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Charlotte’s Punishment Letter

Charlotte returns home so her Mum can deal with her Punishment Letter, but it doesn't go to plan
This is the third story in the current series about Mrs Denver. She has disciplined three adults, as well as giving 42-year-old Jenny Howe her second punishment. Charlotte goes home so her Mum can discipline her again and sign her Punishment Letter. It doesn’t go as smoothly as Charlotte had hoped.

25 year old Charlotte Thomson and 39 year old Kelly Hall were both rubbing their bottoms as they walked away from the Academy, each with their Punishment Letter in their hand. Jenny stayed at the Academy to be disciplined again by Mrs Denver, but both Charlotte and Kelly were going to be disciplined by their Mum’s to get their Letters signed.

As they walked along the corridor Charlotte said, “Ooh, Kelly, my bottom is starting to sting; don’t you just love that feeling?”

Kelly looked quizzically. “I don’t know, Charlotte, it’s been like years since I’ve been spanked, and I’ve never ever been caned before. So, yes my bottom is stinging, but I just think it’s painful.”

After a moment Kelly asked the 25-year-old, “Are you turned on by the pain, Charlotte?”

Charlotte blushed, replying, “Maybe.”

Kelly was staggered. Did Jenny Howe think the same she wondered, but before she could ask, they had got outside and the two women parted company going in opposite directions, both wishing the other well as they made arrangements for their second spanking of the day.

Charlotte took out her mobile and rang her Mum, wanting to get her letter signed as soon as she could.

“Hi, Mum, guess what, I got another Punishment Letter. Can I come over please, so you can deal with me?”

To her horror, Charlotte heard her Mum say, “Have you forgotten? I’m going away in the early hours for my month at the coast with Kay and the others. They will be here in about an hour so if you want me to deal with you then you had better hurry or else you will have an audience.”

Charlotte had forgotten. “OK Mum, I’ll be right over. I got 12 strokes.” She thought she had better tell her Mum now so she would know how many spanks to give her when she got there.

It took Charlotte fifteen minutes to get to her Mum. She rang the doorbell and it seemed like an age before her Mum opened it.

Charlotte said urgently, “Hi Mum, look, can we do this straight away please?”

“Slow down young lady. It’s not my fault you have a Punishment Letter. Hand it over, and you go and get ready in the spare bedroom.”

Charlotte held out the letter which her Mum took and started to read as she ran upstairs and went to the spare bedroom. She was pleased to see the spanking chair out and the oval wooden backed hairbrush. So, she had 12 strokes and had to get 10 spanks with the hairbrush for each stroke, so 120 spanks. Of course her Mum always gave her a hand spanking as well. There should be enough time though before the others arrived.

There was the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs and Charlotte quickly stepped out of her knickers and took her skirt off. Her Mum came in to the room, looked at her 25-year-old daughter, gave a heavy sigh, and sat down on the chair checking the hairbrush was in easy reach. Charlotte quickly bent across her lap and waited.

“What did you do wrong?” her Mum asked as she rubbed her bottom.

Charlotte really didn’t want a conversation but felt she had to answer; she was the one being disciplined after all. She explained how she, Jenny Howe and Kelly Hall, another Mum, had been playing about in the pool, and one of the students was jumped on by accident by Jenny Howe.

“So you were just messing about and didn’t hurt anyone yourself?”

“Well that’s right Mum, but I still got caned.”

“A bit harsh, but it is Mrs Denver’s decision in the end. Oh well, let’s get this done then shall we?”

Charlotte didn’t get the chance to answer before her Mum brought her open palm down hard on Charlotte’s bare bottom. Charlotte was actually thankful the spanking had started as time was running. Spank after spank landed on various parts of her bottom as her Mum got in to her stride. Her bottom was stinging and her Mum spanked Charlotte’s legs hard as well making them sting also.

The spanking had been going on for about ten minutes when the doorbell rang.

“No,” Charlotte called out.

“Quieten down, Charlotte. It might not be them. Get up and let me check.”

Charlotte slid off her Mum’s lap more concerned about who was at the door than the stinging of her bottom and legs. Her Mum went across the hall to the front room coming back in to the spare room with a look that Charlotte knew meant the worst. “Sorry, Charlotte, but they are all outside. I’ll have to let them in.”

Charlotte blushed as her Mum told her, “Get dressed and come down. I’ll see if I can finish it off before I go.”

Charlotte tried, “Mum, you could sign it and spank me when you get back?”

Her Mum gave her daughter a disapproving look and replied, “I don’t think so Charlotte. Again, it’s not my fault you got caned is it?”

“No, Mum,” Charlotte conceded.

The 25-year-old slipped her knickers back on and zipped up her skirt, and then made her way downstairs. She walked in to the living room to see three of Mum’s friends all turn and stare with broad grins. Also standing there was Donna Clay, who attended the same school as she did but was a year ahead. Donna was a year older, so 26-years-old. Charlotte remembered she had something of a crush on the girl but it was never returned. How come she was here, Charlotte wondered? Surely she wasn’t going away with her Mum and her friends.

Ethel, one of her Mum’s friends said gleefully, “So Charlotte, who got the cane today then?”

Charlotte blushed a deep red at the realisation her caning was public knowledge. However, without waiting for an answer Ethel explained to the others, “One of my friends has a daughter at the Academy. It seems she got hurt in the pool and three adults got the cane. Charlotte here was one of them.”

There were guffaws of surprise and a few laughs before Ethel looked at Charlotte and said, “I am told there is a discipline letter system in place, is that right Charlotte?”

Charlotte blushed an even deeper red and felt her cheeks burning as she replied quietly, “Punishment Letter system actually.”

“That’s right, that was its name,” Ethel said loudly. After a moment she asked, “So you got one then, did you?”

“Yes,” Charlotte said again quietly.

Ethel turned to Charlotte’s Mum and asked, “Shouldn’t you deal with her now as I believe the letter needs to be handed in first thing in the morning?”

Charlotte looked at her Mum, a pleading look, hoping she will lie and tell her friends she has dealt with her. No such luck though. Her Mum never lied.

“Well, I suppose I should.” She looked at Charlotte and said firmly, “Back upstairs then Charlotte.”

Ethel said loudly, “Oh do come on, surely now we all know you can spank her down here in front of us. Maybe with a glass of wine each?”

Again Charlotte looked at her Mum hoping to be spanked in private but her Mum wavered and Charlotte said almost angrily, “No way Mum, surely you will do it in private.”

Her Mum shot her a look that said, ‘Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do,’ and said to the room, “Charlotte, go and bring the hairbrush down, I’ll deal with you in here.”

Charlotte was distraught as she ran out of the room and up the stairs. 30 seconds later she was back down and when she ran in to the living room she saw a high backed chair already in place; and Ethel pouring out wine for everyone, well except for Charlotte and her Mum of course. The rest of the women, including Donna, were now seated around the room; each with a first class view of the spanking chair.

Charlotte’s Mum announced, “Right Charlotte, skirt and knickers off please.”

“Mum, can’t I just pull my knickers down? I don’t want to be too much on show,” Charlotte said miserably”

“Don’t be silly, Charlotte. We are all women here and have everything you have. Now come over here so I can get you ready, or I’ll have you naked instead.”

That threat certainly shocked Charlotte. She stepped over to her Mum and stood speechless as she unzipped her daughter’s skirt, let it fall to the floor, then yanked her knickers down. “Pick them up my girl,” Charlotte heard her Mum order and she did so, mechanically.

“Get across my lap,” Charlotte’s Mum snapped.

Charlotte had a quick look at the faces of the women looking back at her, all smiling and enjoying the spectacle. Her eyes rested on Donna for an extra moment, remembering her adoration of the girl who was in the class ahead of her at school, but now wondering what she thought of her as she was about to get her bottom spanked.

A few moments later and Charlotte was perched across her Mum’s lap, her hands on the floor and her legs dangling a few inches above the floor on the far side of her Mum’s lap. Her Mum was rubbing her bottom. Charlotte looked up at the faces watching and saw most were looking at her bottom. They were staring wide eyed at the 12 red lines across her bottom, the outcome of her caning.

Ethel broke the silence. “So how does this work then? I see that Charlotte was caned but I don’t see a cane here.”

Charlotte’s Mum kept rubbing her daughter’s bottom as she explained. “There are alternatives allowed. I am going to use that paddle hairbrush and the guideline is 10 spanks with it for every stroke of the cane. So as Charlotte was given 12 strokes of the cane that is 120 spanks with the hairbrush.”

“Or right, so why are you about to spank her with your hand?”

“That was agreed when I was first asked to sign Charlotte’s Punishment Letters. I give Charlotte a hand spanking as a warm up.”

“As an extra you mean?”

“Yes, if it’s a Punishment Letter. Of course if she is naughty at home then I might only give her a hand spanking.”

Charlotte was getting more and more humiliated by the conversation. She was listening while her bottom was being rubbed. 25-years-old and about to be spanked and her Mum has just told everyone she is also spanked by her Mum if she says she needs one. Not just when given a Punishment Letter. That was just so embarrassing.”

Ethel picked up on the point. “So, Charlotte gets spanked at home anyway; not just because of this Academy scheme.”

Charlotte’s Mum said happily, “Oh yes. When I started signing off Charlotte’s Punishment Letters I insisted I have the authority to discipline her whenever she needs to be.” She looked at the back of her daughter’s head and asked, “How often are you spanked Charlotte?”

Charlotte blushed as she replied, “About twice a week Mum.”

“Is that every week Charlotte?” her Mum asked sternly.

“Yes, Mum, twice a week every week,” Charlotte shouted out in frustration.

Ethel said, “Now I can see why that’s necessary. She can be a rude one can’t she?”

Charlotte’s Mum said sternly, “Yes you can be rude, Charlotte. So now you will be getting 15 spanks with the hairbrush for each cane stroke. What’s 12 times 15, Charlotte? Quickly.”

Charlotte groaned. Having to do maths whilst across her Mum’s lap with a bare bottom was humiliating enough. Today much more so in front of several of her friend’s; not to mention the gorgeous and still very fanciable Donna.

“Well?” her Mum snapped giving her three spanks on each bottom cheek.

“It’s 180, Mum” Charlotte shouted out.

Charlotte’s Mum said rubbing her bottom again, “At least you got that right. So let’s start your spanking before you get in to any more trouble.”

Charlotte made another mistake. “But you’ve spanked me some upstairs Mum, don’t forget that.”

Charlotte’s Mum laughed. “I haven’t forgotten dear, but you know I hate you telling me what to do so I am going to start again.”

“That’s it, girl,” Ethel shouted out and the others laughed. “Some more wine?” Ethel asked, and Charlotte looked sideways and saw Ethel’s legs going from person to person; while her Mum was spanking her bare bottom.

The sound of the spanks mixed with the sound of chatter and giggles from her Mum’s friends as the spanking proceeded apace, several spanks being applied to the same spot on the same bare bottom cheek which sent stings right across her bottom. Several consecutive spanks were also applied to the backs of Charlotte’s legs and that really stung and drew loud gasps from the 25-year-old. On and on her Mum spanked her, as always very hard, Normally Charlotte didn’t mind so much as she would look forward to masturbating when sent to bed afterwards, but this was different. She hated being spanked in front of other people. It was far more humiliating than being spanked in private. It was one thing being spanked by Mrs Denver in front of some parents who are in the Punishment Scheme, but no one else here was spanked. Well, not that Charlotte knew about of course.

Tears welled in Charlotte’s eyes, particularly as the number and intensity of the spanks to the backs of her legs was far greater than usual. She was finding it hard to hold her tears back. She needn’t have worried about that though because after a short gap she felt the hard wooden back of the paddle brush tapped on her bottom, and knew that the worst part was to come. The really stingy bit of the spanking. She wasn’t going to enjoy this bit mainly because she will be crying uncontrollably in front of the watching women.

Sure enough, as spank after spank landed so Charlotte squealed and shrieked and cried out, squirming around on her Mum’s lap; kicking her legs as the hairbrush thrashed down on the red weal’s that still stood out in harsh red lines across her bottom. Charlotte cried just as she always did, but she was regretting getting this particular Punishment Letter. She saw her Mum’s friends from time to time, and now they are bound to ask every time she sees them whether she has been spanked recently.

How could she have so easily accepted being spanked by her Mum? It was so unfair that she got aroused by being spanked and because of that arousal didn’t mind being caned at the Academy or spanked at home. Until now. Now her being spanked like a teenager was out there; a fact now known by so many of her Mum’s friends. Not to mention Donna. Oh my goodness, Donna knew. She is bound to know so many people she also knows.

Soon enough though Charlotte stopped thinking too much about the women watching as, just as she knew she would, she cried uncontrollably, tears running down her face. The punishment was hurting, as it was supposed to do, and her Mum never held back. Never.

Charlotte lost herself in the pain as the spanking continued, the hairbrush spanking all over her bottom, one bottom cheek then the other, then the back of one leg, several times, then the back of the other leg several times. Charlotte dissolved into a crying squirming kicking girl who was being severely punished.

The spanking with the hairbrush ended as abruptly as it had started. Charlotte kept crying as her blurred tear filled eyes looked madly at the floor. Slowly she calmed down, recovered, and started to enjoy that so erotic stinging throbbing of her bottom. The reason she loved being spanked. So as she sobbed so Charlotte felt the quivers deep inside her pussy and started squeezing her thighs together to intensify the feeling.

The trouble was the women saw her legs tense and quickly worked out what Charlotte was doing. Charlotte only realised too late, and even she was conscious of the whispers. Focusing on the chatter, Charlotte heard some of the words and made out what they were saying. She stopped squeezing her thighs but she was so close to an orgasm that she let out a gasp, and all the women there knew what had happened; that Charlotte had cum.

Charlotte’s Mum lifted the hairbrush up, saying, “Well you need some more of these, young lady,” and spanked the 25-year-old again; a dozen hard spanks on one bare bottom cheek, a dozen more on the other bottom cheek, then a dozen on the back of one leg and a dozen on the back of the other leg. Charlotte shrieked out, kicked her legs, and jerked her head upwards as she shrieked.

This time when her Mum stopped spanking her Charlotte cried but didn’t tense her thighs. Her Mum let her lay there for quite a while watching carefully, just in case her daughter tried to masturbate again. She didn’t. She didn’t dare.

“OK, Charlotte, get up.”

Charlotte slipped off her Mum’s lap and stood up, rubbing her bottom madly, looking around at the eyes staring back at her, feeling humiliated while at the same time wanting to get to her bedroom, to masturbate.

“Stand facing the wall Charlotte with your hands on your head and your nose pressed against the wall.”

Charlotte never minded actually doing corner time. It gave her some time to enjoy the stinging. She would normally have stood there tensing her thighs and getting two or three short orgasms. Not today though. Not after all the women had already seen her masturbating as she was across her Mum’s lap. This time she stood with her legs apart to make sure she couldn’t masturbate. However, this in itself brought more giggles from the women. Charlotte couldn’t win whatever she did, she felt.

Charlotte stopped crying, but still sobbed from time to time, as she stood facing the wall with her reddened weal covered bottom on show, and with her legs apart there was the added sight of her pussy hair.

“OK, Charlotte, you can go to bed now,” her Mum ordered.

Ethel asked, “But it’s only 8.30?”

Charlotte’s Mum explained, “Yes, but I always send her to bed early if I spank her. It’s part of the punishment.”

“Really,” asked Ethel, continuing, “After what we just saw?”

Charlotte’s Mum knew exactly what Ethel meant but said, “That is up to her. What’s important to me is I have spanked her, disciplined her, and early to bed is all part of the punishment. She can do whatever she wants in bed even if she goes at her normal time can’t she?”

“That is true I suppose.”

Charlotte’s Mum ordered, “Right Charlotte, get to bed. You have 10 minutes to shower and get ready. No nightdress tonight either.”

Most of the women were looking at Charlotte’s pussy mound; seeing it glisten with sex juice. Charlotte knew she was turned on by being spanked and now everyone there knew. There was no hiding the fact. The women winked at each other as Charlotte walked quickly out of the living room rubbing her still bare bottom and quickly climbed the stairs. She went to the bathroom and turned to look in the mirror. Yes, her bottom was brilliantly red; it had been such a fabulous spanking. Charlotte quickly rubbed her pussy, already so wet, and within seconds was gasping as she had a much more intense orgasm that when across her Mum’s lap.

Ten minutes later Charlotte was showered and in her bedroom and in bed with her light out. Normally she wouldn’t mind being caught with the light on and getting another spanking but maybe not today, not with all those guests anyway. There was Donna though. Soon Charlotte was caressing her pussy again, slowly running her fingers up and down her pussy lips, edging inside, finding her clit, picturing Donna, trying to imagine her naked, as she brought herself to an even more intense orgasm, and crying out more loudly than she had intended.

The door opened and light from the hallway flooded in. Charlotte gasped as she looked up she saw Donna’s frame back lit.

“Shush Charlotte, it’s me, Donna.”

“Hi, Donna,” Charlotte gasped as she was coming down from her orgasm.

Donna closed the door and sat on the bed looking down at the naked Charlotte. Realising Donna was staring at her breasts Charlotte pulled the sheet up to her neck.

Donna lent forward and gently pulled the sheet back down, saying softly, “Hey, don’t be embarrassed. That was so cool. Watching you being spanked. So erotic. I want to see your breasts. You are so sexy.”

“Am I?” asked Charlotte, surprised, as she allowed the sheet to be pulled down again.

“I knew it,” Donna said smiling. “Look at your nipples; they are like soldiers.”

Charlotte looked down and saw Donna was correct; well she knew she was even before she looked of course. Blushing, she looked up at Donna’s still smiling face.

“That was such a turn on, Charlotte. How you were spanked. I loved watching it.”

“Did you?” Charlotte asked almost mechanically as she looked up at Donna, her pretty face, her long hair that fell below her shoulders, her firm arms naked in her sleeveless vest top, her breasts pushing the vest outwards. Then she saw it. Donna’s nipples showing through her vest top and her bra. Donna was one turned on lady.

“What turned you on, Donna? Did you want to be spanked?”

“No way,” Donna said laughing. “No, what I was thinking was how cool it would be to spank you.” Donna bit her lip as she stared at Charlotte, her breasts still naked above the sheets; her mind in turmoil as she processed what Donna was saying to her.

Donna added, “Well, spank you and make love to you.”

Charlotte swallowed hard almost gagging. She didn’t see that coming. “Really?” Charlotte asked in a whisper.

“Yes, really,” Donna replied, moving her hand towards Charlotte’s breast.

Charlotte didn’t move and made no attempt to stop Donna and as her hand covered her breast and she squeezed her taut nipple. Charlotte gasped, with joy, leaning back, closing her eyes. Donna lent forward and put her free hand behind Charlotte’s neck and pulled her towards her. They kissed, Charlotte welcoming Donna’s tongue inside her mouth, playing with it with her own tongue as Donna lay down next to Charlotte, kissing, cuddling, and caressing, Charlotte’s breasts.

“Hang on a mo, sweetie,” Donna said as she sat up and pulled the vest top over her head, unclipped her bra and slid it down her arms and let it fall on the floor. She slid out of her shorts and knickers, now as naked as Charlotte, and seconds later they lay together, both naked, their legs intertwined, their pussy’s caressing the others as they kissed each other’s neck and breasts, sucking each other’s taut nipples.

Charlotte asked breathlessly, “What if Mum catches us?”

“Don’t worry Charlotte, they are all drinking wine and will be asleep soon. They just have to wake up in three hours when their taxi’s come to take them to the airport.”

Charlotte asked, “How come you came with them?”

Donna laughed. “Ethel is my Auntie. I dropped her off and just brought her bags in. Then the chat started about you getting spanked so I just stayed on.”

Charlotte said quietly and smiling, “I’m glad you did.”

“So am I,” Donna said softly as they kissed again, their fingers searching out the others pussy, both wet, and both ready for the other to bring them to orgasm. Each caressed the other’s pussy, their fingers edging inside, finding the other’s clit, flicking it, enjoying the sexual gasps of the other, and then the louder more urgent gasps as they each came with long gasps, arching themselves to intensify the arousal, cumming together.

They held each other, caressing the others breasts and tummy’s and legs and thighs; kissing and feeling comfortable with each other.

“So, watching me being spanked turned you on, huh?” Charlotte asked again cheekily.

“It sure did,” Donna repeated as she ran her fingers over Charlotte’s bottom, her breathing intensifying as she felt the raised weals. “It sure did,” she repeated.

After kissing again they cuddled up, Charlotte spooning in to Donna’s curved body, Donna caressing Charlotte’s breasts. They fell asleep.

It was 8 o’clock before they woke with a start, remembering the women downstairs. Donna hissed, “You stay here,” as she got up, grabbed Charlotte’s dressing gown, and put it on as she ran downstairs.

Charlotte heard the footsteps coming back upstairs more slowly. Donna came back in to Charlotte’s bedroom and said with a smile, “Well they have all gone, and their cases, so they must have woken up.”

Charlotte smiled, and then froze. “My letter. The Punishment Letter. Did Mum sign it?”

Donna made to get up but Donna stopped her holding up the letter. “She didn’t. Here it is.”

“Oh no. If Mum doesn’t sign it I will get another 12 strokes from Mrs Denver.”

Donna asked, “Is that a problem, 12 more strokes?” She was smiling.

Charlotte calmed down. “I guess not,” she admitted.

Donna said, still smiling. “There is an alternative.” Donna bit her lip winking at Charlotte who realised what she meant. “I can sign the letter for you.”

“Wow yes. You saw me get spanked so you know I was. Yes, that would be great Donna.”

“I didn’t mean that Charlotte. I want to spank you myself.”

Charlotte gasped. “Oh, I see,” she said quietly.

“Your Mum left a note.” Donna held out the note.

Charlotte took the note and read it. ‘I haven’t signed your letter. You will need someone to discipline you during the three months I am away and I reckon Donna will be ideal. She can deal with your Punishment Letters and your discipline generally. I give her disciplinary control over you while I am away. I’ll call tonight and I want to know she has spanked you and you accept her authority over you. Love Mum.’

Charlotte looked up at Donna who was glaring sternly at her.

Donna said firmly, “I so want to do it Charlotte. Spank you and make love to you. Really I do.”

Charlotte said, “But if you have disciplinary control over me it’s not a relationship is it?”

“Rubbish,” Donna said firmly. “You get turned on by being spanked and I get turned on spanking you. How is that not a relationship? I do agree that when I need to spank you because of your bad behaviour that might be different. For a kick off you will be naked and I will be fully clothed; afterwards when you are crying really hard and your bottom stings you will have to stand on your naughty spot so I can see your red bottom; and there won’t be any lovemaking that day. So that is very much me being in control when you are naughty.” Donna thought a second then added, “Mind you, both spankings will be as hard as each other. I just love the thought of making love to you when you are bawling your eyes out and your bottom is sting like crazy. That is such a turn on.”

“I suppose that’s OK,” Charlotte admitted, feeling suddenly aroused by the thought of being spanked because Donna wanted to, and even being spanked when she needs to be disciplined. That certainly did sound like a relationship that could work. Charlotte smiled and asked, “So if we do this what about my letter?”

Donna smiled. “Well, I will give you 120 spanks with the hairbrush.” Donna took the hairbrush out of the pocket of the dressing gown. “I went to get it on the basis I will need to use it on you. What do you say?”

Charlotte could not believe just where the caning from Mrs Denver has led. Regularly spanked by her Mum; and now she was going to agree to Donna having disciplinary control over her. Donna and she will be lovers as well. How cool was that?

Donne threw the sheets off her and rolled off the bed. She looked at Donna and said in feigned surrender, “Please will you spank me Donna so you can sign my Punishment Letter.”

“Cheeky monkey,” 26-year-old Donna said. Change 10 spanks with the hairbrush for every stroke in to 20 spanks. Every time from now on.”

Charlotte felt a quiver run across her pussy. “Make it 30 spanks, hard ones.”

Donna said, “Stop talking and get across my lap before you end up asking for even more.”

Charlotte blushed. Maybe asking for 30 spanks for each stroke of the cane was too much. Well, she asked for it and didn’t want to retract. So it will be 30 spanks for each cane stroke every time she gets a Punishment Letter.

Charlotte looked at the naked Donna a she sat on the chair. Her gorgeous hair, her beautiful face, her full breasts, her thighs that looked like they will be really comfortable to be put across for her spanking, and her legs which she will have such a close-up view of when bent over her lap. Charlotte bent across Donna’s lap, loving the submissive position, looking at Donna’s great legs, feeling Donna’s hand rubbing her bottom.

“A spanking first young lady, that’s standard I believe.”

“Yes please,” Charlotte replied wriggling her bottom, teasing Donna, her lover.

Donna rubbed Charlotte’s bottom and said firmly, “I’ll write out some rules so you know why you earn a spanking each time. Make sense?”

Charlotte replied, “Mum just tells me when I earn one so it’s up to me to be good.”

Donna smiled, replying, “Even better. So I get to decide each time. Excellent.”

Donna landed the first spank and both girls knew they were in for the time of their lives.

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