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A university professor is fondly subjugated by three young female colleagues and falls in love
They had been talking excitedly about their outing for weeks. Whenever Jill, Ariadne and Xenia went for lunch in the university cafeteria, the subject of their wild weekend would soon come up. I usually had lunch with them, so I followed their discussions and made a few suggestions. Jill was big and sassy, Ariadne was small and athletic, and Xenia, my favourite, was quiet and clever. I referred to them collectively as Jax. We were faculty, but young and single, and still fooled around like students.

Mostly, it was the girls who fooled around. I was older and more senior, dressed more conservatively and taught higher classes. But as the outsider, I had to adapt to them. I let them take the lead in discussions, especially when I thought my general knowledge might intimidate them. They bossed me around affectionately. I found it quite thrilling.

Jax had chosen the last weekend in August for their trip, but they were still undecided what to do. Jill liked outdoor adventures like white-water rafting, while Ariadne preferred romance. She suggested staying at a posh seaside hotel that she claimed was frequented by gorgeous and eligible men. Xenia said:

“It doesn’t have to be spectacular to be nice and naughty. My Auntie Eleni has this little log cabin on a lake, surrounded by pines. It’s all quiet and beautiful. We can sip chilled white wine all day and do whatever takes our fancy. Even if it’s wicked. The weather’s going to be hot. So we can run around naked all day. That’s what Eleni does.”

The idea seemed to appeal to the others. It sounded delightful to me. I wished I could join.

“And Randy Andy will be our slave,” Jill called out merrily, for the whole cafeteria to hear. I was speechless. Ariadne grinned and applauded.

“Perfect,” said Xenia. “Ladies, we will now proceed to the stage of planning.”

Nobody asked my opinion. I intervened.

“Excuse me. Time out! I have a question. Do you really want me to join you? What do you mean by your slave?”

The women smiled at me contentedly. They had obviously thought this out, and they were sure they would have their way. Ariadne said: “Those are two questions, professor. A slave is owned by someone else and provides service without payment. Correct?”


“Well, next weekend, you will belong to Jax. You will do as we say, day and night. We will use you for our pleasure, and you will serve us hand and foot.”

Jill giggled: “And several other parts of our anatomy,” she added.

The girls laughed. But clearly, they were not just teasing. They had laid out this plan carefully and were determined to carry it out. I was dumb-founded.

“What about my wishes?” I squeaked.

Xenia turned to me and explained: “Your wish, sweetie, will be to please and obey us. That will also be your reward.”

I was confused and nervous. What the fuck! Should I go along with this madness? Should I be considering it at all? Hell, it sounded irresistibly sexy.

“What if you order me to do something I really don’t want to do?”

“Who cares?” Jill said, her mouth full of salad, “You’re there for our enjoyment. Count yourself lucky if we don’t gobble you up. Hmm… Such a tasty morsel.”

They all laughed.

I was hooked. I wanted to be their slave for the weekend. And by now, I was also afraid to anger them. I tried to put a brave face on it.

“You are a bunch of raving lunatics. But I’ll go along with your outrageous game,” I said.

Ariadne frowned. “You’re being rude, my boy, she said softly. “After lunch, you will come to my office for a lesson in manners.” Again, I was shocked into silence for a few seconds. Then I mumbled:

“Uhhh…I am sorry, err.. Ma’am. This game is new to me.”

“It’s more than a game, sweetie,” Xenia said. “Much more. But you will learn quickly. Be brave. And be respectful.”

Ariadne took out her credit card and handed it to me. “Okay. Preparations. We will take care of our own stuff. You, Andy, will get all the food and drink we need. Best of everything. Money no object. I want it all at my apartment Friday noon. On the dot. You will pack it in my car. Oh, and don’t forget chocolates. If you do, you’ll be in big trouble. Put it all on my credit card. Later, I will share the expenses with the girls.”

“Yes…. Miss. What about my share in the expenses?”

Jill patted my hand. “Silly boy. You’re our slave. Your contribution will be you.”

My head was spinning. Was there a way out? Did I want to get out? I needed to talk to Xenia. She was the most level-headed of the three, the one I trusted most. I tried not to sound sarcastic:

“Miss Ariadne, may I have a word in private with Miss Xenia, if that’s okay with her, I mean Miss Xenia?”

“Sure, baby,” Ariadne said.

“May I be excused, Miss Jill?”

Jill waved and nodded, having just bitten off half a hamburger.

“We’ll go outside,” Xenia said, putting on her sunglasses.

In the garden at the centre of the quadrangle, she waited quietly as I hesitated. She studied my face and pushed up her sunglasses until they rested on her hair. Her hands rested lightly on her hips.

“Xenia..I mean Miss Xenia.”

“No, no. No titles for me,” she said, putting a hand on my arm. “Ask the other ladies how to address them. I’m just Xenia. What’s on your mind, love?”

“Am I making a terrible mistake going along with all this?”

She addressed me like a student.

“No, I don’t think so, Andreas. If I had, I wouldn’t have allowed you to be subjugated. Let’s take this step by step. Do you find it an appealing idea to be used for their pleasure by three foxy women who are fond of you?”

“God, yes. But it’s frightening.”

“What exactly are you afraid of?”

“I’m not sure. I guess I’m afraid that you might use me in a bad way. I don’t mean you Xenia, of course, but… Well, you know.”

“Hmm… Well, let us see if we can narrow down what we mean by bad in the context of our wild weekend.”

She was in full teaching mode now. In the Mediterranean manner, her hands sculpted her thoughts as she spoke.”

“Will we do naughty things to you? You bet. Will we be selfish? Yep. Will you suffer pain and humiliation? Now and then, but nothing very distressing. Not unless you misbehave. Will we break the law? Maybe. Is it illegal to perform acts of moral turpitude in the lakes and forests of cottage country? I’m not sure. But there is one thing we will not do. We will not be cruel to you. I give you my word. I will protect you.”

She hugged me and kissed my cheek. Then she held me at arm’s length and asked: “Are you still worried?”

“Less. Thanks. But Xenia, do you think it is right for Miss Ariadne to punish me?”

She nodded earnestly. “Oh, yes, darling. You need it. Ariadne will do a thorough job. It will hurt like hell, but it’ll do you good. You won’t forget the lesson.”

“Are you sure it’s necessary?”

Nodding vigorously, she said: “Positive. You gave us the cue when you called us lunatics. But you’ve had it coming for quite a while. We decided weeks ago to give you a really good spanking. We need to put you in your place.”

“Which is … where? At your feet? I guess so.” Xenia smiled affirmatively. Hesitantly, I continued.

“I suppose my attitude has been disrespectful at times.”

“It has. You are often a bit condescending to us. We can’t have that.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Are we done now, or do you still have lingering concerns?”

“Well, no disrespect intended, but aren’t these BDSM scenes supposed to be consensual? I mean, no one asked for my agreement. You just imposed this submissive role on me.”

She chuckled and nodded.

“Yeah, that’s true. We gave you no choice. Deliberately. And this is not just a scene. We require you to submit to us once and for all. That’s a big change, so no one can blame you for being afraid. But we will teach you, and soon obedience and service will be second nature to you.”

I opened my mouth to say she had not answered my question, but Xenia put her forefinger on my lips and saved me from being impolite. She continued:

“Now, let’s consider the issue of consent. It’s important. We need to find out whether you are being coerced. Is anyone forcing you to come on this trip?”

“Errrr… No.”

“Is anyone holding a gun to your head?”


“If you wanted, could you defy us and not show up?”

“Of course. But the challenge is irresistible. I would feel a coward if I didn’t rise to it. Anyway, I've given my word.”

“You are a proud submissive, Andreas. I like that. So, would it be correct to say that you are submitting to us of your own free will?”

“Yes. I get your point. I am showing my consent by complying.”

“In fact, you’re coming to heel with only token resistance. That's so nice. You’re naturally compliant. ”



“It’s funny, but it seems natural for you girls to boss me around, even though I’m older. I like and respect Miss Ariadne and Miss Jill. But most of all I want to obey you, Xenia. I look up to you. It feels right.”

“I’m so glad you feel that way, darling, because it is right. You must obey me, always. By the way, don’t call Jill and Ariadne girls to their face. They will think you’re being rude again. I don’t mind. I am a girl -- a big girl. Last question. Would you say that you are free to scamper off and escape your imminent spanking?”

Again, she stopped me from speaking too soon.

“Think about it, Andreas. You’re a man of many accomplishments. A full professor. It will be pretty embarrassing and hurt like hell. Once you enter Ariadne's office, there will be no escape. Before you can say Noam Chomsky, you’ll be standing naked with your hands on your head and your nose to the wall. Ariadne won’t even allow you a safe word. You will cry and beg her to stop, but she will go on and on until she thinks you’ve had enough. If you want to run away, you must do it now.”

“Yes, it will be awful. But no, I won’t run away. I am not looking forward to this, but maybe I do need it.”

“Maybe?” She raised an eyebrow.

“Okay, I need it. I need to be punished.”

“Good boy. I am glad we were able to clear that up. Are you okay now?”

“One last thing, if I may.”


“Must I cook for you ladies?”

“Yes, of course, all the meals and snacks. And lay the table, and serve the food and drinks, clean the dishes, tidy up, everything. We will do nothing but make messes for you to clean up. All day.”

“That’s fine, but I’m a terrible cook. Could you please supervise my cooking? I wouldn’t want to serve you something that tastes bad.”

“You’re right, dear. Okay, I’ll be the chef, and you’ll do all the work.”

“Thank you. Errr ... Xenia?”

“Yes dear?”

“After Sunday, will you ladies still use me as your slave and toy?”

“No. That’s just for the weekend.”

“But you said that I would always have to obey you.”

She nodded and giggled. “Are you disappointed, honey?”

I blushed. “I don’t know. It seems strange to go back to normal life. Oh God, I’m so confused. I don’t know what to think.”

This made her laugh even louder. “Oh, darling, don’t worry. I will never allow you to go back to your old life again. As of next Monday, you will no longer be our slave. But you will not be a free man either. You will be taken in hand. Lovingly but very firmly.”

She cupped my cheek with her right hand. I took it and kissed her palm, then her wrist.

“I am not at all sure what you mean, Xenia.”

“After the weekend, you will be mine. Only mine.” Her eyes were gleaming. She opened her lips to form a circle, waited a second, and said quietly: “All mine. Every delicious bit of you.”

Now my heart was beating wildly.

“Do Miss Jill and Miss Ariadne agree to this?”

“Oh, yes. They are happy for me. Of course, if they had disagreed, I would have taken you anyway. I must have you for myself. I may lend you to them now and then, if they ask me nicely and promise to take good care of you.”

I needed to make sure I understood. This was a turning point in my life.

“Let me get this right. You’re not asking me if I want to be yours.”

She smiled happily. “No, sweetie, I am telling you. You belong to me now.”

“As your slave?”

“No, no, no. As my man. Who will honour and obey me. Whom I will cherish and protect.” I smiled happily. Then she added: “However, I must be sure of your devotion. So, against my instincts, I am asking you now. Will you be mine, body and soul? Answer me freely. This is your chance to walk away from a lifetime of subordination.”

This was the woman I had been looking for.

“Yes, Xenia, with all my heart. I am all yours. I want you to be in charge of me.” I hugged her tightly. She took a firm hold of my hair and kissed me hungrily. Then she said:

“Now, run along. And when Ariadne has finished sorting you out, you must thank her for her trouble. Here, give her this paddle. She’s going to need it.”

She took the leather implement out of her handbag and handed it to me. It was small but stiff and heavy. I put it in the pocket of my jacket and returned to the cafeteria. People were watching as I greeted Ariadne. Standing on her toes, she kissed my cheek and smiled. I was relieved she was not angry at being kept waiting.

“Did you have a good chat with your Mistress?”

“Yes, Miss Ariadne.”

“Is everything clear now?”


“That’s wonderful.”

“Do you have that nasty paddle I intend to use on your bottom?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Where is it?”

“In my pocket.”

She stretched out her hand. I stammered:

“MMMiss… Please, may I keep it there until you need it?”

My cheeks were hot with embarrassment. Ariadne was calm.

“Why would I allow you to do that?”

“Because everyone here is watching us. Please, Miss. Please.”

She considered this. Then she said: “No. I want it here and now.”

With a sinking feeling in my stomach, I moved my hand to my pocket. People around us had gone very quiet. I closed my eyes. As I slowly removed the paddle from my jacket, I felt Ariadne’s shopping tote swallow it. She had bagged it before the onlookers could see it. I mumbled:

“Thank you, Miss.”

She took me by the hand and said quietly:

“Let’s go, honey. I want to get this duty behind me.”

I am not going to describe the spanking she gave me. It was everything that Xenia had told me to expect. I would never be disrespectful to the ladies again. When my torment was over, I thanked Miss Ariadne, and she cuddled me. Then she brought out a bottle of lotion that she kept in a small fridge, next to her mineral water and Chardonnay, and applied the cold liquid to my burning buttocks.

During our wild weekend, Jax were strict and demanding, but not nasty. They ordered me around all the time, and never said ‘please’ or ‘thank you’, but they praised my efforts lavishly. They gave me lots of hugs, kisses and friendly pats on my rump. Once when I was not feeling well, Jill tucked me into bed, gave me a kiss and happily took over my duties.

Xenia introduced me to her Auntie Eleni, who was also staying at the tiny cabin. She was a stout woman in her late forties, with a handsome face, long jet-black hair and the most musical voice I had ever heard. She looked mildly surprised when I told her I was Jax’s slave. It turned out that neither I nor Xenia needed to do any cooking. Eleni did it all. The food she made was simple but perfect. Jax spent their time sunning, swimming, eating, drinking and engaging in assorted sexual activities with each other and me.

Everything we did was supposed to be for their enjoyment alone, and I found it hugely rewarding to give them pleasure. But although they would have strenuously denied it, some of the delicious depravities they initiated were really meant as a treat for me. In addition to all my other duties, it was my job to bathe and towel the ladies, and liberally smear body lotion, sun-block and insect repellent, as appropriate, onto their bodies. Jill, Ariadne and Xenia insisted on doing the same for me, sometimes all three at a time. They fussed over me and were forever ordering me to stand still, bend over, spread my legs or lie down. If I failed to comply immediately, they would slap my bottom lustily.

The girls permitted me to eat with them, and the four of us slept together under a huge mosquito net I had suspended from the branches of a tree outside the cabin. When we went to bed, the women would ruffle my hair and kiss me good night. Falling asleep on the mattress designed for two, I often felt Ariadne’s nipples grazing my back and Xenia’s buttocks pressed against my loins.

On Sunday morning, I woke up early, to see Jill sitting on the wooden landing, naked as usual. I went to her. “Good morning Miss Jill, can I do anything for you?”

“Yes,” she said in an unusually quiet tone. “Swim across the lake with me. I need to talk to you. No slavery crap. ”

The water was as smooth as a mirror. Diving in, she cut the surface cleanly. Then I heard her call softly: “Come.” I put my foot in the water. It was icy. These small lakes cool off rapidly at night. “It’s damn cold,” I complained. I didn’t want to go in, but Jill made me.

“On the count of three,” she said and started counting slowly. I dived in and gasped as the frigid water numbed my skin. I swam out for about a minute to warm up a bit, and then found myself standing in a sandy shallow. Jill was right behind me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck, then kissed me.

“Xenia is so lucky to have you,” she said. Then, mischievously: “Have you ever made love in cold water?”

“I didn’t bring a condom,” I whispered. She unclasped her hand and handed me one.

“‘I came prepared.”

Later, we lay next to each other on the beach on the far side of the lake. Across the water, Ariadne and Xenia were walking into the cabin.

“I must get back to make their breakfast,” I said, but Jill would have nothing of that.

“You're staying right here. This is important. Don’t worry, I’ll tell the other girls I ordered you to come with me because I wanted to shag you in private. What a lovely aquatic fuck that was. In addition to all your other outstanding qualities, you are a succulent piece of ass, my darling.”

“Thank you, ma’am. That’s quite a compliment for a middle-aged academic.”

Someone was swimming across the lake towards us. It was Eleni. When she made landfall, she looked like a Gauguin nude, wringing the water out of her long black hair. Her compact body was lightly tanned all over. The cold water had hardened her nipples, and her pubic hair formed a glistening triangle of frizzy black curls.

She sat down beside us. When she spoke, I realised that Jill had enlisted her aid to deal with a sensitive subject.

“Andreas,” she said after a moment, “I need you to listen carefully. Just listen. Now that Xenia has taken you under her wing, there is something you need to know about her. She is a very sweet but extremely dominant woman.”

I chuckled. “I had noticed, Eleni. Don’t worry. That’s okay.”

Both women frowned. Jill started to say something impatient, but Eleni stopped her. With a finger under my chin, she turned my face towards her and looked at me intently: “I thought I told you to be quiet, young man. Remind me to put you across my lap and punish you when we get back to the cabin. Now don't say a word until I tell you you may speak again. Katalaves (understood)?”

I nodded.

“Xenia has always had a strong will. But five years ago, she fell in love with a man who was handsome and charming, and achieved the impossible. He imposed his will on her. Suddenly, she didn’t want to do anything without his blessing. She was his slave girl, his handmaiden. It was bizarre and annoying to us, her family and friends. But it was her choice. If she had been happy with it, we would accepted it. Unfortunately, Mr Right turned out to be Mr Wrong. More and more, he became nasty and abusive. When at last he dumped her, she tried to kill herself. If I had not found her soon after she had swallowed those fucking sleeping pills, she would have died.” We studied the lake in silence for a few moments. Even if Elenia had allowed it, I couldn’t have spoken. This was shocking. Then Jill spoke:

“She loves you, Andreas, and this time she is in charge. You are under her command. That will not change. Whatever the issue, she will have the final word, unless she allows you to decide.”

I nodded again.

"Occasionally, Xenia will turn self-destructive. When she does, you must stop her, rise up against her, even if your insubordination makes her furious. Normally, you are gentle and compliant, and that’s lovely. But you are her man and her partner, not her doormat. Are you brave enough to stand up to your Mistress?”

I smiled. Eleni took over.

“Andreas, are you sure you can do this?” She grinned and added: “You may speak now.”

“Yes. I will take care of Xenia.”

“Good man. Now shut up again and listen carefully. Here comes the most demanding requirement. You must always be loyal to her. I mean forever and ever. Will you swear never to leave her?”

I shook my head.

“No, Miss Eleni. I can’t. I love her like mad and I want to be with her for the rest of our lives. But I cannot promise that our relationship will never break down.”

Jill muttered: “That’s not good enough, I want a watertight guarantee.”

Eleni turned to her and said: “Yes, but we’re not going to get it. Andreas just gave us the best assurance we can reasonably expect. I appreciate his honesty. I love his compliance and his guts. In fact, I like him all over,” she said wiggling her eyebrows.

We all laughed. After a few moments of quiet, Eleni sang a line from one of my favourite Aretha songs:

“If you want a do-right all-day woman, you gotta be a do-right all-night man.”

On Sunday afternoon, Eleni needed to leave early. With her car keys and her bag in her hand, she kissed the girls, and then me. I whispered in her ear that she still owed me a spanking. She was not pleased. "I told you to remind me of that when we got back to the cabin. That was two hours ago. Now I don't have the time."

"I'm sorry, Miss Eleni. I was not trying to get out of it. I just forgot."

"Oh, don't worry, you're not going to get out of it. A punishment promised must be administered. Jill, honey will you please give the professor a sound spanking? Remember, Andreas disobeyed me when I told him to be quiet this morning. Then he didn't remind me in time that I needed to punish him. So he needs more than a couple of playful smacks." Then she hugged and kissed me again and left.

Jill was now sitting on a chair and impatiently patting her thigh. I went to her, and she pulled down my pants. After I had lain down across her lap, she said: "Okay, naughty boy. Ask for it."

Later, as we were getting into the car to drive home, I suddenly realised that I had forgotten to pack the mass of toiletries that the girls had spread out in the bathroom. Jill and Ariadne, who were in a hurry, got very angry. They slapped my face and called me a halfwit and an idiot. I rushed to the bathroom and came back with everything stuffed into a kit bag. Now they yelled at me for not separating their property. I apologised, thinking there would be hell to pay.

But I had not counted on Xenia. In a terrifying tone I had never heard before, she snapped: “Everybody out of the car. There’s going to be a further delay.” We quickly complied. Jill, Ariadne and I were frightened by Xenia’s fury. We realised a red line had been crossed. She glared at her girlfriends, put her hands on her hips and said:

“Don’t you understand the difference between bossing a man around and insulting him? If you’re that insensitive, you can’t be trusted with a submissive. You certainly don’t deserve a sweet man like Andreas serving you hand and foot. He has worked so hard and so brilliantly to give us a good time.” The two culprits had turned pale. But Xenia had not finished.

“It’s disgraceful for you to bitch at him this way. It was our bumph in that bathroom. I am sorry I allowed this to happen, Andreas. I apologise. I should have intervened sooner. Now, you two, you are going to say you’re sorry to Andy. And make it sound good. If I have the tiniest doubt about your sincerity, I promise you that as we drive home your bottoms will be burning holes in the upholstery.”

Ariadne and Jill were sobbing. They begged me to forgive them. When I opened my arms to them, they rushed to hug and kiss me and tell me how wonderful I had been and how much they loved me. Xenia seemed slightly mollified by this reconciliation. Ariadne turned to her and said,

“Xenia, you are totally right. We behaved like shits. I feel bad towards you too, because you love Andreas, and we’ve spoiled the end to a perfect weekend. Jill, I think we deserve to be punished, don’t you?” Jill was even more upset. Her pretty plump body was shaking with contrition. She gulped and said, “Oh yes. I was so nasty. Andy, will you teach us a lesson please? Don’t go easy on us.”

She held out the spanking paddle to me. Where had that come from? I took it gingerly, as if it might bite me, as indeed it had. In her usual voice, measured and firm, Xenia told her girlfriends: “I’m glad you realise you were wrong. Now we can be a bit lenient. However, you still need a good beating, and I am going to make sure you get every bit of it. Andy, honey, are you up to it?”

I shook my head.

“I didn’t think you were. You’re too gentle. Give me the paddle. Ladies, it’s pay time. Drop your jeans and panties, on the double. Jill, over my knee. Pronto.”

Jill and Ariadne now got what they deserved. In fact, I think Xenia was a bit too harsh on them, but I didn’t dare interfere. Later, Xenia drove us home, humming contentedly. Evening had fallen, and justice had been done. I sat in the back of the car, with my arms around Ariadne and Jill. They were wearing only their short tank-tops. Their panties and jeans lay crumpled on the floor. They were sitting gingerly on pillows I had installed to cushion their sore behinds. At first, they were crying softly into my Tee-shirt, but then they removed my arms from their shoulders and led my fingers to their sex. Soon I heard them moaning softly with pleasure.

Ariadne’s started unbuttoning my trousers. “Take them off, quick,” she commanded. "I am going to fuck your formidable brains out." As the mother of all erections reared its head, Jill ripped the silver wrapping off a condom with her teeth and sheathed my phallus.

“Always the girl scout,” I said.

Looking over her shoulder, Xenia grinned as Ariadne climbed over my knees. She guided my penis into her imperious cunt and started to ride me slowly. I cupped her hot buttocks with my palms, but Ariadne put an end to that. “Jill, tie his naughty hands firmly,” she said. “And you, boy, keep your eyes and your mouth shut while I’m fucking you. You know what I will do to you if you disobey me.”

Jill pulled off Ariadne’s tank-top and fondled her friend’s breasts. Then she cuffed my hands with Ariadne’s garment, grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulled my head back and inserted her tongue in my mouth. With her other hand, she reached under my behind. Ariadne understood and stopped thrusting against my loins for a few moments, so that her blonde friend could wriggle her middle finger into my anus. Then the thrusting resumed, and I was fucked from the top and the bottom.

Xenia looked at me in the rear mirror (I peeked through my eyelashes) and asked: “Isse kala (are you okay)? Are the girls being nice to you?” I nodded happily.
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