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Charlotte’s Mum Actions Mrs. Denver’s Letter

Charlotte has to ask her Mum to sign the punishment letter or receive 12 more strokes of the cane

25 year old Charlotte walked nervously down the stairs holding the letter that her Mum would have to sign, her bottom stinging from the caning she had been given by Mrs. Denver just an hour or so earlier. The letter made it very clear her Mum was expected to give her a spanking before she got back to College tomorrow. Charlotte was worried a spanking today would open the flood gates, that her Mum would insist that spanking her will also be reintroduced for her at home purely for disciplinary reasons and as Charlotte snapped at and argued with her Mum so often she knew she would be put across her lap and spanked on a regular basis.

Charlotte had fantasised about being spanked and today she had to face the very real probability her Mum will spank her, and she would be bound to agree or risk the letter not being signed. Charlotte didn’t mind at all a repeat discipline session with Mrs. Denver but not one every day, the result she knew of failing to get the letter signed.

With her bottom still stinging from the caning Charlotte went in to the lounge to find her Mum. She wanted to get the conversation over with as quickly as she could.

“Hi Mum” she said.

Her Mum looked up, smiled, and returned the welcome. “Hullo dear, how was your day?”

“I did tell you that I had a late meeting with Mrs. Denver didn’t I Mum.”

“Oh yes, how did it go dear?”

Charlotte was pensive, not sure how to deal with it, so she did the only thing she could think of and handed the letter to her Mum and said quietly, “You had better read this Mum, it will explain everything.”

“Oh right dear,” her Mum said as she took the letter, smiled at her daughter as she opened the envelope, took out the letter and started to read. Her smile turned to surprise then she became slightly angry. She looked at her daughter and said,

“Mrs. Denver had to discipline you? “

“Well yes Mum.”

“So not the kind of meeting you led me to believe then?” she said sounding annoyed.

“I’m sorry Mum.”

“I’m sure you are,” and after glancing at the letter again she looked at her daughter and said with some surprise, “You were caned?”

Charlotte blushed, looked at the floor and said softly, “Yes Mum, twelve strokes in fact.”

“Yes I see, it says so in the letter. I bet that taught you a good lesson.”

“Yes Mum it really did,” Charlotte said quickly hoping her Mum would be sympathetic.”

“But you deserved it, obviously,” her Mum said still reading the letter, then added, “My my, for poor work. That is awful dear, really it is.”

“Yes Mum, I guess so,” she conceded reluctantly.

“Hhhmm, and it says here I should enforce your punishment by spanking you myself.” Her Mum studied the letter over again and exclaimed, “Yes dear, it’s quite clear and suggests as you were so deserving of the punishment I should use an implement such as a strap or hairbrush.”

“Well I’m sure Mrs. Denver didn’t mean that Mum, she taught me and no mistake Mum, really she did.”

Charlotte’s bottom was still stinging from the 12 strokes across her bare bottom. She really didn’t want to be spanked by her Mum, although as the conversation continued and her Mum became more forceful she was surprised at the tingling feeling between her legs. Was it the thought she might be spanked? She would be so surprised if it was that, but what else could it be?

Her Mum looked again at the letter and after several moments caught Charlotte’s attention again by saying, “But Charlotte, this letter clearly says the Academy encourages me to give you a spanking myself. Look,” she added and showed her daughter the letter.

Charlotte glanced at it but knew that is what it said. Enough students had come back to her office the day after seeing Mrs. Denver and the signed letter stated their parent’s had given them another spanking.

“But Mum, I’m 25, surely she didn’t mean me to be spanked at home as well?” Charlotte tried.

Her Mum read the letter yet again, looked up and said emphatically, “I really don’t think so dear. Mrs. Denver caned you knowing you are 25. She sent the letter home knowing you are 25. I rather think she expects me to do what she requests, 25 or not. Isn’t that the right thing to do dear? This letter says I should punish you doesn’t it?”

Charlotte winced when her Mum yet flapped the letter in front of her and nodded her head in agreement.

“I thought so too dear. So, I am afraid I will have to spank you, for your own good after all, and I suppose when you go to bed will be best. That’s how I used to spank you wasn’t it? Shall we say 9 O’clock dear? That will give me time to give you a jolly hard spanking, cornertime, and a chat afterwards to make sure you understand why you have been spanked all before you go to bed. Of course you are too big for me to force you over my lap so I need to know you agree to be spanked.”

Her Mum had used the tone of voice she had so often used when telling her she was going to be spanked all those years ago. A tone that said that’s final. Anyway, Charlotte knew taking the letter in unsigned simply wasn’t an option, at least not unless she wanted twelve more strokes of the cane tomorrow.

Charlotte blushed at the thought of it but said a quiet, “No Mum, I agree you should spank me, and 9 O’clock it is.”

Her Mum smiled at her daughter’s acceptance and said, “Actually dear it’s very lucky because I bought a new hairbrush today which I rather think will be ideal for your spanking. I know I used to use a wooden spoon but you are older now so I need something that will punish you more intensely, that is if it’s going to be worthwhile.”

Her Mum walked over to the table as she spoke, took the newly purchased hairbrush out of her bag, and Charlotte gulped hard as she saw the large wooden backed oblong paddle brush and the wood was on the thick side. It was going to hurt much more than the wooden spoon did and she knew she will be distinctly uncomfortable after it is applied to her bare bottom but couldn’t argue, not with the letter being so adamant.

“One more thing dear,” her Mum said, continuing, “You must come and ask me to spank you just so I know you won’t resist when the time comes.”

Charlotte nodded meekly knowing that was another way of enforcing control.

Charlotte rubbed her bottom, an action not missed by her Mum who smiled knowing her daughter wasn’t looking forward to being spanked by her, but she was so looking forward to giving her daughter that spanking with quite some glee.

Charlotte’s Mum thought to herself that the discussion had gone rather well. She knew how much her daughter needed to be spanked again, just as she was when younger, and here she was, 25 years old, and about to get her first spanking from her for many years. What a turn up. She just needed to make sure Charlotte accepted afterwards that spanking was back on the agenda at home, as well as at work.

Mum and daughter chatted quietly over dinner, Charlotte in particular trying to push the impending spanking out of her mind. She was noticeably subdued, not arguing at all with her Mum, and her Mum enjoyed herself all the more for it, and it encouraged her to reintroduce spanking so she needn’t suffer Charlotte’s all too quick tempered tongue in future.

Charlotte was fidgety and decided to bathe after dinner and to get ready for her spanking set for just before bedtime at 9 o’clock, opting for a shorty night dress and knickers for ease. She reckoned expected her bottom to be really sore after a spanking on top of the cane weal’s and would forgo the knickers when in bed.

She looked at her watch and was annoyed it was still only 8 O’clock. Anxious to get her Mum’s spanking over with she went downstairs and as soon as she entered the lounge her Mum looked up and said, “I phoned Mrs. Denver dear just to let her know I will be giving you the spanking and she was very pleased. She asked how I used to spank you and I told her about the wooden spoon I used on you but told her that today I would use a wooden backed hairbrush and she thought that was a very good idea, so when I told her I had just purchased a new one she laughed and said that must be a sign the spanking was needed.”

Charlotte could not believe her Mum had actually telephoned her boss. She was beside herself in anger, and unable to contain her temper couldn’t stop herself snapping at her Mum,

“Well if you are going to spank me then let’s get it over with.”

Charlotte’s Mum looked at her daughter and ordered sharply, “That’s enough lip my girl. I said ask me to spank you, not tell me to.”

That only riled Charlotte more who was starting to lose control,

“What’s the difference anyway? Just spank me will you and get it over with!”

Her Mum gave her 25 year old daughter a sharp look and snapped sternly,

“Now listen here my girl. The difference is that I said I will spank you at 9 O’clock, and that is when you shall be spanked. I don’t want any more lip from you. Understood? Now take the hairbrush and go upstairs and wait for me to come to your room to deal with you.”

Charlotte knew perfectly well that her Mum was annoyed but could not stop herself throwing a tantrum and stamped her foot to show her frustration. Her Mum was furious and said firmly,

“Right my girl, it was going to be my hand and the hairbrush like the letter said but you are getting extras for your attitude. I will be giving you the wooden spoon as well and you can expect several dozen spanks.”

Charlotte knew she had overstepped the mark, but still fuming she spat out, “Fine!” and stormed out of the room went upstairs and slammed closed her bedroom door. She was livid as she sat on the bed.

The minutes passed and as they did Charlotte calmed down and even realised that if her Mum gives her the extras then that is more than Mrs. Denver requested, so it is actually her Mum disciplining her because she was naughty. Her first thought was to stomp back downstairs and tell her Mum no way, then when she calmed down a bit more she said to herself she will tell her Mum when she gets upstairs but as she sat on her bed and thought it through she realised she had been rude to her Mum. Very rude. If she had spoken like that a few years ago she would have been spanked for it anyway, and did she really want to rile her Mum when a hard spanking with the hairbrush was coming afterwards. Slowly she came to the conclusion she will have to accept her Mum’s extra punishment and anyway it was all her fault.

So Charlotte stayed in her bedroom waiting for her punishment and shuddered as she looked at the hairbrush and feeling anxious even lifted it up and let it drop in to the palm of her hand, and as she did she shuddered at the thought of it spanking her bare bottom.

Charlotte was fighting hard not to break down in tears there and then knowing a spanking with the hairbrush would be incredibly painful after 12 strokes of the cane earlier today.

It seemed an interminable wait before the door opened and her Mum walked in. Charlotte looked up and caught her breath when she saw the wooden spoon in her Mum’s hand. She stood up obediently and watched her Mum walk passed her and sit down on the corner of the bed, crossing her legs, looking stern, and very much in charge.

Her Mum said, “As I will be giving you extras for rudeness it will not now be necessary for you to ask me to spank you.” She glared at Charlotte daring her to object, and when Charlotte averted her gaze in submission she snapped, “I had better take that now,” as she held her hand out and Charlotte slowly handed her Mum the hairbrush knowing she had made yet another step towards accepting her Mum can spank her again, even though she is 25 years old.

“Right young lady, now you will recall you used to take off your knickers before I spanked you, so go on,” and watched as her daughter bent down and stepped out of her knickers and stood in front of her Mum, obediently waiting to be told what to do. Her Mum was looking more relaxed than she did when Charlotte had given her all that back chat downstairs.

Her Mum rolled up her sleeves as she watched Charlotte step out of her knickers, and then tapped her lap. Charlotte shuddered as she watched her Mum rolling up her sleeves just as she used to do before giving her a long hard painful spanking all those years ago. Slowly Charlotte lowered herself across her Mum’s lap balancing with her hands on the floor, her legs dangling like a teenager with her bottom perched on her Mum’s thigh.

“These stripes look nasty dear,” her Mum said as though chatting and again Charlotte hoped for leniency and again that hope was shattered when her Mum said, “but Mrs. Denver told me to ignore them when I spank you so I will. Good and hard is what she said was needed.”

Her Mum rubbed her daughter’s bare bottom in anticipation of the spanking she had so wanted to give the 25 year old for so many years now. Charlotte’s Mum knew the actual reason her daughter had accepted this spanking is the necessity to comply with the discipline regime imposed by Mrs. Denver. In her Mum’s view though this spanking was for the rude way her daughter had spoken to her today. Rude things she would never have said if Charlotte had known a spanking would have followed. So as she raised her hand and brought her open palm down for that first spank it was as much for her rudeness as for her poor standard of work.

Charlotte silently accepted that after all this time she is being dealt with again like a teenager, put across her Mum’s lap looking at the floor or at best her Mum’s legs with her bottom sticking up in the air, unprotected, ready to be spanked over the red weal’s that were already there from earlier in the day, her bottom already sore and tingling as her Mum rubbed the palm of her hand in circles warming her already hot caned bottom. Charlotte wanted to beg but knew that wouldn’t help. She had to lie there and take the spanking and she knew nothing was going to stop it and after all she had earned it. If not because of her standard of work, certainly because of her rude comments to her Mum downstairs. She conceded it was almost justice that she was being spanked by her Mum.

When the first spank hit home and it hurt so much more than a hand spank ever did before Charlotte realised it was the effect of the caning. As spank after spank landed Charlotte struggled and knew the soon to follow pain from the spoon and then the hairbrush would be unbearable. She couldn’t get up though, she didn’t dare. She knew she had to have the letter signed off for tomorrow or else she would get caned again. She did the only thing left to do, accept it and cry.

Her Mum was delighted with the tears and gave her daughter even harder spanks. Charlotte bawled as each spank hit home but didn’t try to get up which also encouraged her Mum to spank even harder. She really wanted to teach her daughter a lesson and this was such a tension releaser for her.

After several dozen spanks with her open palm she announced,

“Right Charlotte, let’s give you the extras now.” She picked up the long handled wooden spoon and rubbed the back of the head of the spoon around her daughter’s bottom.

“Just remember dear these are the extras for being rude to me. OK dear?”

Charlotte stayed silent and her Mum swiftly hit her bottom very hard with the spoon, first on one bottom cheek, then the other, repeating the spanking until she had hit her daughter’s bottom three times on each bottom cheek.

Charlotte shrieked out and kicked her legs but her Mum said, “Answer me young lady or else.”

Charlotte said loudly, “Yes Mum, I’m sorry I was rude, really I am and know this is extras from you and not Mrs. Denver.”

Charlotte knew those words would come back and haunt her later but she just wanted her spanking to be over. However there was no getting away from the fact Charlotte knew she had accepted this was a very different punishment, and one only given because she was naughty, not just to get her Mum to sign Mrs. Denver’s letter. Being 25 years old didn’t change that now.

A more conciliatory Mum said, “I’m sure you are sorry Charlotte, and you will be even sorrier whilst I spank you with this spoon because you were lippy downstairs.”

“Yes Mum,” she again conceded.

“Good,” her Mum said, but Charlotte didn’t see the smile of satisfaction as her Mum knew this was a huge victory in her effort to reintroduce spanking for her 25 year old daughter. She lifted the wooden spoon and even as she gave her daughter hard spank after hard spank and her daughter cried out in pain she just continued to give stinging spank after stinging spank and ignored her daughters tears, her constant squirming around on her lap and her kicking legs, all being taken by her Mum as recognition of the lesson being learnt by her naughty daughter, a lesson in behaviour she so desperately needs.

Sixty spanks were given with the wooden spoon, and Charlotte’s Mum decided this was certainly an implement that would be used again. It was very effective judging from the redness of her daughter’s bottom and the tears. Now though, it was time for the hairbrush. A new implement for her to use, and one she knew would be even more intensely painful that the hairbrush.

“Back to Mrs. Denver’s punishment dear,” Charlotte’s Mum announced.

Charlotte was struggling to cope but even in her state of pain she understood the relevance of that statement. She had been spanked by her Mum for being naughty, and it was very unlikely to be the last time.

She lifted up the hairbrush. “You really must be more careful at work dear, don’t forget this is why I am spanking you with this,” she said sternly as she gave her daughter the first spank with the hairbrush, then spank after spank as her daughters crying became more intense, her legs kicking harder, her bottom squirming repeatedly as she tried to avoid the hairbrush, only to have the hard wooden paddle occasionally land on the back of her legs which caused even greater agony.

At one point Charlotte was aware the spanking had stopped but the brush was being rubbed around her bottom. She hoped it was over. Her Mum said, “This is such a good system of Mrs. Denver’s. It means us parents feel part of the discipline regime. I really do think it will make you try harder not to make any mistakes.”

Charlotte couldn’t speak, and when she opened her eyes she only saw the floor through a haze of tears. She promised herself though she will definitely be trying harder at work in future. Definitely.

Charlotte hoped her punishment was over as the rubbing continued, but groaned when her Mum said, “Well I guess we are about halfway dear,” and after a moment added, “I do love you dear, I hope you know that.” Her Mum wasn’t expecting a reply as Charlotte was still crying so noisily.

The brush was lifted and brought down hard again on Charlotte’s already red and bruised bottom, her legs bucked, she let out a loud gasp, only to have the next spank land on her other bottom cheek.

Her Mum lost count of the number of spanks with the hairbrush and only stopped when her daughter’s crying reached a pitch that told her the lesson was well learned. She threw the hairbrush on the bed and rubbed her daughters’ bottom shushing her to calm her down, and slowly the crying turned to sobs and her shuddering body stopped shaking. Still Charlotte lay there welcoming the soothing rubbing.

Her Mum gauged when Charlotte had recovered enough to get up and said “OK dear, cornertime. Stand facing the wall for 15 minutes and have a good think.”

Charlotte sobbed and sniffed as she eased herself up and stood in front of her Mum. Then in a flow of emotion which she really didn’t understand but felt natural she said “I’m so sorry Mum, really I am,” and with that they threw their arms around each other and hugged, Mum and daughter, Mum glad her daughter had said sorry, and the daughter happy her Mum loved her so. Both knowing the spanking had done its job.

Mum kissed her daughter on the cheek before turning her around and pointing her towards the wall. Charlotte stood facing the wall, her hands on her head, her bottom stinging and as she well knew was clearly in view as her nighty rose up. Mum sat on the bed and read, glancing up from time to time, listening to her daughter’s soft sobs.

Charlotte thought about her knowing her Mum had been right to spank her. The letter was sent home specifically for that reason and her Mum did the right thing, painful as it was. She knew she would have to really improve at work if she was going to avoid being spanked time and again with that wooden hairbrush. Really she must.

She wasn’t so sure about being spanked by her Mum at other times. Was that fair? How many 25 year olds were spanked at home after all? Then she wondered how many 25 year olds were so rude and deserved to be spanked for it? She certainly did.

Charlotte already knew being caned at work had done her good by making her want to improve here standard, so maybe it will do her good if her Mum spanked her again when naughty at home. Reluctantly she came to the conclusion that she must accept her Mum’s discipline after all. She wasn’t going to ask though. She will see if her Mum brings it up tomorrow.

After fifteen minutes her Mum asked, “How are you dear?”

“I’m going to struggle when I sit down Mum, it really stings,” she answered.

Her Mum pointed to a chair and Charlotte said down on the wooden surface, wincing as she sat down and squirmed around trying to get comfortable, which she never managed to do.

Her Mum said, “I need to sign the letter Charlotte don’t I?” She put it on the bed in front of her daughter.

“Right Mum,” Charlotte said, noticing it wasn’t signed yet.

“Before I do, I think we need to agree something.”

“What’s that Mum?” Charlotte asked but in her heart knew what was about to be said. She was right.

“Will Mrs. Denver continue to discipline you at work?”

Charlotte was shocked and said, “Oh yes Mrs. Denver must,” she said forcefully, then realising she was far too exuberant added a quiet, “I mean yes Mum, I think that would be very helpful to me.”

“Well Charlotte, I think if you agree that being spanked for shoddy work will encourage you to be more careful when at the office, then surely the same applied to your behaviour at home don’t you dear?”

Charlotte knew her Mum was right.

Charlotte looked at her Mum and said, “So, if I’m naughty you want me to agree to you spanking me again?”

“Well? It’s only right isn’t it dear, after all you will be disciplined at work if you mess up things so it only seems right the same needs to apply at home.”

Charlotte knew her Mum was right and sighed knowing she had already decided to agree to giving her Mum disciplinary authority over her again although she sounded reluctant when she replied, “I know Mum and you are right, I was rude to you yesterday and I suppose being spanked did me some good anyway so maybe you should continue.”

Her Mum smiled and lent over and gave her daughter a hug. “Only when you are naughty dear.”

“Sure Mum, I know.” She kissed her Mum and then as though as an afterthought asked, “Any particular rules I need to watch Mum?” Charlotte wanted to at least have some guidelines. She was to be disappointed though as her Mum had already anticipated the question and the reason for it,

“No dear, I think I should just decide each time. I am sure your behaviour will improve once I’ve given you a few good hard spankings. After all it’s up to you to behave isn’t it?”

“I guess so Mum,” Charlotte conceded, knowing that will increase the times gets put across her Mum’s lap.

Her Mum thought for a moment, allowed the decision to sink in, then added,

“Well of course and whenever you get sent home with a letter, we mustn’t forget those times dear, must we?”

Charlotte gave a reluctant smile. “Yes Mum, those times as well.”

Smiling, pleased that she had successfully reinstated discipline spankings for her 25 year old daughter, her Mum signed the letter, handed it to Charlotte saying,

“Right Charlotte, early to bed.”

Charlotte nodded and obediently got in to bed, lying on her tummy. Her Mum bent down, kissed her again, and left the bedroom switching off the light.

Charlotte was surprised that even with her bottom stinging like never before she kept feeling a tingle between her legs and felt the urge to use her vibrator. She didn’t understand why she was so aroused but dared not risk her Mum hearing the buzzing sound so made do with running her finger along her pussy and feeling how wet she was and at the same time ran a finger gingerly along the weal’s on her bottom, almost feeling each one as the caning was so hard. This led her to think about Mrs. Denver and felt even more aroused and was strangely glad she felt so good about it. She certainly wouldn’t mind if Mrs. Denver spanked her instead of her Mum, and as she thought about it she came with several long orgasmic gasps.

Charlotte was oblivious to her oh so adorably dominant boss’s feelings towards her as she lay on her bed. She thought romantically about her as she rubbed again her very moist pussy and dreamed about when she will be disciplined again by her, hoping that would turn to love, and making love together.

As Charlotte continued to caress her breasts pinch her nipples and rub her wet pussy she thought about Hayley and that she will have been spanked tonight by her Mum, Mrs. Denver. Charlotte thought again how lucky Hayley was, having Mrs. Denver spank her at home, and jokingly imagined the two of them being spanked together. Would it ever happen like that she wondered as her breathing got heavier and she became lost in self arousal although before she was overcome by her stream of orgasms she did fleetingly think that perhaps she should be careful what she wished for.

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