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David's landlady. Part 2

David is punished again, with embelishments.

this is intended to be read after Part 1.

It was 2 weeks after David's fearsome thrashing by Mrs Robinson as they ate breakfast together on Saturday morning. "It's such a lovely day today David I'm going to spend the day gardening, I could do with some help if you have nothing else you want to do" said Mrs Robinson.

"I'd be delighted to help" David responded as they cleared the breakfast things and went upstairs to dress for their task. David wore an old pair of trousers and a T shirt which showed off his muscular upper body, she wore a tight fitting pair of short with a very brief pair of panties underneath, the outline of which she knew was clearly visible, she also wore a T shirt which showed off her upper body to perfection. She was dressed to kill and David could barely keep his eyes off her. They chatted away as they worked with David doing the heavy work, cutting the grass and trimming the edges, and she weeding and planting out the bedding plants. They were both hot and tired as the day drew to a close and they went inside for refreshments before dinner. As they sat at the kitchen table sipping cold drinks she gave David a big smile, "Thank you for all your help David, I'm very grateful".

"I'm pleased to help" David responded, also with a big smile which disappeared rapidly as she spoke again. "However I am not at all pleased with your behaviour while we were gardening, your eyes were on my body all day, I have noticed before that you often look at my bottom and I caught you staring at it particularly when I was bending over, what have you got to say for yourself young man?". David looked at her with his mouth open, it was true he was fascinated by her bottom, as she bent over the cleft was clearly visible and the sight of her panties, both the outline and the top which peeped over her shorts, frustrated him all day, he had thought about going inside to masturbate but thought better of it, but he had no idea it was so obvious. He felt his face flush, he did know what to say, he looked at the floor, he started to sweat even more. Mrs Robinson looked at his helplessness and smiled to herself. He was putty in her hands, she could manipulate him as she wished, she felt herself becoming aroused, she would whip him later she thought and perhaps subject him to a special humiliation, but first some more verbal humiliation. She knew he was fascinated, yet humiliated and frightened by the things she said to him, and by the things she made him say. "David, I want you to look at me when I speak to you and I want you to answer me not just look at the floor, what is the great attraction about my bottom, do you think it's acceptable for a young man to goggle an older woman's body?".

"I'm so sorry Mrs Robinson it's just's just that you look so very attractive I  couldn't help myself I'm so sorry" He felt tears in his eyes and he put his head in his hands.

"Well David I'll take that as a compliment but not as justification for your behaviour, I am going to punish you again, not as severely as the last occasion, but it will be exemplary. First I want you to explain exactly what you did with my knickers when you invaded my privacy 2 weeks ago". David gulped and felt the tears forming again, he thought she had forgotten to ask him although he was dreading this moment. Again he felt he had no alternative but to do as he was told, to put himself at her mercy although she showed precious little of it last time. "I took a pair of your white briefs into my room and undressed completely and put them on. I looked at myself in the mirror and masturbated, I thought of you wearing them as I ejaculate, I didn't get anything on your knickers honestly". He put his head back in his hands and again sobbed quietly.

She looked at him and spoke quietly, telling him he was naughty, that she would whip his bottom, that she would always whip him or thrash him when he had done wrong, that he should look up to women not consider them as sex objects, that he must learn to control his sexual thoughts, that from now on she would take  much more direct control of his life, she might ask about his masturbation, she might even restrict it, she would ask how he viewed the women at work, which ones he found attractive and why, that she would introduce him to practices which reinforced women's superiority, that he would be subject to her discipline at all times.

"So now David, go upstairs and get cleaned up, I will prepare dinner and also shower, we will eat in about 2 hours, after which I will punish you. I want you to think about your punishment and about your lack of sexual control, come down in your dressing gown and boxer shorts".

She put dinner on the go and went to shower and prepare herself. She put on a very short cotton nightdress with nothing underneath and her dressing gown on top. She went downstairs with a thin cane, her 2 tailed spanking strap and a small whip with 6 leather strands. She put these items on the table in clear view for David's benefit. After dinner a very subdued David cleared and washed up and presented himself in front of his landlady.

"Have you ever seen a ladies bare bottom David" was her opening gambit. The reply surprised her.

"Yes, both Mummy and Mary were very casual about clothes and often went about the house naked or partly dressed"

"Did you enjoy looking at them".

"Yes I did".

"Did you prefer seeing your mother's bottom or your sister's".

"My sister's".


"She had a much firmer bottom".

Mrs Robinson grunted and stood up to removed her dressing gown. David, completely forgetting himself stared open mouthed. She moved towards the end of the settee. "Come and kneel down behind me" she instructed. "Come on right up close, now you can see my bottom, the one you spent so long looking at in the garden. I want you to lick my bottom, start now". David, as if in a trance started licking, both cheeks, close up to the crease between the two, he was frighten, he was thrilled, he was anxious, he was mesmerised. "Now right into the crease, long licks right up and down, leave my cheeks alone and concentrate upon getting your tongue as far in to the crease of my bottom as possible, don't stop until I tell you". David was tentative he did as he was told without enthusiasm, but gradually he became more certain, he pushed his tongue in further, she tasted soapy, he was encouraged, he lapped with more certainty, it wasn't unpleasant, he thought it would be. "Now stop he was instructed, I am going to bend forward so that you can get your tongue all the way in, you may part my cheeks with your hands, lick right into the cleft, lick up and down but particularly around my rose bud, push you tongue as far into my rose bud as you can, don't stop until I tell you". He might have seen ladies bare bottoms before but never in close up, never in so much detail, never with damp pussy lips so close and visible, never with a musky smell developing. He was totally disorientated, was he really doing this, was he enjoying it, was he really pushing his tongue into her bottom, oh god what depravity, what joy.

"You can stop now, stand up, remove all your clothes and stand in front of me". David did as instructed, his penis throbbed, he had never been so aroused in his life, it twitched uncontrollably, he was afraid he would come without even touching himself. He watched as Mrs Robinson walked over to the table and returned with the small whip, that small whip wouldn't hurt much he thought, but not for long.

"Pull your foreskin right back and lie down on your back on the floor" She moved to stand astride his head, he looked up, his penis twitched again, she slowly lowered herself downwards so that her bottom was right on his mouth, he instinctively pushed his tongue upwards, her cheeks enveloped his face, he could breathe but only just. She started whipping his penis, she whipped the sensitive end he had just exposed, he cried out, his voice muffled by her bottom, she whipped up and down the length, she whipped his testicles, she whipped all around the root of his penis and testicles, she whipped back up the length, she whipped the bulbous head, he cried out louder, she whipped harder.

And then it was over. She stood up breathing heavily and moved away. He lay there, exhausted, spent, trying to make sense of what had happened, his penis burning. She started speaking to him, she seemed far away. "David, whenever you are to be punished you will always pay homage to my bottom as you did at the first part of this experience. You will not lick my cheeks again but will spend all of your time in my cleft and rosebud. When I sit on your face that is called queening and I may or may not queen you just as I may or may not whip your penis but you will always lick my bottom. Now I am going to whip your bottom so go and bend over the end of the settee with your legs well apart. I am not going to whip your thighs but I want a clear view of your testicles and penis".

David, as always, did as he as told and bent forward and waited. She collected the strap and cane and stood behind him. She surreptitiously removed her nightdress, she fingered her wet pussy lips, she fondled her breasts, she did both at once, David waited, tense and unaware, she pushed 2 fingers into her slit, she rubbed her clit she looked at the naked body in front of her and breathed deeply. She strapped his bottom, slowly, quite softly to start, gradually harder, more frequent strokes, and then forehand one way and backhand the other way, this increased to tempo no end and also increased David's breathing. She stopped and picked up the cane and adjusted her position, she whipped the rattan down over the flame red target, she did it again and again and again. She thrashed his bottom with a multitude of stripes, David cried out but remained in position, the tears flowed as she tormented his bottom, her pleasure lubricated her pussy, she slowed the tempo and ceased. He sobbed and sobbed, she replaced her nightdress and dressing gown, gathered up her tools and started upstairs. "Go and get dressed David and see me downstairs in an hour or so, I want some more detail from you about how your Mother and sister used to punish you".



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