Company Christmas Party

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Jim attends a Christmas Party and job review
My name is Jim and after finishing college, I got a job in accounting at a small company. I looked and looked for a job, and finally had a job interview with this company in late September, and was hired as of October 1 st . The company had several small stores that sold women’s jewelry and accessories, and I was responsible for keeping track of inventory, credit card transactions, and payroll. With the inventory, I was to keep the buyer aware of items that hadn’t sold for a long time, as well as when inventory was low.

As you can guess, I was the only man working for the company. I like being around women, but I wasn’t used to being around so many women all day long.

When I was hired, I was told that there would be a ninety-day probation period, to see how I would fit in with the company. A review of my work would follow, and then I would receive a full benefits package that would include medical insurance and vacation time.

At the beginning of December, all of the employees were told of a special company Christmas Party between Christmas and New Years, and it was to be held in a special cabin in the northern part of the state. I guess Jill, the president of the company held the Christmas Party there every year, and the other employees looked forward to it. All of the company stores would be closed for a day, and everyone told me how these parties were very special, and were a lot of fun.

I received a memo from Jill, the president of the company, that she wanted me to ride with her up to the cabin. I should bring things to stay overnight, since she would take the time to give me my work review the morning after the party. Since the cabin was about a two-hour drive from where I lived, I was very happy that Jill took this special interest in me.

Everyone was to arrive at the cabin around noon, and we would first eat lunch, and then celebrate the holidays, giving enough time for everyone to drive home safely. Since Jill was bringing up most of the food, she wanted to pick me up at my house at eight o’clock in the morning. Then I could help her with the food and getting the cabin set up.

On the way up to the cabin, we talked about what I liked about the company and how I felt my job was going. We got off the main freeway, and ended up taking small dirt roads to the cabin. When we arrived, I was amazed at the wonderful scenery around the cabin. There were very old and tall pine trees surrounding the cabin, plus it was almost right next to a small flowing river. There were birds flying around, and even an eagle. The cabin had windows on the second floor, so I knew it was a nice size old wooden cabin. The cabin and everything around it looked like the front of a Christmas card.

After we unpacked the car, Jill had me help her in raising the American Flag on the pole. Her father served in the military, so it was very important to her to raise the American Flag, whenever she was at the cabin.

When I entered the cabin, I was surprised how big it seemed. There were large windows surrounding the cabin, so you could see the river and the trees. On the bottom level, it was one large room, except for the bathroom in the corner. The kitchen was in one corner, and the other corner had an old wood fireplace. When I first entered the house, I noticed large logs that were stacked up, so there was plenty of wood for the fireplace. The cabin had electricity, with floorboard heaters, running hot and cold water, plus a large electric cooking stove and a refrigerator. There were many wooden tables and chairs in the room, plus a long couch.

“Go up the stairs to your right, the small bedroom on the right side will be yours for tonight. Put your overnight bag in there, then you can help me with the food.” Jill said.

It was a very small bedroom with only a small dresser and a single bed. The room also had a window in it, so I had another great view of the scenery. It was so different than being in the city, because everything was so quiet and peaceful.

Once I was back downstairs, Jill had some of the food already heating in the large oven. Jill and I next put several of the tables together, so we had a nice long table. Jill showed me where the plates, cups, and silverware were located, and then I set the table. Next, as the food slowly became ready, I put the food on the table too.

Soon, everyone started to arrive. Since all of the other employees had been here before, they helped out with moving the chairs, and building a raging fire in the old stone fireplace. Everybody had fun eating the food, playing card games and old board games, and enjoying each other’s company in this relaxed setting.

Around five o’clock, Jill handed out Christmas cards that contained a bonus Christmas check, and some of the employees stayed and ate leftovers, before driving back home again. I just got a Christmas card with no bonus check. Soon, it was evening and was turning dark outside.

Since I knew I wasn’t driving home, I was very relaxed and dozed off in a chair while Jill and Sandy, the vice-president of the company, washed dishes and cleaned up the cabin. I felt someone moving my shoulder and Jill said, “Sandy is going to stay overnight too. She wants to help out in your job review.”

Since there was no television or computers in the house, I went upstairs and slept very soundly all night. The house only had one bathroom, and when I got up in the night, I noticed it was snowing outside. But when I woke up the next morning, I was surprised at how deep the snow was. All of the trees were covered with snow, and it looked like we had more than a foot of snow on the ground. What woke me up was the smell of bacon and eggs. Since I was still in my pajamas, I put on a robe and my slippers and went downstairs.

“We were wondering if the smell of food would wake you up,” Jill said.

Both Jill and Sandy were dressed in sweatshirts and sweatpants. There was a nice big warm fire going in the fireplace, and the cabin felt very warm and nice.

As I ate my breakfast, Sandy said, “We were planning to go over your job review this morning, have a quick lunch, and head back to town. However, with this big snowfall, we may be here an extra day, before these small country roads get plowed.”

“But don’t worry, we have plenty of food, and the electricity should stay on,” Jill said. “Besides, it is so peaceful here in the middle of winter.”

After I ate my breakfast, I asked, “Do you want me to shower and get dressed before my job review?”

“Since it is just the three of us, just stay in your pajamas and we can conduct your job review in this calm and relaxed setting,” Jill said.

They had laid out a lot of papers on a round table, and the three sat around the table. I noticed that the papers were of my work, and that there were large red circles on most of them.

Jill started out my job review. “Jim, on the way up here you sounded like you enjoyed working for this company and you thought you were doing a good job. Is that true.”

“Yes, I do enjoy working here, and I thought everything was going fine,” I said.

“Sandy and I have reviewed your work, and also your working relationships with the rest of the staff.” Jill said.

“We have heard from other employees that your mistakes have cost our company money. You have allowed your stores to run out of their most popular items, plus you have made errors with the payroll. You have tried to cover your errors, so Jill and I would be unaware of them,” Sandy said.

Jill continued, “And although you are the newest employee in the office, you have expected the women in the office to make coffee for you, and perform other small tasks for you. This type of behavior is unacceptable, whether you are a man or woman.”

“Just because you are a man, doesn’t mean you get automatic rights over women, especially in this company,” Sandy said.

My work with all of my small mistakes was now pushed right in front of me to look at. I knew that I had made some mistakes, but I was unaware that I had made that many mistakes.

“So unless you can convince us why we should allow you to stay with the company, we thought we would present to you your mistakes and talk about your rude behavior, and then let you go,” Jill said. “So what do you have to say for yourself?”

I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I thought I was well liked in the company and everything was going fine. I also live paycheck to paycheck, so I said, “Please don’t fire me. I can improve, if you give me a chance. If you give me a chance, I think there is a way I could prove it to you.”

“If we gave you that chance, how would you prove it to us,” Jill asked.

“I would submit to a spanking from you and Sandy every week, until you felt that I have improved,” I said.

“Tell us more,” Jill said.

“I would also serve the women in the office, as opposed to them serving me. And you would start serving both of you today, right after you spanked me,” I said.

“Well, I’m not sure,” Sandy said.

“Okay. What if you can spank me on my bare bottom,” I asked.

Sandy and Jill stepped away a bit and talked it over. “It works for us,” they both said at the same time.

“Then you will be spanked right now, also in the future, and to serve all of my female employees,” Jill said. “Since we are snowed in, you will spanked this entire weekend, and then at least weekly, and more if needed. You will serve us this weekend and continue to serve the other employees of the company. If that is what you want?”

“Yes, I guess that is what I want,” I said.

“Now this is how we are going to give you your first spanking from us,” Jill said. “First, I will sit in the middle of the sofa, and you will take off your robe, slippers, and pajama bottoms and then lay over my lap for your spanking. Then I will stand up and Sandy will sit on the sofa and you will go over her lap for a spanking. Any questions?”

“No, I guess not,” I said.

“Good, so let’s get started,” Jill said. “I want you to disrobe right in front of the couch.”

“But…..,” I complained.

“You said this is what you wanted, so disrobe,” Sandy said.

As I watched Jill sit on the couch, I slowly took off everything until I only was dressed in my pajama top. I felt quite embarrassed being naked in front of my two female bosses. Then I slowly laid over the lap of Jill for my spanking.

“Jim, you have a very spankable bottom,” Jill said. “It will be fun spanking you. Now spread your legs for me.”

Since I was now under their complete control and I didn’t want to lose my job, I spread my legs apart knowing that I would be totally exposed to them.

To make matters worse, Jill said, “Sandy, why don’t you sit at the end of the couch and hold Jim’s legs apart and make sure he stays still.”

Then my spanking started. With my legs spread, her fingers were able to wrap around my whole exposed bottom and spank me in my most sensitive parts. To embarrass me even more, I was aware that I was having an erection. I wasn’t used to being exposed and spanked by two women.

So when it was time for Jill and Sandy to trade places, I stood up and they noticed my erection. “It looks like you are actually enjoying your spanking.” Jill said.

“I will need to give you an even harder spanking.” Sandy said. “Let me get my large wooden hairbrush from my purse.”

I was surprised to see how big her hairbrush was. Sandy sat down and patted her lap. Then I draped myself over her lap. Jill now sat on the end of the couch and made sure my legs were spread apart and didn’t move. Now this spanking really hurt and was making my poor bottom really sore.

My spankings continued all throughout Saturday and Sunday. I was only allowed to put on my regular clothes to go outside and to either split or bring in wood for the fireplace. Otherwise, I was to wear only my pajama top, robe and slippers.

Now I was the one to set the table, wash the dishes, and help making the food. I even had to lean over the kitchen table for a spanking, and that took place after we ate supper.

I was so glad when I heard a truck outside of the cabin, and the roads were cleared of snow so that Jill could drive me home. Even then, after the car was packed up, I had to go over Sandy and Jill’s lap again for one last spanking. I also had to ride home in Jill’s car just wearing my pajamas, slippers, and robe. Jill also reviewed with me how my behavior was going to change and that I would be spanked every Friday afternoon by Sandy and Jill. This would be a Christmas I would never forget.