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Confident and Controlling

I hear his keys in the door and move into the bedroom, leaving the door open behind me. He sighs as he enters the apartment, closing the door behind him. I sit patiently on the bed, knowing that after he takes off his jacket and puts down his bag that this will be his next stop. In a few moments, I am proved right. He looks tired and worn down. I get up from the bed and walk over to him, reaching up to run my fingers through his think blond hair and pull his lips to mine for a kiss. I turn my caressing fingers into claws and pull his hair, trying to deepen the kiss. He signs against my mouth and rests his forehead against mine. I sense that he wants to talk, to lie down and be held. No. I have indulged him all week and now it is time to pull him back to himself.

I step back and kneel, reaching up to undo his belt. “Baby…” he says, pulling me up. Keeping hold of his belt buckle, it comes slithering out of his belt holes as I stand. I hand it to him.

“I need you to be confident, controlling Jake.” I whisper, my pleading eyes looking directly into his tired blue ones. I hand him the belt, and he breaks our eye contact to glance down at it. I untie the sash on my robe and let it fall to the floor, leaving me standing naked in front of him. He stares at my naked body, letting his eyes roam over my breasts, my narrow hips, and the freshly shaved space between my thighs. The moment stretches and I wonder if he will refuse. I remain still, waiting.

Finally, he breaks the silence. “Turn around.” His voice is husky. Wordlessly, I do as I am told.

I feel the tip of the leather against my neck, still warm from his body. He runs it down my spine, gently, leaving a tingling trail of anticipation down to my lower back, where he suddenly stops. Almost before I can register the movement, he moves his hand back and uses the belt to deliver a stinging blow to my backside. I gasp and he pushes me forward, facedown across the bed. I feel his hand caressing me, kneading the skin he has just bruised. The gentleness is brief, though, and the belt comes down again, inches below the first blow. The initial stinging pain gives way to pleasure as soon as the belt lifts from my skin.

I am so tender, so sensitive, so wet, so his. The belt comes down again, across my hips, and again. He pauses and his fingers run up my thighs and around my clit, briefly, too briefly. He moves his hand back and they are replaced by another blow from the belt- a stinging blow in my most sensitive spot. I moan as the pain fades into pleasure, and desire. The belt comes down again, this time gently, the leather running over my tender, aching skin. It rubs over my clitoris- oh yesss- and again, sliding over the wetness of my desire for him.

“Oh baby” he mutters, and pushes the tip of the belt inside me. The leather is warm, and wet, and he spins it around inside me, bringing the walls of my vagina to life. Slowly, he pulls it out, taking a moment to rub it over my clitoris as he does. My skin is so sensitive, the touch of the leather so exotic, I am nearly undone.

“Please…” I moan, raising myself on my elbows and turning to look at him. Meeting my gaze, his lips spread into a slow, knowing smile. His eyes never leaving mine, he raises the belt to his lips and licks my wetness off it in slow, sensual strokes of his tongue. With his other hand, he undoes the button on his dress pants and lets them fall to the floor. I can see his erection straining against his boxer briefs and I reach out a hand, twisting my body around, wanting to get them off him.

“No,” he says, pushing me back down, and the belt cracks across my backside again, just above the eager and waiting space below. I moan in need and the belt comes down again, softly this time. There is a pause and I squirm in anticipation. In one fluid movement, he is above me, his arms on either side of me propping him up. He still holds the belt in one hand. “Behave yourself,” he whispers in my ear, sending a tingling sensation down to my groin, which is already tight with anticipation and need. He kisses my neck, gently, just below my ear, slowly becoming more insistent and his lips travel down towards my shoulder. With a nip, he pushes himself up and pulls my hips back, so I am kneeling on the edge of the bed.

He plunges into me and I gasp. “Oh Jake…” The belt is across my neck. He uses it as a rein to pull my body back against him as he plunges into me, again and again. His cock, deep inside me, pushes against my gspot and I respond quickly, my legs starting to quiver. My breathing is ragged and I can barely move in anticipation. He drops the belt and grabs my hips, slamming me into him, ensuring that I come, hard. The pleasure is intense, almost unbearable and “Oh, Jake” turns from a moan to a cry.

I can hear his groan as I tighten around him and he pushes himself against me, swiveling his hips, teasing my gspot so that my orgasm is drawn out. Then he pulls back, plunging into me, harder, faster. His fingers are digging into my hips, but I barely register that; all my awareness is given to his cock plunging deep inside me. My hips arch up to meet his, matching his rhythm. I feel his body tense, and quiver, and he stills my hips, pushing himself inside me and staying there. He moans “oh, oh, oh, baby” between gritted teeth as he comes inside me.

I arch my back and tighten the walls of my vagina around him and he moans again before collapsing, spent, on top of me. His weight crushes me, but I lie still, wanting to prolong the moment before he rolls off of me and pulls himself out. I love this dominant side of him; he makes me feel not just submissive, but satisfied and safe.

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