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Dad Disciplines Meagan

Dad Disciplines Meagan

Meagan misses her curfew and suffers the consequences

I glanced at my watch.  Two-thirty A.M. “Shit,” I thought to myself.   “Hopefully my dad is asleep.”

“Why?” Ryan asked.

“You know my dad Ryan.  He’s never liked you first of all and its way past my curfew.”

“Curfew!” exclaimed Ryan.  “You’re 18 years old now Meg, and you’re in college now.  What’s with the curfew?”

“Ryan, you’ve known me long enough to know my dad.  ‘My house, my rules’ he always told my older sister when she complained about the rules that still applied when she got home.

“Rules,” I thought to myself before telling Ryan “You’d better drop me off on the corner at the end of the street.  If dad sees you, it might get ugly.”

“You sure Meg?  I’m not afraid of your dad.  I can take care of myself.”

“Ryan, just drop me at the corner.  Why do you want to provoke him?  You know how angry my dad can get.  The last thing either of us needs right now is to have the Sheriff come out here.

I could tell Ryan was worried.

“Don’t worry Ryan; I’ll be alright.  He’ll scream and yell at me for a while, and that will be it.”

“When will I see you again Meg?” Ryan asked.

“Not sure honey.  Probably have to keep a low profile for a couple of days.  Give dad time to get over it.”

“Call me girl.  Let me know everything is OK.”

“I will.”

“Promise me, Meg.”

“I TOLD YOU, I WILL” with a little hint of being annoyed.  I gave Ryan a quick kiss and got out of the car and started walking down the street to my house a few hundred yards away. I turned and waved good night as Ryan drove away.


I was anxious as I walked quickly home. When I got the bottom of the stairs, I slipped my heels off.   With great trepidation, I took out my keys and as quietly as possible tiptoed up the stairs leading to the front porch.  The wood creaked under my weight.  Slowly I slid the key into the lock and slowly turned it to open the front door.

Silently opening the front door, I entered our living room and quietly closed the door and relocked it.

I heard the light switch being turned on and suddenly the living room was fully illuminated.  There were mom and dad sitting on the couch.  Dad was scowling.


“Yes, Sir.  It’s just after 2:30 in the morning.”

“That’s right young lady.  It’s after 2:30 in the morning.  What time is your curfew?”

“Midnight Sir.”

“That’s right, midnight.  I extended your curfew because you are 18 years old and in college now.  But I do expect my daughter to be home before her curfew.”

Mom sat there silently, nodding to agree with dad from time to time.

Dad continued.  “My curfew is for your protection Meagan.  Nothing good happens around here at 2:30 in the morning.  Your mom and I have been up worrying ourselves to death about you.”

“I just lost track of time.  I didn’t realize how late it had gotten” I said, desperately trying to make up some excuse – any excuse to get the lecture over and get to bed. I was tired.

“Just lost track of time!  Didn’t realize how late it had gotten!” dad repeated back to me.  “I guess you forgot to call us too!”

“Ummm” I started, trying to quickly think of something.

Before I could continue, dad broke in.

“You hear that mother” dad started. “I swear, ever since that girl of yours started college she’s gotten a little too big for her britches.”

“So tell me, young lady, just where were you and who were you with?   I know didn’t walk home from wherever you were.  You’d better tell me the truth, Meagan.”

I hesitated, knowing dad would not like the answer and his likely response when I told him the truth.

“Well?” he said, loudly tapping his feet on the floorboards.  “Get it out, girl!”

“Ryan,” I said in a low, whispering voice, hoping that it would suffice and he wouldn’t really hear it.

“Who?” dad asked again.

“Ryan” I replied.

“RYAN!” dad screamed.  “I told you to stay away from that boy.  He’s no good, girl.   You’re a smart, talented, attractive girl.  What the hell do you see in Ryan?  That boy is going nowhere.  He’s as worthless as teats on a boar hog.”

Mom tried to interject.

“Daring, I know you’ve never cared for Ryan, but Meagan is an adult now.  She’s entitled to see who she wants, don’t you think?”

“No I don’t mother!” dad replied angrily.

“Ever since that girl of yours went off to that fancy-schmancy college, she’s gotten full of herself.  Ignoring her parents like we don’t exist anymore.  Hardly hear from her when she’s away and when she’s home, she’s got no time for us or her uncles, aunts or cousins.”

Mom, knowing dad’s anger was growing, tried to diffuse the situation.  “Honey, maybe we should all go to bed and talk about in the morning.”

“Stop taking her side mother. It’s my house and my rules. Maybe if I tanned her hide, she’d remember to be home on time.”

“Now daddy, I know you’re angry, but don’t you think your daughter is little old to be spanked? She’s an 18-year-old young woman now.”

“I don’t care how old she is.   She’s still my daughter, and she’s still in my house.”

“MEAGAN!” daddy said commandingly, “get me the board of education.”

“Please daddy; I won’t stay out late anymore.  Please,” I said pleadingly.

“GIRL!  You’d better get me that paddle.  If I have to get up to get it, it’s going to be even worse for you!”

Mom knew dad well enough that once he had made up his mind in a matter like this, she wasn’t going to change it.

“Honey,” mom started, “you better fetch the paddle for your father.”





Nervously, I walked to the kitchen where the paddle was kept hanging on a nail in the wall.  The board of education as daddy called it was a thick wooden paddle with a number of holes drilled in the blade.  As I took the paddle off its hook, my mind struggled to accept what was about to happen.

Evidently, I took a little too long because I heard “Girl you’d better get in here with that paddle.  Don’t make me wait.  I've been up too long already!”

Nervously I walked back into the living room with the paddle and handed it to my father.

“Get that skirt off young lady,” daddy said.

I looked at mom, fraught with fear, but mom didn’t say anything but simply nodded her head in approval to my father’s order.

Nervously, I reach behind me and unzipped my jean skirt and slid it down my legs.  As I stepped out of it, my father motioned for me to approach him.

Scooting forward on the edge of the couch, daddy reached up and pulled me over his lap.  My ass was readily accessible!

Raising the paddle high above my butt, my father said: “Next time I tell you to be home by midnight, you be home by midnight.”   Then swoosh and down came the paddle on my pantied ass.

I yelped and screamed “ouch” and tried to put my hands behind me.

“You’d better keep those hands away from your butt!” my father exclaimed.  “And hold still!” he commanded.

The paddle was raised again and down it came on my ass once more.  I yelped again and said, “Please, it hurts.”

“It’s supposed to hurt!  Next time you’ll remember to be home on time!”

For a third time, the paddle was raised and “swoosh” then the sting as it landed across the cheeks of my ass.  My dad picked up the tempo as he administered whack after whack.  I started crying and screaming in pain.  My ass was stinging and burning from the paddling.  I was kicking my legs.

“You’d better stop kicking girl!” dad said angrily as the paddle landed on my ass for the tenth time.

The stinging got worse as dad administered stroke after painful stroke to my ass.  My butt was burning and stinging.  I was sobbing in excruciating pain from the paddling I was receiving.  Finally, dad administered the eighteenth and final stroke.

“Now girl, you get upstairs and get to bed.  And you think about what I said.  You stay away from that boy, and you better be home on time from now on.  You understand me?”

Sobbing, all I could say was “Yes Sir.”

I picked up my skirt and heels and walked gingerly up the stairs to my bedroom.  I rubbed my ass for several minutes.  It was still quite painful and warm to the touch. Looking in the mirror, I could see it was beet red.  The imprints of the paddle were still visible!

My butt was still sore from the paddling the next morning.  While I didn’t stop seeing Ryan, I made dammed sure I was home before my curfew expired from now on!























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