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Dad Makes Two

Audrey spanks her Son, and then spanks her Husband

Audrey was beside herself with anger. She was cleaning her husband’s bedside cabinet and came across a porn magazine, on spanking to be precise. She hadn’t realised her husband, Jeffrey, was interested in the subject. After all it had always been her that disciplined their son Ryan who at 22 years old is still put across her lap and spanked when she decides he needs to be. Jeffrey has never shown any inclination to deal with their son. She knew he had an erection when he watched her spank Ryan and was particularly amorous that night but she thought he was just trying to cheer her up. Now she thought differently and was going to speak to Jeffrey when he got home to clear the air.

Ryan came home first from work. He had been out for lunch with the lads and was still in party mood. Not drunk but just loud. Too loud for Audrey, and when he is boisterous he also becomes short and abrasive, and was again today.

“You will not speak to me like that Ryan, do you understand?” she said sternly.

“It was only a joke Mum” he replied, smirking, thinking he had been so clever.

“I don’t like jokes of that kind, as you well know.”

“Don’t get your knickers in a twist Mum” he said, stopping short when his Mum spun around and glared at him.

“Erm, sorry Mum” he said quickly.

“Not good enough Ryan, not by a long way.” Her mood wasn’t helped by her aggravation at finding the porn and she was quite happy for her son to suffer the consequences as she hardly expected to spank her husband. Maybe she will lose some of her stress with the energy used to spank her son.

“Please Mum, I’m really sorry.”

“No Ryan, you were just too rude. Take your trousers and pants off and face the wall for 15 minutes and then you know what you are going to get.”

Ryan knew all right. He will be put across his Mum’s lap and soundly spanked. His Mum watched him as he took down his trousers and then his pants before walking over to the wall, pushing his nose against it, and putting his hands on his head. He had done it before so knew exactly what his Mum expected and spent the next 15 minutes regretting how rude he had been.

His Mum came back in to the room just as Jeffrey came home. Mum was moving the chair in to position just as he entered the room.

“Oh” he said seeing Ryan facing the wall but his bottom was still untouched so realised Ryan was about to be spanked. “What’s he done Audrey?”

“He was just so rude Jeff” Audrey said sounding really exasperated and added “Oh, and are you going out because we need to speak once I’ve dealt with Ryan?”

Jeff was about to answer when Ryan said whilst still facing the wall

“don’t mind me Mum, you can speak to Dad instead if you want, I can go out.”

Audrey pursed her lips, not believing her son could be so ridiculously cool about what was going to happen, so she went up to him and without saying a word gave him a hard spank on his left bottom cheek followed by another on his right bottom cheek. Jeff gasped, knowing that being rude tended to increase the intensity of the spanking he will receive but just couldn’t stop himself.

“I will deal with you now young man and speak to your father later” she snapped giving Ryan two more hand spanks. She turned to walk over to the chair and saw that Jeff was smirking, almost about to giggle.

“It’s not funny Jeff” she snapped as she sat down.

“Sorry dear, I guess it’s not all that funny really” he said as he sat down, it being a family custom to watch his wife spank their son as added embarrassment.  

Audrey turned to Ryan and ordered

“Over here Ryan” and he smartly turned and looked at his Dad who seemed well settled as usual then looked at his Mum and immediately saw she was holding the wooden backed hairbrush which meant this was going to hurt. Still, he walked over to his Mum and stood by her side waiting to be told to bend across her lap. The tap of her finger on her thigh told him it was time and he edged himself across her lap, allowing her to manoeuvre him in to position, wondering as always how come he was still being spanked at 22 years old.

Audrey looked across at Jeff and again made him feel uncomfortable, glaring at him, as though he was in for some sort of argument and was even more concerned when his wife said

“Well I do need to speak to you afterwards Jeff.”   She wasn’t sure what she was going to say, not since finding the porn magazine. She never expected him to be interested in spanking. It wasn’t a game after all. Spanking Ryan was serious, educational for him, and as much as she was relaxed about it herself, even feeling satisfied making him cry, it was not actually sexual.

She was pleased when she saw Jeff look worried over what she had said, but that would come later. Whilst Jeff was thinking what it might be all about she looked at the back of Ryan’s head and said

“That will be whilst you are still crying from the sound spanking I am going to give you young man” and with that she started to spank her sons bare bottom, on alternate cheeks, happy with the colour she was turning his bottom and the gasps he made as each spank hit home.

Normally Jeff would enjoy watching his son squirm as the spanking became harder and harder for him to deal with before the tears started to roll down his face, his breathing became heavier, his chest heave, and the gasps turned to shrieks when Audrey used the hairbrush on his already reddened bottom.

It wasn’t quite the same this time though. Jeff knew his wife, and when she said she had something to talk about it usually meant an argument. He hated arguing with her. She was so strong willed and he never won when she was in full flow. He often thought half jokingly that as he hated arguing with her it might be better to accept her decision on everything, maybe even have her spank him just as she was spanking Ryan now. Sexually he was all for being spanked. He just didn’t have the nerve to ask her. That’s why he enjoyed watching Ryan being spanked, imagining himself across her lap, having his own bottom spanked, and then taken to bed for hours of lovemaking. He had masturbated dreaming about her spanking him often enough.

If only.

The sound of Audrey’s hand hitting Ryan’s bare bottom brought Jeff back to the matter in hand, Ryan having his bottom spanked by his angry Mother. Jeff never ceased to be amazed at how long Audrey could hand spank, and how hard. Ryan was 22 so wasn’t going to cry easily. Yet before long he was squirming around on his Mother’s lap, gasping each time her open palm crashed down on his bottom, more so when she spanked him several times in a row on the same spot. Jeff would look at his wife and before long the sight of her hand rising and falling, her arm tensing as it made its journey back down to thrash their Son’s bottom, he found so sexy. He watched her legs tense as she spanked harder and harder, and all the time he got a stiffer and stiffer erection,

Ryan struggled as the spanking continued, as he always did, surprised by the strength of his Mum, so feminine, but when spanking him so fierce. He could feel her thighs tense as she directed all her strength in to her arm, or at least seemed to, and when her hand hit his bottom so he couldn’t prevent the gasp which told his Mum it hurt. Those gasps were so much louder when she used the hairbrush. There was no faking those gasps. His Mum knew just how to bring that flat wooden brush down on his bottom with such a loud craaaccckkk, he would arch his back and gasp at the same time, occasionally aware his Mum was saying ‘it’s for your own good you know’ before the brush hit home again. He was crying after only a few spanks with the hairbrush knowing there were dozens more to come.

Ryan would occasionally hear Mum and Dad discussing the spanking but he didn’t usually care about that. He was being spanked and if his parents were discussing the reason then he supposed it added to his embarrassment. He did care that time Mum was spanking him with the hairbrush and at the same time telling Dad they had to go shopping for a present for her sister-in-law and what did he think they should buy? Ryan wondered how they could do that as being spanked was still a big thing for him, but there they were that time, his Mum spanking him and his Dad watching, discussing shopping, whilst he was reduced to tears by the spanking. When he asked her about it later she told him laughing she was concentrating on spanking him all right but was multi tasking. When she looked at him half seriously and asked if he thought she hadn’t spanked him enough and maybe he should go across her lap again he soon agreed multitasking was OK.

He wondered about his Dad, always watching the spanking but never giving him one himself. He wondered how come all his friends when they were spanked tended to be spanked by their Dad’s, but in this house it was Mum who disciplined him. Not that he minded. He loved his Mum and when the spanking was over enjoyed her motherly cuddle, a huge hug and a few kisses on his cheek, her saying she hoped he had learned his lesson and he saying he had, how sorry he was, and it wouldn’t happen again. He would stand in front of his Mum and rub his bottom as fast as he could to try to rub away the pain, always with an erection, and saw his Mum smile as she looked at him, tut tutting when he covered his penis, still smiling.

He would look at his Dad who also saw his erection and just shrugged his shoulders, as though what the heck, it’s only an erection. One thing Ryan knew though was that whilst somehow he didn’t mind being across his Mum’s lap with his erection digging in to her thighs he didn’t want to have his erection dig in to his Dad’s thighs. So Mum spanking, if someone had to, him worked for him.

When Audrey had decided Ryan had rubbed his bottom enough she said

“ok Ryan, go face the wall then, until I say you can go.”

Ryan nodded and as usual the 22 year old went to face the wall, his nose right up against the paint, his hands on his head, and stood thinking about how much his bottom stung, giving out the occasional sob or sniff, tears still running down his face.

Ryan heard his Mum say

“Ok Jeff, we need to discuss you now.”

“What about?” his Dad answered, quietly thought Ryan, as though he actually already know what she wanted to discuss.

“Your magazines” she said and even Ryan felt his Dad freeze.

“Oh” is all he said.

“Yes” his Mum said. “Why have you got them?”

“Can’t we discuss them in private Audrey, not in front of Ryan?”

“Well I thought they were connected actually” she replied effectively ignoring his question.

“No” he said, sounding quite shaken.

“What, they don’t have anything to do with me spanking Ryan?”

Ryan blushed deep red and was suddenly thankful he was facing the wall.

“No, why should they?”

“Spanking magazines. Me spanking Ryan. Duh?”

“Oh I see. Well no not at all. Really”

Dad’s voice was getting edgy. He really wasn’t enjoying the conversation.

“You don’t want to be the one to spank Ryan in future then?” Audrey asked, sounding quite surprised.

“No, of course not” Dad said emphatically.

“I see” Audrey said and went over to the side table and took the magazine out of the drawer.

Ryan heard the pages flick over and then his Mum said

“oh I see I’ve misunderstood.”

Dad was silent.

“I see now Jeff. So that’s it then.”

“I’m sorry you found them Audrey.”

“What, not sorry you bought them?” Audrey said sarcastically.

Jeff just repeated “sorry.”

Audrey slammed the magazine shut and walked over to Jeff. “Right then, now I understand what’s needed. You can take your trousers down Jeff, and be quick about it.”

“What?” he stammered.

“Now I see Jeff, the pictures in the magazine are all of women spanking men. It’s obvious isn’t it? You want to be spanked by a woman, and that is what I’m going to do.”

So she thought, maybe she will get to spank her husband after all. She momentarily felt sorry for Ryan as she was harsh to spank him just now, but then thought well it was only a spanking and he probably had any number of reasons he deserved one so she ignored it.

“Please Audrey. Ryan is here.” Jeff was panicking.

“I know Jeff, I know, and guess what, he is going to watch.” Ryan could hear the smile in his Mum’s voice. Wow, she was going to spank his Dad and he was going to watch.

“Jeff, your trousers, off now” Audrey snapped. “Ryan, turn around and watch.”

Ryan turned around immediately and saw his Dad facing his Mum, blushing, like such a deep red, and his Mum looking severe, hands on her hips, lips pursed, daring Jeff to object.

Jeff looked across at his son, then back at his wife, closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then undid his trousers and pushed them down to the floor, stepping out of them.

“Pants as well Jeff” Audrey insisted. Jeff knew he had conceded control so albeit reluctantly put his fingers around the waistband of his pants and pulled them down, stepping out of them.

“Good” Audrey said gleefully as she walked back to the chair and sat down.

“Here Jeff” she snapped and her Husband went across to her. “How long have you wanted to be spanked Jeff?” she asked.

Jeff was still blushing and said quietly “for years Audrey, many years.”

“You should have asked me. I would have done it for you” she said almost challenging what he was saying.

Jeff nodded, realising his Wife meant it, that he should have asked.

“Get over Jeff” Audrey said resolutely.

Jeff looked at his son but before he could say anything Audrey said

“don’t worry about Ryan watching Jeff, we have discussed that time and again. The family watch when a spanking occurs. We may have reckoned that would just be Ryan, but hey ho, the same applies to you. Now get over and be quick about it or I might get a switch from the garden and really make you suffer.”

Jeff knew his wife was serious and quickly bent across her lap, somehow scared now, his hands were on the floor, seeing his naked legs dangling through the chair, his wife’s calves so close, her hand now rubbing his bare bottom, and to the side he could see his son, wide eyed but smiling, looking at his Dad across his Mum’s lap, about to be spanked, and, oh my goodness, he had an erection. His son had an erection looking at his Dad across his Mum’s lap. Mind you thought Jeff Ryan wasn’t looking at him. No, he was looking at his Mum. Maybe that was why he had an erection.

“Excited are you?” he heard Audrey say. So she had seen Ryan’s erection as well.

“Eh Jeff?” Audrey said and gave Jeff a smack on his bottom. It was then he realised he too had an erection. He was across his wife’s lap about to be spanked and he had a hard on. Fantastic he thought. He really was turned on. He looked across at Ryan who was now looking at him and they smiled to each other, Ryan giving his dad a supportive nod of the head as though to say ‘you’ll be Ok’. There was a kinship. They both had erections thinking about being spanked by the same woman. One’s wife and the other’s Mum.

Audrey saw them look at each other and she too smiled. She enjoyed having the power to discipline Ryan. She loved making him suffer, but only of course when he deserved it. Now as well she was going to have the same power over Jeff, her husband, She will spank him and make him agree that she can spank him in future when he needs to be, and that will be more often than Ryan if she has anything to do with it.

Audrey lifted her hand, watched Ryan’s mouth drop open, saw Jeff see Ryan’s face and realise his spanking was about to start, felt Audrey’s thighs tense just as he expected, heard the spank hit home and next second let out a gasp. It stung. More than he had expected. The next spank stung his other bottom cheek, and the next stung his first bottom cheek again. On and on, spank after spank, Audrey was causing Jeff quite some discomfort. She stopped after a while, what seemed like an age to Jeff whose bottom was now stinging, and rubbed his bottom and the tops of his thighs. Her hand was soft, and the movement erotic. He parted his legs and Audrey rubbed the inside of his thighs. This was so good. He looked across at his son and saw shock on his face, watching his Mum fondle his Dad was not what he wanted to see and Jeff felt suitably embarrassed. Audrey again saw the looks but didn’t care. She was enjoying herself. Jeff’s balls were hers to do as she wished just then, Jeff wasn’t resisting either. Still, maybe it was time for the next stage she thought.

Audrey picked up the hairbrush and tapped Jeff’s bottom a couple of times. How Jeff had winced when watching Audrey spank Ryan with the hairbrush, and now he was going to find out first hand what it was like. The very first spank told him enough. Yikes it hurt. It stung. Not as much as the second spank, nor as much as any of the rest. Audrey spanked one bottom cheek and then the other and each spank stung more than the previous one, until even to Jeff’s surprise he was crying, tears running down his cheeks.

Audrey stopped spanking him with the hairbrush and when Jeff stopped sobbing so he heard speaking.

“See Ryan, even Dad cries when I spank him” he heard Audrey say.

Jeff wondered how she could say that to their son, not so Jeff could hear. Spanked in front of his son and his wife was joking about it. How could she? Then he realised. Audrey was rubbing his bottom and his thighs as his legs were again apart. He had an erection again. Maybe it was the same one. Maybe the first one never went but the erection told him what he needed to know. She was rubbing his thighs and his balls, and his erection was pressing down on her thighs. His son was watching his wife rub his balls. She must know Ryan was watching. Must do. She will know it will humiliate him. Still she did it, and he knew why. It will show both of them how in charge Audrey was. Of course. That was part of it. Humiliation. Being spanked and fondled in front of their son was turning him on. Crazy he knew but true. He wanted to know if Audrey was being turned on as well. Surely she was. She wouldn’t do it if she wasn’t. He wanted to find out and squirmed around, caught Audrey’s eye, saw the twinkle in her eye, then saw the hairbrush raised, saw it start it’s journey back down, and turned away just as it smacked home. Jeff shrieked, felt the movement that told him the brush was being lifted again, the pain, and shrieked again, tears following soon enough, and the realisation his spanking wasn’t over.

He lost count of the number of spanks but knew it was dozens. So many stinging spanks, so much crying. He heard Audrey say to Ryan she hoped his Dad would learn from this, and Jeff was mortified. His wife discussing his discipline with his son.

Once the spanking was over and Jeff lay across his wife’s lap, trying to recover his composure, he thought it through. Being spanked in front of someone he knew was humiliating enough and was supposed to be, to maybe make him not want to be spanked again. A Dad being spanked in front of his own son was even more humiliating. The only thing was he wanted to be spanked again and in front of his son, just as he wanted to watch the next time his son was spanked. He loved Audrey, loved her being in control, and was determined to accept her discipline in future. Their son there or not there.

“OK Jeff, I guess we need to go upstairs now” Audrey said.

Jeff slowly got up and stood in front of his wife, rubbing his bottom, not caring his penis was still on show. Then he realised, yes he still had his erection and he was so aroused. He looked at Ryan who was smiling, blushing but smiling. Jeff smiled back. He was sure he would be discussing being spanked with Ryan sometime soon. It was an experience they had shared. Maybe, definitely, they would be sharing that experience again.

“Let’s go” Audrey ordered and led Jeff out of the room by his hand, him still naked below his waist, and followed his wife, still wondering if she was aroused by spanking him. They entered the bedroom and Audrey led Jeff over to the wall, put her hand on the back of his head and gently pressed his head until his nose touched the wall.

“Stay there” she ordered and went in to the bathroom. He was shocked, but still he obeyed her. He wanted to obey her. He had hoped his punishment was over but obviously not.

A few moments later Audrey came back in to the room and Jeff heard her sit on the bed.

“Come here Jeff” she ordered and he walked over, seeing the jar of cold cream in her hand.

“Over my lap” Audrey said and Jeff obeyed. A few seconds later and Jeff felt his wife rub in the cool cream, it felt so good, so cold, easing the stinging in his bottom. He parted his legs and raised his bottom, inviting Audrey to rub the cream in to his thighs. She laughed.

“Up for that are you Jeff?” she asked.

Jeff looked around and found his wife smiling.

“Are you?” he asked tentatively and was delighted with her even louder laugh.

“Too right I am” she said and put her hand around his balls. Jeff grunted in delight.

“Jeff” Audrey said sternly.

“Yes?” he answered.

“I am going to spank you again when you need to be, You do know that?”

“You ask me that with your hand grasping my balls?” Jeff said trying to sound light hearted.

“Yes” Audrey said, squeezing harder than Jeff liked but the relief when she released her grip was arousing.

Jeff looked up and asked

  “for fun or discipline?” He was now seriously interested in finding out.

“Discipline Jeff. When you are naughty I will spank you, in front of Ryan don’t forget, and then we will come up here.”

“Why here?” Jeff asked, unsure.

“It’s our bedroom you banana” she said as she grabbed his balls again.

“Now get on to the bed” she ordered. A few seconds later and Jeff was removing his shirt as Audrey was taking off her top and bra, followed by her skirt and knickers. Audrey lay on her side and Jeff cuddled in, rubbing her bottom, thighs and then moving his hand between her legs, caressing her pussy, feeling how wet it already was.

“Were you turned on by spanking me Audrey.”

She smiled, laughed, and said

“shut up and sort me out before I take my hairbrush to you again.”

Jeff didn’t need any more encouragement. He closed his mouth around hers and their tongues entwined, they curled their legs around each other and stroked each other, kissed and cuddled, and slowly slowly brought each other to a far more intense orgasm than either had had in many a year.

Downstairs Ryan felt left out as his parents left the room and disappeared upstairs. He knew it wasn’t going to be the last time he watched his Dad being spanked nor the last time his Dad would watch him being spanked. The trouble was his erection. He waited a few minutes then made his way upstairs. He heard voices in his parent’s bedroom but not what they were saying. Never mind. He went in to his own bedroom and looked at his bottom in the mirror. There would be bruises in the morning and sitting down might be difficult, but right now he needed to do something else, went to his bed, lay on his back, cringing when his bottom hit the duvet but only for a moment, wrapped his hand around his erection and rubbed gently at first, then more firmly and faster, thinking about being across his Mum’s lap being spanked, until his hot sticky cum gushed out over his chest and he felt so alive.

Half an hour later they were all back in the living room. Audrey announced

“right you two, a word please.”

Jeff and Ryan looked at her, then at each other, and then back at Audrey, a clear respect in their eyes, both licking their lips perhaps in expectation of being disciplined again, both rubbing their bottoms still and Audrey hoped that meant they were both still sore.

“Right, just so you both know, from now on I will be spanking whichever one of you is naughty and the other one of you will watch.”

Audrey eyed them both before saying

“Ryan is that understood?”

“Yes Mum” he answered.


Jeff waited only a moment before replying

“yes dear.”

Audrey saw they both understood. She smiled at them both as they blushed, their mouths dropped open, they looked at each other, then back at her as though picturing themselves across Audrey’s lap being spanked with the other staring down, watching.

“Come and give me a kiss you two” Audrey said sternly.

“Yes Mum” Ryan said again as he kissed her on the cheek.

“Yes dear” Jeff repeated as he kissed his wife on the lips.

Ryan went to his bedroom and Jeff asked Audrey

“So I guess I’ll stop getting the magazines.”

Audrey replied “no need to stop, after all it will give me an excellent reason to give you a good spanking.”

Audrey watched as both her husband and son smiled at each other then turned to her, waiting to be given instructions, and she knew then her control over her husband and son was complete knowing that spanking them again was just a matter of time but spank them both she would and the feeling between her legs told her she hoped it would be soon.

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