Correction Multiplied

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Mother and daughter discipline mother and son

David and Janet were getting on better and better despite, or maybe because of, the age difference.   Tessa living with them was fine, and David got used to being spanked by the 18 year old on a quite regular basis.

There was talk of marriage and Janet reckoned she should get to know her mother in law to be so David’s Mother, Rita, came to stay for a month.  


David said to Janet “it’s really nice of you to have Mum stay.”


Janet smiled at her fiancé. She just hoped things would work out between them.


David smiled because they had discussed marriage a few times now and he reckoned it was going to happen. It was still going to be strange though.   He is 28, his fiancée is 43, and her daughter is 18, both of whom spank him when he deserves it.  


But now his 52 year old Mother will stay with them for a month.  


“What about my spankings though whilst she is here? She has no idea of course.”


Janet replied “they stay David.   It’s up to you to be well behaved, but otherwise they are part of our relationship, and family life if you include Tessa spanking you, so she is bound to find out some time.”


David knew that to be true and so was determined not to be spanked whilst his Mother was with them.


It didn’t work out that way.   About two hours before she was due to arrive Janet was trying to finish getting the house cleaned and David just got in the way, when eventually Janet exploded with “well if you are going to get in the way I may as well teach you a lesson.”


“I’m sorry Janet, really I am” David pleaded, but of course without effect.


“Here. Now” Janet demanded as she sat on a chair in the lounge.


David looked at the clock and realised he better not argue but at least the spanking should be over before his Mother arrived.   A few moments later his trousers and underpants were off, he was lying across Janet’s lap, and his bottom was being soundly spanked.   Tessa was watching, not participating this time because it was a discipline spanking, and a hard one. Janet was furious.


Tessa heard the doorbell ring and went to the door and almost absentmindedly opened it. She realised it was Rita standing there and her mouth dropped open.  


Rita didn’t appear to notice. “Hullo my dear” Rita said cheerily, “you must be Tessa.   I am so pleased to meet you” as she kissed the 18 year old on the cheek.   It was then she heard the sound of clapping coming from the lounge.


“Is it a party?” Rita asked as she walked in to the lounge, stopping when she saw her 28 year old son lying across a woman’s lap being spanked on his bare bottom.


Janet looked up, startled, but didn’t stop spanking David.


“Hullo” Janet said, rather flustered.


“Hullo” replied Rita before looking again at her son and saying “oh dear ... oh dear ... oh.”


Tessa recovered her composure first and said to Rita “I’m afraid David was rather naughty and that’s whet he gets when he makes Mum annoyed.”


“Really?” Rita said, surprised.


“Oh yes.   David knows which rules earn him a spanking, and he just broke one good and proper.”


The conversation was being conducted whilst all the time there was the constant sound of Janet’s hand spanking David’s bare bottom and David was gasping as each spank hit home.


Janet then recovered and said, whilst still spanking David “I’m Janet, it’s nice to meet you Rita.   I will be a while though. Tessa can show you to your room, and make you a cup of tea, or you can watch. Whatever you prefer really” she added with a smile.


Rita focussed on her son’s now very red bottom and Janet’s hand as it was raised up before crashing down on his bottom again, quite lost in thought for a moment, before replying “I think I’ll just watch if that’s OK.”


“Great” Janet said, “take a seat” before looking back down at David’s bottom to make sure she hadn’t missed any particular area.  


Tessa said “Mum likes to make sure his whole bottom is red before starting with the hairbrush.”


“I’m sure” Rita said, still seemingly engrossed by the sight of her son lying there, accepting his spanking, sobbing, wet eyed, squirming on her lap, but otherwise acting like someone who knows he mustn’t resist the inevitable.


After a while Rita said to Tessa but without looking at her “I never spanked him you know.”


Tessa replied “yes, he said.   Still, he gets spanked regularly now.   I am sure he will tell you himself when he has recovered.”


“But how come she spanks him if they are going to get married?”


“Oh I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Mum calls it protect and correct. She looks after him but disciplines him when he is naughty.”


“I see. Because of the age gap is it?”


“No Rita, not at all. It just so happens David is attracted to older women, but it can be the other way around as well.”


“Surely you haven’t spanked him have you? You’re only 18 aren’t you? It has to be done by an adult doesn’t it?” Rita looked at the teenager with distain. It might be ok, might be, for a 43 year old to spank a 28 year old, but not for an 18 year old. That’s plain silly.


Tessa though said “yes of course I have spanked him, quite often actually. I am telling you Rita, age doesn’t matter at all.” She spoke with the same tone of distain used by Rita, sarcastically as far as she was concerned.


Rita was about to say something back but   gasped when she saw Janet pick up the hairbrush and after resting it on David’s bottom for a moment proceeded to thrash him with the wooden back.   The sound was much louder than when she used her hand, and the sobbing from David increased as well as each spank hit home with a loud thud.


Tessa watched Rita, wondering why she didn’t say something, complain, defend her son, beg her Mother to stop.   There was none of that. She just watched, bemused was it, or just interested?


Once the spanking was over Janet snapped “OK David, you can get up. Go and stand by the wall with your hands on your head and think about how naughty you have been until I tell you to get dressed again.”


It was as David stood up and everyone saw his erection that his Mother said “oh” in a shocked tone.   She looked at Janet and then Tessa and then back at her son, or rather at his erect penis, trying to comprehend.


Janet said “come on Rita, let’s go to the kitchen. David won’t move as he knows what will happen if he does.”


The three women walked in to the kitchen and Janet made tea for them all.


“Sorry you had to see that Rita” Janet said.


“Oh that’s OK, I was just a bit surprised that at 28 my son is being spanked, and by his fiancé” she said.


“Well, that is what happens, but he’s good with it you know. He wants it this way actually.”


“Really? He certainly wasn’t resisting I guess.”


After 15 minutes Janet said “OK Tessa, please tell David we are done and he can join us.”


Tessa went off to the lounge and a few seconds later came back, and a few moments after that David appeared, saw his Mother, wiped his eyes and face as best he could, before giving her a welcome kiss on the cheek.


“Hi Mum” he said as cheerily as possible.


“I hear you were naughty and got what you deserved” she said trying to sound stern


“I guess” he accepted, blushing.


Janet then said “right, if you will excuse us we will go upstairs” and before Rita knew what happened she was left alone with Tessa.


“They are exchanging presents” Tessa said with a laugh.


“I’m sorry?” Rita asked.


“Oh, you saw David’s erection, well Mum gets rather aroused when she spanks him so he deals with her and she deals with him.”   Tessa stared at Rita, not sure how else an 18 year old explains sex to a 52 year old.


“Oh I see” Rita said, obviously now understanding the relevance but blushing. “Yes I see” she repeated.


“They will be down soon enough and we can have some lunch”


“I don’t think David will want to sit on one of these chairs will he” Rita said looking serious, motherly.


“Oh don’t worry, he has a cushion to sit on.”


An hour later and they were all sitting down for lunch.


Rita asked “are you ok David?”


David replied almost flippantly “no problem Mum. I deserved it and now I have learned my lesson.”


“And exchanged presents I believe” she added.


David and Janet blushed, Tessa laughed out loud, and that cleared the air. The conversation was now about everything other than the spanking.


They went out as a foursome over the next few days so Rita could see the local area. One day she said she would like to go to the mall and maybe David could go with her.


Janet agreed, saying “That’s fine Rita. David, just make sure you are back by 1.30 for a late lunch before we go to the theatre.”


“No problem Janet” David replied.   He caught Janet’s eye though, as did Rita, which said David would be in for a spanking if they were late.


Sure enough, a quite livid Janet opened the door at 2.30 to a flustered David, with Rita coming in after him apologising profusely.


“I’m so sorry Janet, it was all my fault. David kept telling me we were going to be late but I just needed to find a dress. I still haven’t though.”


“Really” Janet said simply, her arms crossed in front of her. “In the meantime we have missed the theatre.”


Janet said to her daughter “Tessa can you take David in to the lounge and show him again what happens when he is ridiculously late.”


“Of course Mum” she replied.   She looked at David and ordered “right you, follow me” and the others watched as the 18 year old girl led the 28 year old man in to the lounge knowing it was the 28 year old man who was going across the teenagers lap.


Janet and Rita were left alone.


“Oh, it’s my fault Janet, not David’s” she said, blushing now.


Janet saw the blush and wondered.


“So if it’s your fault what are you saying Rita?” the 43 year old asked.


Rita said “well isn’t it a bit unfair to spank David then?”


“Well if that is so who should be spanked? You?”


“I’m 52 years old so I don’t think so Janet” Rita said quietly, blushing an even deeper shade of red now.


“Oh but I do think so Rita.   28 years old and spanked, 52 years old and spanked, well there isn’t really a difference is there?”


Rita didn’t answer immediately, but after a few moments did reply “isn’t there?” almost in a whisper.


Janet said more forcefully “I don’t think there is any difference at all Rita. In fact I think you know very well you deserve exactly the same as David is getting right now.”


They both listened to the repetitive sound of Tessa’s hand on David’s bare bottom. Rita looked at Janet and bit her lip, followed by a nod of her head.  


“Yes” she said, almost in a whisper.


“Right” Janet said in a stern voice “go upstairs to my bedroom, take off your skirt and knickers, put them on the chair, then stand facing the wall. Oh and Rita, you will do exactly as I say.   Anything else earns you extra discipline. Understood?”


“Yes Janet” she replied, now being as respectful as possible as the dye was cast and she was going to receive her first ever spanking. At 52 from a woman of 43.   Strange, but also exciting she thought as she made her way upstairs. She entered the bedroom and immediately unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor and then slipped off her knickers before putting both on the chair. She went to stand facing the wall but felt her top was too tight and her bra was pulling, so decided she should get fully undressed, which she did, before standing naked facing the wall with her hands on her head.


Downstairs Janet went in to the lounge and spoke with Tessa. She smiled when she saw David’s bottom was already a nice deep pink and David was gasping with each spank. The hairbrush was sitting within easy reach.


Tessa looked up but did not stop her constant spanking motion.


Janet said “I have sent Rita upstairs and I am going up now to give her a spanking.”


“Really?” Tessa said but somehow not truly surprised.


“Yes, she admitted it was her fault and said perhaps David shouldn’t be spanked, but I said that wasn’t on. Then she accepted she should be spanked as well. I rather thought she was thinking that way when she first got here and watched me spank David.”


“What about afterwards then Mum? It’s just that Rita is a bit old for me don’t you think?”


Janet thought a second and said “You are right. Why don’t you deal with David. I’ll make sure Rita pays her dues.”


“Great Mum. Do you want me to send him to you afterwards still?”


“I tell you what, why don’t we both do the first hand spanking and hairbrush and send them to face the wall whilst we have a chat.   We’ll see how it has gone with each of them before moving on to the afters?”


“That’s a plan Mum” Tessa said and as Janet left the room she focussed again on David’s bottom, increasing the tempo and the reaction she was getting from David.   The 18 year old really did enjoy spanking David, all 28 years old of him.


Janet went up the stairs and in to the bedroom. She saw Rita was naked and went up behind her and snapped “what’s the meaning of this Rita? I said skirt and knickers only, not everything.”


Janet heard the panic in Rita’s voice as she trembled and said “I am so sorry Janet, it’s just that it was uncomfortable in my bra.”


Janet relented and said “well I can tell you Rita, not nearly as uncomfortable as you are going to be very soon.   Follow me.”


Rita turned just as Janet sat on the chair and tapped her thigh.   “Over you go” she ordered.


Rita blushed but had resolved that she wanted this to happen and so quickly bent down and put herself squarely across Janet’s lap.


“Is this what you call correction Janet? Tessa mentioned your policy of protect and correct.”


“I suppose so Rita, but I would hope at 52 you will continue to play your part in daily chores. But yes, this is certainly the correction bit. Enough chat though, settle down, quickly now.”


Rita did as she was told and was soon still across Janet’s lap.


“Good girl” Janet said to the 52 year old, as she put her hand on her bottom and rubbed in circles.


“Let me tell you what happens now Rita.   I will spank you with my hand. You can moan and groan and sob and cry but you will not try to get up.   Understood so far?”


“Yes” came the reply as Rita tried to twist around so she could see Janet’s face.


“Good.   Then I will be using the hairbrush. It will hurt more than my hand you understand.”


Again Rita just about managed to say “ok.”


“Then you will stand facing the wall again for a few minutes before you go back across my lap for a final spanking. Clear?”


“Yes” she said again.


“Let’s start then shall we?   Don’t you worry about the time. I’ll be deciding how long and how hard, you just have to take your punishment. Don’t worry either about crying as it tells me you are learning your lesson, you know, being corrected” Janet added.


She raised her hand and landed the first spank.   It wasn’t hard but Rita gasped. Janet could tell it was surprise more than pain, as it was the first spank she had ever received.   Janet continued placing her spanks all around Rita’s bottom and Rita relaxed a bit as she probably realised it wasn’t as painful as she had expected. Not yet at least.


Janet gradually spanked harder and harder, and realised that Rita wasn’t struggling at all. In fact she was raising her bottom after each spank, almost requesting the next one. Janet decided to explore to see just what Rita might be feeling. She rubbed Rita’s bottom and tops of legs, edging her hand down between her thighs.   Rita moved her legs apart and when Janet mover her hand up Rita’s inner thigh she raised her tummy, obviously and unashamedly encouraging Janet to caress her pussy.   Janet accepted the invitation, rubbing closer and closer to the tops of her legs before one brush of Rita’s vagina told her she was really wet, and she could even smell the sex oozing out from her.


“So Rita, you like this do you.”


Rita was miles away, enjoying the feeling of Janet’s exploring fingers. “HHhhmmm yes its lovely.”


Janet removed her hand, raised it high, and brought it down hard on Rita’s bottom, followed by a dozen further spanks.


“Felt that did you Rita?” she said unsympathetically.


All Rita did was gasp and squirm, realising that what had happened before wasn’t really a spanking.


“That’s right Rita, its for real.   It’s discipline. It hurts” whilst maintaining a constant stream of spanks sometimes placing a dozen or more on the same spot. It wasn’t long before Rita was sobbing and trying to cover her bottom with her hand. Janet pulled her arm up in a half nelson and snapped “you do not cover your bottom” as she spanked her even harder and was rewarded with pleas from Rita that she can’t take it.


Janet stopped and rubbed the 52 year olds bottom, again running her fingers between the older woman’s legs, and found she was even wetter than before.


“Really Rita, I don’t think so.”


Rita moaned as Janet again spanked her hard with her hand.


“Time for the hairbrush my girl” Janet said as she reached behind her and picked it up.


“Want a look?” she asked with a wicked crisp tone of voice.


Rita twisted around and gasped when she saw the hard wooden backed hairbrush.  


“I use this on David all the time” Janet said, smirking.


Rita sobbed again, and as Janet raised the brush above her head Rita groaned and turned away to look at the floor, crying out in agony as the brush hit home.


“Comfy?” Janet asked sarcastically, not waiting for a reply before continuing to thrash Rita with the brush, knowing she was leaving bruises that would be there for a couple of days or more.


“Maybe next time you will do as I tell you Rita.” She continued spanking her with the hairbrush.


“Well Rita?” she demanded fiercely.


“Yes yes Janet” Rita said through her tears.


“We’ll see won’t we” Janet said with a stinging tone.


  After a few dozen spanks with the brush Rita just lay there accepting spank after spank, crying out, but resigned to the barrage for as long as her future daughter-in-law chose to thrash her.


When Janet decided Rita had had enough, for the time being, she put her hand on her bottom and rubbed, until Rita realised the spanking had stopped and she could start to recover her composure.   The crying continued for several minutes, until she was becoming more accustomed to the gentle rubbing around her bottom, down the backs of her legs, and again between her thighs. This time Janet felt along her vaginal lips much more firmly, seeing how this 52 year old woman who had never been spanked before was still so aroused.


Rita raised her bottom inviting Rita to continue rubbing her vaginal lips. “No you don’t my girl” she snapped and gave her a hard smack and Rita gasped as it stung all the more because of the tenderness of her bottom cheeks.


“OK, stand up and face the wall again with your hands on your head whilst I go and see how Tessa is going with David.”


A sobbing Rita did as she was told and Janet smiled at the very red bottom and legs that stared back at her, compared to the white skin everywhere else. She went downstairs and in to the lounge to find David sobbing as he faced the wall.


Tessa looked up and asked “well?”


“She has taken it very well I must say.”


“Good” Tessa said with a smile. “So what now?” she asked her Mother.


“Well, maybe, a 52 year old woman is not right for you, and I guess you should ideally go with a man for the first time.” Janet smiled at her daughter knowing she wanted her first experience to be a good one.


“Have you made love to other women then Mum?” Tessa asked.


“Yes I have” she said smiling “but I went with men first.   It’s very different but you will find out in time.”


“I haven’t been with either Mum, but I really want to do it with a man.”


“That’s OK sweetie. I guess we have a man here don’t we.”


“What, David? But he’s your lover Mum” Tessa said, feeling awkward.


“I need you to be with someone who cares, and I know David will be careful.”  


Tessa smiled, feeling better with that comment. Her Mum really is the business she thought.


Janet looked across at David and said “David, I need you to listen to me.”


David turned and Janet saw how red his eyes were and knew her daughter had really thrashed him hard. Yet even now he had another erection so she knew he had enjoyed it.


“I’ve just spanked your Mother” she said, and waited for the comment to sink in.


“Oh” followed by a softer “right” is all he could muster.


“Yes David” Janet said forcefully “and she is now really up for whatever she gets now. I need you to stay with Tessa. She hasn’t been with a man before and I know you are very good in bed” Janet said smiling to her daughter “so, I need you to take her to bed and treat her well. It is her first time.”   She let the comment sink in.


David looked up and said “what, a virgin?”


“Yes David, a virgin. Will you do it? For me?”


“Wow, a virgin. Of course I will” he said enthusiastically.




Then Janet said to Tessa “take him to your room and I will have Rita in mine. OK sweetie?” she asked her daughter before kissing her on the cheek.


“Great” beamed Tessa.


Janet left the room. Tessa went up to David and stood right behind him. “Let’s go” she ordered giving him a hard smack on his bottom before leading him out of the room and upstairs.   Once in her bedroom she shut the door and made David sit on the bed, stood right in front of him, and slowly but deliberately undid the buttons of her top before taking it off, unclipping her bra and placing it on his lap, and removing her skirt and knickers and leaving them on the floor. It made her feel good seeing David’s erection stiffen as she took her clothes off.


She made David get up and she undid the buttons of his shirt before sliding it off his shoulders.


“Take me” she ordered.


David pulled her towards him by putting his arms around her waist, she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him, opening her mouth and welcoming his tongue in to her mouth.   They hugged each other as David edged them both on to the bed. They searched out each others bodies with their tongues, drawing gasps of pleasure from each other.


Slowly David took Tessa higher and higher in ecstasy as her breathing became deeper and deeper, knowing he had promised Janet to treat her carefully. He guided her hand from time to time so she caressed the parts of his body he enjoyed as well.


Tessa groaned in his ear, biting him lightly, whilst he caressed her firm delicious breasts, her smooth soft flat stomach, her thighs, and then between her legs, using his tongue to open her vaginal lips, edging his tongue inside, finding her clitoris, and sending her even higher.


Tessa manoeuvred around and once again was kissing him as hard as she could, and then whispered in his ear “take me, take me.”


David edged Tessa over on to her back and moved on top of her, edging her legs apart, meeting no resistance at all. It was hard to believe that just half a hour ago this 18 year old had him across her lap and was thrashing his 28 year old backside until he dissolved in to tears, and now they were taking each other to the heights of arousal.


Slowly he entered her, she gasped, then settled down again in to a steady motion each moving with the other, their breaths getting shorter and shorter, Tessa saying out loud “yes yesss yessssss” whilst gyrating faster and faster until she let out a long groan, followed by a second and a third.   David knew she had reached her orgasm, and satisfied he had waited as long as he needed to, feeling Tessa recover and hold him tightly she said “go on, as hard as you want” he reached his own orgasm, his cum spurting out inside her, as he let out his own long breaths until he was spent.


They held each other tightly, until Tessa whispered in David’s ear still breathing heavily “better than I imagined it would be. Thank you.”


David whispered back “my pleasure” before both lying still, hugging the other against themselves, relishing the moment.


In Janet’s bedroom it was different. Janet went up behind Rita who still had her hands on her head and instructed. “do not move.”


Janet ran her fingers over Rita’s back, then moved them to her front, taking her breasts in her hands, caressing them, feeling her stiff nipples, happy she was still ready to make love.   Slowly she moved one hand down her body, listening to Rita’s changing breathing, deeper breaths now, she was becoming aroused, and when Janet moved her hand between the older woman’s legs and she raised herself on tip toes, beckoning Janet to enter, so she did, and gently rubbed the older woman, edging her fingers in to her vagina and finding her clit.


Janet released Rita and turned her around and said gently “I’m going to kiss you, OK?”


She didn’t know how Rita would react, whether she had ever been with another woman, and knew she needed to take care as there were plenty of ways they could play this. Yet Rita nodded, lent forward, opened her mouth, and let Janet kiss her, edge her tongue in to her mouth, and let it linger there, searching out and finding the younger woman’s tongue.


After several minutes Janet released her grasp, and stood back. Rita was about to say something until she realised Janet had started to strip off her clothes so both stood naked, moved to the bed and lay down against each other, clinched together again, their arms encircling the others, their breasts pressing together, their legs intertwining, their hands caressing each other knowing how to excite the other.


Almost together they decided to kiss each others bodies, making their way down each others stomach to the others legs, spreading themselves to allow the other to kiss her pussy, to spread open her vaginal lips, and to allow her tongue to enter her and search out her clitoris.   Both were now welcoming the other, bringing the other to orgasm, and both cried out at the same time. Each gasped three then four times as stream after stream of orgasm hit them, until they subsided, each leaving her head resting on the others legs, their lips caressing the others thighs, kissing each others stomachs, until they stayed happily still, both satisfied by the other.


Later, as they all sat around the table, eating dinner, talking in an animated fashion about their experiences today, all but Janet having tried something new, as even David had never had the pleasure of a virgin before, Tessa had never been with a man before, and Rita had never been spanked or loved by a woman before.   Only Janet had done all these things, but was happy her daughter had had sex for the first time with a man she trusted, a man she fully expected to be married to within months.


Janet announced “so it is all agreed. You Rita will obey the same rules I have set for David whilst you are here. Agreed?”


“Yes Janet, of course” she agreed, blushing and smiling at the same time.


“You will obey both me and Tessa of course.”


“Really? But Tessa is only 18?”


“Don’t worry Rita, being spanked by an 18 year old is not so very different. It will hurt you for sure. It’s just important to know that you must obey both of us and that either of us has the right to turn you across her knee for a thrashing.”


“Of course” Rita agreed, now feeling embarrassed. She looked furtively at the 18 year thinking what it might be like being across her lap and spanked.


“I get the feeling you don’t really agree Rita?” Tessa asked testily.


“Well, it’s just as I say” Rita started.


Janet interrupted her with “well actually it’s what I say Rita. I tell you what, we will schedule Tessa to give you an Authority spanking.”


“What’s that?” Rita asked.


“It’s a spanking that shows you who has authority over you. I have already spanked you, so Tessa will give you a discipline spanking to impose her authority.”


“Oh” Rita said, again looking sideways at the 18 year old.


“Let’s see, you’ve just been spanked so you will be sore today, and probably tomorrow as well, so let’s say 11 O’clock the following day, assuming you haven’t earned a spanking before then of course. Yes, that’s settled then. Tessa spanks you the day after tomorrow at the latest. End of discussion.”


Rita blushed. Spanked by an 18 year old and she is 52. Little did she realise that Tessa was determined to show Rita which of the two of them was in charge and was looking forward to the day after tomorrow. Tessa didn’t like the way Rita spoke down to her but with respect to her Mother. She didn’t consider age had anything to do with it, although that is exactly what Rita thought. Still, it would be a battle of wills, one which Rita expected to win, but one which the brash teenager knew she would win.


Rita looked at Janet and knew she wasn’t going to take any argument. “OK Janet, I understand” Rita said, “but what about, erm, afterwards?”


Janet looked stern, making Rita realise she would have no say in the matter and said “That will be for Tessa to decide Rita. She gets first choice after giving a spanking and you will accept her decision, or else” Janet said menacingly.


Rita said quietly “oh, ok then.” Rita was already suspecting that maybe she won’t win the battle, that maybe she will have to go across the 18 year olds lap and be spanked. If that was the case then once, or more than once, so she asked “Erm, how often am I likely to be spanked then?” Rita finally asked.


“It’s up to you and how well or badly you behave” Janet snapped before her face dissolved in to a broad smile. They all laughed.


“Cheer up Rita, we do it because we want to, don’t forget that. Tessa and I find spanking other people erotic, and you and David are turned on by being spanked. Obviously it has to be our decision when to spank you, just like any parent. You just need to keep to the rules. Break one and you get spanked. It’s easy.”


They went to bed, Janet and David together, Tessa and Rita alone. Rita was the last to drop off to sleep, her mind racing with the thought of going across the lap of 18 year old Tessa. She still wasn’t happy about it, but feared she really had no choice. She realised she was rubbing her sore bottom as she thought about Tessa and going across her lap. Oh well, she thought, maybe being spanked by an 18 year old won’t be so bad. Time will tell.


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