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David's landlady. Part 6

Much delayed part 6 where Mrs. Robinson's daughter spanks David and he is no longer a virgin
David and Mrs Robinson were eating their evening meal when she told David that her daughter Mary was coming to spend the weekend with her and would be down some time on Friday afternoon or evening.

"Shall I do the washing on Thursday instead of Friday then, Mrs. Robinson?"

"No, don't worry about that David she knows all about you"

That is exactly what worried him and he did not look forward to the weekend at all. He thought he would try to finish work early and hopefully get the washing done before Mary arrived, it would be far too embarrassing otherwise.

Mary arrived mid afternoon and mother and daughter hugged and kissed and smiled with real pleasure.

Over a pot of tea they chatted away and mother asked Mary, "And how is that poor long suffering husband of yours?"

"As long suffering as ever and all his own fault, also as ever. Do you know last weekend we were going out to dinner with friends, Jane and Brian, and I decided to wear my cream dress which is getting a bit tight on me. I tried to find some knickers which did not show a line on my bottom. A thong was no good, briefs showed through like traffic lights, French knickers nearly did it but not quite so I decided to go without. My bottom showed off wonderfully with the material wrapping itself around my cheeks and even moving up into my cleft, I felt really sexy.

"Do you remember I told you that recently Oliver had become very attached to my bottom, forever patting it, stroking it and rimming it with his tongue, pushing his face into it and drooling over it. Well, he was waiting impatiently in the hall for the taxi to arrive as I came down stairs. I thought I would tease him a bit so I told him to kneel down and I positioned myself in front of him, facing away and told him to raise my skirt around my waste. As he did so I could feel his hot breath on my legs and a low groan as he discovered I wasn't wearing knickers, he pushed his face into my bottom and began to tongue me, urgently probing my rose bud just as the taxi hooted outside. I pushed him away, rearranged my skirt and opened the door. He was not happy."

"Poor boy! Mary you are a tease, was he able to stay rampant until you got home?"

"Well that's just it Mummy, I told Jane what had happened as we went to the loo and she made matters worse by asking everyone if they thought my bottom looked nice as I walked away from the table. They came back to us for coffee after and by the time they were gone Oliver was bursting and been suffering with a swollen penis for the last few hours. He almost threw me on the bed and just rammed himself into me like a thing possessed. I could tell that he was going over the edge and called out to him not to come before me. Of course he was too far gone then and just erupted inside me. As he lay on top panting he realised what he had done and what would follow."

"You mean you would cane him for coming before you, inconsiderate behaviour; do you still give him 10 good stokes."

"Yes Mummy, and a week in the spare room and at my beck and call for oral servitude as often as I like in that week. He can masturbate as much as he wants in the bathroom. So I offered him the cane there and then or in the morning. He chose morning and finished me off with his tongue and then gave me another tonguing at my suggestion. In the morning he bought me breakfast in bed, pushed his face between my thighs, licked my bottom as if his life depended upon it. Of course he hoped I would let him off the caning but not likely.

I left my nightdress off so he could watch me in the mirror as I thrashed his bottom but he had other things to think about. He sulked all morning and I told him if he did snap out of it by the time we went to his mother's for lunch then he would have a second dose when we got home. He just can't help getting himself into trouble."

"Well that's a good story dear glad to hear that you are still in charge."

Shortly afterwards David arrived home and was disappointed to find that Mary was at home before he had time to do the washing. They were introduced and made small talk for a while before David went upstairs. He returned shortly afterwards with a pile of Mrs Robinson's knickers and went into the kitchen to begin washing them.

After a while Mary sauntered into the kitchen and stood watching David as he hand washed the knickers. He had a bowl of hot water with some washing powder in and a bar of soap. He carefully soaped the gussets of the knickers and rubbed them by hand ensuring that they were entirely clean before wringing them out gently and putting them to one side to rinse.

"So this is your weekly wash of Mummy's knickers then, David."

"Yes Mary," said David as he turned away and blushed.

"You might as well wash mine then," said Mary as she reached under her skirt and removed her brief powder blue with black lace trim knickers and handed them to David.

"They are nice and warm, you can hold them up to your face if you like, my husband likes to do that when we get undressed to go to bed at night."

David found himself doing as offered then quickly removing them and starting to wash the thin blue material.

"Mummy says that you are due another caning this weekend, David."

David blushed a deep red.

"Yes but I'm going to ask if she will leave it until after the weekend."

"No need to do that David I know all about disciplining young men, I have one at home who needs regular attendance so no need to be shy."

Mummy called Mary into the other room and told her off gently for teasing David and then they went upstairs into Mummy's room to get ready to go out that evening to a new Italian restaurant.

"We can both use my bathroom and leave the other one for David," said Mummy as she undid her blouse and removed it, then reached round to remove her skirt.

She released her breasts from her bra. Mary undressed, picked up a towel and walked towards the bathroom.

"Darling, are you putting on a bit of weight your bottom seems slightly chubbier than when I last saw it and by the way when was that chubby bottom of yours last attended to?"

"You know that you are the only one who ever spanks my bottom, Mummy," said Mary as she turned and looked at her Mother.

She still had a good figure, large nipples, dark against the white breasts, brief white knickers entirely failing to hide her pubic hair which grew prolifically between her thighs.

"You know darling you were naughty teasing first Oliver and then David, I think a little spanking is called for. Open that end drawer, there is a small leather slapper in there, bring it to me."

"No it's OK Mummy, I can manage without that," as she reached into the drawer and handed Mummy the slapper.

Mummy turned and closed the door, slipped her knickers off and sat on the bed. Her naked daughter moved closer to her.

"I can manage without this Mummy," said Mary as she lay across her mother's lap.

"I'm sure you can darling but a little bit of spanking between mother and daughter never did any harm."

Mummy slapped lightly but thoroughly, covering all Mary's bottom and the tops of her thighs. She increased the tempo slightly as Mary began to wriggle and squirm on her lap. 

"Move onto the bed, kneel with your head low and your bottom high; give yourself a little rub if you want to."

Mary open her legs and reached backwards with her hand, rubbing gently at first and then with more energy and intensity as Mummy slapped harder. Mary's hips thrust backwards and forwards as she climaxed quietly but energetically. She lay still for a while as Mummy stroked her back and hair then she stood up and the two naked women embraced with their arms around each other.

Over dinner that evening they finalised the details of David's disciplinary session and Mummy's long delayed decision about using David's penis.

And so it was that all three sat down for breakfast on Saturday morning, showered and in dressing gowns, eating smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. David's appetite was not as powerful as usual and his conversation lacked any enthusiasm. Mary seemed to be in charge. She was very good looking but totally unknown, whereas with Mrs. Robinson he knew what to expect. They all moved to the living room where Mary closed the curtains and put the light on.

"Right David, today will be slightly different to what you are used to with Mummy and certainly with a different ending which you will like more than usual. Take your dressing gown off and stand in front of me."

He did as instructed and stood facing Mary wearing a pair of boxer shorts. His penis stirred.

"I"m going to cane your bottom; there will be marks and welts on your bottom but not your thighs as I believe that you are playing football this afternoon. After that I am going to strap your bottom with this strap. It will hurt as you will be well caned beforehand."

She handed David the strap, he looked at its two-tailed end and shivered in trepidation.

"I'm not sure I will be able to take the cane and the strap, Mary."

"Yes, you will, I will help you."

So saying she removed her dressing gown. She was wearing a very thin cotton nightdress. She was naked underneath, her breasts were clearly visible both through the thin cotton and down the low cut front. The material barely covered her bottom, any slight movement exposed her bottom at the back and bought into view her wispy pubic hair. She leaned forward and pulled his boxers right down to his knees. His penis now fully erect and throbbing.

"You look like my husband when I prepare him for a thrashing; his penis is always hard despite the pain he knows he is going to get. Tell me what do you have to do to Mummy before she punishes you?"

"I lick her bottom."

"Would you like to lick my bottom."

"Yes, Mary."

"When your mummy spanks you, would you like to lick her bottom?'

"Oh no, Mary."

"What about you sister Mary, would you like to lick her bottom?'

"I'm not sure, I probably would"

"OK, kneel down behind me I want your tongue right inside me, you are going to be there at least 10 minutes and I want to feel your tongue working hard all the time or you will pay for it with my cane and strap."

David went to work as Mummy rose and removed her dressing gown. She was wearing a night dress very similar to Mary's, also naked beneath. She walked behind David giving him an occasional sharp stroke with the cane. After a while Mary called a halt and positioned David for his thrashing. She started gently but moved onwards at a rate, pausing occasionally to allow David to recover. She increased the tempo and had David been able to see he would have delighted in her swinging breasts and the sight of her bottom and vagina coming into view.

She was very excited, she loved thrashing naked men. Soon she paused and inspected the damage. His bottom was a mass of angry red lines some raised above the surface. She swapped the cane for the strap and changed to single hard strokes that had David crying out in pain. She called a halt as David sank to his knees. She took a tissue and wiped his eyes. He regained his feet and Mary put her arms around him and held him tight. When she did this with Oliver she could quickly feel his penis growing against he stomach and sure enough David was rising to the occasion.

She held onto him tightly until she felt him fully erect, David's hand had dropped to her bottom but she allowed the liberty and gradually disentangled herself.

"You were very brave David and now you will receive a very pleasant reward. Turn and face Mummy?"

"I want you to lie on your back, I'm not going to whip your penis, something much more pleasant."

He lay on his back and Mrs Robinson stood over his head as he looked up between her legs. Mary slipped a condom over his penis and Mrs Robinson moved downwards and squatted over his penis. She was wet so with only minor adjustments she impaled herself fully onto his penis. She smiled at David.

"How does that feel David, your first time."

"Its wonderful it feels just wonderful."

She shifted about to increase his sensation and moved gently up and down.

"Put your hands on my breasts and fondle them. I'm going to move up and down and you try to get into a rhythm with me, just gently at first and then build up."

They moved quickly into their pattern but all to quickly David started grunting and calling out and he thrusted faster and faster until he ejaculated.

She stayed on top until he recovered and then gradually uncoupled and stood up. Mary removed the condom and sat by her mother on the settee. She called David over quietly and motioned between her legs.

He knew what to do here even if the other thing needed some improvements.

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