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Danny Misbehaves and Must be Taught a Lesson

Danny is a very bad girl and I have to teach her a lesson.
Danny’s mom had still not picked Danny up a few weeks later, and my wife was getting more impatient with her. Danny, now working full time, had let things slide around the house. My wife detests clutter and this was causing more problems at home.

“You cannot clutter up the rest of the house just because you have a job now,” my wife yelled.

“You are not my mother, you cannot make me clean house,” Danny shouted back.

“You are ONLY a guest here girl, you are abusing that privilege,” my wife countered.

“Fuck you, you are a hateful old bitch,” Danny screamed then ran to her room.

My wife started crying. I hugged her and told her I would handle Danny.

“Whatever you hear, do not come into the guest room,” I instructed my spouse.

I stormed down the hall and flung the door open then said; “You ungrateful little shit,”

I grabbed Danny and flung her on the bed. I grabbed one of Danny’s favorite blouses and ripped it in half.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Danny screamed.

I flipped her over on her stomach and sat on her thighs. I tied one hand with half of the blouse then tied the other end to the bed frame. I repeated this on the other hand.

“You will abide OUR rules while living under this roof,” I growled.

She was kicking wildly. I ripped off her blouse and tied one leg to the base of her bed. Danny was struggling wildly and cussing like a sailor. I snatched off her bra and tied her other leg down with that. I reached into the bedside table and produced a pair of scissors. I cut her shorts and panties in half and harshly yanked them out from under her.

“Bad behavior will be punished,” I calmly stated as I pulled off my belt.

I let fly ten hard swats on her bare ass. Danny screamed and started crying.

“You get ten for making a mess, twenty five for the fuck you comment, and twenty five more for thinking you were too good to abide our rules,” I flatly stated.

“No please, that is too many,” Danny begged.

My wife burst into the room and froze in her tracks at the sight of Danny bound to the bed.

“I told you to stay out of here. Do you want to be next?” I glared.

“I am handling this, get OUT!” I shouted.

I locked the door after my wife’s rapid departure.

“PLEASE,” Danny cried.

I slapped her bare ass with my palm leaving a perfect hand print on her freckled white ass.

“Silence!” I demanded. “If you take your punishment like a grown woman, henceforth, disobedience will be dealt with thusly,” I stated, raining down five quick swats on her rosy red cheeks. “Obedience will be rewarded as well,” I said softly as I slid my hand between her legs cupping her pussy.

Danny’s pussy betrayed her. Her pussy was leaking juice down onto her bed pooling beneath her. “Ah you like the rod don’t you?” I asked with a leer.

‘Yes,” Danny meekly answered.

Smack! I spanked her hard. “Yes what little one?”

“Yes sir,” she corrected.

I crossed the room and searched her dresser drawers until I located the vibrator Rena had given Danny as a prize. I switched it on and inserted it into her dripping wet pussy. I resumed her spanking, alternating from ass cheeks to thighs and lower back. Danny was red like she was sunburned. She was crying and shaking and moaning all at the same time. I grabbed the vibrator and fucked her with it until she came all over herself. I pulled the vibrator out and teased her tiny rosebud asshole.

“No! Please not there,” Danny begged.

“It is your choice kiddo. I can tease your tiny asshole and may even penetrate you or I can give you the rest of your spanking. I still owe you twenty five more. What will it be?” I queried.

“Will you be gentle please?” Danny cried.

“Kiddo, I love you, I would never hurt you any more than I have to hurt you. You must learn to be obedient,” I said in my most loving voice.

“Then please take my virgin ass and forgive me please,” Danny cried softly.

I untied her from her bonds and told her to get on her hands and knees near the foot of the bed. She did just as I said, sniffling softly. I leaned over and ran my tongue up and down her ass crack tasting her sweet cum as I did. I hesitated near her opening before snaking my tongue into her tight hole. Danny moaned her pleasure. I grabbed her hips and made love to her ass with my tongue. I kept this up for several minutes before I tried inserting the tip of one finger in her rosebud. She clamped down tight.

“Relax and push out kiddo, it really will feel good,” I promised.

She relaxed and did as I asked allowing my finger slow access where none had been before. I dipped two fingers into her wet pussy and then back to slowly pushing one finger into her ass. It slid in knuckle deep. I let her rest for a minute just wiggling my finger in her nether hole. She moaned a bit and even pushed back into my hand. I started finger fucking her ass until her hole felt loose enough to add another digit. I dipped the fingers back into her very wet pussy before trying to get two in her. I worked slow and deliberately. I wanted her to enjoy this new sensation as she had several other new things recently.

I got two fingers in her and again started pumping them in her slowly. I grabbed her vibrator and slid it in her slippery pussy then removed my fingers from her tight opening. I slid her toy into her ass but did not turn it on.

“Remain just like this until I return kiddo,” I instructed Danny.

I left her and went to play around on Lush for a while. I let thirty minutes elapse before I thought about returning. I retrieved some lube from my bedroom and slowly returned to Danny’s room. Her muscles were straining to remain just as I left her. Her skin was also returning to her normal pale complexion. I turned her face towards me and I kissed her softly.

“You have done well kiddo,” I said with a smile.

I pulled out her vibrator, switched it on, and then I returned it to her ass. I also removed my shorts and underwear. I moved towards her face and without a word, Danny claimed my cock in her warm wet mouth. My erection was rapid. She licked and sucked from tip to base and repeated.

“I am going to mount you now girl. Are you ready?” I asked softly.

“Yes please,” Danny said firm and strong.

I lubed my cock and moved behind Danny. Her tits were swaying gently adding to the erotic appeal for me. I nestled my dick between her amazing ass cheeks and positioned my cock for entrance. I stopped as the tip of my cock found her slightly gaping hole. I inserted the purple helmet inside Danny. She grimaced for a second then relaxed.

“Good girl,” I praised her.

Danny pushed back against my raging hardness slipping two more inches inside her.

“Ohhhhh that feels so good,” Danny cooed.

She pushed back again as I gently thrust forward. My dick slid into her balls deep.

“Oh my god,” I gasped.

“I feel so full,” Danny smiled back at me.

I started slowly pulling out until just the tip remained inside her hot tight ass. I worked slowly until she was ready for faster fucking. I reached under Danny and grabbed both heavy tits, squeezing gently. I started to increase the pace. The sensation was amazing. Danny reached under and played with her clit.

“May I cum please?” Danny asked desperately.

“When you do, I am going to fill your ass with cum kiddo,” I said increasing my pace again.

“Well then cum in me because I am cumming now,” Danny cried out.

I started pouring my hot cum deep in her ass. Each new thrust forced cum out of her ass; her own orgasm increased my pleasure as her asshole squeezed my dick over and over as she came.

I pulled my softening dick from her ass and instructed her to lie down on the bed. I retrieved her lotion and gently massaged the lotion in to her, trying to soothe her aching muscles. I covered every inch of her back, ass and legs before I noticed her gentle snores. I covered her up with an extra blanket and kissed her cheek before leaving her room.

Danny came out into the family room after a two-hour nap. She quickly apologized to my wife and promised much better behavior in the future. I almost hope it is a lie.

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