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Claire's Awakening 13: Punishing Pupils

Mr Sunderland caught Claire fucking in school. What'll e his punishment..?
The lunch time bell rang, sending a bolt of fear down Claire's spine. She'd spent the last two lessons stressing about what Mr Sunderland had meant by 'some kind of arrangement'. Surely he couldn't mean anything 'inappropriate'... However, it's hardly standard practice to catch his pupils fucking in his drama studio at break time. Claire's mind flashed back to the look on his face when he walked in and found her and Scott semi-dressed on the stage. He'd looked so angry, really letting rip on Scott. Poor Scott, still sat in isolation whilst his mother tried to convince the head teacher not to exclude him.

Claire left the classroom, wondering if she could mysteriously 'forget' to go to Mr S's office.

"I hope you haven't forgotten about our little appointment." Boomed a deep voice, bursting her bubble. She looked up into his face, avoiding eye contact;

"Nnnno, Mr S. I mean, Mr Sunderland." She stuttered, "I was just... Erm... On my way!" She looked back down towards her feet, trying to calm down.

"Good good. Come along then. We've no time to waste." He turned and led her down the corridor and through the drama studio into his little classroom. Claire had never been here before, and was slightly surprised at how cosy it seemed tucked away from the rest of the school.

"I hope you don't mind that I prefer doing business in my classroom. It's nice and private. Away from the rest of the school and interruptions..."

Claire could have sworn he was smirking at her. Here she was, tucked away in his classroom, with no idea of what he was thinking. He motioned for her to take a chair as he sat on the edge of the desk, a mere few feet away from her.

He stared down at her, sneaking a glance down her blouse at her white lacy bra gently hugging her pert breasts. He cleared his voice;

"Now Claire. You know why you are here, don't you?" He paused to watch the young girl squirm in her chair, "You did something unspeakable in my drama studio - didn't you?"

Claire nodded gravely, staring intently at her shoes.

"You fucked in my studio. On my stage, Claire. How disrespectful is that? Not only to me, but also to the school. And most importantly, it was disrespectful to yourself." He watched her squirm some more before continuing. "Now, the way I see it, we have two options. Your little 'boyfriend' has been dealt with already. Luckily for you I realise that you are an impressionable young girl who has been led astray by that animal. The head teacher knows Scott was caught having sex on school property, but luckily for you, I 'couldn't decipher' who exactly he was with. Obviously, you were number one suspect thanks to you two flaunting your dirty little fling, but I assured the head teacher I'd seen you in the canteen."

The confusion on her little face was amusing him. His cock was straining against his trousers, longing to let rip on the little slut.

"So, option one - you apologise to me and accept the punishment I have planned for you, regardless of what it may be." He struggled to contain his excitement, "Or option two - you refuse and I take you to the principal's office after my 'realisation' that it was in fact you in the studio at break, and I'd been mistaken. From there you can face the wrath of the head and your parents together."

Claire had no idea what to say. She imagined the look on her parents' faces when they found out she'd been having sex... And at school no less. They'd certainly stop her from seeing Scott after that. And what if she got excluded from school? She was in her final year and the last thing she needed was to be kicked out before her exams. She only had one option left. Her mouth was dry;

"Erm... Mr Sunderland? Well, I, I think it would be better if you dealt with this. You know, for the sake of my parents and all..." She dared to glance up towards him, catching a dark smile stretch against her teacher's face. He stood up slowly, moved towards the door and silently locked it.

"Well then. First things first. I want you to beg me to punish you." He watched the fear spread across Claire's face. "Because after all, I am doing you a favour. And I may need a little 'convincing'." Again he waited, as he saw her fear turn to horror. He grabbed her arm and roughly pulled her to her feet. His voice took on a darker tone, as he almost growled at her.


With one single word, he pushed down hard on her shoulders, making her fall to her knees at his feet. Claire's wavy brown hair covered her face from his view as she bowed her head. She was surprised at his sudden rough side and began to wish she'd just 'fessed up to the head instead.

"Please?" She squeaked.

"Oh come on Claire. That's no way to beg. Now, try again. Put some meaning into it."

She took a deep breath and tried again, "Please. Please, Mr Sunderland? Oh, please."

He chuckled to himself, feeling his cock strain in his pants again. He knew she'd be this submissive. Just the type he likes. "Please what Claire, eh?"

This time, feeling a little more confident, she looked up into his big dark eyes. The swimming pool blue had suddenly turned to a stormy grey.

"Please, Mr Sunderland. Please, punish me. I shouldn't have fucked Scott in your studio... Please?"

Her begging finally satisfied Mr S. He gently took her hand and pulled her to her feet.

"Well, you asked for it." He winked at her mysteriously. "Turn around and bend over my desk."

Claire's eyes widened as she froze to the spot, reminding him of a terrified deer.


Reluctantly, she turned and placed her hands on the big wooden desk, leaning forwards ever so slightly. She felt his hand on her back, pushing her down forwards so that her breasts gently pressed against the hard oak.

"Well, it's clear that you are a very bad girl. I'm very ashamed of your disgusting behaviour." His hand slid down her back and rested on her soft butt. He pulled up her skirt a little, peeking at her white lacy french knickers.

"Nice to see you've got your panties on this time."

She felt his hand move away from her body. 'Oh God... Is he acutally going to...' Claire's thoughts got cut short by the feeling of her teacher's hand smacking down onto her ass cheeks.

"Ahh!" She let out a cry of unexpected pain.

"That's it, you dirty little slut. You've been so very naughty..."


Claire's ass was burning with tingles of pain. Mr Sutherland was pleased to see a red mark spreading underneath her see-through little panties.


With every spank, Claire let out another cry of pain. She squeezed her thighs together, in an attempt to ease the burning, but it didn't work. She was surprised by how wet she was getting.


Mr Sunderland was really getting into punishing his student now, delivering a steady rhythm of hard sharp spanks to her burning buttocks. He listened as her cries started to sound more and more like moans.

"Claire? Are you actually enjoying your punishment? You whore." He scoffed.

"Nnnno, sir. Of course not!" She panted. Clearly lying.

"Do you think it's wise to lie to your teacher?" He paused for a moment, and admired the sight that lay before him. A sweet young teenager bent over his desk. Legs pressed tightly together, giving him just a suggestion of the shape of her pussy, peeking out underneath her sore red cheeks.

"Spread your legs. Wide. Now" He couldn't help but stroke a round cheek as she did so. He took a deep breath, enjoying the scent of her juices. They'd made her lace panties even more see-through. He let a finger slide between her legs and traced her puffy little lips through the moist fabric.

"Oh Claire. You seem to be a bit wet, don't you?" He felt her clit twitch a little as he paused, putting a little pressure on it. She let out a low moan, arching her back with delight. Suddenly she felt her legs being pushed even further apart, pushing her further onto the desk, as he gave her pussy a spank - hard.

"Well, that's just not acceptable. I didn't say you could enjoy your punishment, did I? You really are a whore! Now, apologise for your behaviour. And don't even think about getting off on this..."

He cupped his hand, spanking her sopping pussy again.

"I'm sorry!" She panted through her moans.

"Every time you moan, I expect you to apologise again, for being so disobedient."


" I'm sorry!"


" Ooh, I'm sorry."





Claire's pussy was on fire. With every spank, she felt a burning pain tainted with tingling pleasure. Her dripping slit was pulsing, longing for some attention too. She dared not move. As her teacher continued to spank her pussy, harder and harder, she drifted into a haze. All she could feel was his hand smashing against her panties. Those damn panties, always in the way. Her were breasts smashing into the desk with every smack. Her whole body was quivering. She could hear herself moaning, still obediently attempting to say 'sorry'.

Mr Sutherland was very impressed with his latest 'find'. One hand still spanking her relentlessly, he moved the other towards his trousers. He silently whipped out his cock and began to wank himself off excitedly behind his moaning pupil.

Claire began shuddering. She was getting close to orgasm. He spanked her harder, furiously attacking her sensitive clitoris.

"Ohhhhh. Soo-oooh. Rrrr.... Ohh! Eeee..."

With one last smash, he spanked her pussy with such force it threw her further across the desk, Claire let out the most beautiful cry. A fantastic blend of pain and pleasure.

Mr S stood over her, admiring how intense her spasms were as she gasped for breath. With one final tug, his cock let out a thick spurt of come all over her panties. He stood still for a minute, lost in the moment. Claire let out a soft sigh. Quietly he slipped his tired cock back into his boxers. With one hand he gently stroked her ass cheeks, rubbing in his warm load into her skin whilst massaging her red puffy cheeks.

Slowly, Claire sat up and turned around. She looked across, directly into his eyes. She gently bit her lip, pushing her chest out a little at the same time. She had a sexy après-O glow. Her hair was mussed up, her make up a little smudged.

"I'm sorry Mr Sunderland." She gave his a long smouldering look. "Thank you for punishing me..."

Her teacher almost died of shock. Never before had one of his sluts been so, well, sexy. This girl really had some guts...

The bell rang, snapping them back into reality.

"Well, don't think that was all Claire. You weren't very obedient at all, were you? How inappropriate, orgasaming like that... And on your teacher's desk too."

He hid a smile, as he saw her blush a little. He gently helped her to her feet, smoothing down her skirt. Claire shook out her hair, trying to gain some composure.

Mr Sunderland opened the door for her and motioned for her to leave. She'd almost made it though the drama studio and back to the corridor when she heard him call after her.

"You'll be punished for that too..."

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