the totally subjugated husbands to remain in position and “Don’t let anything out.”

Hoping they could get up soon and relieve themselves, the men turned and looked to their wives.

“Honey, I think it’s time. Can I get up now?” asked Kathy’s husband.

“Just a few minutes more, Bill. You know how good you feel after you’re nice and clean.”

“Melissa, Sweetie,” the other one cried out, “Please, I’m about to explode.”

“Hold it, Dear. You heard what Amanda said. These things take a while. You don’t want to disrespect her, not with all these people here!”

The men groaned, complained and almost wriggled off their pedestals, but stayed in place.

“Don’t soil my floor, Boys,” Amanda barked. “You know that will get you a spanking out front. My other ladies have been begging to see the show too.”

After another few minutes of stomach cramps and noise from below, the men were allowed to get up to expel. Charley was ordered to remain, as the five women left the room, leaving the door wide open.

The men, dragging their pants, ran for the commodes. They looked at Charley and shut their eyes. The multiple explosions could be heard well outside the water room.

As embarrassed as they were at Charley’s presence, this room was the last place Charley wanted to be. He wondered if they would be made to witness his enema.

Amanda called in from outside, “Charley, fix up your tonic and prepare your new nozzle, you’re next. And don’t take all day; the girls have to go shopping.

And Boys, after you clean up, you can stay and critique Donna and Patty as they learn how to

service their husbands. They’ll be here next week too. We’ll have a big party!

Charley, we’d invite you too, but I think Miss Abby wants to try out your new equipment.”

Rickey Smarts © 2014

Which one of the girls will slip it up Charley’s ass?

How many will watch and will he embarrass himself.

Tune in next time and see Charley’s final punishment for arguing with the domineering Miss Amanda.

Will the lovely Miss Abby be assuaged and let him in her pussy. Only time, and warm soapy water will tell.

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