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Daniel Goes First - Part 1

Daniel is spanked in front of friends, then others reluctantly get their bare bottoms reddened

21 year old Daniel stood obediently as he listened to 42 year old Jennifer, his girlfriend of some months now, say to her friend Carol on the phone. “Yes Carol, Daniel has been so rude to me this morning and there really is nothing more for it, so I am going to spank him. I am just ringing as you and Jonathan are due come over in a while and I thought it best to delay by an hour.”

After a question from Carol, Jennifer continued, “I know an hour sounds a long time but I really am so annoyed the way I feel at the moment I will probably spank him for that long.” 

There was a pause before Jennifer continued more light heartedly, “No problem if your Mother is with you. Marion isn’t it? Yes, I remember her from old, and so does my bottom,” and then laughed. 

Then Daniel noticed a turn in the conversation when Jennifer said, “Oh I see, yes well that might work. So your Jonathan has been a handful as well...”

Then after a gap said, “Yes I suppose being able to spank Daniel is a bonus for me.” Jennifer said laughing and adding, “He is my boyfriend and Jonathan is your son, but otherwise it’s pretty much the same really.” 

There was another question from Carol and Jennifer said now quite seriously, “Do you really think Jonathan might accept you spanking him if he sees me spanking Daniel, just because they are the same age?” then continued, “Yes, if his only argument is that at 21 he is too old to be spanked then it might work as Daniel is also 21 after all. Look Carol if you want to come over and watch me spank Daniel then that is fine, no problem, and if Jonathan gets to agree to be spanked in the future then that would be a great outcome for you.”

Then after a gap she laughed and said, “Of course Marion can come as well, gosh she has spanked enough bottoms in her time so she can always give me some pointers.” 

Jennifer finished the conversation with, “Right, then we will see the three of you in a few minutes, and yes, Daniel will regret being so naughty for sure.” 

So it was settled.

Three visitors were on their way over to watch 42 year old Jennifer spank her 21 year old boyfriend.

Carol is the same age as Jennifer, at 42.

Jonathan the same age as Daniel, so 21...and Carol’s Mother, Marion is 63. 

Five minutes later there was a ring on the bell and the three visitors were shown in to the living room.

Carol was effervescent as usual, thanking Jennifer loudly for letting them all come and watch her discipline Daniel, and said even more loudly that he was 21 years old, the same age as Jonathan. Jonathan was sulking if ever anyone was. 

Jennifer went to the kitchen to collect the hairbrush and Carol followed her. 

“Thanks awfully, Jennifer. I really think I need to convince Jonathan. He is so unruly. Being spanked never did me any harm and I reckon it is the best way to sort him out quickly. I have broached the subject of me spanking him and as I said his only real defence is that at 21 he is too old. I’m sure that when Jonathan sees Daniel accepting his spanking he will agree he isn’t too old after all.” 

Jennifer saw how enthusiastic her friend. She noticed her clothing and said.

“You are looking quite the part Carol, dressed to be in charge,” she said smiling. Jennifer thought her friend was made up very nicely wearing a smart tight fitting black skirt a white blouse and high heels looking quite the woman in control in fact, and ready for action. 

“Well thank you Jennifer. Anyway it’s worth a try isn’t it? Carol replied. 

Jennifer changed the subject and said, “Your Mum looks well.” 

“Yes, she has come to live with me now, permanently, which is more trying than I remember.” Carol made her voice sound weary. 

Jennifer said, “I remember she had a short temper when we were younger, as we found out quite often, or at least you mainly.” Jennifer said laughing. 

“You mean the time I spent across the maternal lap” Carol replied also laughing, remembering the long and hard spankings her Mother used to give her. “That’s why I think Jonathan needs some of that discipline you know. It did me a lot of good and I am sure Jonathan will be a better person for it.” 

“I am sure you are right,” Jennifer said, not being too sure at all though thought better of it than to say that to her friend yet added, “I recall she gave me quite a number of lessons as well.” 

Jennifer and Carol had been very close as youngsters, staying at each others houses for maybe a week at a time and had to accept the discipline of the household, hence Jennifer’s several trips across Marion’s lap for a spanking. 

Carol said, “Well we can laugh about it now as those days are well behind us now.” 

“Come on,” Jennifer said, picking up the hairbrush and leading the way back to join the others, “let’s get back to the others. I have a bottom to spank and hopefully you will as well afterwards. I hope you are ready to put him across your lap Carol.” 

“I can’t wait to do just that,” Carol said firmly, “I’ve waited long enough.” 

The two Mum’s joined the others and several faces looked their way, expectantly. 

Daniel glanced at Jonathan, who he knew from his schooldays, and wasn’t surprised to find him scowling at as his Mother particularly when she said, “Right Jonathan, watch carefully and remember Daniel is 21 years old, just like you.” 

Daniel saw Jonathan frown and throw a look his way. Daniel realised Carol hadn’t explained that he had readily accepted being spanked, and was happy to accept Jennifer’s severe discipline in return for sex, and the benefit of having her as his girlfriend.

Daniel also realised it was hard to see what Jonathan would get out of accepting his Mum’s discipline other than the total downside of a sore bottom on a regular basis. Still, that was for them to sort out.

Right now, Daniel was looking towards Jennifer who had sat herself down on the spanking chair, her hairbrush on her lap, and was rolling her sleeves up to above her elbow. Yes, she was readying herself for the spanking she was going to give Daniel for his non-stop snapping at her earlier on.

He knew he had this coming. 

“Right Daniel, trousers and underpants down please,” she said firmly. 

As much as he enjoyed sex with his older girlfriend, the spanking itself always hurt, and she made sure it did, so he always hated having to get ready to bend across her lap. Still, Daniel did as he was told. He noticed Carol give her son a knowing look, but was surprised to see Marion shake her head when she also saw the look. He wasn’t surprised to see Jonathan scowl again and throw his hands in his pockets. 

“Over you get Daniel.” Jennifer ordered, and a few seconds later he was looking at the carpet, then saw his legs dangling on the far side of the chair, and felt Jennifer’s hand on his bare bottom. 

“Why am I spanking you Daniel?” She demanded to know. She always insisted on having the conversation with him just so he knew exactly why he was being spanked. At least that is what Daniel thought. He didn’t know that scolding Daniel was a real turn on for Jennifer and that is why she insisted on forcing him to reply. 

“Because I kept snapping at you this morning, Jennifer. I am very sorry.” He said, actually sounding sorry as it happened, although both he and Jennifer knew that was because of the spanking he was about to get. 

“Really?” Is all Jennifer would say. 

Carol turned to Jonathan and said sternly, “Just like you were this morning with me, young man.” 

Jonathan looked away and puffed out his cheeks letting out a long, loud breath. 

“You might look that way Jonathan, but Daniel did the same and he too, is getting a spanking. You are the same age as him you know.” 

Jonathan shot back, “21 is too old to be spanked Mum. I keep telling you!” He then turned to look at Daniel and added, “Though I can’t understand why Daniel accepts it.” 

Carol didn’t let go and said, “Because he was naughty and is paying the price. 21 is not too old Jonathan and it’s about time you accepted that.” 

There was a stony silence until Marion said, “You were rude to me this morning as well Carol, if you remember.” 

Carol turned to her Mother and snapped. “Hush Mother. I’m trying to get it in to Jonathan’s head he is not too old to be spanked and I don’t need you undermining me!” 

There was another stony silence so Jennifer decided she had better get going and landed a sharp spank on Daniel’s bottom. All three visitors jumped and looked at Jennifer as her hand was again raised and brought down with a louder echo, followed by spank after spank.

They watched as Jennifer turned Daniel’s bottom pink and then red.

He squirmed around on her lap as he tried fruitlessly as usual to avoid her open hand, although as ever not resisting or trying to get up. He lay across her lap and she landed spank after spank and his bottom cheeks bounced around and settled down only for a split second before being sent on another journey by his girlfriends next spank. 

 Jennifer spanked Daniel with her hand for what seemed like ages and even so when Carol glanced at her watch she was surprised to see 15 minutes had passed ever so quickly. 

Jennifer always spanked with her open palm until her hand hurt and eventually she stopped spanking Daniel for a second and took hold of the hairbrush. 

“I hope you are watching carefully Jonathan because I will not have you being rude young man.” Carol said gruffly. 

Jonathan huffed again. 

Marion said, “Don’t forget you weren’t the only one being rude this morning Carol.” 

Carol spun on her Mother and barked, “I have told you Mother this is about Jonathan! Just be quiet and I’ve told you not to undermine me.” 

Marion answered calmly but forcefully, “Enough. Let’s discuss this in the kitchen. Now!” 

Marion pointed to the doorway. Carol was about to argue but thought better of it and turned and walked out of the room. Marion followed.

Seconds later they were in the kitchen, the door closed. Marion said, "Now listen here my girl. Jonathan certainly isn’t going to agree to being spanked like that.” 

“Really Mother, I do know that!” 

Marion put her finger up and silenced her 42 year old daughter then said, “And anyway you were even more rude to me that Jonathan was to you.” 

Carol shrugged her shoulders and said, “No matter about that Mother. I am trying to get Jonathan to understand 21 is not too old to be spanked. It is the only way to get him back under control. Who knows what trouble he will get himself in to if he continues acting like this?” 

Both women stopped when they heard loud gasps coming from the living room which they knew were coming from Daniel, a direct reaction to being spanked by the hairbrush Jennifer had been holding when they left the room. So Jonathan had been watching that as well. 

Marion was the first to speak. “I have another way for him to understand age is not a preclusion to him being spanked.” 

“Really Mother?” Carol asked and added sounding really sarcastically, “How’s that then?” 

Marion replied “I have come to live with you why?”

Carol was about to answer but again Marion raised her hand and Carol knew from old, her Mother was well used to asking a question and then answering it herself. She remembered how when she was younger that is how her Mother argued her into submission before turning her across her lap and giving her a good spanking. A very good spanking she recollected.

Her Mother continued, "Yes Carol, I came to live with you because you are so useless with money, either we pooled our resources or you and Jonathan would be out in the street. I have come to live with you to save your home. Well I don’t see why I should be the one to play second fiddle. Not at all.  21 is certainly not too old to be spanked. For that matter neither is 42.” 

Marion allowed the comment to hit home. Carol suddenly realised where this was heading. She was horrified and when Marion saw her daughter bite her lip and put her hand to her mouth she knew Carol fully understood the drift. 

“Exactly. I will be the one in charge of both of you. So as you were rude to me today you have earned yourself a spanking, and I will give Jonathan a spanking, straight afterwards.” 

Marion looked at her daughter daring her to object. 

“Really Mum?” She said, now far from effervescent. She was sounding quite distraught in fact. 

“Yes Carol, really. Then when I spank Jonathan I will make it clear being spanked is back on the agenda for you and for him and he can hardly complain that 21 is too old because he will have watched me spank his 42 year old Mother. Surely you agree that getting him to accept being spanked was always your aim. Does it matter if I am the one to spank him rather than you?” 

Marion again looked fiercely at her daughter, who caved in. Carol most certainly saw a difference, a big one, as in her scenario she will be the one spanking her son and in her Mum’s scenario it will be her spanking both her daughter and grandson. But cave in she did.

“Yes Mum, you are right of course, as usual.” She said and realised how she gave her own bottom an involuntary rub, in anticipation she supposed. 

“Good!” Marion said emphatically, “So let’s go back and tell the others shall we and you had better make your agreement sound good or else young lady.”

Marion hadn’t missed her daughter rubbing her bottom and knew she would be rubbing it far more quickly once she had been put across her lap for a while. 

The two women left the kitchen and went back to the living room.

Jonathan was looking on uneasily as Jennifer had clearly spanked Daniel non-stop since they had left the room and his bottom was a bright red, with bruising, Daniel was crying hard, tears were streaming down his cheeks, and even Jennifer looked flushed with her exertion.

Jennifer looked up as the two women re-entered the room but did not let up her spanking. 

The sound of hard wood landing squarely on bare bottom continued to flash around the room with Daniel’s gasps and sobbing following those sounds as the two women stood again watching the spanking although Jennifer noticed how Marion seemed rather more bubbly than the now subdued Carol. 

Jennifer focussed on her boyfriend’s bottom again, turning it an even darker red before deciding Daniel had paid enough for his rudeness and stopped. Daniel kept crying and Jennifer tried to hush him by rubbing his bottom and as usual felt his penis harden as he calmed down and hoped they would adjourn to the bedroom.

Slowly Daniel recovered and eased himself up from his girlfriends lap and then the stinging ache in his bottom took over and he madly rubbed his bottom cheeks, not caring his erection was there for all to see. 

Jonathan’s eyes flew wide open when he saw the erection. How could that be? Spanked so hard but still ready for sex. Wow. 

Marion wasn’t surprised at all, neither was Carol. Both had felt wet between their legs when they watched the hand spanking and regretted missing most of the spanking given with the hairbrush.

Mind you Marion was now already looking forward to spanking her daughter although Carol was hoping there would be some cold cream around to rub in to her bottom as the memories of many long hard spankings from her Mum flowed back through her mind.    

Marion announced in a strong cheerful voice that sounded conclusive, “Jennifer, Carol and I have had a discussion and agreed she needs to be disciplined for being so rude to me this morning.” 

Jennifer looked stunned but said nothing. Daniel was still rubbing his bottom too intently to have heard. Jonathan’s face though was a picture, but horrified at the same time. 

“Yes, and from now on I will be spanking Carol whenever she earns it, just as I used to. I will be using the rules I had for her when she lived at home so suspect she will be making numerous trips across my lap over the coming months.” 

Marion looked at Carol who swallowed hard, blushed, was obviously reluctant but said in a somewhat pathetically faltering voice, “Yes Mum is quite right. There must be one person who is clearly in charge and I agree she is the right choice.”

Carol gave her Mum a look and when Marion gave a short nod of her head Carol remembered the threat if she didn’t sound sincere and continued in a stronger voice, “And as such I agree that if I am naughty in the future, Mum will decide when I need to be given a good hard spanking, and yes I expect I will need several to be brought back in to line. In fact I welcome being spanked because I know it will do me good and a spanking today is exactly what I need to start me behaving properly.” 

Marion smiled then turned to her grandson and said, “Jonathan after I have spanked your Mother, I will be giving you a spanking and no arguments my lad. You will know for sure that if 42 years old isn’t too old to be spanked then you at 21, are certainly not!”

After a few seconds, Marion added firmly “Understood?” 

Jonathan just nodded, too dumbfounded to argue.


 To be continued
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