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Cyber Fun Turns Real- Part II

Sir Rube beckons a confused Penny to their second encounter
Two weeks have passed, and I have been a very good girl. I have sent Sir Rube a photo every single day, usually before 9:00 AM! Perhaps this is why I'm very confused by the video chat we had this morning.

The video chat started out very well. Sir Rube asked me to dance for him. I let down my long brown hair, turned on some music and began moving my hips and body to the rhythm. I opened the buttons of my white blouse, revealing a white lace bra, and continued dancing, perhaps in a bit more of a sultry manner. I slowly lifted up the side of my black pencil skirt, just high enough to reveal the elastic top of my black thigh high stockings.

"Good Girl," he declared.

I smiled. I like being called a good girl.

"Sir, may I have your permission to close the video chat and leave for work now?"

"Penny, my dear. You still have so much to learn. You are to meet me at the Hilton on Main Street at 5:15 today. Good bye."

"Ummmmm, Sir. But, you just told me that I was a good girl?"

"Yes. And I'd like to keep things that way. Let's call it maintenance."

I did not understand what Sir Rube meant, but I was afraid to keep pestering him. And, I really had to get to work. Maybe, I can just push this off for another time.

"Sir, I believe next week might be better for me."

"Penny, this is exactly why we need this meeting. You are starting to forget who is in charge. And I will be reminding you at 5:15 today. I'm signing off now."

I had this sinking feeling in my stomach. I was curious, yet scared. And still very confused. What's the point of being a good girl if I'm going to get punished anyway? And now I was faced with a dilemma. Do I go to the Hilton at 5:15? Or should I just call off all these games and go home to my husband. If I go home, my husband and I will eat dinner together, watch some TV, and go to bed. If I'm really lucky, we may have some mediocre sex. And if I meet Sir Rube? My insides started tingling. I have no idea what to expect with Sir Rube. And that's exactly what I love about our relationship. The novelty. The intensity. The excitement. I call my husband and tell him that I am meeting some friends after work. I will be home late.

I went to work, but I was extremely distracted the entire time. Is Sir Rube going to spank me again? Or does he have something else in mind? Are we going to take things further? Am I ready for that? So many thoughts were racing through my mind. If my boss would have noticed how little work I was getting done, he would have surely put me over HIS knee!

The clock seemed to move a little extra slowly today, but sure enough, 5:00 arrived. I put my things together and drove to the hotel, the entire time questioning myself as to whether or not I was making the right decision.

I entered the lobby, but did not see Sir Rube, so I sat on the couch and waited for him to arrive. At 5:15 I received the following text message:

"You will find the door slightly ajar to Room 431. Enter, remove all your clothes, and stand in the corner while you wait for me."

Nude? I have not been nude in front of anyone besides my husband in 10 years! Do I really want to do this? I can still head home to the security of my husband's arms. But... I don't want to. My marriage is just so monotonous.

I walk into Room 431 and close the door. I take off my white blouse and fold it neatly on the dresser. I unzip my black skirt and pull off my stockings and add them to the pile. I stood there for a minute, wearing my white lace bra and white sheer panties admiring my figure in the mirror. I have nothing to be ashamed of; let's do this. I took a deep breath, then removed my bra and panties and placed them with the rest of my clothing. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to remove my shoes or not. Better safe than sorry. I kicked off my black pumps. I walked to the corner of the room and faced the wall. My full, perky breasts in front of me and my erect nipples brushing against the wall.

Twenty minutes later, I hear the door open and then close. I do not dare turn around.

"Very nice, Penny!" Sir Rube exclaims. He walks toward me and slowly runs his fingers up and down my back.

"You have indeed been a very good girl which is why you are not getting punished today."

I breathed a sigh of relief.

"You are still getting a spanking today, but since it's not a punishment, you will be allowed to cum afterward."

I was still confused. Why am I getting a spanking? I didn't dare ask, but Sir Rube saw the confusion in my face.

"Penny, my pet, you require regular spankings in order to maintain your proper attitude and respect. Today's spanking will remind you to be on your best behavior in order to avoid a much longer, harder spanking.

With that, Sir Rube sat on the hotel bed and ordered me to stand in front of him. I walked over slowly and stood before him. He caressed and admired my ample breasts and gave a little pinch to each nipple that made me jerk from both the pain and the excitement. He ran his fingers down my stomach all the way to my bald pussy. He caressed and massaged my wet lips and my swollen clit. He began running his fingers around in circles. I moaned softly as I felt an orgasm approaching.

"Not yet," Sir Rube ordered.

I bit my lip and I held in my orgasm which was quite painful. I felt like I was going to explode.

Sir Rube gently reached for my hand and guided me to lay over his lap. I really didn't want a spanking now. I just wanted to cum. But before I could finish that thought, Sir Rube's strong right hand came cracking down on the soft white skin of my bottom. The suddenness made me jump up. In the wall mirror, I could see a big red handprint on my left cheek.

"Get back in position NOW, or this will become a punishment spanking."

I lay down again on Sir Rube's lap with my bottom up. This time Sir Rube holds me very firmly with his left hand. His right hand is spanking me hard, taking turns with each cheek. He is also slapping the top of my thighs and that hurts a lot. I whimper softly. And this continues for about ten very long minutes.

My spanking is over and Sir Rube gently rubs the rosy cheeks of my derriere. His fingers begin to wander and meet my moist pussy lips. He slips a finger inside me and moves it in and out. I drop my right leg to the floor while my left leg remained on his lap, pushing my clit against his knee. My legs are open wide and Sir Rube has two fingers inside me now. And they are moving fast. I begin to rock back and forth a bit, pressing my clit deeper into his knee. I let out a loud moan as my body is taken over by a powerful orgasm. My juices start to squirt out of my hot, wet pussy, soaking Sir Rube's fingers and dripping down the leg of his pants. My entire body is quivering and tingling. I don't want it to stop.

We smile at each other as I get dressed. Sir Rube leaves first and I leave 15 minutes later. We can't be seen together. No one can know.

I drive home and wonder... how far will we go next time?

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