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Daddy's Girls

Chrissie and Zoe are ‘adopted’ by a new Daddy!
Divorce is a weird thing. After a year spent finally getting back to ‘single’ status all I can think of is finding a new woman! The trouble with that is guys of forty-four aren’t readily attractive to young women so I went out looking for one of my own age; what a flop that was! Most had masses of baggage, set in their ways or still looking for a handsome young ‘Mr Right’ and that most certainly was not me. Then, at the risk of telling my story backwards, I found not one, but two and not only that, they were both still in their teens!

Welcome to my new world. No longer am I a husband, I am now a ‘Daddy’ with two girls who just want to please me! This is my story.


My ex and I finally sorted things out, she wanted a new life abroad and I wanted to stay put so I bought her out and off she went, leaving me alone in a fairly large four bed detached. I like women and I can’t live without them so first things first, I went out on the pull. I tried all the usual social places, pubs, clubs, the cinema, little societies doing all sorts of things except pair off older single men with older single women. Not a sniff!

This was my last resort and the music was deafening, and awful. The dance floor was packed with pretty young things jigging away enthusiastically taking me way back to my youth, so in the time honoured tradition I risked rebuke and insult and went right in. Unattached girls usually come in pairs and in the old days they would dance with you for a couple of tracks then if you were lucky one would hang on for a slow smooch. Not anymore.

I was becoming more than just self-conscious as one after the other eyed me as if I were an alien, picked up their handbags and scurried off the floor leaving me jigging around like Billy No-mates. Trying not to get discouraged I turned around after abandonment by two girls to find three more in a little circle so I went with it, strutting my stuff. A few giggles told me I was wasting my time then the music stopped and suddenly I felt awkward, do I go or do I stay, funnily that wasn’t one of the songs but I stayed and then a smoochie began. One of the threesome edged slightly towards me then the other two picked up their stuff and went off so I moved in on the girl and luckily she didn’t blow me out.

Wow, was she hot! Slim and blonde with great legs and a sparkly mini-dress she had her arm draped around my neck as we shuffled to the slow rhythm. She smelt fabulous and suddenly I realised my cock was growing like something out of Jack and the Beanstalk and we were close, very close and now I was trying to put a little distance between us ‘down there’. She was so tiny; her small arms probably no thicker than the girth of my cock which made it grow even more, now probably at its full ten inch spec.

My ex always liked my cock, she said it was the biggest she had ever seen and even her mates said they had never heard of one my size (don’t know if she used male inches or female ones!) Unfortunately a marriage can’t survive on cock alone or we would still be together, she was pretty good in bed and really knew how to extract the best out of my dibber.

The girl was looking up at me with wide eyes, probably in her mid twenties and obviously quite experienced with men, she was pretty, no doubt about that and I got the impression she liked me. Could this be the start of something? The music droned on a while then began to end which was a real pity, I was enjoying the feel of her, hopefully she felt the same, I had got carried away then suddenly realised my cock was pressing against her. The music finished and her arm unwound from around my neck her lips pouting a half smile at me before giving a knowing look at my crotch, my face flushed then she was gone. No turning back to see if I was following, my time was up and she was moving on. Damn!

The bar area was on the balcony, a quick pint then I would be on my way, another failed attempt under my belt but at least I could see what I was missing, girls gyrating on the dance floor, couples hugging and kissing in every nook and cranny but sadly no one for me.

‘Can we sit here?’ said a slight blonde in jeans and t-shirt, her mate similar in size but a brunette in tight shorts looked on waiting for my approval.

‘Yeah, no problem. I’m off in a few minutes.’

The girls slid into the bench seat opposite me. ‘On your own then?’ the blonde said casually.

‘Yep,’ I said slurping half the remainder in the glass. I noticed the brunette trying to manoeuvre a huge holdall beneath the table. ‘You don’t travel light,’ I offered.

The blonde sighed, ‘long story. Why are you going?’

‘Nothing to keep me,’ I said slugging back the remainder.

She smiled knowingly, ‘had some knock-backs down there then,’ she said accurately, nodding over the balcony towards the dance floor.

‘Nosey bugger aren’t you.’

‘Just interested. What about wifey back at home, does she know you’re looking for a whatever it is you’re looking for?’ blondie said smiling ever more brightly.

‘No wife, just divorced,’ I said not knowing why I was even offering the information. I liked the blonde; she was interesting, and very pretty too. The brunette was also very attractive but then again, all young girls look attractive to me.

‘Who got the house?’ the brunette said, speaking for the first time.

‘Another cheeky bugger,’ I said pushing the glass to one side. ‘I’m off.’

‘Don’t go,’ the blonde said in such a way I actually felt she meant it. The look I gave her said ‘why not’. ‘We need a drink first,’ she flickered her eyes and I fell for it.

‘Okay, just the one,’ I made to go to the bar.

‘God I’m starving,’ the brunette chimed. She looked hungry, they both did.

‘Okay,’ I pulled a twenty from my top pocket. ‘Get your own, I don’t fancy queuing.’ They snatched the note and flew out of the booth. I thought that was it, never see them again then I felt the holdall by my legs, they wouldn’t leave that.

I was right, ten minutes later they both slid back into the booth, burgers and fries and a huge vat of coke apiece. ‘Any change?’ I asked weakly, both shaking heads unable to speak whilst devouring the food as if it were their first meal of the day. It was as it turned out.

The brunette wore a vest top and tiny shorts, she could carry it off with her legs and my cock strengthened at the image, both had reasonably good sized tits for girls so young. My cock wilted at my last thought, ‘girls so young’, they were obviously way too young for me, jailbait, I’ll wait for them to finish then get off.

‘What sort of woman are you looking for?’ came the nosey blonde, licking her lips noisily before concentrating on the small pile of fries.

‘You said it, ‘woman’ not girl,’ I said, actually not trying to offend them but they had to be put right.

‘We’re women,’ the brunette kicked in.

‘Yeah right,’ I tried not to sound too condescending.

‘How old do you think we are,’ blondie ventured.

‘Fifteen, sixteen tops.’

Blondie suddenly looked hurt. ‘I’m nineteen, nearly twenty actually and Zoe is eighteen. I’m Chrissie by the way,’ she offered a small hand.

I took her offering and shook it briefly. ‘I’m nearly a hundred then,’ I said sarcastically.

Now both of them looked hurt. ‘Show him Zo,’ blondie urged. Zoe plunged a hand into a small pouch of a shoulder bag and pulled out their ID cards and pushed them at me.

I studied them and gulped in surprise, they were actually telling the truth and the photo’s matched, I handed them back contritely.

Zoe placed them carefully back into her handbag. ‘We get it all the time, that’s why we keep them handy,’ she said snapping the little bag shut.

‘So what’s with the big bag, are you moving house or something?’

‘Got it in one,’ blondie said gulping at the coke, ‘couldn’t pay the rent so out we went.’

‘Sorry to hear that,’ I said genuinely, I really did feel sorry for them, must be hard at that age with no money. ‘Where are you moving to?’

‘You did say you got the house,’ Zoe said almost matter-of-factly, finishing off her fries.

‘Oh no you don’t,’ I said firmly as the penny dropped. ‘I don’t need a couple of kids.’

‘We’re not kids,’ Chrissie said defensively, ‘you know how old we are. You haven’t got kids have you?’

‘No I haven’t got kids and no, you are still too young for me, I’m old enough to be your dad.’

‘I love father figures,’ Zoe said spontaneously.

‘Me too,’ Chrissie said licking her lips.

My cock jumped to attention. ‘How are you planning to pay your way?’ I said hoping I knew the answer; my cock was swelling rapidly at the thought of these two youngsters playing with it.

‘You know how,’ both said in unison. ‘Zoe’s my partner, we love each other but we both like men as well,’ Chrissie added ‘especially older men. We’ll pay our way.’

‘Please take us home with you,’ Zoe chipped in enthusiastically.

It needed clarifying. ‘You girls need someone much younger than me, someone your own age... hey!’

Zoe had kicked off her ballet pump and a bare foot arrived at my crotch, toes tracing the outline of my growing bulge. ‘My god!’ she squealed, ‘he’s got more than enough for us, he’s fucking huge.’

‘Mind your language,’ I rebuked. I’m a bit old fashioned about that sort of thing.

‘Yes Daddy,’ she said contritely removing her foot.

Chrissie picked up on that in an instant. ‘Oh yes, please let us call you Daddy, please, please Daddy.’

‘Why would you want to do that, what about your real fathers?’

‘We’ve never had one,’ Chrissie said suddenly sullen. ‘Me and Zo were brought up in a children’s home together; we’ve known each other since about five.’

‘We don’t have a real Daddy,’ Zoe confirmed, ‘please be our Daddy, pleeeease!’

‘You’re not still there are you?’

‘Don’t be silly,’ Chrissie snorted. ‘We got kicked out at sixteen, we are at College now and live-in during term time but for now we have nowhere to go, our landlord put the rent up and we couldn’t afford it. We don’t go back for another three months. Please let us stay with you, we’ll be very good.’ She gave me another sexy flutter of her eyes, pleading really.

‘If we misbehave you can spank us and send us to bed!’ Zoe offered casually.

‘Spank you! You mean as in over my knee? Why would I do that?’ I spluttered, maybe I had heard wrong with the loud music but I was intrigued.

‘Because we like it,’ Chrissie added, watching my incredulous expression, a mischievous look crossing her face. ‘You will find out how much we like it after you put us over your knee for the first time,’ once again she licked her lips provocatively, ‘please Daddy, can we go home now?’


You would think the two girls would just want to crash out but no, they were excited and full of beans as they looked around the house before unpacking their meagre kit in the double bedroom I had given them. I was in the lounge relaxing on the sofa having made coffee when the giggling duo burst in both dressed in pyjamas and bouncing onto the sofa beside me.

‘Oh Daddy, this place is awesome,’ Chrissie enthused snuggling against me. I had half expected them to appear in something sexy, a short nightdress or maybe something silky but no, practical flannelette pyjamas with bunnies or something printed all over them. My cock appeared to like it; I had a hard-on like a donkey!

‘You are really nice,’ Zoe said softly nuzzling up to me, ‘thanks for letting us stay, is there anything we can do to be nice to you?’ she said rubbing her hand over my obscene bulge.

She didn’t wait for a reply and unzipped me as quick as a flash, her hand disappearing inside my pants before returning with my extra hard cock. She struggled a little to get it out but when it arrived they both wasted no time in stroking it, god I nearly came right there.

Both girls unbuttoned their pyjama tops and shed them almost in unison and I was confronted by two pairs of nubile young tits, little white mounds with pale pink summits, nipples erect and pointing invitingly towards me.

‘Don’t want any spillages down our tops,’ Chrissie said mischievously then bent into my lap and began tonguing my cock head. Zoe pressed her lips against mine and slid her tongue in my mouth, I had gone to heaven!

Wow she was good, I was aching to offload but I knew the younger girl would want a go. Thankfully they swapped over. If you had said that morning I would have an eighteen year old girl sucking my cock by midnight I would have laughed the house down but there she was, going for gold on the end of my stiffy.

I thought Chrissie might be annoyed but she smiled broadly as Zoe took my load, I held the back of her head firmly as I jerked it into her. The girl was good, apart from a slight gag she took me whole, every drop, gulping it down like a hungry whore, licking me greedily before offering my wilting shaft to her girlfriend. Astonishingly Chrissie’s light touch made me jerk back to life then she bobbed into my lap and found another helping of my cream, I couldn’t believe it and I still felt horny!

‘Wow, your cock is so big,’ Chrissie whispered, licking her lips, wet with my cum, ‘now you have to spank us and send us to bed like naughty girls,’ she husked.

Zoe was already spreading over my lap when Chrissie joined her, two girls over my knee side by side and my cock as hard as when we began!

Teens have such gorgeous bottoms, I thought staring down at the two pairs on my lap, tentatively I smacked each girl in turn and received little moans of appreciation, a little harder this time and both girls wobbled at my touch, even sexier. More smacks but not much reaction.

‘Pull down our pants,’ Chrissie demanded, ‘spank us hard on our bare bottoms Daddy, we deserve it.’

Not one to refuse a pretty face I pulled down both pairs of pyjamas and sucked in breath at the sight. Cute reddening cheeks gave way to the luscious oval fruit of their entrances, damp with excitement and waiting for serious attention. I spanked the pair of them with open palm, bottoms bouncing beneath it, writhing bodies almost joined at the hips, legs kicking as the heat of my hand transferred to their backsides.

I let them up after about a couple of dozen spanks apiece, both rubbing behind them as I took in the wispy little triangles of pussy fur standing in front of me, naked apart from those silly little ballet pumps and the pyjama bottoms pooled around them.

‘Thank you Daddy,’ both said in unison, ‘can we go to bed now?’

I nodded and off they went; no doubt to do what girls do together when they are in a relationship.

Next: And Daddy makes three! Chrissie and Zoe show Daddy how happy they are to be with him.

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