Connie Spanked

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A Mature Woman asks to be Spanked because of what she did when younger

Connie Spanked.

Today I met up with a woman who I had been chatting to both by e-mail, text and MSN. Connie was in her mid 40’s and had a good figure, she had contacted me because I had placed an advert on Vivastreet saying that I was a Mature Guy who Spanked Wayward ladies.

Connie explained to me how she was nervous but that she needed to be punished for the bad she had done when she was younger, she had let men touch her when she was far too young to allow this, she told me how had sex many times with men old enough to be her grandfather. It seemed that Connie was addicted to sex, often with unsuitable partners and now she realised that she needed to be punished for her past.

We met up today for our first time, as time was tight and the only time she could get away we decided to have the first session outdoors, I found a suitable place out in the country where it would be private. I parked the car up and we went into the field, there were large hedges to make it fairly private.

I said we should start straight away, I started yelling at Connie and told her that she was a very bad young lady who was going to be punished, I got her to bend over, I lifted her skirt pulled her knickers down to her knees and exposed her bare ass.

Without any warning I started raining down my hand hard onto her ass, left cheek, and right cheek then repeated the sequence, I hit her hard, really hard, it was not long before her ass was red and she was crying UNCLE.

Connie knew she needed to be punished, she didn’t realise quite how hard I was going to hit her, we took a short break then started again as I spanked her I reached to her cunt, she was wet through.

She touched my cock, I did not react but carried on spanking her hard, my hand was starting to sting but I carried on spanking her hard, she cried out UNCLE again. We went to the car to talk about her punishment.

We sat in the back seat together and Connie said that the Spanking had really hurt but that it was something that she needed, she put her hand on the front of my trousers and felt my hard cock, she then undid my jeans and pants and pulled out my cock, she rubbed me then took me in her mouth. Connie was good at giving blow jobs and I let her continue until I warned her that I was about to come, as I came she swallowed my load, cleaned it up and licked her lips.

“You need punishing for that young lady”

‘But I thought that was what you wanted’

“The purpose of your spanking is to stop you being a slag, yet you suck the cock of the guy who is supposed to be helping you, I suppose that you thought I would fuck you”

‘Yes, most men would, I thought that when I was bent over you would have fucked me’

“Did you want me to?”

‘Well yes, I did’

I told her to get out of the car we went back to her punishment spot, skirt was pulled up again and I hit her hard again on her bare ass until she cried out in pain and shouted UNCLE.

We got back in the car and drove home; I told her that next time the spanking would be even harder.