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Christy's Comeuppance

Christy's Comeuppance

Christy doubts her Master's memory...and finds it better than she realized!
Christy and I started the day just like any other normal day. I woke up and took My shower and got dressed to go to work. Christy went into the smaller bathroom, which I had told her was her bathroom, and put on her makeup like she always did. Then, while I got things organized and put into My briefcase for work, she went downstairs to cook breakfast. When I was finished, I went into the dining room to eat breakfast. I had trained Christy to wait for Me to seat her at the table, so when I came into the dining room and saw her standing by her chair I smiled. Such a good girl. I seated her as always and then took My place at the head of the table.

"Good morning, pet." I said in a cheerful tone. "Did you sleep well?"

Christy didn't say anything. I repeated Myself thinking perhaps she hadn't heard Me.

"Good morning, pet. How did you sleep last night?"

She mumbled something just barely audible and kept her eyes on her breakfast.

I brushed off her response at first because I knew she wasn't exactly a morning person and I figured she just hadn't woke up fully yet. We ate breakfast that day quietly...I gave her the benefit of the doubt as she sat across from Me eating her breakfast silently . She didn't make eye contact at all during breakfast which is totally uncharacteristic for her - she was trying to make herself disappear. When we finished eating, Christy started to clear the table and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher as she was supposed to do. I had about a half hour before I needed to head off to work, so I went into the living room and sat down on the couch. When Christy finished in the kitchen, she normally would come in and sit with me for awhile before I left. But today, she walked past the living room and I heard her start to go upstairs.

"Pet, come here." I called for her. She came trudging into the living room with her head down and her eyes on the floor, shuffling her feet. She came up and stood in front of Me with her arms crossed, watching for a reaction from Me.

"What's the matter, Christy? You aren't your usual self today." I asked her.

She just snorted and turned to go upstairs again. As she started to walk away, I quickly grabbed her arm. She jerked her arm away...I stood up and grabbed her by her hair and jerked her back to Me.

What in the FUCK is the matter with you, slut?! I haven't excused you! And when I ask you a question, you had better fucking answer Me! With a good handful of her hair, I pulled her head back and held it there, looking up into My eyes. She looked up at Me but still didn't answer Me right away, waiting to see if I would pursue the matter further.

"Have you lost your voice? Or maybe you've lost your mind?" My eyes narrowed as I looked at her and she could see that she had better come up with some kind of response. "I asked you a question, slut, and I demand an answer. What in the hell is wrong with you this morning?"

"Nothing, Master." she said, looking away from Me.

"Nothing?" I asked "You have been acting strange all morning!"

"May I be excused now?" she said almost mockingly. I looked at My watch quickly.

"I haven't got time for this now, but you can bet we will be discussing your behavior when I get home. And you had better have a damn good reason for acting like a spoiled brat!" I said letting go of her hair with a shake. I grabbed My coat and stormed out of the house without My usual kiss goodbye.

That day at work, I thought about what could possibly have made My girl act in such a bizarre manner. Normally, she is well-behaved and very happy. But today for some reason she was acting like she was pissed off at the world. I couldn't for the life of Me figure out what was wrong with her. But the day progressed and soon the events of the morning were lost amid the day's business dealings.

The afternoon was slow, so I decided to knock off early and go home. I was still perplexed at Christy's behavior and I wanted to get to the bottom of it. If there was a problem, I needed to deal with it - the way she was acting that morning was not acceptable. I called her on the cell phone to let her know I was on My way home so she wouldn't be surprised.

"Hello, pet. I am on My way home. I knocked off work early today." I said.

"Ok, Master." she said flatly. I was stunned. Any other day she would have been so excited I was coming home early she could hardly contain herself. But today she hardly seemed to care! Ok that settled it - something was definitely out of place here!

Now I have taught My pet the way I want her to greet Me when I come home and she knows what is expected of her. She was to be kneeling on the floor in front of the door, naked except for her heels. Her legs were to be folded under her and she was to be sitting on her ankles, with her knees spread wide and her back straight so her tits are sticking out proudly (she has a great set of tits and I like to see them displayed prominently!). Her hands are to be behind her back, her head down, and her eyes on the floor, waiting for me to come through the door. This is the position I have taught her to be in when I come home. And she understands what is expected and normally I have no problems with her about it. But today was not a "normal" day.

I know she heard the key in the lock and the front door open. Our door tends to squeak as it's opened - something I keep saying I will tend to, but I kind of like the warning that it gives Me to let Me know someone has come in the house. What greeted Me at the door this afternoon was not at all what I expected.

I walked into the house and Christy was not where she should be. I called out for her, thinking she might be upstairs, but I got no answer. I went into the living room and My jaw dropped. There she was, sitting in My chair with one leg thrown over the arm, slumped back, watching TV. She was dressed in the rattiest oversize sweats I have ever seen, her hair not done, no makeup, she looked like she had just come home from the gym. But I knew that wasn't the case at all.

"Christy, did you forget that I said I was coming home early today?" I said.

"No, I remember." she said calmly.

"So why weren't you in place and ready for Me? You know how you are supposed to greet Me at the door."

"Yeah I know. I just didn't feel like it today. I'm not in the mood to play." she said, still not looking at Me.

"I see. Well did you get your chores done?" I asked.

"I did some of them. I am taking a break right now." she said, flicking the channel on the TV remote.

Well that did it! I didn't know what was going on, but I was damned well going to find out right now!

I reached down and grabbed a big handful of hair and dragged her bodily out of the chair and to her feet. I shoved her up against the nearest wall and pinned her there by the throat. She struggled bringing her arms up as if to hit Me. She paused, not sure if she should swing or not and that was her mistake. I grabbed her wrist and twisted it around behind her, spinning her around and forcing her face first into the wall. As I held her wrist behind her back with one hand, I pulled her head back by her hair.

"I don't know what the hell is wrong with you today, slut, but if you don't want this to get way out of hand you had better get your ass upstairs and go to your corner and think long and hard about how you have been acting today. I will be up in a bit to see what kind of an explanation you have dreamed up by then - it had better be a very good one too!" I hissed at her. She must have known that I had been pushed as far as she dared to test Me, because when I turned her loose she ran upstairs without any more comment or complaint.

After she left, I sat down on the couch for a bit to cool down. I make it a point to never discipline her when I am angry or upset. I had to take some time to let my emotions calm before I dealt with her again. In addition, I wanted some time for her imagination to work on her. I have found that her mind is her own worst enemy. It will betray her most lascivious feelings when she is aroused, and it will conjure up all forms of horrific imaginations of punishments when she is in trouble. I was counting on the latter now.

After about 30 minutes I went upstairs to see if I could sort this all out and get to the root of this bizarre conduct. As I walked into the bedroom, I found her crouched down in the corner of the room, with her knees pulled to her chest. Her face was buried in her knees and she was rocking back and forth. She knew she fucked up, she knew she went too far, but she didn't mean to. Christy heard My footsteps coming up the stairs and as I entered the room and came to stand in front of her, she slowly raised her head to look at Me. As she looked up at Me I saw the fear, and confusion in her eyes. I also saw the tears. My sweet Christy had been crying! My heart melted seeing her curled up like a little girl with her red eyes and wet, tear streaked face.

“Come here.” I said, extending My hand to her. She looked at My hand and took it as I helped her up. I held that little hand as I walked her over to the bed. I sat down on the bed and pulled her around in front of Me.

"Now, I want to know what is going on with you and I want to know now. No more games and no more attitude. You understand Me?"

Christy dropped her gaze to the floor, as was she was expected to when in front of Me, and stood there trembling.

"Oh, Master! Oh I am so sorry for the way I've been behaving! But...You...You didn't remember what today is!" she said, starting to sob again.

"Christy, I know what today is. Today is the anniversary of your collaring. How could I forget something like that? I didn't say anything this morning because I thought you were just being grumpy since it was early and you hadn't had your coffee yet. I know how you are first thing in the morning! But then when I came home tonight and you..."

"Master, I am sorry. I have been a total bitch today and You have every right to be angry with me." she said. "I should have known better than to think You would forget the day You collared me."

"How many years has it been, pet?" I asked.

"Eight years, Master." she said with her beautiful smile returning to her face.

"Eight years...and have I ever forgot it before?" I asked her.

"No, Master, but every year before you would say it first thing in the morning. I guess when you didn't say it this morning, I...I thought..."

I cupped her soft face in My hands and pulled her to Me. "If I remember right, somebody didn't really give Me a chance this morning!" I said kissing her gently.

"I'm sorry, Master."

"Well, I want you to go into the bathroom and get cleaned up and looking proper and then come downstairs. Because of the way you acted today I am going to have to punish you. Even though in your mind you thought it was justified, such behavior cannot be dismissed without some form of punishment."

"I understand, Master." she said. "And You are right as always. I should be punished for how badly I behaved. May I be excused, Master?"

"Yes, you may. I will be downstairs getting ready." I said. She smiled and turned to go to the bathroom.

After about fifteen minutes she came down into the living room where I was sitting in My chair. She was naked as she should be wearing only her collar and her heels. Her hair had been brushed and her makeup was perfection. She was as she should be always. A vision. As she entered the room, I stopped her and without saying a word I pointed to the floor. She knew what that meant and knelt on all fours, crawling slowly, seductively, towards Me. She knelt down in front of Me like she was taught and waited for Me to speak.

"You know why you're here, slut?" I asked.

"Yes, Master."

"Suppose you tell Me, then."

"I am to be punished."

"That's right. And for what?"

"Because of my terrible behavior today, Master."

"That's right. And you know better than to act in such an obstinate, disrespectful, and defiant manner, don't you, slut?"

"Yes, Master. I am sorry."

I began stroking and pinching her nipples, just hard enough to start building her excitement. She kept her hands behind her back as I played with her tits, closing her eyes and mewling softly as her fire was lit. I played with her tits for a bit then I pushed her down on all fours. I took hold of the end of her hair and using it as a leash began walking her around the living room. I took her for a short "walk" around the room a couple times before stopping at the coffee table in front of the sofa.

On the coffee table in front of Me I had placed several items that I could use as implements of her punishment. But I had covered them prior to her coming downstairs so she had no idea what was on the table until now. As I removed the black cloth, she looked at the table with a mixture of excitement and apprehension.

"Before you lay several different items with which I could discipline you, slut. I intend to use a number of them on you this evening. How many will depend on you."

"Master?" she said a bit unsure.

"See these playing cards on the edge of the table? There is an ace through 6 in a mixed up order. You will pick one card and that will be the number of these tools I will use. Then you will pick out all but the last one - that one is for Me to choose. Should you happen to pick the ace, then you get to pick the only tool. Understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"Then pick a card and let's see how lucky you are!" I told her.

She knelt in front of the table and studied the cards for a couple moments. She thought about it and then picked one. "This one, Master. I choose this one." she said pointing to one of the cards.

"Turn it over then and let's see." I said. She flipped the card over to reveal the four of hearts.

"Ok, then. I will be using four of these items on you. Now pick three of them." I said. She looked over the array I had laid out. There was a leather covered ping pong paddle, a wooden paddle with holes in it, a riding crop, a cane, a quirt, and a set of nipple clamps .

"Ok, Master I have chosen." she said. "I choose the nipple clamps, the ping pong paddle, and the riding crop."

"So you are thinking I should take it easy on you then?" I asked. She looked up at Me and smiled shyly.

"Ok it's My turn to pick. Since you have already taken all the easy things, I guess I shall choose the cane." I said. She gasped a bit at My choice and her eyes got big.

"T..the cane, Master? Please not the cane!" she said.

"That's right, slut. You already took the easy choices. All I had to choose from was the wooden paddle, the cane and the quirt. The wooden paddle would be redundant since you chose the ping pong paddle, the quirt might be too severe for you, so that leaves the cane."

I ordered her onto the floor, and Christy quickly got down on her hands and knees, her cheek pressed to the carpet and her ass high in the air. I put My big, strong hand on the back of her neck, holding her in position as I picked up the ping pong paddle and began to spank her ass, exposed and vulnerable in its present upraised position. My slut delighted in the feeling of being under such control and as the blows increased in intensity, she began to moan and wiggle.

After a few swats, I stopped and pulling her roughly by the hair over to the couch, I stood her up and then forced her to kneel on the couch backwards. This not only gave Me good position for paddling her some more, but it also left her breasts free for My pleasure - a detail I was quick to take advantage of. As she knelt on the cushions of the couch, I stretched her arms out to the sides, tying them to the arms at the ends of the couch. She pulled at them grinning broadly. I took the nipple clamps I had picked up from the coffee table and showed them to her.

"Open." I said, and she opened her mouth instantly. I put the middle of the chain that connected the clamps in her mouth and she closed it, holding the chain in her mouth. With her holding the clamps, I began to work on the nipples that would soon be in them. I pinched and pulled and twisted the little nubs until they were stiff and swollen like little pencil erasers. Then I took the clamp from My slut's mouth and attached one of the clamps to a waiting, eager nipple. She moaned softly as the clamp tightened and I adjusted it until I detected the first slight whimper of discomfort. I knew then that it wasn't coming off. I threaded the other end through the loop in her collar and repeated the procedure with her other nipple. With both nipples now held firmly in the clamps I tugged lightly on the chain to make sure neither clamp would slip off prematurely. They held firm even as My slut arched her back in captive pleasure.

"Now we can continue, your punishment, slut." I said slapping her face. I walked back around the couch and picked up the ping pong paddle again. But unlike before, this time I wasn't just going to pink up her lovely ass! I rubbed her ass a bit before I laid into it. I began spanking her on ass in earnest, playing with her breasts and pinching her nipples as I swatted her ass, firmly and powerfully. Then I paused for a moment as if to give her a rest. Then, unexpectedly, I pulled her head back by the hair and delivered a flurry of the hardest blows yet with no respite between them. The pain built in her reddened ass until it was almost more than the pleasure, and then I stopped, stroking her bottom gently and running My fingers along her wet slit, rubbing one moistened fingertip around her swollen clit.

Christy was dying for Me to start spanking her again. The ropes that restrained her emphasized her sense of vulnerability and she yanked against them just to reaffirm her feeling of being totally at his mercy. I slapped her inner thighs to prompt her to spread her legs and then using My hand, I landed several blows directly over her pussy, making Christy shriek and moan. I altered the timing of My swats and slaps so she tightened and writhed, unable to anticipate when or how hard the next stroke would be. It amused Me to watch her try to predict when I would swat her again. Just as I saw her start to relax I would strike her again, surprising her and causing her to have to start all over. Christy pushed her ass up in the air, as if begging Me to spank her some more. And I wasn't going to deny My sweet slut of her ass-warming! I began spanking her hard, pausing between every few strokes to caress her butt and rub her slick and swollen clit. She was wild with arousal, writhing and twisting in her bonds and moaning almost continuously now. She was close to orgasm now and I knew it. But I wasn't ready for that just yet. So as much as she wanted and needed to cum, I denied her of it for now. I paused in My punishment of My naked, defenseless slut.

I gave her couple moments to recover, gently rubbing her butt and her back before I moved to the next phase of her punishment. She laid her head on the back of the couch and tried to calm herself and regain control of her sexual drive. However, control was not to be hers.

Before she completely recovered, I had brought the riding crop around in front of her. I grabbed her by the hair and hauled her head up off the couch.

"Open that cocksucking mouth." I commanded. She obeyed and I laid the tip of the crop on her tongue. "Taste the crop, slut. Taste the device that is about to tear your ass up." I said. Christy looked at Me as she licked and sucked the crop as I held her head by her hair. I let her suck on the crop for a few seconds before removing it and laying it on the couch in front of her. Still holding her hair I removed the first clamp from her nipple.

The lovely thing about nipple clamps is that removing them does not ease the pain - in fact the first sensations after removing a properly adjusted nipple clamp are worse that if you left it on. The returning blood flow sent needleprick tingles straight from her tit to her brain and she whimpered. I slapped her tit a couple times to stimulate the blood flow back into her throbbing, aching nipple. Once she had stopped complaining from the first nipple, I removed the clamp from the second with the same results. I slapped her other tit a couple times as well until it too quit tingling. Once her tits had regained proper blood flow, I picked up the crop. I ran the tip of the crop over her tits and nipples, letting the tip caress her soft fleshy globes. She moaned and closed her eyes at the touch of My crop. A mistake she soon discovered and I drew the crop back and gave her tit a sharp rap with the device that a moment ago loved on her.

"Owwwch!" She squealed as the crop landed. I smiled, and struck the other tit with the crop. Again she squealed with surprise and shock.

I got right in her face then "Are you ready for the next step in your punishment slut? We still have more to do you know."

"Yes, Master." she moaned, the lust filling her voice.

"Good." I said releasing her with a little shake. I walked around the couch letting the crop drag across her soft skin as I moved around her. When I got behind her I let the crop travel down the back of her thigh and then up the inside of it until it reached her soaked pussy. Christy moaned loudly as the crop touched her sex. I rubbed her wet slit with the leather tool and she began humping it in her desire to cum. She tossed her head back as she enjoyed the crop at her pussy.

"Ohhhhh...goddd..." she mewed as the leather sent little electric sparks through her. Just as she was beginning to really enjoy it, I removed the crop from her pussy - much to her dismay.

"Masterrr...."she protested. I replied to her complaint by giving her a little tap on her pussy with the crop...just hard enough to make her gasp and jump at the shock of it. I gave her three or four more rapid strokes to her pussy until I thought she was about to cum from it and then I stopped. She knelt there on the couch panting from the intense stimulation.

"Ohhh god, Master! Oh please! Please let me cum! Oh god! I'll do anything, anything You ask, just please! I need to cum so bad..." she pleaded.

"Not yet, slut. I know you want to cum. But we have more to do first." I told her. Christy just moaned despairingly. I withdrew the crop from her pussy and took up position to continue her punishment. I drew the crop and let it land on My slut's already reddened ass.

"Yeeeowwch!" she screeched. "Oh, Master! That hurts!" she said as she moved her ass around.

"It's supposed to, slut. This is a punishment, remember?" I said. I landed another swat of the crop to her other ass cheek.

"Yeeeowwch!" she screeched again. "Master! Please!" she pleaded.

"Silence, whore! You brought this on yourself. Acting like such a spoiled brat - well spoiled brats get spankings and that is what you are getting now!" I said gruffly.

I drew back once again and this time I landed four quick swats with not break between. Christy arched her back as the crop landed over and over on her ass. She howled as the crop did it's work.

"Yeeeowwwwww! Ohmygodmasterplease! Oh fuuuccckk! Master please, I'll be good! Oh god, I swear please! PLEEASE!" she sobbed.

I stopped and waited for a moment before continuing. "Do you think you've learned your lesson or do you want more, slut?" I asked.

"More...please?" She said. I smiled at her request. Such a good girl - it seemed a shame to punish her for wanting more. But we both knew she wasn't done yet. She had acted like she did because she needed to be spanked. Not because she was bad, but it was a special type of release that she occasionally needed when things in her life became too much for her to deal with. She had been under an unusual strain lately and she needed this emotional and sexual release to get back under control.

I took a new grip on the crop. "Ok then, more it is." I said and I let fly with the crop again. This time I laddered her ass and legs with stripes from the crop. Again and again I let the crop do it's evil work on the backs of the thighs and her ass until there was a set of thin red marks all up and down her ass and thighs. She screeched, she screamed, she moaned as the crop fell but all the time she also pushed her ass out to meet the crop. I knew she was getting what she needed and she knew it as well. It hurt, I'm sure. But she took the pain and turned it in her mind. She was getting off on My spanking her. She was using the pain I was giving her as a sexual release. But she wasn't quite there yet. Not quite.

I was done using the crop. It wasn't getting her where she needed to be. I put the crop away and went around to face her again. I pulled her head up by the hair again to look into her face. She had been crying, I could see the mascara trails made by her tears. I studied her face for a few moments, trying to judge where she was at in this.

"Do you want more, slut, or are you happy now?" I asked her. I waited for her answer before continuing.

"May I...have...more...please?" she said between sobs. I knew she wasn't at her release point just yet. I had to continue.

"Very well, then. I have used your toys on you - the only one left is the cane I chose." I said.

"The cane? Oh please! Not the cane, Master!" she said. Christy had never had the cane used on her, but she had seen video clips on the Internet of other women getting caned. She was frightened of it yet she was also terribly excited by the prospect of what it may bring. I put the cane against her tortured ass so she could feel it's hardness, it's stiffness and she could imagine what the cane was about to do to her. She moaned as she felt the rattan stick on her. She knew this was not going to bode well for her but she wanted it - she needed it. And she was about to experience her first caning.

I had judged (correctly too, I might add) that My little slut was almost at her breaking point. She only needed a little more to push her over. She rather than prolong her agony any further, I mercifully gave her that push.

I drew the cane back and with six rapid sharp cracks across her ass and thighs I sent her reeling.

Christy had been laying with her head on the back of the couch as the cane caressed her ass. But when it began to rain down upon her, she raised up and knelt with her back arched her head back and her mouth open in a silent scream. Then Christy found her voice. In a scream that I was sure would bring the cops charging into the place, she let all of her pent-up frustrations and stresses out. With a final crack of the cane she let go.

"OHHHHFFFFUUUUUUCCKKKK!!! OHMYGOD! I'M CUUUUMMIIIIINNGGGGGG!!!" she screamed. A flood of pussy juices exploded from between her legs, pouring out of her like it came from a bucket. It coated the leather of the couch as well as her legs as she shook, convulsed and writhed in the ropes that held her firm.

I watched her as her orgasm took control of her body, twisting her and turning her as wave after wave washed over her. She came and came until completely exhausted and wrung out she collapsed on the couch, her chest heaving as she sucked in each ragged breath. She was covered in sweat and cum, the sheen making her skin glow in the soft light from the window. I put the cane down and walked around the couch to face her one last time. I reached out and petted her sweat-soaked hair and she continued to pant and suck in large gulping breaths. I stayed with her there for a few minutes until her breathing was more controlled and she was past her orgasms convulsions. The I pulled her head up to look at Me.

"Now that you have had yours, you know what to do." I said. Without hesitation she opened her mouth and I shoved My cock fully into her throat. She took Me all the way in too - clear up to My balls, like she knew she should. I held her nose pressed hard against My stomach.

"Give Me your eyes, slut." I said. Christy looked up at Me as much as she could. I watched her until her eyelids fluttered and she gripped My wrists indicating that she needed air. I released her and she pulled back gasping. I had taught her that when she was deepthroating Me like this her grip on My wrists was her "safe-signal" and she trusted that I would recognize it and release her. Once she had gotten a couple deep breaths back into her lungs I shoved forward again, back down her throat and held her there again. Waiting...waiting... Then she gripped My wrists again and I let her up for air. This time she retched a bit, but swallowed it back down. A couple more breaths and it was back to sucking My cock. When she pulled back this time a few strands of saliva connected her with Me. I put My cock back in her mouth, this time letting her suck it and she began to use her mouth to get Me off. I held her hair and moved her back and forth at the speed I needed until the tingling in My balls told Me the end was near.

"I'm going to cum now, slut. You know what to do. Don't you let a single drop of cum go to waste." I warned her.

"No, Master. Please...please give me your cum. Please...I want to taste you." she pleaded. She opened her mouth again and took Me into her warm wet wonderful mouth and sucked My cock like she was starved. A moment or two later I stiffened and shot a thick wad of white-hot cum down her pretty throat. She started swallowing as soon as she felt the first load hit her tongue. I dumped load after load into her until My balls emptied completely. When I had nothing left to give her, she pursed her lips tightly around My cock and drew slowly back, milking Me for all she could get. She knew that if even a single drop spilled, she would be in big trouble. Not a drop fell, though, she pulled every bit of cum from Me and swallowed it down dutifully. When I finally popped out of her mouth, she licked at My cock, just to make sure I was completely clean. When she was satisfied that I was clean, she looked up at Me with her beautiful eyes as if to ask "Is there anything else You desire?" I held her chin and looked into those eye and smiled. Then I reached over and untied her wrists and took My beautiful but exhausted slut into My arms and carried her upstairs, laying her softly in bed. I climbed in the other side and pulled her to Me. Laying in My arms she closed her eyes and fell asleep...content and satisfied and knowing that even when punished, she was still My slut. She was still loved.
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