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Daniel Goes First - Part 2

Daniel is spanked in front of friends, then others reluctantly get their bare bottoms reddened

Jennifer looked at her friend who scrunched her face up, bit her lip, and then looked at the floor. No resistance from her then thought Jennifer. Well well. 42 years old and about to be spanked, after all the things she had said in the kitchen. How about that then she thought?


Marion sat on the same chair Jennifer had occupied a few moments ago and ordered Carol to stand by her side.


“Undo your skirt and take it off and your knickers please” Marion said so matter of factly anyone would have thought Carol had been regularly spanked for years instead of this being her first spanking for well over 20 years.


Carol took a deep breath, and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She lowered her knickers and stepped out of them, picking up her skirt, and putting them neatly on the table. She turned back but could not miss the three enthralled sets of eyes watching the 42 year old get herself ready to be spanked. Marion tapped her lap and Carol lent forward allowing her Mum to guide her down until her hands rested on the floor and she was neatly lying prone across her Mother’s thighs, her bare bottom balanced on her right thigh giving a perfect angle for her Mum to spank her bottom. Carol kept her eyes firmly on the carpet, not daring to look at any of the audience but only too well aware that at 42 years old she was draped across her Mum’s lap, her 42 year old friend watching together with her 21 year old son. Not to mention Jennifer’s 21 year old son who had already been spanked.


“Why are you being spanked Carol?” her Mum demanded to know and just like Daniel had done so Carol said it was because she had been rude earlier that day.


Marion, satisfied at the admission, raised her hand and for the first time in well over 20 years brought her hand down on the bare bottom of her daughter. The effect was quite dramatic. Carol squealed more at the shock than the pain but knew control had symbolically and actually passed to her Mother. The onlookers watched as Marion’s hand bit deeply in to the fleshy left bottom cheek of her daughter, and the flesh of her buttocks swam around madly and was still swirling around as Marion’s hand again spanked her daughter, this time on her left bottom cheek.


Jennifer smiled as she saw her friends bottom being battered and never seemed to stop twirling whilst at the same time she was squirming around on her Mum’s lap much as Daniel did. Jennifer was starting to get aroused as much by the sound of bare hand on bare bottom as by her friends groaning gasping and sobbing, no doubt as her bottom was getting hotter and hotter and the spanks will be stinging by now Jennifer thought.


Marion spanked her daughter for almost 15 minutes before the serious spanking started when Marion took hold of the hairbrush and told Carol she was about to use it. Carol looked around madly and saw the brush already raised above her Mother’s head. She let out the first of many cries although turned away with eyes closed when she saw it start its downward arc. There was s aloud splat as the wooden head hit Carol’s wobbly bottom cheeks and Carol squirmed madly on her Mum’s lap, as she struggled to cope.


 Jennifer hadn’t quite realised the exact sound the hairbrush made as it hit soft yielding skin. She took a quick inward breath and knew she was aroused by that sound, and as the spanking continued knew she was becoming more and more aroused by watching her friends bottom being turned dark red. So different to when she spanked her own son. This was sexual and reminded her of the many times she had watched Carol being spanked by her Mother all those years ago, and remembered how on several occasions they had both been spanked one after the other and as two teenager girls lay in bed afterwards and cuddled each other until the heat of their bottoms started to abate. Jennifer remembered they had even exchanged kisses, although once when Carol forced her tongue inside Jennifer’s mouth they both cooled their friendship for a while. They were friends again now though, and Jennifer remembered that kiss with quite some fondness.


Marion counted 100 spanks before she stopped and decided her daughter had been punished enough, for her first spanking anyway. Carol was crying and sobbing heaving and no amount of hushing from her Mum quelled her pain so she lay there, her red bottom staring up from Marion’s lap, and Carol shook in the agony of the spanking, feeling fully and horribly chastised, beaten, knowing she would have to go through this many many times in future.


When she calmed down she became more conscious of the feet standing close by and remembered the audience and groaned as she slowly eased her self up. She saw the two boys but it was when she saw Jennifer, her friend, that she sobbed again, putting her hand over her mouth, tears still filling her eyes.


“Go and clean yourself up Carol” her Mother commanded, feeling sorry for her momentarily but relishing the moment, a victory she was going to enjoy.


Carol fled the room and after a few moments Marion said sharply


“Right Jonathan lets be having you.”


She stared angrily at her 21 year old grandson who was now too shaken to object, not having seen his own Mother spanked so severely without resisting. He went to stand by her side and even undid his trousers before being told to, followed quickly by his underpants. His Grandma tapped her knee and he bent down quickly across her lap deciding he had to do exactly as he was told.


There followed a quick exchange during which he admitted he was being spanked for being rude and without any delay she started to spank the 21 year old. Jennifer and Daniel watched, Daniel rubbing his throbbing bottom still but watching the older woman’s hand rise and fall quickly.


Jonathan at first held himself still in an effort to show he could take the pain and even Daniel was impressed. Thirty spanks hit home then fifty and still Jonathan lay passively across his Grandma’s lap. Marion was resolute, and very confident it was only a matter of time before her grandson reacted, and sure enough when she passed seventy five or so spanks and Jonathan’s bottom was a deep pink so the first sob sounded and he squirmed slightly. Marion nodded her head in satisfaction and took up the hairbrush and six spanks later Jonathan was gasping and moaning and now really struggling to cope and his Grandmother lay into him like he could not remember. Marion spanked without a break with the hairbrush and looked set to continue for a long time.


Jennifer smiled as she realised Marion was an experienced spanker, and decided to go and see how her friend was doing. She gave Daniel a glance and saw he was still rubbing his own bottom whilst watching the spectacle.


Jennifer climbed the stairs and realised Carol was still in the bathroom. She was about to knock when she realised there was a moaning coming from behind the closed door. A moan Jennifer knew well as it was the moan of a woman masturbating. Jennifer smiled but waited listening outside and a few moments later heard the orgasmic loud gasp that told her Carol had come, and then the second and third quieter but longer gasps.


She gave her friend a few more moments before knocking on the door.


“Just a minute” came a breathless reply and Jennifer waited a few moments before Carol opened the door.


“Sorry” Carol said.


Jennifer smiled and said, “No problem.”


Carol wiped her eyes and said,


“It hurt” she moaned with a whimper.


“Are you OK with it?” Jennifer asked looking sympathetic.


Carol half smiled and said, “I have to be don’t I?”


“I guess so” Jennifer replied, still sympathetic.


“I suppose I’ll be getting a few more of these” she said rubbing her bottom before adding, “How embarrassing” and blushing as Jennifer realised just how embarrassing it must be to be spanked by her Mum again at her age, and with a break of so many years.


Jennifer said in a friendly way


“Hey, not at all, and don’t worry about me. You just come over here and see me after a spanking and we can have a nice cup of tea and talk about it.”


“What, you’ll still speak to me, even though I still get disciplined?” Carol was now more relaxed.


“I told you, no problem. I’ll even have some soft cushions for you.”


“Thanks Jennifer.”


“Just like old times, judging from the noise you were making” Jennifer said.


Carol blushed and covered her pussy with her hand then smiled knowing Jennifer had heard her masturbate.


“I guess,” Carol said and when Jennifer held her arms toward her she fell in to them and they clasped each other.


Carol remembered very well and smiled to herself as she was trying to remember if she had any new batteries for her vibrator as that is what Jennifer was reminding her of, that she would use it after all those spankings her Mum gave her when she lived at home. The two girls had often joked how being spanked had turned them on and it was just the painful bit across her Mum’s lap they never looked forward to. Carol remembered the famous French kiss of course and hugged her friend harder.


Jennifer reckoned Carol was now feeling better and said,


“We had better get back downstairs. Jonathan is being spanked right now.”


Carol sighed when she realised it won’t be long before she is spanked again and followed Jennifer down the stairs. They re-entered the living room to find Daniel watching Jonathan still being spanked but Chloe there as well.


“I thought I was seeing you this afternoon?” Jennifer said to her daughter.


“I thought this morning, but if you want me to come back I can” Chloe said, sounding hopeful.


“Don’t bother dear, I can deal with you straight afterwards,”


“Gee thanks Mum” the 20 year old said sarcastically which she regretted because her Mum grabbed her arm, spun her around and in one fell swoop smacked her hard on her skirt covered bottom. Unhappy at the result she demanded


“Lift your skirt up young lady” Jennifer snapped.


“Sorry Mum” a now rather less flippant Chloe said as she obediently lifted her skirt knowing her Mum would have a clear view of her bottom protected only by her thin knickers. She felt her Mum pull her hand back and then land six hard smacks on her bottom. She looked at Daniel who had now turned to see what the commotion was although as he had already been solidly spanked himself he had no particular sympathy for his ex-girlfriends plight.


Marion had also looked up and when she saw the smacks land home and heard the unladylike owww’s and aaagh’s she decided her Grandson had had enough for today.


“This is my daughter Chloe” Jennifer said to Marion still looking angry. Chloe knew she had been too offhand and wasn’t surprised when her Mum put her firmly in her place with those well placed hand spanks, and knew much worse was to come as soon as she was across her Mum’s lap.


Jennifer saw Marion had stopped spanking her Grandson and asked with a smile “If you have finished perhaps I could use the chair again?”


Marion double took then beamed a smile when she realised another bottom was about to be spanked, saying, “Of course.”


Marion stood up and Jennifer sat down in her place in the well used chair.


“OK Chloe, get yourself ready will you and across my lap quickly please” Jennifer snapped as she again rolled her sleeves up.


Chloe removed her skirt and knickers and bent down across her Mum’s lap. As her daughter did so Jennifer looked up and saw Daniel and now Jonathan rubbing their bottoms and to their side 42 year old Carol madly rubbing hers, all with their private parts on show and not caring that they were. Marion stood to one side also watching but more relaxed now she had done what she had.


Marion wasn’t going to admit it to anyone but she had only come to watch Daniel being spanked, and when she went to live with her daughter she was resigned to being the Mother who was passed it and would have to play second fiddle to her daughter. It was only today when her daughter started talking about Jonathan not being too old to be spanked did she see an opening, which she took, and loved the power she remembered so well when she had spanked her daughter regularly all those years ago and was now over the moon at the thought that she will be in charge of both her daughter and grandson.


Chloe edged herself across her Mum’s lap and as she was nestled in to place she looked up at Daniel and felt a pang. She was sorry they broke up and she missed him. The only intimate time they spend together now was watching the other have their bare bottom spanked. A shame she thought, but if her Mum ever decided she had had enough of the relationship she wanted Daniel to remember she was there, ready to get together with him again. Chloe felt her Mum’s hand on her bottom and knew the spanking was about to start. She tensed her bottom ready for the onslaught. At least her vibrator would be waiting for her later on.  Maybe one day Daniel would be the one to comfort her.


Marion looked on as Jennifer spanked her 20 year old daughter, not sure of the reason as none had been given, but certainly Chloe knew she had come to be spanked, and being spanked in front of visitors did not seem to be a problem.


Marion chuckled to herself as she stood behind the others and looked at the three very red bottoms standing in front of her each of which were being rubbed by their respective owners, soon to be followed by the fourth bottom, Chloe’s. Marion had already decided she will spank both Carol and Jonathan at least twice a week for probably three months so her position was ensconced, and was reminding herself of the various rules she will impose and breaking any would earn a spanking. The thought of imposing a curfew on her 42 year old daughter made her laugh to herself.


Carol watched the spanking of the 20 year old Chloe she had known since birth but was thinking more about Jennifer and that she will be coming over often, in tears no doubt, knowing her Mum from old would now find any reason going to spank her often and hard, and she would need the comfort her friend had promised her. She rubbed her hot bottom and wondered when she would be able to sit on a hard seat again. Quite some time yet she reckoned. Such a different result from the one she had expected when she had first arrived. Standing there rubbing her own very hot sore and well spanked bottom was a very long way from what she had anticipated, particularly knowing she was going to be spanked again and again by her authoritarian Mum.


Jennifer kept spanking Chloe, reminding herself that her daughter had received yet another parking ticket which was particularly annoying and so she needed to teach her to be more careful, and what better way than a firm spanking. She spanked her daughter vigorously and waited for her to kick her legs and shake her bottom to relieve the pain before taking up the hairbrush and spanking her really hard with it.


”You will be more careful in future won’t you Chloe” she snapped


Chloe was crying and gasping but knew her Mum demanded a reply although could do no more than a childish


“Yes Mum I promise, please stop, ppllleeaassseee.”


Jennifer looked at her daughter with distain, disbelief that she was begging her to stop, and in front of guests.”


“I don’t think so young lady, in fact I’ve hardly started” to which Chloe let out a long cry as she struggled to deal with the firm spanking. She only had herself to blame she knew, it’s just that her Mum spanked so hard.


Jennifer kept spanking her naughty daughter but looked up from time to time to make sure the three people already spanked were watching and learning. Seeing her friend Carol look back at her with red eyes, a tear stained face, her hands behind her rubbing her bottom and her luscious vaginal hair mound staring at her was taking some getting used to but she supposed listening to her friend crying would now be a regular occurrence. Not that she minded although having a friend on equal terms on everything except the fact she is spanked at home will seem strange. She giggled to herself as she imagined being at the shops together and Carol asking the people ahead of them in a long slow queue if she could go next because she had to get home quickly or else have to make the trip across her Mum’s lap.


Jennifer just caught Marion’s eye and they nodded to each other. Both were now in charge of their households, both now held the power to spank two adults, and both will use that power unremittingly.


Jonathan was the least happy person on earth he reckoned and felt very sorry for himself. He knew he was too old to be spanked but that didn’t count anymore, not since his Mum is going to be regularly spanked. He had only spanking after spanking to look forward to now. One glimmer of enjoyment though was the thought there will be times when only his Mum will be disciplined and he will get to watch her being spanked by the wicked witch, the term he now intended to use for his domineering Grandma.


Daniel was sore but at ease. He had enjoyed watching Carol being spanked, and as always it was a pleasure to watch Chloe being spanked, his ex-girlfriend. She did have a great backside after all, and looked stunning even upended across her Mum’s lap. He rubbed his own bottom knowing Jennifer had spanked him hard because he had earned it but he could tell she was now reasonably relaxed, with him anyway, and was sure that after all the bottoms were spanked that needed to be spanked this afternoon the tension would drop away and he would be taken to their bedroom by Jennifer and enjoy a night of sex. He watched Jennifer’s arm rise and fall quickly as she spanked Chloe whose bottom was bouncing around and her legs were kicking as she tried to shake away the pain, and her gasps and moans were so sexy. He found the power Jennifer exerted over Chloe so sexual, but then looked more closely at Chloe’s bouncing bottom and found her so attractive.


His longing look at Chloe wasn’t missed by eagle eyed Jennifer. She wagged a finger at him, which the 21 year old knew meant that Jennifer was more than likely to give him some additional discipline. He blushed as now he didn’t know if he would have sex later or get another warmed bottom. He hated the uncertainty but accepted it was his own fault for ogling Chloe in front of Jennifer and he knew what happened to him was as usual wholly up to her. He would just have to wait and see.


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