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Cyber fun turns real

Sir Rube and I are both in happy marriages; however, our spouses do not understand our kinkier sides. Sir Rube has always longed to dominate a woman. And I, Penny, have always fantasized about giving a man total control over me. Sir Rube and I met over the internet and decided to play with each other... in the cyber world. Our games have been going on for almost 2 years now. Sir Rube calls me sweet nicknames, and I, of course, always call him Sir. We speak almost daily via emails, chat and webcam.

One of our rules is that I am to send Sir Rube a lovely photo of myself every day. There was one particular Tuesday where I simply did not feel like sending the photo. And I figured I would deal with the consequences. Perhaps he would send me a stern IM or even yell at me via our webcam. Whatever. I can deal with that. Sir Rube asked me where his picture was and I responded that he would not be getting one today. Again, in a calm voice, Sir Rube asked me where his picture was.

Now I was getting annoyed and I said, "You're not getting one today! What are you going to do...cyber spank me? Hahaha!" Well, let me tell you that Sir Rube was not pleased with me at all. Sir Rube instructed me to meet him at his car in a quiet, empty parking lot at 2:15. He also said that he was confident that he could talk me into sending him the picture. I was curious to finally meet Sir Rube in person, but I was a bit nervous too. It's very easy to play these games over a computer, but in real life, I've never been punished.

I decided to wear something really cute and sexy. And I know what my cyberDom likes. A short tight black skirt that zips up the front, a skin tight top that clings to my cleavage, and knee high leather boots. I also put on a matching lacy black bra and panty set, although I was pretty sure that would never be seen.

Here's what I thought would happen... Sir Rube would be very happy to finally see me. He would tell me how beautiful I am. We would laugh about our little "fight" today and then I would go home and send him the picture.

And in fact, Sir Rube did seem happy to see me. I got into passenger seat of his car, and he placed his hand on my left thigh and indeed he did tell me that I looked beautiful today. But then things started to change very quickly. Sir Rube told me that I was disrespectful to him and that behavior would not be tolerated.

I said, "I know, I'm sorry, sir."

And he responded, "Yes, you will be very sorry."

I started to get a bit scared. Was this really happening? I wanted to go back and hide behind my computer screen. I shouldn't have come. I think I made a mistake. 

Sir Rube went to sit in the back seat of his car and ordered me join him. I sat next to him and started caressing his arms, but he moved my hands away.

"Sir, I made a mistake."

"Yes, you did," he replied. "And now I'm going to make sure that you don't make this mistake again."

With that, he unzipped my skirt and left it on the floor of the car. I really started to get nervous and tried to pull away, but Sir Rube is much bigger and stronger than I am. I am a petite woman, weighing only 105 pounds. It didn't take long before I was held down over Sir Rube's lap. I felt so stupid and also so scared. Sir Rube held me firmly in place while he reminded me how naughty I had been.

He then began to spank me slowly over my panties. I felt the sting but I could handle it. I yelped out a few "ooohs and aaahs" because I wanted him to think it really hurt and then he might stop. The spanks didn't stop. In fact, they were coming faster and harder. And now I really was feeling the sting and the burn. I was really in a lot of pain and I started begging Sir Rube to stop and I was apologizing and making all sorts of promises. 

And Finally, Sir Rube did stop. I laid helpless over his lap and just waited. Neither of us said word. Finally, I spoke. "Sir Rube, may I please get up and put my skirt back on."

Sir Rube laughed. "You think we're done? I'm not done with you!" And with that, he pulled my lacy black panties down to my knees. I was mortified. I really didn't think he would do THAT. We are both married afterall.

Sir Rube held me down very firmly and began spanking me very hard on my bare ass. I've never felt such a sting in my life. I was screaming in pain. My tears were soaking the seat of the car, and my legs were kicking. I felt completely humiliated. And then finally he stopped. This time I just laid there crying, not saying a word. I felt Sir Rube reach for and remove his belt. I was completely terrified but I didn't dare say a word. My cheeks were already on fire and Sir Rube took his belt and folded it in half and gave me 5 strong cracks on my tender skin. I shrieked each time. 

"You may get dressed now, Penny."

I was still too shocked to speak and so afraid that I might say something wrong. "Thank you, sir."

I left Sir Rube's car and got into my own. I had a lot of difficulty sitting for the 15 minute ride home. I spent the entire 15 minutes thinking about how I was going to hide my glowing red bottom from my husband.

But the first thing I did when I got home, was go onto my computer, and I sent Sir Rube a very lovely photo.

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