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David's landlady disciplines Barbara

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David's landlady stripes Barbara's bottom and more.

                       Linda returned from her visit to her daughter with a number of things that needed attention. Firstly David's experiences with Barbara and the result of his visit home to his mother and sister, and to take up the offer to discipline Barbara.

                         "So David, tell me how you got on with Barbara while I was away".

                          "Well Mrs. Robinson she came round on Wednesday evening and punished me".

                            "Tell me more young man."

                             "Well I had phoned her, as you told me to, to tell her when I had masturbated and I had masturbated 3 times the week you were away, I couldn't help the extra time I got so carried away washing and ironing your knickers that I couldn't help myself so she punished me for that and for leaving the bathroom in a mess."

                                 "After your thrashing did you pleasure her?"

                                  "Yes for a long time and she had me go around to her house on 2 other occasions to pleasure her".

                                    "OK, now what about your weekend at home what did Mummy and Mary think of your striped bottom".

                                     "Well I got there on Friday night and Mummy went out so when I went to bed I played my TV too loud to make Mary strap me. She did what she always does and came into my bedroom in her nightdress and told me to follow her into her bedroom. She made me take off my boxer shorts and whipped my penis with her strap. It was when she made me lie over the bed to whip my bottom that she saw the cane marks you had left. I told her that you disciplined me but it did not stop her whipping the back of my thighs as she wanted to leave my bottom for Mummy to see the cane marks. So at breakfast on Saturday Mummy and Mary were in their nightdresses and I had my boxers on with a dressing gown. Mary told Mummy what she had seen and Mummy told me to take off my dressing gown and boxer shorts to show her. I had an erection as usual when I saw Mummy and Mary in their nightdresses as Mummy inspected my cane marks. She wanted to know all about how you thrashed me, so I told her, including how you sometimes sit on my face and whip my penis. Mummy didn't seem to mind but Mary was cross and said it was disgusting. She asked Mummy if she could complete the thrashing from last night and Mummy let her bend me over the back of a chair and whip by bottom."

                                        "Did you masturbate while you were there."

                                         "Yes after Mary had completed my breakfast spanking I went to my room and did it."

                                           "So you stayed hard while Mary strapped you?"

                                            "Well not all the time but when they have their nightdresses on I can see almost as if they were naked and they were both like it and I know they are Mummy and sister but I can't help it."

                                              "You have had an eventful time David and I have decided that you will have a new experience some time this week or possibly next weekend we will see, but I won't tell you until the time, now I must ring Barbara and thank her for looking after you."

Linda also arranged for Barbara to come round on Wednesday afternoon for her appointment with the cane. As the time arrived Barbara rang the bell and Linda let her in. They kissed, on the lips, for much longer than a greeting demanded and sat down in the lounge with a pot of tea. Linda thanked her for looking after David and asked about the punishment she had given him. "He's a handsome young man, you have trained him wonderfully well, he stripped off his clothes the moment I told him to, decent sized penis, instantly erect, I like that, unused I believe, time you changed that, took his thrashing well and I wasn't gentle, and a very cultured tongue. Loved watching me take my knickers of despite his throbbing rear. I had him come round a couple of times for a repeat performance and rewarded him by taking my knickers off in front of him and pulling my skirt up before he started."

 Barbara gave Linda some more details of her school experiences and of the young, and not so young, men who she still saw and disciplined. After a decent interval Linda rose and taking Barbara hand led her upstairs. "It's been a long time Linda since I've experienced this and I'm glad it's you, I think we are going to get on well." Linda indicated to Barbara to remove her clothes, she slowly unzipped her fairly tight fitting thin summer dress and carefully placed it on a hanger, she turned back to face Linda as she unhooked her white bra, releasing a pair of medium sized breast which fell as their support disappeared but not too far. Her nipples were erect. She slowly pulled her white knickers to her ankles and stepped out of them, placing them carefully, with the bra, on a chair, she walked up and stood in front of Linda and put her hands on her head, lifting her breasts up. Linda looked her over, she was fairly short, shaven vagina, a nice smile with white teeth, Linda moved behind her, nice bottom, slightly larger than she might like, sticking out well and well rounded. She reached in front and ran 2 hands down her front, then fondled her breasts for some time, ran her hands down between her legs  and fondled her vagina without inserting any fingers, just moulding it in her hands, it was plump and the lips prominent. "Legs apart and bend over with elbows on the bed". Barbara did as instructed as Linda moved her hands over her bottom and continues to mould and gently squeeze her freshly shaven mound. She ran a finger along the slit, "You slut, you are wet already, when did this pussy last have any attention from a penis."

"Yesterday evening actually, one of my young men whose penis I sometimes use came for his thrashing and I used his penis afterwards."

"You really are a slut, tell me more."

"This one I have known for a long time and spanked and thrashed him at school, as indeed his mother and aunt did at home. He has been visiting for some time, he's married now but his wife doesn't punish him so he comes to me every 8 weeks or so. What he does about the marks I leave on him I've no idea. I lie him on the bed with a pillow under him to raise his bottom. Just before I start I pull my knickers off, turn them inside out and place them under his face. He knows my odour well enough but with my knickers there he is constantly reminded that its me whipping him He was one who almost proudly displayed his erection when about to be strapped and even at school I used to use the strap on it. I still do, after his usual punishment, when he has finished dancing around the room with his hands on his bottom I make him stand up straight and I stand at his side. His penis is standing up straight so I get him to hold the end and bend it at right angles to his body. I then bring my strap down onto the shaft, I then get him to hold his penis in the same position but with his hands at the root and I can then strap the purple bulbous end. He used to close his eyes when I did this but I make him watch me as I whip it and if he doesn't, or if he pulls it away I return him to face down on the bed and strap along the cleft in his bottom as he holds his cheeks open. He dislikes this more than a penis whipping. When his penis is good and red I get him to lie on his back and I lower myself onto it. He finds it rather sensitive but I enjoy it. Can I get up from this position now please.?

"You are outrageous and in desperate need of my cane, lie face down, head at the top, arms out wide and legs apart". Barbara did so and put her head on the side to watch as Linda removed her clothes other than brief, white transparent knickers. She watched as she picked up the cane and started a gentle tap tap tap on her bottom, all in one spot and slowly increasing in tempo followed by a sharp single stroke. She repeated this 10 times or so until Barbara bottom was pink and covered in light red stripes, not prominent but visible. "Are you all right darling" enquired Linda.

"Fine so far" murmured Barbara, conscious of the warmth spreading from her bottom. Linda continued, firmer this time and irregular, tap tap tap whack, whack, tap whack tap tap tap whack whack whack. Barbara squirmed and called out, Linda continued, slightly gentler, then firmer, then gentle, continuing gentle, then firmer, then gentle taps with hard disciplinary caning strokes, tap tap tap tap whack, tap whack whack whack, tap tap tap tap whack whack whack. Barbara called out long and loud, Linda tapped gently, "Nearly finished darling, you've some lovely stripes to take home." Tap tap whack whack whack, tap tap tap tap tap tap tap whack whack whack whack whack. Linda put the cane down and stroked the back of her sobbing friend, she stroked her head and her bottom. She removed her knickers and climbed onto the bed putting her arms around Barbara who turned towards her, red eyed and sobbing, Linda moved her arms to pull her friend closer and kissed her long and gently. She kissed her eyes, her cheeks and her mouth. "That was bloody hard you sod" said Barbara, kissing her with mouth wide open, they inserted their tongues into the others mouth and gradually Barbara's breathing returned to normal. They disentangled their mouths and looked into each others eyes, saying nothing, breathing deeply. Linda moved a hand between Barbara's thighs and pushed one finger into her slopping pussy. "You really are very sluttish darling, so wet what will you be like when I've finished."

"What do you mean finished, my bottom has had all it can take thank you."

"Ah" said Linda, "There are other parts we haven't touched yet, roll over onto your front."

She watched as the naked Linda rolled off the bed and went to a drawer and withdrew the penis whip, 6 leather strands about 8 inches long with a leather handle. "You can get these with knotted ends you know but I just went for the flattened ends, too gentle that's my problem. Now darling arms above your head and don't move." So saying she bent over the prostrate Barbara, breasts dangling and swinging slightly and began to gently whip her breasts, all over and particularly the nipples. First one then the other, gently swishing the whip, the occasional flick of the wrist increasing the strength, getting harder and firmer, sometimes one way then the other with stronger flicks of the wrist. Barbara squirmed, groaned and cried out loud but produced ever more moisture between her thighs. Linda finished with 3 hard strokes in rapid succession to each breast, Barbara yelled, Linda straddled her and pushed her dangling  breasts into her face, she replaced her breasts with her mouth and Barbara was quiet, breathing deeply. Linda kissed her once more, deeply as she got off the bed, took a pillow and said,"Just the pussy now darling, save the most sensitive to last, push your bottom up so I can put this under you, that's it, legs wide and bent upwards, feet flat on the bed, that's it, you do really have a lovely pussy, even more attractive now it's a little bit open, just a little whipping."

Linda got onto her knees so that she was eye level with Barbara's pussy and started to gently slap the engorged lips. There was definitely moisture about as the slapping continued accompanied by squeaks and yelps from the pussy owner. Linda got to her feet, took the whip and leaned over the open thighs, Barbara could not help thinking how attractive she looked, thick black pubic hair, large breasts dangling free about to whip her pussy. How wonderfully decadent. Linda whipped the inside of the thighs right up to the pussy lips, both sides, then again and again, both sides, methodically, slowly, firmly, she wished she could whip the rosebud, perhaps another day. Then she began a gentle assault on the pussy, whipping the vulva and labia, first one way then the other, up to the hooded clit, soon to become unhooded, and around the top of the vagina, thoroughly visiting all parts, all creases receiving the heat of the leather thongs. Squeals cries "Oh, oh, no more , no, no oh, oh shit no more, oh fuck, fuck". Linda held open the labia with her left hand and whipped the exposed pink flesh, more gently but only just. Then she removed her left hand and whipped the slit along its length, then the left hand exposed the excruciatingly delicate inner lips again to the tormenting thongs. "Nearly finished now darling, just move both hands down, one each side of your clit and pull them as wide apart as you can so that I can whip your exposed love bud, there it is, your little imitation penis, only fair that it should receive a little whipping". So saying she flicked the whip gently, gently gently over the bud, then harder as the noise from Barbara increased, then harder and harder as Barbara screamed and protected her love box with her hands.

Linda put her lips into the so recently tormented slit and gently licked and licked. she pushed the labia aside and gently licked the sore pink inner, she exposed the love bud and licked and flicked her tongue over and over. She joined Barbara on the bed and kissed her deeply, they lay in each others arms, kissing and stroking and cuddling. "Next time we do this darling bring your vibrator, have you ever been caned with a vibrator going full blast in your vagina? I'm sure you would enjoy it".



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