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We meet in last

She was more than I expected; more in every way.  She was taller than I expected, prettier, her hair was lighter brown and longer than in her photos. She was elegant in her LUCKY jeans and PRADA top. Louis Vuitton luggage. Affluent, sophisticated, certainly not just a pretty girl.

I remember an on-line conversation we had once, before we exchanged photos, about movie stars and what movie stars we resemble. I said Steve McQueen (I don't),  she said she's been told she looks like a young Carole  Bouquet, a famous French actress. I never heard of her but I looked her up on line and even watched a few of her movies. I could see it now, the young Carole Bouquet in "Cet obscur object du desire" .... "That obscure object of Desire."  How appropriate.

She liked the way I looked too, thank goodness. "Nicky, you're so tall! You look just like your photos!" We kissed, one on each cheek, very European.  I had a limo waiting, I know it's cheesy but it gave us a chance to relax and talk and I wanted to set some rules. 

New York is a great city, I said, but some parts are dangerous so don't go out wandering around on your own. Consider me your guardian while you're here and I'll protect you. She laughed. We had had the same conversation on line many times.

"Yes Daddy."

I settled her in her hotel suite and she threw her arms around my neck.  "I have some rules too," she warned. "I want lot's of kisses. I expect to be treated with respect. I want to be charmed and seduced; swept off my feet. I want to be fed. And I want you to pay attention to just me. Do you understand?

I did. She was hungry.

"But before we go to lunch, how about a little spanking. Just to warm you up a bit.  We've waited so long." 

I sat on the bed. She peeled down her tight jeans revealing her expensive, black lace underwear. A slight blush covered her cheeks as she smiled and lowered herself across my lap. I rested my hand on her behind and gave her a little squeeze. She arched the small of her back and tilted up her ass, offering it to me the way she promised in all those on line chats. The spanks echoed like gun shots.  "Don't tighten your cheeks," I ordered, "keep them relaxed and soft. It's very submissive for you to just willingly accept the sting of a spanking, isn't it, to just raise up your bottom and offer it to me, isn't it?  I delivered a few more loud, stinging spanks to make my point and she just moaned softly without complaint. She was a joy to spank. She was so excited by it all. When I ran my hand up her thigh she spread her legs willingly. Her panties were soaked. She had come at least once from the spanking and now she clamped her thighs together on my hand and came again.  "Stand up," I ordered, "your panties are all wet. Take them off and hand them to me."

"Please Nicky....."   

She was blushing now. I knew she loved to be scolded. I knew from all our on line chats how embarrassing it was for her when she got so wet and excited. Of course I loved it.

"Right now, young lady. Take them off and get back over my knee."  Slowly she pulled down her panties. She was completely shaved just like she said.  "Hand them to me," I ordered. "What a naughty girl you are. I should keep you in diapers." A low groan escaped her throat and she turned bright red.

Back over my knee; her bare bottom was absolutely perfect; firm, round and soft. Yes, I know, how could it be firm and still soft. I don't know it just was. It bounced provocatively with each slap. After 10 or 12 I gave her a little rest and caressed her again, rubbing softly. I pulled apart her cheeks.

"Are you examining me?"

"Yes. Never know what I might find."

I rubbed her bare pussy for the first time. It was as slippery and sweet as a slice of ripe melon. I licked the juices off my fingers and went back for more. It was as if my fingers were sucked right inside her. I could feel her pulsing against my hand and squeezing hard as she came again. 

"You're going to break my fingers."

Slowly she relaxed her grip and gave me back my hand.  She got up and gave me a long, lingering kiss. My mouth was covered with her juices but she didn't seem to mind.

Get undressed, I ordered. I want to see you naked. She obeyed immediately and got down on her knees. She unzipped my pants.

"Oh Nicky," she said, "It's so big."  What a sweet talker.  She made quick work of it. I guess I was as excited as she was.  'Let's get you cleaned up," she said. "And I'll let you take me to lunch."


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