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Disciplined at Work Again

David’s secretary really places him under her thumb and over her lap, and likes it
David walked in to the office still feeling sore from his caning the day before. Susan had had control of him for just four days but had found three separate occasions to spank him, and the caning yesterday was the worst so far. He had to tell himself the worst so far as Susan made it clear she will step up the severity of punishment if his behaviour didn’t improve.

David got to the office at 8 O’clock which is well before anyone else arrived to try to settle himself down before he had to face Susan again. He went to the kitchen to make a coffee.

He so fancied Susan, and for some reason he got an erection when across her lap. He was still thinking about his ever so delicious secretary spanking then caning him and didn’t hear her walk in, come up behind him, and give him a hard slap on his bottom.

“Ouch,” he gasped and spun around.

“Don’t do that,” he spluttered.

Susan answered with a smile, “Oh it’s just playful you know. I thought all the boys liked it.” She smirked at David’s obvious discomfort knowing she was mimicking what he had said often enough when smacking her bottom.

“I’ll have a coffee too please,” Susan said.

David replied, “Get your own, and one for me now you are here.”

Susan walked right up to him, her face inches from his and hissed, “Don’t you dare order me around anymore when we are alone. If I want to I will tell everyone about putting you across my lap. Is that what you want little boy?”

“No Susan, sorry.”

Susan swiped her hand and slapped David full across the face.

“How did we say you would address me when we were alone?”

“Sorry, Miss. Miss.”

“That’s better.”

David looked fixedly at Susan quite overcome with her stance. Quite turned on by her attitude. Things had now changed and Susan was imposing her control.

“David, as no one will be here for a while I am going to teach you a lesson which I hope will help you learn your place quickly.”


Susan stepped forward and slapped David’s face again, harder this time.

David rubbed his sore cheek, looked embarrassed, but said,

“Lesson Miss?”

Susan snapped, “Yes, follow me to your office.”

Susan turned and walked towards David’s office and her hapless boss quickly followed, looking around as they walked to ensure no one saw them. The rest of the office was still empty. They entered David’s office and Susan went behind the desk, pushed the chair back to make a space between the chair and the desk, and sat down on David’s plush chair.

“David, I have decided you need a reminder who is the boss here now.”

She picked up her bag and took out some body oil. David looked on bemused. Susan kept smiling and biting her lip to stop herself laughing as she took out a piece of pointed plastic which David immediately recognised as a butt plug, black, and ribbed.

“This goes where all your crap spouts out from.”

“Really? My mouth?” He half smirked but that quickly disappeared when Susan’s flashed and he was worried his face will be slapped again.

“Not quite,” Susan said sharply as she sat down on the chair again.

“Get across my lap David,” she ordered.

“You are joking.”

Susan lifted her hand palm up. “One more time not addressing me as Miss and I will get the cane out and really give you a reminder.”

David quickly added, “Miss.”

David caught his breath at her abrupt tone and when Susan looked at his waist he also looked down and realised he had an erection. Susan smiled.

“Just take your trousers and pants down get across my lap David and stop dithering. The others start turning up in thirty minutes and I am going to complete this even if half the office is watching.”

David knew he couldn’t argue. Not just because he didn’t fancy Susan reporting him to HR again. He actually loved the strict tone in her voice and wanted to obey her so he quickly pushed down his trousers and pants. Susan at the same time lifted her skirt up her thighs so David would lie across her bare skin which sent his mind in a spin. After he bent across Susan’s lap she patted his bottom.

“That’s better,” she said, and continued, “First a spanking and then I want to show you what will happen afterwards.”

Susan started to rub David’s bottom and without warning gave him a hard spank followed by another and another. David gasped although was coping, at least until the spanking continued apace, Susan spanking the same spot on one bottom cheek several times then doing the same on the other bottom cheek. David didn’t try to get up. He still found this more dominant Susan arousing and realised he was even getting an erection. He just wanted to be sure Susan would have sex afterwards he fancied her so much now. He knew she was 28 so not that much younger than him

Susan also felt the erection and smiled at how her arrogant boss was surrendering to her. 33 years old but just a man following his cock. After spanking him for several minutes she leant forward and opened her bag, taking out a wooden backed hairbrush, tapped David’s bottom lightly a few times, and said sternly,

“This is when you have earned something more than a hand spanking, like today.”

She brought the hard wooden brush down swiftly on David’s already reddened bottom and drew a loud gasp. David squirmed even more under the steady spanking of the hairbrush and yet he kept his erection. Susan was encouraged by the stiff penis being crushed on her thigh and reacted by spanking David even harder, changing her position so she could bring the hairbrush down sharply on every inch of his bottom.

When the tears rolled down David’s face Susan was momentarily surprised, but not sympathetic. This was an added bonus for her. She continued spanking him until his chest heaved and the crying was uncontrolled. Susan put the brush down and rubbed his bottom again and as he recovered so his stiff penis got stiffer. Susan rubbed his bottom and the backs of his legs and when David moved his legs apart she quickly rubbed the insides of his thighs and his balls. David moaned now and started to rub his penis on Susan’s thigh.

This incensed Susan who immediately landed a dozen hard spanks with the hairbrush on alternate bottom cheeks saying as she was doing it,

“No David, you do not pleasure yourself on my lap unless I tell you to.”

“Sorry,” He screamed.

Susan stopped, waited a few moments, and then continued,

“David, you didn’t say Miss, so you get another set with this.”

Susan again spanked David with the brush and was jubilant when David screamed out,

“Please Miss, sorry Miss, Miss.”

Susan ignored his pleas and spanked him until he was shrieking with pain.

“OK David, just you remember what happens when you are rude to me.”

“Yes Miss,” came his sobbing reply.

“Now then the other reason you are across my lap is to give you a reminder of our new relative positions.”

Susan picked up the butt plug and put it in front of David’s face so he could be sure what was about to happen.

“I will be putting this in you every time you have earned a spanking.”

She undid the bottle top and poured some oil on her hand and started to rub the oil into his bottom slit, pressing down on his anal hole, causing David to gasp. He had never had a girl do this to him. It was so erotic. Susan poured more oil along his bottom slit and as well as pressing down on his anal hole she edged her finger inside so the oil entered his anus. David was moaning with delight as Susan picked up the plastic plug and pressed it down on his anal hole.

“Keep still David, this will hurt a bit as I put it in.”

David squirmed around and saw the butt plug hovering over his bottom.

“Lift up David,” Susan insisted.

David groaned, lifted his bottom, held his breath, and struggled for breath as Susan edged the butt plug round and round gently edging it further and further inside him until his bottom muscles suddenly closed shut around the plastic plug, and David gave an involuntary gasp. Susan lightly tapped his bottom a couple of times and David immediately got his erection back.

“Naughty boy,” Susan reprimanded.

She lifted her hand up and brought it down harder on his bottom carefully landing fully on one bottom cheek and missing the plug. A second later she spanked his other bottom cheek and then kept spanking him. David was worried about the plug but turned on by the spanking. He knew his penis was now rock hard and pressing down on Susan’s bare thigh again. Susan lent forward and picked up the wooden backed hairbrush.

“I told you not to do that David so I will have to spank you with the hairbrush again.”

David couldn’t speak and just gasped. It wasn’t fair he thought, he got an erection because Susan was so sexy, and got spanked for it.

“You had better stay still this time David because if I hit the plug with this hairbrush it will really hurt.”

Susan laughed as she lifted the hairbrush and brought it down hard on his bottom. She spanked him dozens of times with the wooden hairbrush. On and on she spanked her boss with the hard hairbrush and enjoyed watching him resist the urge to squirm around on her lap, but was surprised she felt his hard penis still on her thighs. Eventually David let out a gasp and Susan felt the warm cum on her thighs. Her present to him, well actually the way she knew she would keep control of him. She allowed him to recover before commanding,

“Get up and wipe me down you bad boy.” She made herself sound really annoyed.

David looked at his secretary and was nervous of the stern look on her face. What had he done? He just couldn’t help himself though. He knew she would be cross and she was. David took a few paper hankies from the box on his desk and rubbed his cum from his secretary’s smooth silky soft thighs. He couldn’t control himself as his erection returned again.

Susan’s mobile rang and as David kept rubbing her thighs and she started to feel aroused by his tender touch as she answered the phone. It was Lesley.

“The first person is here.”

“Right,” she responded. “I’m nearly done so you can let them in.”

Lesley was standing guard at the office entrance stopping anyone coming in so she knew she could make David howl as much as she wanted. Susan wasn’t going to tell him though. Better to keep him in the dark.

Susan was business like again, the feelings of arousal gone. She looked at David with what she knew was a growing ability to poke fun at him. She knew he fancied her, wanted her, and it just increased her capacity to impose her will on him not to mention the pain and humiliation she showered on him. The great manager reduced to having his bare bottom spanked and caned by his 5 years younger secretary. Actually she loved it. She understood how to impose pain because of her own submission to her beautiful Lesley. She used her experience of taking pain from the 29 year old HR Manager to give that same pain to her own boss. She had done enough to him, for now.

“David, get dressed quickly unless you want to be seen with your pants down a red bottom and that plug in your butt.”

David knew he had to move quickly, pulled his pants and trousers up, tucked his shirt in, and made to leave the office.

“Was that Lesley?”


David turned to leave but Susan snapped.

“David, more disrespect.”

David groaned, and said “Sorry Miss.”

“You will be. You continue to fail to address me with the proper respect and now I think of it you do not cum on me without me telling you you can. So will stay behind tonight and I will deal with you again then.”

David looked at his secretary but knew there was no time to argue.

“Yes Miss, sorry Miss.”

David left the office and walked quickly towards the toilet as he had a sudden need to pee, although realised anything else was impossible. He said good morning to Lesley and three more staff who had arrived.

Fortunately they won’t know what Susan had put inside his bum hole. What a turn on he thought. David was so aware of the butt plug still in him. He pushed it in gently and it felt good, and he wriggled about which also aroused him. This was fun he thought. By the time he got back to his office Susan had tidied herself up and had put the hairbrush and oil back into her bag.

“Susan, how long does this stay in?” He rubbed his bottom and felt the hard plastic end.

Susan looked up and smiled a wicked smirk.

“It stays in all day, to remind you to respect me. It is going to be a long day for you, so you can think about what I am going to do to you after everyone has gone.”

David looked smiled wondering if she would be aroused enough to have sex afterwards.

“Oh David,” Susan said.

David turned and looked at his secretary.

“Make sure you are back at lunchtime. I want a chat with you in your office.”

“Yes Miss,” David said, wondering if Susan would spank him again. How would that work though as other people would hear the noise? Maybe she had something else in mind. The thoughts swirled around in his mind and he realised he had a hard on, and anyone looking at him would immediately know by the bulge in his trousers. He had never before felt like this about Susan. Sure he fancied her but now he really wanted her.

At ten minutes past one David rushed in to his office worried he was going to be unacceptably late. Susan was sitting behind his desk in his chair, her fingers drumming the desk, clearly annoyed David had kept her waiting. He looked around and she was alone.

“Sorry Miss,” he said quickly.

“Not good enough. I will need you to make up for it with a present.”

Susan hid her delight David was late which enabled her to be even tougher on her boss.

“Present Miss?” David was ready to go to the shops and buy whatever his secretary wanted but stopped short when Susan said,

“A full courtesy panel means no one can see you under the desk David, so it’s perfect.”

David looked quizzically at his secretary and asked, “What do you mean?”

Susan held up her hand and David quickly added, “Miss.”

“That’s better David. Anyway, I’ll sit on the chair and you will kneel under the desk and bob’s your uncle.”

David looked under the desk, then back at Susan who had now lifted her skirt above her waist, and then pointed at David’s trousers.

“Trousers down David, around your ankles, to make sure you don’t up and leave before I tell you.”

David looked at Susan’s bare legs and reckoned licking her pussy won’t be so bad.

“What do I get, erm, Miss?”

Susan walked over to her boss and whispered in his ear,

“Well, unless you make it a good one you will bend over for a hard six of the best caning, which won’t be very pleasant at all with that butt plug in, good enough?”

“Oh,” David said sounding and being disappointed.

“I am fed up with you not calling me Miss David. So now you get to lick my pussy and after work, when everyone has gone, you will be in adult detention.”

“Sorry Miss. Erm, what does that involve Miss?”

“You have already earned a spanking, but that might increase to a caning if you keep this attitude up much longer.”

“Oh, I see Miss.”

David decided he had better do what was asked, or rather what Susan demanded. He undid his trousers and as he edged them down he stepped over to the desk and turned around. He pushed his trousers right down to his ankles, knelt down, and edged back, on to his knees and under the desk. Susan took her knickers off before pulling the chair forward and sitting down with her legs apart. David caught his breath as he saw her pussy. Beautiful. Just what he had wanted to see for so long.

“Now do it David.”

David looked again at his secretary’s pussy, licked his lips, and edged forward between Susan’s legs. He rubbed his cheeks along Susan’s inner thighs and they felt warm and soft. He kissed one thigh then the other, going along her thighs, kissing as he went, until he was fully between her legs and his tongue was licking Susan’s pussy hair. Susan started to moan as he massaged her pussy with his tongue, edging inside her, using his fingers to keep her pussy lips apart, pressing down and when Susan gave out an even sharper gasp knew he had found her clit. He worked his tongue faster and faster as Susan moaned louder and louder. Susan held the back of his head keeping his face firmly between her legs but suddenly froze although kept her hand firmly on the back of his head. David was about to yell out but heard the unmistakable voice of his co-director.

“Oh hello Susan, where’s David?”

“Hi Cameron, he’s in a meeting.”

“That man is always in a meeting, lucky guy.”

“I think it’s a tough meeting this time Cameron,” Susan said laughing.

“No problem, just get him to call me when he gets out.”

“Will do,” Susan said with a wave.

They both waited for the door to close, and then Susan said laughing, “I told you the courtesy panel was good didn’t I?”

David nodded, his face still held securely between Susan’s thighs so his answer was muffled.

“Don’t speak David, just get going again, I need my orgasm.” She sounded strict, and David felt his erection return. He wasn’t sure why he found her voice so sexy but he did. He pushed his face forward and again licked her pussy and his tongue soon found her clit again. He was really getting in to this. When Susan let out her first long lingering groan David knew she had cum but he knew he must keep going. His licking increased speed again and soon Susan had her second orgasm. David was confident Susan would know he had worked hard and the cane would not be needed later on. Susan released his head but kept him between her legs squeezing her thighs together as she looked down at him, smiling.

“Good boy David.”

David smiled. Susan edged her chair back and stood up her knickers still on the table and her skirt still above her waist. David stood up and put his arms around Susan’s neck, whispering,

“What about my present now Miss?”

“Of course David, just let go a second will you?”

David put his arms down to his side as he stepped back, smiling at Susan, sure she was very satisfied with the way he had made her cum, and only saw her hand as a blur as she slapped him full across the face. David held his face and looked at her aghast, when next second she said in a very friendly manner,

“Come here you pussycat,” and raised his arms so they were around her neck again and she pulled him close.

David kissed her neck, shocked but now consoled, feeling even better when he felt Susan’s hand slipping between his legs and cupping his penis and balls. Susan whispered in his ear,

“I did not say kiss me did I?” she snarled and at the same time clenched her hand tightly around his balls.

“Keep your arms around my neck David,” she hissed, keeping the pressure enough to keep him under control but not so tightly to make him shout out in pain.

“Answer me David.”

“No, you didn’t,” he answered clearly struggling.

She snapped. “No you didn’t what?” She clenched her hand slightly tighter.

“Miss, Miss, I meant to say Miss, Miss.”

Susan released her grip a little. “That’s better.”

David was still breathing heavily, dreading what Susan would do next, but getting aroused by the control she was exerting over him. He was normally the one in control and with the staff scared of him, but now being so afraid of Susan, that was exciting, and he knew even having his balls squeezed was sexually amazing.

“Right David, listen well.”

“Yes Miss,” David said his voice still quivering in the anticipation of pain. Anyway, what else was he likely to say?

“Straight after work you will take me out to dinner. You will be respectful throughout. Afterwards we will come back here, to your office. I promised you another lesson, and you can look forward to the cane again. Is that OK with you?” The last comment was said sarcastically and a mean smile.

“Please Susan, not the cane,” and just as he felt Susan about to squeeze his balls again he said “Miss.”

“Just in time. I’m not a total bitch, but I can be if I need to be. I’m in control here David so if I say the cane then it is the cane. Understood?”

“Yes Miss.” He conceded through clenched teeth.

“Now, I am going back to my desk. Enjoy your afternoon because this evening will be painful. Well, for you anyway”

“Yes Miss, thank you Miss.”

Susan released him, smiled, pecked David on the cheek, and turned and left the room. She was delighted with the way things had gone and felt so alive having disciplined her boss and made him do exactly as she asked. She thought maybe tonight after she has caned him she will give him a blowjob knowing David fancied her and wanted sex but that wasn’t going to happen. Maybe a simple blowjob will give him some hope, as hopeless as that was. David quickly dressed himself properly and sat down on his chair. He was so turned on. She had been so dominant. What with slapping his face and squeezing his balls, as much as she hurt him so she also got him so aroused.

His balls hurt and he massaged them, but as he became more erect he rubbed faster and faster, knowing no one could see him, and he got stiffer and stiffer until his hot cum spurted out over his hand inside his underpants but also soaking his shirt. He was breathing quickly, having satisfied his immediate need, now anxious to conceal the wetness on his shirt. He dried off what he could with a tissue, then tucked the shirt in to his trousers inside his wet underpants, and calmed himself down.

The phone rang. He jumped. It was Susan.

“Gordon Johnson for you,” she said as though nothing had happened between them. Suddenly it was business as usual as the call was put through.

Susan wanted to chat with her friend about what she had done and pressed her internal extension number.


“Yes Susan, what’s up?”

Susan explained quickly what she had done.

“Come up here and tell me properly. I’ll send you a meeting invitation so no one will disturb us.”

A few minutes later Susan was sitting in Lesley’s office and they were laughing and giggling as Susan said what had happened and Lesley asked lots of questions which Susan was delighted to answer, getting rather aroused as she explained how in control she was. Lesley was getting equally aroused although surprised how she was wondering herself how formidable Susan was suddenly becoming. She caught her breath at one comment when she knew her knickers were damp.

“You grabbed him by the balls did you Susan?” 29 year old Lesley spoke to the 28 year old Susan in almost a hushed tone.

“Yes, it was great,” Susan exclaimed.

“Show me,” Lesley said, licking her lips.

“Like this,” Susan replied cheerily as she stood up, Lesley stood up, and they faced each other. Susan slid her hand inside Lesley’s knickers which she felt were wet and watched as Lesley’s eyes fluttered and her breathing got faster, soon she was panting as Susan ran her fingers along her damp pussy.

Lesley said in a husky voice, "You know Miss I am a naughty girl.”

Susan said a surprised, “Are you?” but realised Lesley was giving her a message, put on a strict face and said sternly,

“Lesley you are a naughty girl and need to be taught a lesson.”

“I know,” Lesley responded.

“Go and lock the door to the outer office then come back. Oh, and bring a cane with you.”

Lesley let out a short gasp, and when she came back Susan had moved the visitor chair in to the centre of the room and was sitting on it with her hairbrush in her hand and held back a smile when she saw Lesley having second thoughts. She wasn’t having any of that though and ordered,

“Right my girl take your skirt off and do it quickly”

Susan’s heart was beating quickly as she watched her lover follow her instructions. Lesley folded her skirt neatly over the back of another chair and when she looked again at Susan she was calmer, looking forward to the spanking she was going to be given.

Susan pointed to the floor to her side and Lesley quickly stepped across to it.

“Knickers down to your knees,” Susan ordered.

Lesley obeyed immediately.

“What do you deserve young lady?”

“A spanking Miss,” Lesley responded.

“Get across my lap,” Susan ordered.

Lesley took a deep breath, said a very obedient, “Yes Miss,” and bent across Susan’s lap, rubbing her lovers calf as the floor came up to meet her.

Susan felt the touch and took a shallow breath. She was so excited having already secured power over her boss and spanked him she was now on going to do the same to her girlfriend.

Lesley wriggled around looked up at Susan and said,

“If I cry then just let me, and keep going, eh hun? I think it’s your turn to be in charge for a while.”

“Oh don’t worry Lesley you are going to cry so much.” She held her hand up and added,

“And by the way Lesley, you remember to address me as Miss.”

Lesley smiled, said, “Yes Miss,” and turned back to look at the floor. When the first spank hit her bottom she gasped and the next two spanks drew more gasps, but when the spanks continued with several on the very same spot Lesley started to groan, then sob, and finally cry. Lesley heard the crying and saw her tears run down her cheeks but she didn’t stop. Far from it.

Susan kept spanking her friend for quite a while before lifting up the hairbrush, tapped Lesley’s bottom a couple of times, then brought it down hard on each bottom cheek alternately, relishing the gasps and shrieks she drew from her girlfriend, loving how her bottom cheeks wobbled and shook each time the heavy hairbrush bit in to her bottom. Lesley was yelping as the spanking continued, but never once begged Susan to stop. She kept squirming as the spanking hurt more and more, and even when Susan stopped spanking her and started to rub her bottom the crying continued. It took a while for Lesley to stop crying, and when she realised Susan was rubbing her bottom she opened her legs and Susan readily rubbed her inner thighs and then ran her fingers along Lesley’s soaking wet pussy bringing her close to orgasm but stopped short.

Lesley knew what Susan was doing as she had done the same to her so often. Being under Susan’s control was a much nicer feeling than she had thought. Yes it hurt, but it was so exciting letting her friend control her feelings. She wanted an orgasm and was sure Susan would give her one, but she would have to really follow her orders, something she wasn’t fully used to. Yet.

Susan told Lesley to get up, which she obediently did and put her arms around Susan’s neck and they clinched, Susan’s tongue entered Lesley’s mouth as the HR director yielded herself and came closer and closer to orgasm. Susan again stopped short and Lesley looked in to her eyes begging her to continue and take her to orgasm, but Susan revelled in the control. She had David under her thumb, and now she had Lesley, the head of HR, literally in the palm of her hand, at least her soaking wet pussy was. This evening she would cane David, and then tonight return to Lesley’s flat, discipline her again as the foreplay they both got such pleasure from, then to bed and make love all night long.

Susan let go of Lesley, went to the table and picked up the cane, turned and said, “Time to bend over young lady, six of this to start with. Then maybe, I do mean maybe, I will give you that orgasm you wanted.”

Lesley yielded willingly to the new Susan. What a turn on for her as she bent down and grabbed the seat of the chair and stuck her bottom out. The pain would be intense she knew but also so welcome, and the loving that followed would be blissful. Susan rubbed Lesley’s beckoning bottom, stroking her legs and running her fingers along her oozing pussy, stood back, tapped her bottom with the cane, and with a loving smirk lifted the cane back, fully intending each stroke to hurt, fully knowing the harder the caning the more intense the love making afterwards. She was going to cane her friend very hard indeed.

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