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Daddy’s Girls 2 - And Daddy Makes Three!

Chrissie and Zoe share a bed with Daddy – and give him a real surprise!
It had taken ages to get to sleep, the events of the evening too much to take in all in one go. I had gone to the disco in the hope of meeting a woman and came home with two teenage girls who wanted to call me Daddy then sucked my cock as a ‘thank you’! Chrissie and Zoe were 19 and 18 respectively, a total of 37 years against my 44 and my cock had responded favorably beneath the duvet at that statistic. All the same it was a ridiculous situation, one I had to resolve without delay.

I finally found sleep after deciding to give the girls enough money to move on to someplace better suited for them, around boys their own age instead of an aging divorcée.


The sound was deafening and I shot bolt upright in a cold sweat, head swirling with confusion. I had been sound asleep. The two girls sharing the bedroom next to mine had faded into fantasy, possibly even part of the dream I was enjoying when the noise threatened to bring the roof in. It had not been a fantasy, there really were two teenage girls in the next room and they were having their own disco, at what? 7.30am on what should be a lazy Sunday morning!

I leapt out of bed remembering to put a robe over my otherwise naked body; never sleeping in anything, which normally didn’t matter since I had lived alone for over a year. I burst into the bedroom without knocking, they wouldn’t have heard it anyway, and stood in the doorway with my mouth wide open. The girls had the duvet kicked right off, both naked and facing each other with tongues searching the others' mouths, hands feverishly exploring the others' bodies.

Chrissie had her hand firmly between Zoe’s legs, fingers probing her pussy, her thighs so far apart there was nothing hidden from me. Instinctively I ogled Zoe’s pussy lips, Chrissie’s small fingers rubbing her clit before sinking knuckle deep into her. I had never seen two women having sex and I was mesmerised!

Neither had heard me come in, the noise was too loud and they were equally occupied with the other. Chrissie’s legs parted to Zoe’s probing hand and I was treated to the sight of both young pussies, wet with excitement and fully exposed to me. My cock lurched up beneath the thin robe, the girls were totally into each other and I found it erotic beyond description.

It was Zoe who spotted me first and alerted Chrissie, neither tried to conceal anything but both rolled off the bed in opposite directions, pulling on pyjama bottoms before standing almost to attention before me. Thankfully Zoe turned off the music.
"Sorry Daddy, we didn’t know you were awake yet," Chrissie blurted, her face scarlet from her excited state.

If I wasn’t still in shock at the sight of the two of them together I probably would have burst out laughing. ‘How would I be asleep with that noise?’ This was surreal, both girls were topless and their small but interesting breasts bobbed gently in front of me from their rapid breathing.

Zoe put her hand to her lips. "Sorry Daddy, that was me, I just didn’t think."

I thought they were traveling light but the I pod came with quite a sizable docking station, probably more important than mere clothes but hey, that’s teenagers I suppose.

"Please Daddy, don’t be angry with us," Chrissie said almost in a whisper.

I wasn’t actually angry, just shocked really, not used to having anyone to stay. I was having difficulty avoiding staring at their nubile white mounds, cute pink nipples erect and very inviting. "I have been thinking girls," I began, "if I gave you some mon..."

"Zoe," Chrissie butt in, "you know what to do."

Zoe jumped into action and almost ran to her side of the bed returning with one of the little ballet pumps she had been wearing the night before. Chrissie had sat on the single chair by the dressing table by the time Zoe got back; the younger girl offered her the pump then pulled her pyjamas up her waist as far as it would go, tightening the garment over her pretty little bottom. Chrissie tapped her knee and Zoe obediently bent over it.

I sat on the end of the bed, not able or willing to intervene.

The flexible little shoe bounced purposefully off Zoe’s bottom, the tiny rabbits stretched over the printed flannelette pyjamas seemingly alive and running for cover. My cock strained beneath the robe as I watched in fascination as Chrissie spanked her friend, giving her about ten slaps with the pump before letting her up. Zoe rubbed her backside gently with both hands.

"Your turn," Zoe said excitedly.

Chrissie vacated the chair and Zoe took it as the older girl handed the pump over.

"Stop this," I finally intervened, both girls coming to a sudden halt. "What’s all this about?"

"When we are naughty, we get the slipper," Chrissie explained. "Waking you like that was naughty so now we have to be punished. Once Zoe has spanked me you will have to spank us both, Daddy."

I was about to say something when Chrissie almost jumped over Zoe’s knee, the ballet pump doing its thing on her bottom. I have to admit that until last night I had never spanked a girl and I had found it really very sexy, the thought of having another go with these two sent my cock to its extent and there was no way I could hide it beneath this stupid robe.

Chrissie was off her knee and both were now facing me, waiting for me to take over, two pairs of eyes staring at my erection which had now poked between the folds of the robe. Zoe offered me the pump and I took it, bending it between my hands, it was very flexible and perfect for spanking little bottoms. I very nearly shot my stuff!

"Which of us do you want to slipper first Daddy?" Chrissie enquired her hands still rubbing behind her.

"Zoe," I said without any particular reason. I was hooked and there was no going back, I didn’t want to! The younger girl came to my side without hesitation. "Pants down young lady," I ordered, she pulled the waistband over her hips and the pyjamas tumbled to her feet. "Across my knee."

She barely weighted anything as she settled onto my lap, my cock now a flagpole pointing directly at the ceiling from between me and the girl.

Zoe’s bottom was already quite red and I hesitated before slapping the pump across one cheek then the other.

"Harder Daddy," she said hoarsely, "much harder."

"Yes Daddy," added Chrissie, "give her a really good slippering."

Who am I to argue! The first six warmed her up and the next six got her toes off the carpet, after the final six she was kicking her legs like an athlete. Zoe scrambled off my knee and immediately sought her bare bottom with fingers spread, working gently to dissipate the heat. My cock was just about bursting at the sight of the teen gyrating in front of me, cute little breasts weaving animatedly with the action of her hands. The wispy golden-brown patch under the curve of her tummy invited my gaze.

She stood to one side and Chrissie assumed her place, dropping her pants without being asked, her blonde pubic triangle matching the long hair she shook back.

"Over you go Chrissie," I commanded and she responded instantly. Her bottom was more curvier than Zoe’s, more of a bubble butt and it looked fabulous staring up from my lap wobbling like a jelly as I set her in place, arm tight around her waist.

Her first six were probably harder than Zoe’s and she responded with a few little moans, the next six would be harder still but she broke my concentration, her arm snaking down the small gap between us, her hand encircling my cock!

I gave her a dozen with the slipper as she wanked my shaft, her timing a little awkward but still gratifying, her hand trying to keep pace with her legs as she kicked up with the increasing heat in her bottom. By the time she slithered off my knee my cock was probably harder than it had ever been before and I was amazed I was still loaded. I needed pussy and I needed it quickly.

Both girls stood contritely, a serious look spreading across their faces, something was wrong!

"Do you want to take us to bed Daddy?" Chrissie enquired.

Odd question I thought. They only sucked my cock last night so maybe then didn’t want full sex. "Only if you want to," I conceded.

Zoe looked the more coy of the two. "We’ve never done it before," she blurted.

"Done what?" I said stupidly.

"You know," Chrissie said shyly, "we’ve not been ... you know, with a man."

I was aghast. Surely there was some misunderstanding. "You said you were into guys as well as each other."

Chrissie nodded. "We are,’ she squeaked, "but so far we have never actually done it."

"You mean you are both virgins?" I shrieked. They were nearly 20; surely they must have tried it by now?

Zoe nodded and my cock wilted. I began to get up.

"Please Daddy, don’t go," Chrissie pleaded. "We want to do it ... we want to do it with you ... now."

Again Zoe nodded. "Please Daddy; show us how to do it."

My cock strengthened again. "You don’t have to do anything," I said weakly. "You have to be sure. I’m too old to be taking that from you. It’s supposed to be special."

There was no hesitation. "This is special Daddy," they shrieked in unison.

"But only if you are sure."

Both girls whooped like excited schoolgirls and leapt onto the bed. I shed the robe and prepared to deflower two teenagers before breakfast!


I’m old fashioned, no doubt about it and very set in my ways and when it comes to sex I take the traditional position for a man. No ‘girls on top’ rubbish for me. However, much as I love and respect women there is a place for everyone and in the bedroom it’s the man who dominates and a woman’s place is very definitely laying back to enjoy it!

Taking a young lady’s virginity is a special honour and a big responsibility. What happens that first time will probably be remembered forever! It was a good start, my girls laying side by side on the bed holding hands and preparing for their new experience. I’m not saying I can do better than they already did for each other, possibly they will still prefer the feminine touch to that of a man but I intended to make sure they had something to compare it with. Whatever they chose to do after was their business. I gently eased myself over Chrissie to get in the middle.

"Oh Daddy, you’re so furry," Chrissie said in a husky low voice, her small hands sinking into my chest hair.

I do have quite a rug there and it had always fascinated my ex, she would rub her tits into it, savoring the sensations on her nipples. Without argument she was bloody good in bed, it was the only place we really got on and I often thought if we could stay there we would have had the perfect marriage, she knew how to tease and she knew how to please. My cock surged to life at the thought of sex with her which was ridiculous, having a naked young virgin either side of me!

Zoe’s hand wound around my erection and massaged me like only a woman can, if indeed she was a woman yet! Is an eighteen year old virgin a woman or still a girl? Either way she handled my cock expertly. Chrissie’s fingers stroked through my fur before sliding down to join Zoe’s, two girls handling my shaft at the same time; that was yet another first for me. Luckily I had plenty of length for the pair of them to play with, straining at my full ten inches.

Both girls snuggled onto my chest, two pairs of young breasts delving into my forest; kissing each other with wet lips before kissing me.

"Oh Daddy," they both oozed in unison in response to my probing hands searching between their legs, both index fingers finding wet clits and rubbing them gently.

They were writhing now, nipples erect and scouring my chest as my fingers entered their sex at the same time, both tightening around the intrusion. They kissed again, salivating as I played their tight little tunnels; their hands still massaging my cock, my only dilemma was which one to fuck first!

As Chrissie was the elder at 19 she would be my very first virgin, my ex was certainly no virgin when we met so the little blonde would be a first for me also. I slid across the little nymph, tiny beneath me as I hovered on my arms, looking down onto her expectant face and noticing her piercing blue eyes for the first time. She was pretty, probably the prettiest girl I would ever have the pleasure to fuck, a flawless little blonde teenager and just ripe for the taking. Then a last minute twang of conscience surged through me; was this really the right thing to do, would it be right for her?

"Will you spank me Daddy if I don’t do it right?" She whispered.

I brushed a hand through her tousled hair. "You will do it right Chrissie," I assured her.

"But you will spank me if I don’t, promise?"

"I will spank you anyway," I promised.

"Oh Daddy, please fuck me," she husked threading her arms around my neck pulling me down to her, "then put me across your knee and spank my bare bottom," she said in my ear.

She spread her legs obligingly and my cock nuzzled against her sex, one hand leaving my neck and seeking Zoe’s, clasping hers tightly as my mushroom slid between her labia heading towards her virginity.

She practically deafened me! The shrill squeal was so loud it actually made me jump. My cock was little more than halfway home as I swept away her girlhood and suddenly she was riding me like a whore! Chrissie is a ‘squealer’ and didn’t stop squealing until she came!

I had her fully impaled by the time she let go, convulsing several times before going limp beneath me. That was classic, my cock was harder than steel as I withdrew from her, gently easing across to my other little girl.

Zoe was panting rapidly as I positioned myself between her legs, gently prising her thighs apart with one hand whilst smoothing her short brunette locks with my other. She smiled up at me nervously, tense with apprehension yet trembling slightly with excitement, I kissed her wet lips tenderly then probed her sex with my cock-head.

"Do you want me to spank you afterwards?’ I whispered.

‘Oh yes, please, Daddy," she husked arching her back slightly to accept me.

My bulb penetrated her and her mouth opened in a silent scream then I noticed tears rolling from the corners of her wide eyes.

"You okay sweetheart?" I said softly.

"Yes Daddy," she breathed, her breasts heaving beneath me, nipples jiggling sensuously. "I’m ready, Daddy."

My cock slid in easily for the first five or six inches then she tightened around it, there was no chance of giving her any more and she was as tight as a drum, sensitivity was key. Slowly I plied my cock back and forth, gradually increasing pace until she began to moan, her hazel eyes wide and staring as I gave her a gentle fucking. Both girls still clasped hands as I fucked Zoe to her climax, her hot juices quickly sheathing my cock. I hadn’t cum and oddly didn’t want to but I was harder than I had ever thought possible.

Chrissie and Zoe kissed and cuddled each other after I had made my exit, sitting on the edge of the bed staring at my unrequited hard-on.

"Will you spank us now Daddy?" Chrissie squeaked sliding off the bed. "Put us over your knee Daddy, like you promised," she whined.

Zoe sidled up beside her.

I tapped my knee, "Come on then, bend over."

Two still red bare bottoms settled onto my knees side by side, huddled tight against each other to fit on my lap, cock now trapped beneath them and aching for some attention. My hand flashed from one girl to the other, each cheek in turn, spanking them reasonably hard with cupped palm for at least five minutes until both girls thrashed their legs in the air. The pair slithered from my lap to their knees for my finale. Standing up, hands on hips I thrust my cock towards them; it was Chrissie who sucked me first.

Taking it in turns to suck my cock then my balls I was in man-heaven and ready to burst. Hands now cupping the back of each girls head I took control of their pace, both staring up at me wide-eyed waiting for some indication of my cumming. Chrissie’s head bobbed purposefully on the end of my shaft before relinquishing it to a more sedate Zoe, her mouth tighter but slower until she handed it back to Chrissie who gently massaged me with her fingers.

Cheek to cheek and mouths open like hungry starlings my buttocks tightened and I fed them dutifully, Chrissie sharing my cream between the two of them, streaking face and hair with several rapid jerks.

Now I really was ready for my Sunday morning bacon and eggs!

Next: The girls go shopping and Daddy gets a treat.

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