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Daniel Lies

Daniel lies to his older girlfriend and pays the price, but that isn’t the end of it

21 year Daniel watched as Jeff argued with his wife Beverley. Daniel didn’t argue with Jennifer though but stood very quietly knowing that quite soon he will be told to follow his 42 year old girlfriend to the spare room where he will be put across her lap and have his bare bottom spanked. Very hard. 

He watched as the husband and wife had a real slanging match. Both in their 40’s and have been married for years.

Jeff hadn’t wanted to see the film anyway. It was a love story. No action. Daniel and Jeff had been out but had strict instructions to be back by 7.00 pm so they would get to the cinema on time. It was the first night and the tickets were coveted. However Daniel and Jeff were waylaid. At the betting shop. Jeff wanted to place some bets and the time flew by. Even Daniel was looking at the screens and was tempted to lay a bet, but he didn’t. He just watched but didn’t check the time either and so they were late. Too late to get to the film.


Jeff and Beverley continued to argue. Mind you Jeff didn’t admit to being in the betting shop. He said they were caught in a traffic jam and try as they might they couldn’t find a route through, so it wasn’t their fault.


After a while Beverley turned to Jennifer and pleaded for help. “I am furious” she said to Jennifer, how come you are so calm. Aren’t you going to try to find out from Daniel what happened or are you just leaving it to me?”


“Oh I won’t need to shout at him” Jennifer said with a hard look at Daniel. The look she gave him that told him exactly what was going to be done to him. He had after all been spanked so many times by his 42 year old girlfriend.


Beverley asked “So how come? At least ask him what they really got up to” she said with a feeling of hopelessness at the answers her own husband had given her, whilst also giving Jeff a look that said she didn’t believe what he had said.


Jennifer just looked at Daniel and said “right Daniel, what happened then?”


Daniel blushed but said nothing. He didn’t want to lie to Jennifer. She knew that of course and was well aware where the problem was likely to lie, so she let out a sigh and said


“OK then, let’s chat properly shall we then?”


Daniel wanted to object but knew Jennifer wouldn’t change her mind. She never had. Not even once. If she decided she was going to spank him then he got spanked. It was as simple as that. At least it seemed the punishment would be given in private.


Beverley became suspicious and asked “what are you going to do then?”


Jennifer said in a matter of fact way “we are going to the spare room where I will be giving this young man a sound spanking.”


Jeff and Beverley were open mouthed. They looked at Daniel who was blushing but staying silent.


“What did you say?” Beverley said bewildered, disbelieving.


Jennifer smiled and said “you heard.” Then with a hard face looked at Daniel and added “then you’ll tell me what happened won’t you.”


Daniel scrunched up his face.


“Oh, right” Jennifer said slowly, picturing in her mind what Daniel might look like across her friends lap.


“So, erm, why not do it here?” Beverley said with an inquisitive but clearly interested look.


Daniel didn’t mind being spanked in front of others although normally the onlookers were close friends and family. Whilst Beverley and Jeff weren’t particularly close they did see them quite regularly and he had a bit of a soft spot for Beverley. He had to be careful because Jennifer was the jealous type but so far he had hidden the erections he often had in Beverley’s company. Still, the decision whether they would be watching or not lay with Jennifer but as his 42 year old very strict girlfriend enjoyed portraying her power over him he wasn’t altogether surprised when she said


“Ok Jennifer, good idea” looked at Daniel and said smartly


“Go and get the hairbrush Daniel, and be quick darling.”


Daniel waited only a moment before turning towards the door, glancing at a bemused Jennifer and an anxious Jeff. Daniel could see Jeff was trying to understand what was going to happen. He was used to arguing with his wife and was so surprised when Daniel just seemed to accept Jennifer’s decision. Just like that, He watched Daniel disappear out of the doorway as Jennifer turned a chair in to the room, and a few moments later Daniel returned holding a wooden backed hairbrush.


“Why not sit down Beverley, make yourself comfortable.”


Jeff decided he was going to sit as well even though he wasn’t invited to so he sat a couple of chairs away from his wife as Daniel reached Jennifer and handed her the hairbrush.


“Right young man, you know what to do” she snapped.


Beverley and Jeff looked on as Daniel undid his trousers and pushed them down to his ankles followed by his underpants.


Daniel looked across at Beverley as she watched him lower his trousers and put her hand over her mouth to hide a wide smile. Even so she was an attractive woman and he couldn’t stop his penis reacting, as it always did, and soon he was pretty much erect.


“Well my boy that will earn you extras you know” Jennifer snapped sternly and Daniel blushed as he looked at the floor and anywhere other than Beverley. Jennifer smirked at her young boyfriend’s discomfort.


Daniel looked across at Jeff who was sitting bolt upright with his hands behind his head, looking very tense.


“Bend over Daniel” Jennifer said firmly and Daniel shuffled forward and eased himself across his girlfriends lap.


As usual she edged him backwards or forwards so he lay just across her right thigh in a perfect position for her arm to arc down and for her open palm to land powerfully on his bare bottom. She always enjoyed watching the 21 year old shuffle in to position knowing that by moving for her he was handing over full control to her. She smiled each time and Beverley was also enjoying the sight, and anticipating the spanking that was about to occur. She glanced at Jeff and saw his discomfort as he shuffled on his chair and thought that it would certainly help if she could spank him as well. She didn’t expect Jeff to agree to that though.


Daniel was in position and as usual had an excellent view of the carpet but also of Jennifer’s bare ankles and calf’s. He saw his own legs dangling on the far side of the chair.


He looked across at Beverley and saw her strangely on her side, although of course knew that was because of his own position prone across his girlfriends lap, and again saw the wide grin, now no longer covered by her hand. Daniel supposed there was something slightly comical. He is 21 years old and now lying across the lap of his 42 year old girlfriend and about to be spanked. Strange maybe as well, but all he knew was that he deserved to be spanked and his girlfriend had full authority over him to do just that, an authority willingly given in return for the many benefits of going out with the strict but exciting older women. He was cool with it so if Beverley was smiling it just showed she was going to enjoy watching him being disciplined. Maybe enjoy watching her friend giving the spanking as well. No big deal really.


Beverley looked at Jennifer and the bare bottom of Daniel staring up from her lap as she watched the first sharp smack and heard a small gasp from Daniel. The spanking had started. Spank followed spank followed spank as she plastered his bare backside and started to turn his bottom pink. Daniel didn’t resist, not in the least, and lay there taking every spank, gasping as each spank hit home. Beverley lost count of the number of spanks but knew it was well over a hundred by now and suspected it would soon exceed 200 spanks as Daniel squirmed on Jennifer’s lap still letting out gasps that confirmed the pain he was feeling She was surprised he wasn’t yet crying but reckoned it wouldn’t be long. She knew she would have been crying long before had she been the one across Jennifer’s lap being spanked.


Beverley looked in admiration but Jeff gasped when Jennifer reached across and took hold of the wooden backed brush. She tapped Daniel’s reddened bottom a couple of times and said


“Let me know when you want to tell me what happened” before raising the hairbrush above her head and bringing it down hard on the 21 year olds bottom. He let out a louder gasp as the hairbrush bit in to his bottom cheek and Beverley smiled as the cheek first flattened then swayed and bounced around. There was no gap as Jennifer raised the hairbrush up again, and again brought it down forcefully on her boyfriend’s bottom. Tears started to drip down Daniel’s face. The room resounded with the sound of wood on bare bottom mixed with the gasps and sobs and crying of the 21 year old as he accepted the unremitting spanking.


Jennifer rested very occasionally, preferring to give a constant stream of spanks for maximum pain. On the first occasion Jennifer stopped Daniel looked across at Beverley and saw her nodding her head in approval as though agreeing how well deserved the punishment was. He couldn’t look at her during the second break as tears filled his eyes so everything was a blur.


“Ready darling?” she asked after about 100 spanks, waiting only a couple of moments before continuing with the spanking, in no particular rush to stop, looking resolute as she hit him time and again, confident that in time she will get the answers she wanted. In fact both knew Jennifer was going to give Daniel the spanking whether or not he explained what happened


Daniel knew when the time came he would answer truthfully. Jennifer would know if he lied. She always did. Somehow. He knew if she even suspected a lie it would be another spanking and no sex tonight. He would have to satisfy her with his bottom on fire, but would be left to masturbate. If he stained the sheets then again woe betide him.


Jennifer guessed what he was thinking and kept the spanking going anyway, content to hear his deep sobs, knowing why he didn’t just tell her his lies. She felt sure that Jeff had been lying. They weren’t in any traffic jam. She would learn soon enough what they had been doing but that wasn’t the point. Jeff would be shown to have lied. That though will be Beverley’s problem.


Jennifer knew she had well exceeded 200 spanks with the hairbrush before she decided she would soon stop. Daniel was struggling badly. Daniel knew though she wouldn’t stop just because he begged. Jennifer landed another couple of dozen spanks on Daniel’s burning bottom and then she stopped.


“Well?” is all she said.


Daniel squirmed around a bit and took too long to start speaking so Jennifer raised the hairbrush again and Daniel knew she wouldn’t stop until at least another couple of dozen heavy spanks bit home.


When he heard Jennifer say




He blurted out


“We were in the betting shop, I’m sorry, very sorry, sorry. We just thought you would go by yourselves to the film and we could come home and watch the football” followed by more sobbing and tears.


It wasn’t a surprise to Jennifer who looked at Beverley and nodded, another success she felt. Beverley gasped in annoyance and gave Jeff a hard stare. Jeff blushed and started to stammer a denial but fell silent after a couple of syllables. He knew there was nothing to be gained by lying. He looked at Beverley, still blushing, then down at the floor, and waited.


“Perhaps you two need to discuss this whilst I finish off here?” she asked. Daniel turned back to look at the floor as he knew that the remainder of the spanking would be given. There always was more of the spanking to come once he had told Jennifer what she wanted to know.


“I can wait as you are clearly giving one very well deserved spanking to your boyfriend. I really do hate lying” Beverley answered decisively looking at Jeff and then turned back to watch Jennifer continue spanking Daniel, and as the brush started to spank the 21 year old again she stared again at Jeff with a look that left him in no doubt that she thought he could do with some of this as well. He blushed a deeper shade but stayed silent. He certainly didn’t want any of that.


Daniel’s crying got louder as Jennifer settled in again to a steady flurry of spanks and Beverley bit her lip as even she wondered whether the punishment was too severe. She saw how intent Jennifer was though and reckoned she knew what the 21 year old could take, and maybe he needed to be dealt with this severely. It certainly worked though because she got the answer from Daniel when she only got lies from Jeff.


As suddenly as it started so the spanking ended. The tears didn’t stop as quickly though. Daniel was still sobbing when Jennifer told him to stand up, and all three watched as Daniel was rubbing his bottom madly, and the two women smiled as his penis bounced up and down as he rubbed.


Jennifer turned to Beverley and said


“After all that exertion Daniel and I will be going upstairs for a while. You might want to ask Jeff a question or two.”


Jennifer smiled as she walked over to Beverley and without saying anything handed her the hairbrush before walking out of the room with Daniel hopping from foot to foot behind still rubbing his burning stinging very red very sore well chastised bottom.


Once alone Beverley said to her husband




“Look, I mean, well, I didn’t mean, I mean I didn’t, well ...” and on he stammered never saying anything at all.


Jennifer smiled as she went upstairs listening to the spluttering Jeff. She half wondered if she would come back downstairs to find him lying across Beverley’s lap, but doubted it. Such a shame she thought.


They both entered the bedroom and Jennifer said in a matter of fact voice


“Right, you can make sure you do this properly but don’t expect to get anything from me. I am furious my lad, really cross.”


Daniel looked at her as he undid the buttons of his shirt and knew she meant it. He will use his tongue to give her an orgasm and she will then leave him to masturbate. How he hated that. He so wanted in fact needed her to cuddle him but she would let him stew knowing he deserved both his spanking and the lack of sex. He watched Jennifer take off her skirt and knickers and lie on the bed, her legs bent and apart, and waited for Daniel to kneel between her legs and slowly lick her vagina, making her already moist hair mound wet as he worked his tongue along her vagina crack and edged inside, his tongue firm as he felt her breath get stronger and knew she was becoming aroused.


Jennifer slowly but surely started to gyrate as he licked, deep breaths, then gasps, longer breathes and eventually a long gasp as she came, followed by a second and third long gasp before she slumped, moaning happily, satisfied, as she lay her legs flat and left Daniel looking at her, wistfully, hopefully.


Jennifer sat up and said


“Very nice thank you” and got up and slowly got dressed, looking at the doleful Daniel as he lay on his back.


“Go on darling, we need to get back downstairs” as she went to sit at her dressing table and started to brush her hair, looking in the mirror and seeing the 21 year old with his stiff erection as he put his hand around his penis and started to rub up and down, slowly at first then faster as he felt his penis throb and knew soon he would at least be relieved, although not the way he would have wanted. He knew Jennifer would be watching him in the mirror but would not help him. He had no choice but to bring himself to orgasm.


A few moments later and he felt his cum shoot up his penis and felt the warm liquid spill all over his chest. He let out a long gasp, and whilst not feeling particularly elated he at least felt satisfied. Maybe Jennifer would relent later on, but maybe not.


Jennifer became aroused as she watched her 21 year old boyfriend rub his penis and gasped herself as his cum covered his chest. She knew though that she will see to him properly later on. She just wasn’t going to tell him that now but leave him to ponder, as part of his punishment, and part of her control over him.


Daniel became aware again of his stinging bottom and as he stood up started rubbing it again. Jennifer stood up and laughed before saying


“That’s what you get for being late and ruining our evening my lad.”


“Sorry” Daniel replied, still rubbing, but at least more relaxed as his punishment was over. He knew he will be needing the large cushions to sit on for a while.


Jennifer and Daniel finished getting dressed and went back downstairs to find Beverley and Jeff sitting on opposite sides of the room, both with their arms and legs crossed. Daniel at that moment was suddenly glad that there was none of this bad atmosphere between him and Jennifer.


Jennifer and Beverley made them all dinner, Beverley and Jeff grunting replies to questions but Jennifer more relaxed. Daniel gasped whenever he moved and stood up as much as possible, and the two ladies even sniggered when they saw him rub his bottom from time to time. Jeff just blushed because Beverley would give him a firm stare.


Jennifer and Beverley washed up the dinner things in the kitchen.


“Sorry” Daniel said to Jeff.


“It's not your fault” he replied and added “if I was spanked as hard as you were I’d tell the truth as well. Is it always that hard?”


“Always” Daniel replied “but I deserved it and I won’t forget the lesson for a while will I?” he went on smiling.


Jeff thought for a second then conceded “I must say Daniel I was getting an erection watching you being spanked. I almost wondered what it would be like.”


Daniel laughed and said “I am sure Jennifer will be delighted to show you” and when Jeff blushed he added “seriously Jeff, Jennifer spanked a couple of my friends who wanted to know what it felt like, you know being spanked when an adult, actually in front of their girlfriends, and both are now controlled by them, and spanked. Heck last week one of them was spanked in front of us when we went over to dinner and then they went upstairs for a while and came back laughing and joking.”


Jeff thought about that and asked


“How will Jennifer be now because Beverley will be awful to live with for a week?”


Daniel replied “Oh Jennifer will tell me off again and make sure I know what will happen the next time I am naughty, then I hope she’ll forgive me and we’ll have sex, I mean great sex, tonight.”


“For sure you mean?” Jeff asked astounded thinking again that maybe it would be worth trying.


“Well not for sure. Sometimes she will still be annoyed and I’ll get another spanking with the hairbrush before going to bed, but more often she will say I’ve learned my lesson so we carry on as usual.”


Daniel could already feel his erection at the thought of having sex later on.  Jeff was experiencing the same feeling, suddenly wondering whether he should find out more. He asked


“So Jennifer has spanked some of your friends you say?”


Daniel smiled and said “sure.”


“How does it work?” Jeff asked enthusiastically now.


Daniel said “well I can make a written request to be spanked and my friends did just that. Here, I’ll show you.”


Daniel got out a piece of paper and Jeff saw it was headed Spanking Request. Daniel explained


“Jennifer will always give me a spanking when I want because it arouses her and we always have sex afterwards. In fact I have a spanking request in for this Tuesday evening. I know Jennifer would let you take my place.” He waited a few seconds then added “you have to make a written request though.”


Jeff looked at the form but wasn’t reading it. He was thinking, and decided it was worth the try. He would find out what it was like to be spanked and can always include Beverley later on. He nodded, asked for a pen, and asked


“What shall I write?”


Daniel ran through the wording and a few minutes later Jeff had written out his spanking request for Tuesday saying he wanted to be punished for messing up today, understood Jennifer only gives very hard spankings but would accept all her decisions on the extent of discipline, and then signed his name.


Daniel warned “This now goes in an envelope and I will leave it on the able in the living room for her to see so there is no going back.”


Jeff was resolute. “That’s fine. I hope it works because I know Beverley would love to spank me, as she made so clear before when we were watching you being spanked.”


Meanwhile, whilst they were washing up Jennifer asked her Beverley


“How long will this go on for between you two?”


“Oh about a week usually, then things will get back to normal” She answered, and asked “and you two?”


“We will be fine tonight. I’ll show Daniel the hairbrush, he will get an erection with the fear, then I’ll say he better be good, we’ll go to bed and have the greatest sex.”


Beverley looked surprised and said “what after you gave him such a hard spanking?”


“Oh yes” Jennifer said. “I only ever spank him hard. He deserved it and knows he deserved it. But I’m no longer tense as I got my bad mood out of the way, so now he’s back in my good books. Mind you I don’t do it that way every time. When I’m really annoyed I will give him another spanking first, and that really hurts I can tell you. I let him fret though, it’s sexy really you know, and at the same time keeps him on his toes.”


“It’s that easy?” Beverley asked, bewildered.


“It’s that easy” Jennifer replied, “He is a bloke after all.”


“Will you rub cold cream in to his bottom to soothe away the pain?”


“No way” Jennifer laughed. “His bottom will sting all night and most of tomorrow. No, he was naughty and must remember the spanking for as long as possible. It is sexy though when I kiss his hot bum. It’s a real turn on actually.”


In fact Beverley could feel herself getting wet at the thought of it. She even pictured Jeff across her lap and spanking his bottom spanked as foreplay, but shook herself out of her day dreaming when she pictured him with her in bed kissing and caressing each other and even kissing Jeff’s very red bottom. She laughed thinking that wouldn’t happen.


Jennifer saw Beverley was miles away, gave her a look, and asked




“Nothing” Beverley answered, and thinking how unlikely her daydream was to turn in to reality added “but I did enjoy watching you spank Daniel. Any chance of watching again sometime?”


Jennifer thought for a second then got out her diary. “Yes, I am giving Daniel a spanking on Tuesday night.”


Jennifer explained how the spanking request system works. “It can go both ways because I can request I give Daniel a spanking as well.


Beverley smiled at the thought of it. Maybe one day she wondered, and said


“OK, I’ll be here on Tuesday then” laughing, but feeling her knickers were very damp now.


“Come on” Jennifer said as she picked up the hairbrush, “let’s get back to the men. You look at Daniel when he sees my hairbrush and you’ll see how unsure he is. It’s sweet really you know.” Jennifer laughed,


As they walked back in to the other room Beverley saw Jeff eying the hairbrush in Jennifer’s hand which got her smiling, then watched a very worried Daniel as he looked at Jennifer trying to read her mind. Would it be another spanking with the brush she was holding or sex he was obviously thinking. Beverley laughed to herself, and thought how lucky Jennifer is. She has a young man under her control who obviously loves her and she can spank or make love with, or both, at her whim. Jennifer is one very lucky lady.


Jennifer spotted the envelope on the table and went over, opened it and read the form. She looked up and caught Jeff’s eye, then glanced at Beverley. She said in a loud firm voice


“Right Jeff, I agree you need to be disciplined but I’m going to do it right now.”


Jeff was about to argue but Jennifer continued


“Jeff, come over to me now” Jennifer commanded as she first went over to Beverley and handed her the spanking request form and then went and sat down on the spanking chair.


Jeff swallowed hard as he watched his wife read the form and gasped when he heard her ask


“Jennifer, I would like you to show me what to do so I can help discipline my husband.”


 Jennifer nodded and snapped an order to Daniel,


“Daniel, go and get another hairbrush and give it to Beverley” then turned to Jeff and barked another order


“Don’t mess me around Jeff, get your trousers and underpants down. I am going to teach you a lesson you won’t forget and then let your wife take over. Now Jeff, now.”


A few moments later Jeff was standing naked below the waist. What surprised him, and Beverley, was how stiff his erection was as he anticipated the spanking he was going to get. He looked from Jennifer to Beverley and back to Jennifer as he bent down across her lap, his penis still hard as he lay there unsure how it all happened so fast and not certain if he had really thought this through. Feeling Jennifer’s hand rub his bottom told him he was about to find out.


Jennifer lifted her hand, glanced at Beverley and smiled, winked when Beverley smiled back and mouthed a silent thank you, and Beverley almost came in her knickers when the first spank hit home.


Daniel smiled as well, and re-read in his mind the note Jennifer had left for him promising that if he managed to get Jeff to agree to be spanked there would be an extra special present waiting for him in bed that night. Yes he thought, as he rubbed his own very sore bottom, a rather successful day all round.
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