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 Denise came to visit in 2005. We had never met in person before but I knew everything about her. We met on line years earlier on a message board dedicated to adult spanking. We exchanged e-mails and talked for hours on instant messenger. It was an innocent flirtation. We were both married, she was in Florida, I lived in New York. We didn't think we would ever meet.

She was a shameless flirt. She said she loved to be spanked and she wanted me to describe what it would be like if we met. Would I be strict with her? Would I put her over my knee like a child? She could just imagine the shame and embarrassment of being treated like a naughty girl. Her husband wasn't that interested in indulging her fantasies, she said, although he would deliver a few half hearted slaps to her bare bottom during lovemaking. I told her I would spank her every day.

"EVERY DAY!!?? she'd type.

 I promised her an especially hard spanking for using that kind of punctuation. I would be strict. She would be obedient.

"Would you fuck me?" 

  "Yes, of course."

Over time she revealed everything to me. She spanked herself with a hairbrush almost every day. (blush)  She liked anal play and sometimes used a  butt plug. (blush)   She would always tell me when she or I said something that made her blush. I made her tell me all her deepest and darkest fantasies, even the ones that shamed her. And I promised her someday we'd make them all come true.

"tell me more," she would type, "what would you do."

"I'd have some Vaseline and a rectal thermometer to take your temperature, over my knee, as if you were a baby."

(BLUSH) "you wouldn't!"

Maybe a good spanking first to inspire obedience and they when your behind was nice and red, I'd spread your cheeks to lubricate your rectum with a nice big dollop of vaseline. I'd press my finger deep, up inside your ass. Then the thermometer. You'd have to just lie there for a while.

'And if I squirmed around on your lap, you'd be very angry with me right? I might earn an even harder spanking with the hairbrush. Hard enough to make me cry. And then you'd march me over to stand in the corner. I'd be so ashamed."

Eventually we talked on the phone and exchanged photos. She was very pretty, tall with long, dark hair that fell around her shoulders. She wore a short black dress and high heels and she looked very sophisticated. She said she was twenty nine but she was actually 34. I said I was 31 but she would find out much later that I was 27.

"tell me more," she would type. "If I disobeyed you, would you use a strap....or a cane? (gulp)

She had watched spanking and caning videos and was fascinated by the cane. She read stories about the sting and the burn and the raised welts. She wanted a witness, someday, someone to watch me spank her to add to her embarrassment. She wanted an enema. (blush)

"I want you to diaper me." (blush) "OMG, I didn't just say that."

She was a beautiful, sophisticated, successful business woman, 34 going on 12 and she wanted to be spanked by a big strong man. She wanted someone with a "firm hand" who wouldn't put up with her nonsense. Someone loving and affectionate and strict; a father figure but also someone who would fuck her every day.

"Every day!"

"Ha, ha. Yes, every day and twice on Sundays."

She wanted anal sex. "I want you to spank me and then fuck my ass good and hard." (blush)

She tried it once with her husband but he didn't like it and he wasn't very hard. It didn't matter she said because they were getting divorced.

And so, after almost two years, we would meet. She had booked a room at the W hotel and I would pick her up at JFK.



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