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Daphne's Tune-Up

The pretty young assistant considers going over as she goes over her strict boss' lap.
Angie Dalton was an advertising manager for a small Midwestern ad agency. She was about thirty-five, pretty, petite, yet prim and stern when annoyed. Her office was in the rear of the agency, and she had two assistants and a secretary just outside her door, all young and cute. Angie’s boss, Bob Thompson, had met with her earlier that day. Head office was upset over some problems, and as corporate America teaches, he dumped it all on her lap.

“Fix this Angie, or if you can’t, I will.”

It was not a good time for Angie. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend, not finding much satisfaction in their sexual relationship. She was wondering if swinging the other way would work for her. All day she interacted with the three very shapely young women who worked for her, and often wondered if taking one of those pretty young things to bed might be more interesting than the boorish men she had been dating all her adult life. All they wanted were their cocks taken care of and then they lost all interest in her. She had once ordered a gay women’s magazine (in those infamous brown wrappers) and toyed with the idea of kissing a warm and wet pussy instead. Maybe there was something there; maybe some rewarding relationships she was missing out on.

However, first she had to deal with these main office problems, and who better to blame it on but her staff. Several years ago, Mr. Thompson had taken Angie over his knee for a blistering spanking and reminded her that shit ran down hill. Either she solved the problems, or lowered her panties and he would deal with them. She hadn’t been over his lap since.

Angie had been spanking her underlings ever since!

She contemplated how to handle this. It was Tuesday and she had a whole week of work to do. Must jump on this and fix it fast. She would start out by calling her assistants in and seeing if they had any good ideas.

One girl, Daphne, was a recent college grad who was with her for only a few months. Maybe she had learned something in school that Angie could claim as her own.

The other assistant was Carla, in the agency about a year. Both were very attractive, sexy and young, and might reduce her stress levels by crawling into bed with her on a regular basis.

Finally there was her secretary, Chris. Angie wondered what doing 69 with that little minx would feel like. Who needed crude men around when she was surrounded by cute young nymphs, none of whom was well settled in a relationship? Maybe their wet tongues was all she needed.

Angie hit the intercom buzzer and asked Daphne to come in. The girls usually closed the door behind them, out of respect for their boss’ privacy. Daphne, aged 22, 5’8”, 108 pounds, long brown hair, and even longer legs, wearing a great little dress with shiny high heels, came in promptly, closing the door behind her. Her well-formed chest stood out proudly before her.

Standing behind the visitor’s chair, directly in front of Angie’s desk, she asked, “Hi, Miss Dalton, need something?”

“Yes, Daphne. We have a big problem with your last project and we have to talk about it. I had so much respect for your work, that I passed it along to head office without reviewing it. Now, my ass is in a sling.”

Daphne was taken aback and asked defensively, “What happened?”

“Well, young lady, you wrote a very nice copy ad, but put the wrong client’s name on it. Now we have two clients upset, and even more important, Mr. Thompson, the area manager, is laying it all on me, and ordered me to solve it. You know his policy—solve it or spank it!”

“I’m very sorry, Miss Dalton. I take full responsibility.”

“That’s very gracious of you, but we have to make sure this never happens again. We are going to give you a spanking, and a sound one too. I’m sure your mom taught you that a warm bottom often makes the brain work better. Mine did.”

That was said for effect. Angie wanted to see if Daphne had ever been over a lap and spanked before. In actuality, Angie’s mother never spanked her; all she got for punishment was loss of privileges and time outs.

The only spankings she ever received were from an old boyfriend, who got turned on by them. He bought her frilly garter belts and long hose with matching panties and had her wear them whenever he got the urge to turn her over his knees (although the panties watched the spanking from around her knees). She didn’t enjoy the bare bottom spankings, but they did make the boyfriend very horny and she always got a good rogering from him afterwards!

Daphne exclaimed, “But that was my mom! You can’t do that to me.”

“No more arguing. Turn the chair around and bring it to the center of the room. Then get your hairbrush, the long handled wooden one I have seen you use in the ladies room. You know the one I mean; brown and smooth and made of mahogany with the ivory inlaid, the one with the nice large head!”

“I will show you another good use for it. Otherwise I will spank you at your desk and allow the others to watch. Your alternative is to quit and forfeit a very promising career here.”

The girl pouted a bit, considered her options and turned the chair around. “Can’t we do this after hours, Miss Dalton? The others will surely hear it. This is so embarrassing.”

“Daphne, we are all family here, there are no secrets. I know you learned from your mom that this is for your own good and the sooner it follows the misdeeds, the better it is for you. Once this is over, we never have to speak of it again, so let’s clear the air and move on. I believe you would rather have me deal with your naughty bottom than Mr. Thompson.”

With that, Daphne walked slowly out to her desk and opened the bottom drawer. A hairbrush spanking wouldn’t be nice, but whatever it was, taking it from Miss Dalton was better than Mr. Thompson spanking her. After all, how much could a woman hurt her?

The other two girls, not having heard the conversation, were oblivious to what was about to occur, although Daphne knew they would soon be very aware.

Keeping the purse in the drawer, Daphne quickly withdrew the hairbrush her boss had identified and hid it behind her back. Keeping it out of their view, she turned and forced herself to walk back into Miss Dalton’s office and closed the door.

“Can I at least lock the door, Miss Dalton, just in case? They are both right outside, and will hear everything.”

Angie said that would not be necessary and removed her bracelets from her right wrist and placed them on her desk. She walked around to the front and approached Daphne. Kissing her on the cheek, she said very matter of factly, “Don’t worry, Sweetie, they are also getting spanked today. Let’s get started. You may hold the brush until I call for it.”

“Can we at least wait until 5 PM, Miss Dalton?”

Ignoring her plea, Angie reminded the terrified girl, “Don’t forget the chair, Sweetie. We don’t want you kicking the furniture.”

Daphne, now realizing how serious this would be, pulled the chair to the center of the room.

Angie sat in the spanking chair and called the girl in close. The chair was a sturdy wooden one, straight backed without arms. Angie bought it specifically to spank her staff. It had to be strong to withstand the dancing that she knew would come with the spankings.

“Daphne, you are a smart girl. I expect you to take this spanking in the spirit in which it is offered; education, training and mutual respect.”

Angie settled herself and then lifted her own dress nearly to her panties, baring her lush thighs above her stockings.

With that admonition, Angie slowly lifted the poor girl’s dress to above her waist and watched her shoulders shudder. What she exposed reminded Angie what a good idea this was. Shinny black hose starting at the young girl’s heels and running high up her thighs, and the sexiest pair of tiny panties barely covering those quivering cheeks. Angie looked forward to examining and enjoying those charms.

Speaking as her best friend, and not the strict boss about to spank her, Angie asked, “Where did you buy those pretty panties, Daphne? I must just get a pair.”

“Please don’t take my panties off, Miss Dalton. They’re so small, they won’t protect me much. I am so sorry my work was sloppy.”

Angie, smiling at the silly request, told Daphne to lean forward, and gently placed the girl into position. With the shiny wooden hairbrush in her left hand, and her right hand on the floor, Daphne issued an exited gasp as she landed on her boss’ lap, bare thighs on bare thighs. The warmth was chilling.

Daphne’s bottom was at the top of this humiliating triangle, with her feet at one side and her dress covered head at the other. All Angie saw at that end was the hairbrush protruding from the upturned dress. What she heard was a low, “Oh my gosh.”

“Keep those hands out of my way, Dear, so we can conclude this unpleasant business as expeditiously as possible.”

Daphne mumbled something from below as Angie inserted her fingers in the waistband of the silky panties and slowly slipped them over the firm hillocks staring up at her.

“There, no sense having those nice panties between us.”

“Oh, please don’t bare me, Miss Dalton.”

The tiny wisp of silk glided down the girl’s thighs to her knees, uncovering the beautiful butt cheeks. Angie was taken by their loveliness. Two sweet smooth grapefruits, firm, round and proud, looking up, just waiting to be addressed. The white panties contrasted sharply with Daphne’s black, stocking clad legs. Daphne was now bare from her waist to the very tops of her gleaming stockings, a truly beautiful sight.

Angie, unable to wait, began caressing the cute twin spheres in anticipation of things to come. Daphne’s bottom cheeks seemed to rise up from her thighs and kept their beautiful shape despite their positioning.

The girl twisted away from the unwanted hand but had nowhere to go. Angie slid around both cool cheeks, examining every inch and the hidden, warm crevice between them. The mortified young girl rolled her bottom but was forced to accept the indignity.

“Please, Miss Dalton, don’t spank me too hard. I am very sorry for what happened. It won’t happen again. Can’t we forgo the spanking and do something else? I promise to be very careful.”

“We can talk about that after your spanking, Sweetie.”

Angie’s answer set the stage. “Daphne, we are going to start now. First a preliminary and proper hand spanking to tenderize your butt and prepare it for your hairbrush. Then a few sets with the brush to remind you to think before you submit a project.”

“Please think of the others outside and try and maintain some measure of decorum. I’m sure this will work, but if it doesn’t, we can have reminder sessions on Motivational Tuesdays, from now on. I will explain that also, after your spanking.”

“I am so happy for you, Daphne. This will be great for your career. Are we ready?”

Angie heard a low, “Yes, Ma’am” and felt the lithe body on her lap tremble. Knowing it was time for the spanking to begin, it was still very difficult for Angie to remove her hand from those delightful hills below. Angie skimmed her right palm over the quivering butt cheeks, looking for the perfect place to deliver the first crisp spank.

“By the way, Daphne, keep your hands on the floor. You do not want me to start the count over again.”

Angie finally lifted her hand, took another good look at the perfectly paired melons on her lap, and brought it down with the first firm spank.


An “Umph” was heard from below the dress.

The hand continued raining down hot kisses from above, left and right, high and low.


Angie applied them slowly, but firmly. Daphne, thinking of her colleagues outside, tried her best to remain silent, merely twisting and turning as the stinging sensations were administered. But eventually, every cute tush begs out for mercy. The spanks, as Daphne’s sweet ass turned pink, were being answered with “Ooh’s” and “Ahh’s.”

Despite poor Daphne’s rolling and bouncing, Angie was able to cover every inch of each delightful side of her upturned and defenseless bottom.

Daphne’s long shiny legs started kicking out with each hot spank and the tossed head below swished off the upturned dress. Now, Daphne knew for sure why the chair was moved to its current position.

By Ten, Daphne was asking for remission as she groaned after each loud and well-delivered slap. She crossed her ankles in an effort to stave off the stings.

As Angie slowly approached Fifteen, Daphne cried out, “Please stop spanking me, Miss Dalton, my butt really hurts.”

Daphne was right. Her cute butt was pained, as her spirited dancing told Angie. The perfectly shaped buns colored nicely and contrasted to the creamy white thighs just below. Remarkably, the cute ass cheeks still stood up firmly, and their dancing was starting to have an effect on Angie.

There was nothing Daphne could do to put out the fires. Her gyrations on her boss’ bare thighs didn’t help. Feeling her panties around her knees only added to the humiliation. Crying only offered a mild consolation.

Daphne’s trim ankles were switched every few spanks. Along with the pleadings came the rolling and bouncing of Daphne’s perfectly round bottom; all empty efforts at avoiding the hard spanks.

Angie alternated her spanks from left to right. The cute butt was hit high, middle and low. Both sides of those pert and naughty globes were blasted evenly. Daphne’s wild kicking often flashed a secret and private view for her boss. When the crying girl would stop bouncing, the scenario started again.

Each slap to that warm butt was answered with a loud, “Yoweeee,” or an “Owwwwee, that stings,” and a constant flow of “Please, Miss Dalton, I am soooo sorry. Please stop spanking my poor butt. I learned my lesson,” Daphne forced out between mournful sobs.

Angie, needing a break, stopped, and caressed the shimmering red cheeks. They were truly remarkable, and their trembling and shaking only added to their beauty. Angie decided then that this sexy young thing was for her.

“You are doing just fine, Dear.” Angie, then, holding tightly on to Daphne’s waist, decided that fifteen more, just as firm and slow as the first set were appropriate. The timing of the spanks was to allow Daphne to enjoy the full effect of each hot caress before the next one fell. And they fell all over Daphne’s pretty, and now very tender ass, sharp and crisp, coloring her very nicely.

Each loud crack of the second set was heard echoing off the walls. Despite Daphne’s muted cries for cessation, Angie continued the spanking, knowing her staff outside heard every humiliating slap and Daphne’s pitiful responses to the hot and loud cracks.

The poor girl’s entire bottom was now a bright pink. Each sharp spank was matched by a kick of the leg and an entreaty to Angie to stop the juvenile, and terribly unprofessional, training session.

Daphne had never been spanked like this at home. This was a traditional bare bottomed, adult style, over the knee spanking. Dress up, panties down and administered over her boss’ lap. Something to be long remembered by Daphne, and feared throughout the firm. The humiliation factor was way up there.

Each burning kiss of Angie’s hand caused Daphne’s hips to swing from side to side and then each cheek to flatten and rise up, as if to meet the next spank.

Angie took pride at the outline of her fingerprints on the dancing cheeks before her. White, when they fell, then turning red when the blood rushed back. Not being able to avoid the spanks, Daphne just cried out in parity with each one, begging for mitigation.

Oh, Oh OH! Miss Dalton, Puhleeese stop spanking me. My poor butt is on fire. I will be soooo good.”

Daphne knew her cries were too loud for privacy’s sake but couldn’t control them; she would deal with the shame later. She knew her friends would console her in her time of need. Her flaming bottom was the primary concern now.

“Please Miss Dalton, My bottom is on fire, no more, pleeeese. I will review everything before it goes out. I can’t take anymore.”

And then the famous one, “I will do anything, just please stop this horrible spanking. It feels like I am sitting on a stove.”

As Angie delivered the last five, Daphne’s silk panties were no longer at her knees. They had been kicked to one ankle. Her legs were striking out in all directions, exposing her brown bush. After one rather smart slap, Daphne’s legs shot out so far, that Angie got a quick glimpse of her glistening pink slash. That kick sent the panties flying as well.

“Just a few more, Sweetie, and then you can hand me your hairbrush.”

The apparition wriggling on Angie’s lap was truly amazing. Long black shiny legs rising from her high heels, white thighs emerging from the hose, and the beautifully colored crimson bottom cheeks. They quickly became Angie’s three favorite colors and reminded Angie how good her idea was to bed this pretty young thing.

Angie, feeling her own dampness in her pussy, wondered how the pleading young girl over her lap was taking in this experience.

The crying and color of the bottom cheeks told her one thing. The other would take some exploring.

She placed her hand between the girl’s thighs and pressed up against her. These next few moments would define their relationship.

Pushing on, Angie inserted an unwanted finger between the girl’s warm pussy lips and she slipped right in. Daphne was very well lubed. There was some wriggling and signs of unwelcomedness, but Angie took that as face saving.

Angie pushed her middle finger in as far as it would go and watched the reaction as she swished it around. One little finger, actually the longest one, was all that connected the two women. Daphne’s bottom twitched and bounced as Angie explored, but the intruding finger remained firmly entrenched.

Angie would run this show and Daphne now knew it.

Ooohh, Miss Dalton. Please stop. This isn’t part of a spanking,” the startled young girl tried to say as the first tremors began enveloping her body. Then wave after wave overcame the screaming girl and her story changed.

“Oh, Oh, Ooooh, Miss Dalton. So good, good GOOD!,” Daphne cried out. This was so much better than when she did it herself.

As the first powerful orgasm reached its peak, Angie slid her wet finger towards the hot throbbing sex button at the rim of the flowing volcano.

Daphne shuddered as she felt two strong fingers grasp her clit on either side. Angie, knowing this had to be good if she was to win the girl over, fully lubed her fingers with pussy juice and firmly, but gently, massaged that flaming little knob as the strong cums starting ripping thru the bouncing girl again.

Daphne opened her legs as far as she could to give Angie full access to her hot little protuberance, swollen to its limit. Angie squeezed in cadence to the thrusts of Daphne’s bottom. Each was met with an “Aaaah, aaaah, aaaah.”

The black clad legs, no longer hobbled by the lowered panties, kicked out sideways with each yelp of delight. This little vixen was getting the cums of her life. Angie hoped she appreciated who was giving them to her.

Daphne lost all control and shot a full load of hot cum into Angie’s hand. She bucked and bounced and almost fell off that now wonderful lap. Daphne moaned as the quakes rolled over her. The last sound she made was totally unintelligible, but it was very loud and very long. There was no doubt outside Angie’s office, that these final shouts were not spanking induced.

Daphne’s legs kicked out wildly, spraying pussy juice all over Angie’s lap. Her throbbing clit was fully engorged as Angie kept the massage going with three wet fingers.

Long “Ooooooh, Oooh, Oooooh’s” came out of her other end. Finally, when the long orgasm subsided, Angie re-inserted her finger deep in place, as Daphne enjoyed the long afterglow.

Daphne involuntarily gripped down on that wonderful digit, hoping it would never leave, as she pushed her bottom up, trying to squeeze the last few seconds out of the wonderful feeling in her swollen clit.

“Miss Dalton gave a mean spanking, but she sure could fuck a girl silly,” Daphne thought.

That was why Angie lifted her own dress out of the way. These young girls could gush up a storm.

“Wasn’t that a nice spanking, Sweetie?”

Before Daphne could catch her breath and answer, Angie announced,

“If you are enjoying this, Daphne, maybe we should figure out a better way to motivate you.”

Angie withdrew her invading finger, feeling the girl’s cum start building again, and unceremoniously wiped it off on Daphne’s upturned dress.

Daphne, now thoroughly embarrassed at the intimate nature this terrible encounter was taking, tried to lie still as her pulsating body recovered.

Daphne knew she had to accept whatever Miss Dalton wanted, that is, unless she wanted embarrassing and painful spankings on a regular basis. She could also get used to these great cums. Getting one without the other was the challenge.

There had to be a better way to keep her boss happy. On the other hand, that warm finger felt so good, Daphne was happy to do whatever her boss wanted.

If Daphne’s panties were to be lowered, getting these sweet cums was the better choice!

“Time to get back to business, Sweetie. I must continue with your spanking. This will be so helpful each time you hand in a project! I’m sure you will remember to be careful.”

“Oh no, Miss Dalton. I can’t take anymore; it hurts so. Please don’t spank me anymore,” cried out the humiliated and embarrassed girl. My poor tush is in agony. I won’t sit on it for a week!”

“Maybe if your work improves, you won’t be spanked the next time I lower your panties,” Angie teased as she rubbed the girl’s wet bush.

Then Angie delivered three more smart ones.

Daphne was suddenly awakened from her reverie.


“Left, Right, Left!” Angie thought. This should wake her up.

The spanks were delivered very slowly, as Angie waited for the defenseless girl to stop moving. Each was answered by an unintelligible sound from below. Daphne’s lovely stocking clad legs kicked up sharply and a shoe went flying over her head.

The wet brown bush smiled at Angie each time it came into view. Angie had a front row seat for the greatest show in town!

Despite the severe treatment applied to Daphne’s pert butt, it still stood up in perfect roundness.

After thirty-three hot kisses on her burning bottom, Daphne thought it was finally over. She laid there and cried uncontrollably, shoulders trembling, and hips vigorously trying to shake the heat out of her hot butt cheeks, which still kept their firm shape despite the pounding they had taken.

The twisting and rolling had no effect on the burning bare globes, but the show on Angie’s lap was something to be remembered.

Even though it was not the first time Angie had administered a spanking, she felt like an expert examining a priced possession. The firm ass cheeks still stood up proudly, only now showing a beautiful red color. They rolled from side to side and quivered like a bowl of jello. Angie dropped her hand to those twin beauties and caressed them gently, the mere touch causing Daphne more discomfort.

Angie then ran her hand down the white thighs until she reached the tops of Daphne’s silky hose. Next Angie slipped her fingers into the butt crack and felt the warmth inside, as she ran a finger up and down the crevice.

That also caused the girl to twist and groan. Angie wondered why, as that was the only part of Daphne’s cute ass that was still white.

Finally the playing had to end and both realized it was time for the long handled mahogany hairbrush.

Angie’s stinging palm could take no more. She could barely imagine what Daphne’s ass cheeks felt like!

“Daphne, you can hand me your hairbrush now. The beauty of this part of your spanking is that every morning when you brush your hair, you will remember this moment. Every time you see your hairbrush, it will remind you to be more careful with your work. Then we may not have to spank your naughty buns too often. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“Oh, please Miss Dalton. I can’t take anymore! I will never forget this spanking. Can’t we stop now,” the crying girl gasped between sobs.

Angie knew she was right, but this was the time to win her over. Total subservience was the issue. It was also time for Angie to deliver the hairbrush spanking and she was looking forward to the experience.

“Hand up the brush, Dear, handle first. You must learn to listen to me.” This was more for the future than the past, Angie mused.

As the brush came slowly up, Angie took another moment to caress those warm round bottom cheeks. She was starting to enjoy this girl’s body and wanted to explore more, but that was for another day.

Angie took the brush by the handle and enjoyed the power it brought. She also thought of the times she was spanked. It was much better being on top!

“Daphne, I have a lot of work to do today, undoing all your errors. Be thankful I am taking this time away from my duties to save your job!”

Holding the sturdy mahogany hairbrush tightly, Angie brought it down crisply on the red globes, as before, slowly and firmly. The ivory encased mahogany sang a very loud song. Each blast caused the girl to bounce and cry out. Soon the imprint of the hairbrush’s large head was appearing all over Daphne’s flaming butt. Angie knew the girls outside were very aware of what was happening. The only question was did they know they were next.

Angie realized Daphne would not last long. As it was, she was in a daze now, not knowing how she wound up with her panties lowered and her sore butt on her boss’ lap.

Angie administered sets of two. One to each blazing cheek, then a short wait before the next set. Left, Right, High, Middle and Low. Angie even bounced two hot ones off the rear of Daphne’s thighs. No short skirts for a while!!

Those twin spheres were now a brilliant shimmering red. The girl below was incomprehensible. Each crisp brush stroke to that pained bottom was matched by a loud retort from her other end. Daphne would never forget this spanking. The staff outside heard every smack.

Suddenly there was a sharp knock on the door and it opened. In walked Bob Thompson, the area manager.

“Hi Dalton, I thought I heard something in here,” Thompson said as he scrutinized at the bouncing bare butt and long black legs on Angie’s lap.

“Just taking care of that problem we spoke of this morning,” Angie replied.

“Nice butt, Angie, whose is it?”

The new girl, Daphne. I think she’s getting the message, Boss. She must be with all the noise she’s making.”

“Thanks for jumping on this so quickly, Angie. I appreciate it. Hope she does too! Keep me posted on her progress and let me know if you need any help.”

Thompson took another long look, winked at Angie, and left the room. Daphne’s cries followed him out.

Daphne was unsure who the visitor was, but it was clearly unsettling to have someone walk in on her as she was over the boss’ knee having her bare ass spanked.

Angie wondered how far down the office her therapy session was heard.

After ten burning swats of the hairbrush, Angie knew the girl was hers. Any further thoughts of disobedience would be quickly overcome by the fear of another horrible, painful, and humiliating spanking. Daphne was learning it was better to kiss this woman than be draped over her knees. Better to do whatever she wanted, anything! Two wet fingers beat a hairbrush spanking any day.

Throughout the hairbrush spanking, Daphne’s legs danced all over. She did sideways scissor kicks, up and down kicks and when a particular smack went thru her, a leg just darted straight back. Daphne ran miles during her spanking but had nowhere to go. Her cute brown bush was often exposed and during the scissor kicks, Angie admired her pussy, continuing to spew forth its juices.

The final two strokes of the mahogany hairbrush were intended to burn into Daphne’s memory today’s lesson. They were smartly delivered in the middle of each battered, already well-spanked ass cheek. The crisp white imprint of the brush’s oval head smiled up at Angie, before the highest area of Daphne’s very sore bottom globes turned to bright crimson.

When Daphne’s right hand came up to protect her stinging bottom, Angie just grabbed it and held it in the small of her back. No sense talking about it, the almost naked girl, getting the spanking of her life, would never hear her.

The lifting of the hand though, earned Daphne two more hot kisses of the brush, and the mahogany spoke loudly again.

The “Yoweeee” answering the first blast drowned out the splat of the second. Daphne’s hand remained on the floor.

Angie then relented. Even this strict disciplinarian recognized the poor girl had finally learned who was on top.

Finally, Daphne no longer heard the sharp cracks behind her, but the stinging fire was still there and would be for some time. Angie allowed the sobbing assistant to remain draped over her lap until she regained some measure of composure.

With the panties gone, Daphne’s hot bare cheeks glistened with their new color. She was a sight to behold, her fists banging on the floor and her head shaking in anguish. This was a very well-spanked young lady who should be very obedient from now on.

When Daphne realized the spanking had ended, and the shaking of her bottom had somewhat subsided, she asked for permission to get up, anxious to cover her most private parts. When Angie told her she could, Daphne slowly pushed herself up from the punishing lap, gingerly leaning against Angie’s left thigh.

Angie returned the hairbrush to the red faced girl, pulled her down a bit, and kissed her cheek. She saw the mascara running down her face and kissed her again.

“Daphne, I am so happy for you. You took your spanking very well and I probably won’t have to give you another one very soon. Don’t you agree we did the right thing?”

Still sobbing, the embarrassed girl nodded her agreement. Angie was still seated in the chair. She told Daphne to turn around for a final inspection. “Lift your dress, Dear, I want to make sure you are OK, and please bend forward.”

As Daphne turned around and exposed herself again, Angie took a long look at the battered, but yet still beautiful butt. She examined it with both hands and even separated the throbbing twin cheeks. Leaning forward, Angie planted a kiss on each round, warm and very tender sphere.

“A very strange way to end a spanking,” Daphne thought, as she stood up, but then she was no expert in receiving adult style, over the knee, punishment spankings!!

“You are fine, Sweetie, just a well spanked bottom. Nothing that won’t heal up in a few days. A good spanking stays with you awhile!! I suggest you soak it in a cool tub, on your knees, of course! Oh, Yes, you probably should sleep on your tummy tonight too.”

“Is there anything you want to tell me now?”

“Yes, Miss Dalton,” she mumbled between sobs. Thank you for helping me keep my job. The spanking was very hard, but I realize I needed it. I just hope this horrible fire in my butt does not last too long.”

With that, Daphne leaned down and kissed her boss on the cheek. She then added, “I’m glad you spanked me, Miss Dalton, rather than Mr. Thompson. Thank you so much for caring!”

“Any time, Sweetie. I will always be here to help guide you. Now I will explain our new program to you, Daphne.”

On the first Tuesday of every month, you and your colleagues will come in here at 11 a.m. for your monthly review. Those who have performed up to expectations, will go out to lunch with me.”

“Those who haven’t, will get their hairbrushes and await our return. Your co-workers can then watch as you are motivated to do a better job the following month. That should motivate the others as well.”

“Now you can pick up your panties and fix yourself. Then comes the hard part.”

Daphne looked in amazement. What could be worse than what had already occurred? Her bottom was burning, trembling and swollen. Her boss had spanked her bare tush as if she were a naughty young girl. Who knows who heard her screams and pleas for mercy through the walls, as well as the loud spanks themselves? Well, just put it down as a very bad day at the office. Well, not a terrible day, she smiled, feeling the warm pussy juice running down her thighs.

Daphne looked around the room for her panties, and was astonished to see how far they had flown. She went over to them, looked at Angie, blushed, and stepped into them. She very tenderly pulled them over her still throbbing tush. Her shoe was on the other side of the room!

Not having looked in a mirror yet, Daphne was unaware that her hair also needed some attention. Her hairbrush would get a very good workout today!

Adjusting her dress to some semblance of office decorum, Daphne returned to her boss, standing with her hands behind her, rubbing out the fires in her stinging bottom.

“Hands to your sides, Dear. The aftermath of a good spanking continues for some time. Please appreciate the entire experience.”

“How does your bottom feel, Daphne?”

It really stings, Miss Dalton, as if I backed into a beehive. I am soooo sorry you had to spank me. Can you ever forgive me?”

“That proves at least somebody here was doing a proper job! Remember that the next time we turn in a project.”

“Spankings are supposed to hurt, Dear. That’s how we teach young girls what’s good for them. You learned that today, didn’t you?”

Now with hands at attention, and performing her post-spanking dance, the thoroughly humiliated assistant awaited further instruction. She danced from foot to foot and swished her butt, sobbing quietly.

Angie took her assistant’s hands, stood up, and pulled the still crying girl in close. “Daphne, you have the potential to be one of my best girls. My job is to train you, and your job is to learn. Every morning when you get ready for work and comb your hair, ask yourself, ‘How can I make Miss Dalton proud of me?’”

“Now you can show your appreciation for all I did for you today!”

Daphne stepped in and kissed her boss, first tenderly on both cheeks and then a light peck on the lips. Angie kissed her back, a bit more aggressively, smiled and told the wet faced girl, ‘Daphne, we are going to be just fine.”

“Daphne, I want you to return to your work area and pass the hairbrush to Carla. You can tell her to come and see me now. Once you compose yourself, you can catch up on your filing. I assume you can do that standing up?”

“By the way, Daphne, I would like you to come to my apartment one evening next week. We can discuss some new ideas I have. Your pretty young tush should be fine by then. Is that all right?”

“I guess so Miss Dalton,” said the shocked young assistant, not knowing what was next. Whatever it was, there was no way she would defy this woman.

Angie returned to her seat for the next installment. She watched the sniffling young girl take baby steps out of her office. They were the telltale signs of a well administered, over the knee, bare bottom spanking. Daphne’s colleagues would know that before they saw the mascara lined face, puffy eyes and disheveled hair.

As for her wet thighs, well, Daphne was on her own for that.

Carla entered the inner office moments later. There was a shocked look about her face, as she quickly closed the door. She held the hairbrush as if it were on fire. She saw Angie in “the spanking chair” and froze. Angie’s legs were crossed and her thighs were fully exposed.

“Thanks for coming in, Carla. I want to discuss something with you.”

“What is it, Miss Dalton? Daphne just said you wanted me, and gave me … this.”

To Be Continued

By Rickey Smarts © 2013

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