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David's landlady. Part 3.

David's journey with a dominant landlady continues.

This story is the 3rd in a sequence.

Mrs. Robinson delayed a few days before questioning David about his previous spanking experiences with his Mother and sister. They were both sitting down watching TV after dinner when she turned the set off and turned to David."So tell me David all about how your Mother and sister used to spank you. Start with your mother".

"Mummy has always spanked me. When I was young she would spank me over her knee with her hand, she would always do this with me naked and as a young boy she spanked hard. When I got older, about 12 or 13, she would sometimes punish me with a strap, I was always naked and she would bend me over the ends of my bed, or her bed, or the arm of a chair and strap my bottom. She would still spanked me with her hand but would use a strap if I had been very naughty, like telling her lies. If she found out I was telling lies she was very hard on me ad would strap my bottom until I cried and cried. When I was about 15 she would occasionally cane my bottom, again if I was very naughty, she once thrashed me with the cane very hard and long after I had told a lie about going into her room and going through her knicker drawer, I think that was the last time I told her a lie and the last time I went through her knickers. She spanked me right up to when I came here although not very often but whenever she thought I deserved it".

"What did Mummy wear when she spanked you"

"She didn't change her clothes to spank me she just did it with what she had on at the time".

"Did  Mary see you being spanked".

"Oh yes, Mummy would often wait until she came in before spanking me".

"You said that Mummy and Mary would sometimes be naked around the house, did Mummy ever spank you while she was naked and with Mary watching you also naked".

"A few times yes, Mummy bent me over the end of the settee to strap me and both she and Mary were naked".

"Did that excite you, being naked in front of them also naked, did it make you have an erection".

"I often had an erection when I took my clothes off and if Mummy was naked at the time then I would keep my erection much longer as she punished me".

"Did Mummy ever touch your penis or did you touch Mummy when or after you were spanked".

"After a spanking Mummy and Mary would hug me to them and say that they loved me so if we were both naked then my penis would press into their tummy and my face would press into their breasts".

"Did you like that".

"I loved it and it made me excited and my penis often became erect again with my face in Mummy's breasts and my penis pressed against her bare tummy".

"Now tell me about Mary and don't forget to tell me about her slapping your erection and strapping it".

"Mummy told Mary she could spank me when I was 12 and she was 16. She had seen Mummy spank me often enough so she just did the same, first it was with her hand and when mummy started using the strap and later the cane she did the same".

"And the erections".

"Mary was always cross when I had an erection, mummy told her to ignore it and just spank me but she didn't. Sometimes she would make me stand in front of her and slap it from side to side with her hand, sometimes she would use a plastic ruler and slap it from the side, both on the top and underneath, and sometimes she would use one of her belts to strap it. Then I had to hold it out straight and she would bring the strap down on it, I used to close my eyes but she made me keep them open so that I would have to watch".

"Did you ever deliberately misbehave in order to be spanked.".

"I don't know how you know all these things Mrs. Robinson but yes I did sometimes but only with Mary. If we had gone to bed and Mummy was out I would deliberately play my television loud to annoy her, she would come into my room in her nightdress and I loved seeing her in that, she would take me into her room, sit on the edge of the bed with me in front of her. She would make me take off my pyjamas and it was often then that she would punish my penis. She would then bend me over her bed and strap my bottom often reaching around to hold my penis to see is it had gone down".

"Did she ever rub you penis or just feel it to see how hard it was".

"If it was going soft she would often rub it until it was hard again and tell me what a naughty boy I was".

"Your sister was some girl, she would tell you you were naughty for having an erection, punish you and then make sure that your erection stayed so that she could punish you some more. She obviously enjoyed herself, wonderful".

"You remember when I told you that I would become your disciplinarian, well I have decided that you need a maintenance spanking about every 2 weeks. It will not be at a regular time but when I think fit. Now tell how often do you masturbate".

"Oh Mrs Robinson this is so embarrassing again, I feel so ashamed having to tell you all these things, I can't tell you".

"David stand up".She went and stood right in front of him and so close they were nearly touching. He could smell her scent, he felt the electricity between them, she looked wonderful, he wanted to put his arms around her, he wanted her to put her arms around him, he was intoxicated. She smiled and looked him hard in the eye. "David listen to me carefully, I will spank you, thrash you, whip you whenever I wish, you will tell me anything I want to hear, you will never lie to me, you will have no secrets from me, you will obey me, I am in charge of you David, you need an authoritarian women above you, you need this and deep down you want this, You could leave but you will not because you crave my discipline so sit down David and lets have no more none sense". David sat down and took a deep breath, she was right, she had punished him harshly twice but he craved more, he needed more, he needed this beautiful statuesque women whipping his bottom, whipping his penis, sitting on his face, degrading him, humiliating him, controlling him. "I'm sorry Mrs Robinson, I guess I masturbate about every day, sometimes here, sometimes in the toilets at work".

"Right so I want you to keep a diary for the next 2 weeks and write down exactly when you masturbate, where you are and what you think about when you do it. Also I want you to write down whenever you get an erection, what caused the erection and how you felt about it. We will talk about your entries regularly and I will then decide how often you may masturbate in the future. Now go upstairs and shower and meet me down here in your punishment attire in one hour. I will then give you your first maintenance spanking, there may also be something else for you" she said smiling.

She also retired to her room to shower and change ready for David with her flimsy nightgown, dressing gown and spanking strap. He came down stairs and stood obediently in front of her. "You know what to do young man, she said as she slipped off her dressing gown and walked over to the end of the settee. He knelt right behind her as she bent forward and rested her arms on the settee end. David gazed at her beauty, her bottom was magnificent, the crease awaiting his tongue. He cupped both hemispheres of her bottom in his hands and parted them lovingly, running his tongue up and down the length, licking, slurping pushing his tongue into her bud, he loved this woman, he was transported to another world, licking her bottom was the most wonderful thing on earth". For a good five minutes while he performed his duty, she had other plans for his tongue later. "You did that very well David, now undress and prepare for the spanking strap after which I have a surprise for you which you may enjoy more that the strap. Legs nice and wide as I intend to warm the inside of your thighs".

So David took a big breath, pulled his foreskin right back and tried to compose himself for what he knew would be a torrid 10 or 15 minutes, did he really enjoy this or was it just a part of the whole relationship. A painful part it proved to be. Mrs Robinson never gave anything other than a thorough thrashing, she reddened his bottom and thighs slowly at first with increasing speed and intensity, she stopped occasionally to rub her damp slit and indeed to insert a finger or two, she loved thrashing young male buttocks, also female occasionally although they usually made a lot of fuss and the whole thing was more trouble and more complex, better a submissive young man who found her adorable. David jerked and cried out as his inner thighs felt the two tailed spanking strap, she was never quite certain if two tails actually doubled the effectiveness of one, but she did know that it was mighty effective, just back up to the top on both legs and she would stop. She gave the final few strokes some added bite as she ceased her thrashing and fingered herself again, the next part would be interesting.

David stayed inert over the end of the settee, breathing heavily, waiting for permission to stand up. This was given and he slowly raised himself and put both hands to his inflamed buttocks. His penis was limp and he was in pain. He looked up with red eyes at Mrs. Robinson who stood with the strap over both palms, her nipples clearly erect and herself breathing heavily through widened nostrils. If David could describe his perfect woman it would be she, slowly his penis began to thicken, she watched with a smile on her lips as it gradually grew and strained northwards. She just loved her impact on young men.

"Now then David when you lick my bottom what do you see, apart from my bottom of course".

"Your..your...your cunt"

"Not a word I like David, you may call it my vagina, my cooch, my pussy but not cunt. Cunt is vulgar do not use that word again". She walked over to the settee and sat on the edge, lifting up her nightdress as she did so. "Come and kneel on the floor in front of me David", he did so gazing at the huge black bush in front of him, Mary shaved her pussy and his Mother trimmed hers considerably, this was the first time he had seen a pussy surrounded by so much hair. "I want you to find my pussy amongst the forest and lick it slowly from top to bottom just as you have my bottom. David pushed his face eagerly between her thighs and licked deeply from top to bottom, for the first time tasting and smelling an aroused pussy. "Keep licking David but also suck in some of the pussy flesh, keep all away from your teeth, at the top of my pussy you will find a small bump lick that most of the time and probe into it with your tongue, this is my clitoris and the most important spot in any woman's vagina. That's right you have got the spot, suck this in and out, flick it with your tongue and don't stop. Quickly she began to writhe and moan and raise her hips, pulling his head forward as she rose to climax, thrusting her hips forward and arching her pelvis upwards and off the settee. David was confused, her hips pushed strongly against his head, her taste had changed as her salty spend was on his lip, mouth and face. Slowly she subsided, her breathing gradually returned to normal, or close to it, "That was lovely David, you have just given me a delightful orgasm, the first of many I hope, it's like your ejaculation when you masturbate, except you can give me two or three in a short space of time, and you will in due course. So you have learned something new David and have pleased me. This may not happen after every spanking, but it may happen at other times, we must see how things develop, now come and give me a big hug as Mary and Mummy used to do".







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