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David's Landlady Part 4

Tags: spanking, oral, f/m
David's landlady continues to educate and use him, and introduces a friend.

Over the next 2 weeks Mrs Robinson called upon David on four separate occasions to service her pussy. He was a most willing pupil and was ever eager to please his landlady. On one occasion it was as they were going to bed that she invited David into her room and between her thighs. On the other 3 occasions she was watching TV in the evening and called upon David to pleasure her orally. She removed her knickers and hoisted her skirt around her bottom as David knelt on the floor in front of her. She continued watching television as he worked with his tongue and lips. She extended the time to about 40 minutes as he bought her to orgasm three times. She was always grateful and rewarded him with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and told him to write down in his diary exactly how he felt while his face was between her thighs.

It was Friday evening and David's fortnightly discipline was due. He bought his diary downstairs and read out what he had written. It showed a young man full of sexual torment and uncertainties. He had recorded almost daily masturbation, and sometimes twice daily, not always at home but in the toilets at work also. It recorded his infatuation with his landlady and his love of her statuesque figure, of the huge thrill he experienced while between her thighs and his love of serving her and giving her pleasure. how he loved watching her remove her knickers prior to his servitude. It recorded his torment at work with an office containing a large proportion of women of all ages, of looking at their figures, trying to see panty lines under their skirts or trousers, how the younger girls showed off their firm young breasts, how he believed they teased him by bending forward and revealing their breasts, by bending forward and showing off their bottoms, how he was sometimes driven to the toilet to masturbate. He wrote about his trepidation when Mrs. Robinson was due to discipline him. How he felt a huge thrill surge through him as he stood naked in front of her with his penis throbbing, how he longed for her to touch it, how the pain of his thrashing was almost too much to bare sometimes but he knew he could not do without it.

Mrs Robinson was silent for quite a while after David had finished reading. She knew his sexual maturity was very limited, she was not a bit surprised about his view of her, she knew he was very submissive to female authority but his rampant masturbation needed attending to. She looked him in the eye and smiled sweetly. "That was a very complete account of what I wanted, thank you for that, you will keep the diary all the while you stay here with me. Leave it in your bedroom where I can read it whenever I wish. You masturbate too much, from now on twice a week only and tell me every time you do as well as record it in your diary, tell what will happen to you if you lie to me David"

"I promise I will not lie, I know you will strap and cane me very hard if I do I wont really."

"Make sure you don't, also you can hand wash and iron my knickers every few days. I wear at least one clean pair a day and often two, I will show you how I want them done when I have disciplined you shortly, and you can handle them, fondle them, push your face into them provided that twice a week I get a pile of knickers immaculately clean and ironed. Also when you next go home for the weekend I will cane your bottom before you go leaving visible stripes, I want you to get Mummy or Mary to spank you and to tell me what happens when they see your stripes. do you understand all that David"?

"Yes I do but I am frightened of doing your knickers and I don't know what to tell Mary and Mummy"

"Fear not David, just do as your told and all will be well, now go and shower and meet me down here in 30 minutes you have a lot to be punished for"

David's punishment was as thorough as usual, Mrs Robinson decided to punish him just wearing bra and tight fitting yellow bikini briefs. She removed her briefs for David to attend to her bottom, keeping his tongue active in her crease and rosebud far beyond her usual time. Eventually she called a halt, pulled his foreskin back, replaced her briefs, and instructed him to assume the punishment position over the end of the settee. her spanking strap worked remorselessly up the back of his thighs and over his bottom, forehand and back hand strokes up and down the inside of his thighs, she had decided against the cane but allowed the strap full reign. When she had finished she told David he could stand up. He put both hand behind him and clutched a crimson rear end and danced around the room crying out in pain, he was aghast as he saw his landlady remove her briefs again and pick up her penis whip. Eventually his pain subsided to an incessant throbbing, he looked at Mrs. Robinson again and could not believe that his penis started to engorge, she looked wonderful, her full pubic bush dominating strong firm legs, widening hips, a delightfully round and broad bottom. He almost forgot the penis whip, she had only used it on him once before but he remembered what to do. He lay down on the floor on his back, as she stood over him he felt the luckiest man in the world, with legs astride she slowly squatted over his face, her pussy lips swollen her rosebud open, at this point there was nowhere in the world where he would rather be, his face received it all. His tongue thrust upwards, his lips sucked in any bit of flesh they could reach. She rocked backwards and forwards, rosebud and pussy merging, she fucked his face hard. She whipped his penis from the sensitive purple end down the shaft to his testicles, up and down, she fucked his face, she whipped his penis, she overwhelmed, over powered and devastated him.

As she got up and moved away he felt exhausted, completely spent, her spend loitering on his face, her odour teasing his nostrils, he was quite unable to comprehend what had happened to him. He looked up, she was seated on the settee with her hips on the edge, "Come along David you have not finished yet " she said.

It was almost a week later that Mrs. Robinson fell in the garden and damaged her wrist. After an x-ray the doctor said that it was not broken but there was considerable ligament damage and she would have to wear a sling and the wrist be out of action for at least a month. It was of course the wrist which swung the cane and the strap. David was most helpful around the house doing lots of little jobs she could not manage. He would have loved to help her on and off with her knickers but she seemed to manage this on her own. She however was racking her brain to think of someone who could, under her guidance of course, punish David. There was a lady in her bridge club called Barbara Smith who used to be a matron in a boy's boarding school. She decided to ask Barbara, obliquely, if she had any experience in disciplining young men. Her early conversations seemed promising so she invited Barbara to tea one afternoon for a more in depth conversation. "Well yes Linda it was an unusual school, all boys, all boarders and an entirely female staff, except for caretakers, handymen and so on. The ethos of the school was female superiority, so most of the boys were sent by their mothers who wanted that sort of upbringing for their children."

"So discipline was in the hands of lady members of staff" asked Linda.

"Of course my dear, corporal punishment was freely administered, the headmistress had a fearsome reputation with the cane, and well deserved too."

"I don't suppose that you were involved in that thought of thing were you Barbara"

"Goodness me yes, would' t have missed it for the world. My job as Matron was to oversee the medical well being of the boys and also to oversee their cleanliness and personal habits. For instance if the laundry staff noticed particularly dirty clothes the owner was referred to me, masturbation was forbidden in the dormitories and if the house mothers  caught any of the boys so behaving they referred them to me, also the laundry staff would look out for seminal stains on the sheets and boy's pyjamas. Most weeks I had 3 or 4 boys waiting to see me in their pyjamas and dressing gowns on a Tuesday evening at bed time."

"How did you deal with them" asked Linda

"A good, thorough strapping was always the result. I insisted that the culprit be naked and then I would scold them and admonish them for their misdemeanours. Almost always the boys, even the younger ones, would have erect penises as they removed their pyjamas, there were one or two who were almost proud of their members as they exhibited themselves. A few hard strokes with the strap on their exhibit usually cured them of this. Others were deeply embarrassed, red faced and looking at the floor, but nearly always erect. I would put a towel over the end of the medical bed and make them lie over the bed. I would then strap their bottoms hard, no point in half measures, until they were well and truly red and their owner sobbing. A few stroked along the line of the crease in the bottom was always very effective. I loved seeing young chubby buttocks waiting for my strap and turning colour amidst the cries as I thrashed them."

"My goodness you are very experienced, do you think you could do me a favour and punish my lodger, although he is much older than your school boys, as you can see my wrist is out of use"

"Not all the boys were young, we had a 6th. form so some were 17 and 18 years old and occasionally we had a few 19 year olds.  When I needed to punish them I would send them a note to attend my private flat, they did not have to observe lights out."

" And did you strap these young men also."

"Of course, by that age they were used to it, some almost welcomed it, and do you know I still have a number of ex pupils who come to see me on a regular basis, some are married but still come. we discuss their needs, their shortcomings, their sex lives, their weaknesses, I always put them back onto the straight and narrow, if only for a short time, and they are always very grateful."

"Ah, if you don't mind me asking, what sort of weaknesses do they have and how do they show their gratitude."

"Nearly all boys, and I include men here, have a weakness for ladies underwear, usually knickers and panties belonging to their mother, sister, aunt, mother in  law and particularly their wife. They seem to spend half their life with their face in the crotch of ladies panties with another pair wrapped around their penis as they frantically masturbate in front of a mirror, others love to spy on women undressing or showering, even their wives, and God only knows how much time your average man spends looking at women's breasts and bottoms and imagining what they would look like naked. And as for showing their gratitude suffice to say I am very turned on by thrashing naked men and boys and their lips and mouths, and occasionally their penis is put to good use, and anyway wht's this with thrashing your lodgers, how long has this been going on?"

"Only a few months with this one, although he is the most submissive man I have had, he adores me and I totally dominate him. He currently serves me with his tongue although I was thinking of using his penis, we must discuss your view on this".

"Indeed we must and plenty of other things too, I will be delightted to thrash your young man, we must meet again before then and discuss details, bye the way do you ever have lady lodgers?"

"I have had but I prefer men, I do enjoy punishing a well rounded female bottom but it is usually such a performance and they make such a fuss."

Barbara Smith looked at Linda for a long while. "I wouldn't make a fuss."

Linda Robinson returned the long gaze. " Is that a fact, what a delightful prospect, just as soon as my wrist is better then, I'll look forward to it".





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