Disciplined at Work by the New Girl

By Peter242

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David is spanked by his new secretary
David arrived early on Sonia’s first day and was surprised to find her already at the office and a cup of coffee was delivered to his desk. She was being nice to him, treating him like the boss, even though she had given him a particularly severe spanking and caning on the day of her interview and Lesley had made it clear Sonia would have the same control over him Susan had enjoyed when she was his secretary. Maybe she wanted to be just a secretary. It was worth a try he thought so he played rough. That first lunchtime he had been out for a business lunch and as he passed by Sonia he demanded a cup of coffee. “Make it strong love,” he said over his shoulder and so missed the look of embarrassment on Sonia’s face as a more junior member of the secretarial team watched.

Sonia had been told David had become a real pain since Susan had left. She decided to give him some rope and see just how badly he might treat her. Sonia soon returned with the coffee and went in to David’s office placing the coffee on the table in front of him. David didn’t look up or make any comment but just picked up the coffee and took a sip.

”Shit that’s hot.” He put the cup down and said sharply, “Susan only gave it to me when it has cooled down you silly so and so. Bring it back when its cooler will you love?” His tone was dismissive.

That afternoon David complained about Sonia’s standard of work sending back three letters for re-typing, grumbled she took much longer than Susan to find a couple of files, and finally that Sonia had got a couple of names wrong of people on the phone when she transferred them to his phone, something Susan was very particular about. Sonia accepted the criticism but knew it was only a matter of time before she would take her revenge on her new boss.

A couple of hours later and most people had left the office. Sonia got up and went in to David’s office and closed the door.

David looked up and just said, “You need to up your game love.”

“Up my game?” Sonia looked at David quizzically.

David smiled and said, “Well Susan had done the job for a while so I’ll make allowances, and I’m sure you will get the hang of it quickly, but maybe some more effort.”

Sonia looked fiercely at David and said, “Susan was very good at something else I believe, involving hairbrushes and canes.”

David gave Sonia a condescending look that surprised her. After all it was just a few weeks ago she had him across her lap and spanked him followed by the cane and David had agreed she would have the same rights over him when she was in the job.

“Oh well that. You do need to understand how it works here Sonia. I’m the boss and you are my secretary. You do it my way. Understood love?”

“What about your contract of employment? “

“Renegotiated love. Ask HR.”

“I will then.”

Sonia already knew what had happened as Zoe told him when it happened. Zoe the new HR Manager who had replaced Lesley had signed a new contract with David. On her first day David watched Zoe and Lesley in a clinch that had both girls hands inside the others knickers as they kissed. The next day David played the film back on his phone. Zoe was only 25 years old so no match for the more experienced David. He made it clear either his contract is changed so he no longer has to answer to his secretary or the film gets released. Zoe gave him the new contract but David kept the film, for future use as he put it.

David thought it poetic. He had blackmailed HR and won. So he thought, but how wrong could he be. David wasn’t to know Zoe was also a friend of Lesley and had been told Sonia were going to continue David’s disciplinary education.

It was now for Sonia to get back the new contract. Sonia knew David kept it under lock and key in his own filing cabinet. As luck would have it the next day David asked Sonia for a file. It turned out the file was in the private filing cabinet and in his haste David gave Sonia the keys and told her to get the file out. Sonia lifted out the contract file and quickly saw the new contract was inside, and to her delight so was the first one. Even better she thought as she quickly took out the new contract and put the file away.

Sonia told Zoe of her success and then waited until the end of the day not minding receiving several more complaints from David. He was trying to make life so tough for her she would leave. That was clear.

When everyone else had gone Sonia again went in to David’s office and said, “We need to get this sorted out David.”

“Are you going to leave?” He had the most obvious smirk.

“No, we are going to do things like Susan did.”

“In your dreams,” David said without hiding his disdain.

“It’s in your contract David.”

“No it isn’t,” he quickly retorted.

“Your new contract wasn’t completed.”

“Yes it was.” David got up and went to his cabinet and got out the contract file and brought it back to his desk.

“I’ll show you,” he said as he opened the file.

When all he saw was the old file he got fidgety and then angry. David picked up the phone and called Zoe.

“Have you got the copy of my new Contract?”

“No David.”

“What?” David screamed.

“You heard me David. Have you got it?”

“It’s gone,” David responded.

“Really?” Zoe replied.

David hissed, “I have a copy of the film you know.” He made himself deliberately threatening.

Zoe replied, “It will go well with the film of Susan spanking and caning you, oh and slapping your face and you giving her pussy a good licking. Shall I go on?”

“You haven’t,” David responded but with no confidence now, particularly when he looked at Sonia and saw her smirk.


“Put the phone down David,” Sonia said firmly.

David did as he was told and the balance of power quickly shifted. Sonia had given enough detail to make David understand the film existed. He was convinced.

“Now David, we need to set up a time for our, erm, meeting.”

David bit his lip but knew he was beaten, and of course would be again soon enough by Sonia.

“How about after work tonight?” Sonia asked.

David looked up his diary and said, “Can’t. Nor tomorrow, and then it’s Saturday.”

“Saturday is good,” Sonia said flatly, looking directly at a now fidgeting David.

“I can’t,” David repeated.

Sonia reminded David of the memo from HR. Either an appointment must be made for within the next three days or else the punishment is doubled. David knew the memo existed.

“So David Saturday it is. Come to my house at 9.30 am. OK!”

David could see Sonia wasn’t messing. Sonia went around to David’s side of the desk.

“Stand up,” she demanded.

David stood up and Sonia looked him straight in the eye. Then with a blur she slapped David hard across the face. David’s hand shot to his now stinging face and rubbed.

“OK, Saturday then,” he conceded.

“Good.” Sonia smiled, turned, and left the office.

The next two days flew by with David spending most of the time out of the office. Saturday came. 9.30 am came. David came on the dot. Sonia opened the door and waved David in to the hallway. David turned to look at Sonia just as a boy in his late teens came down the stairs.

“My Son, Carl,” Sonia said. “He was going to be out when we arranged this meeting but unfortunately, for him, he broke a house rule so is now going to be spanked.”

David double took. “Who by?”

Sonia laughed, and said, “Well by Zoe actually.”

David didn’t understand. Of course he couldn’t know that Zoe and Sonia both knew Lesley, and that Zoe had been placed in the job just as Sonia had been.

“Zoe from HR?” David asked incredulously.

“The very same,” Sonia admitted, and continued, “The very HR Manager you tried to blackmail.”

Zoe came out of the living room and winked at David.

David tried to brazen it out with, “Well it was a set up so I’m leaving.”

“OK David,” Sonia said, “But the film of you gets emailed on Monday to everyone.”

David spun around. “You wouldn’t,” he pleaded.

“Not nice being blackmailed is it David?” Sonia was unsympathetic. “Now, go in to the living room and get ready for your spanking.”

Davis hung his head and slouched defeated in to the living room. He was surprised to find Carl facing the wall with his hands on his head but fully naked, David turned to find Sonia smiling.

“That’s how people get spanked here David so get your clothes off and put them on the chair.”

David was about to object when just then there was a ring on the door, and moments later Lesley and Susan came in.

Sonia ignored David’s blushing embarrassment and said, “Wine is in the fridge girls, or red is on the side. Help yourselves.”

Sonia turned to David and ordered, “Last time of asking David, any more delaying from you and you will get a dozen with the cane and that will just be for starters.”

David groaned but started to undress. He had removed his shirt and trousers as Susan and Lesley came in with filled glasses of wine, with spare glasses for Sonia and Zoe. They ignored David who removed his underpants as he heard the girls clink their glasses.

“Face the wall David, hands on your head,” Sonia ordered.

Sonia said to Zoe, “Thanks for taking on Carl, I should do it but want to concentrate on David today.”

“No problem Sonia,” Zoe replied, and she turned to Carl and said, “Over here Carl, spanking time.”

Zoe sat on one of the upright chairs holding a hairbrush. Carl turned and walked over to Zoe who held her arms clear to let Carl bend across her lap.

“Well I know this bottom from old don’t I Carl?”

“Yes Zoe,” the 19 year old replied.

Sonia said, “No need to wait Zoe, give him the usual so until his bottom is bright red. Ignore his crying.”

“Cool,” Zoe replied as she held Carl by the waist, lifted the brush, and brought it down moderately hard on his bare bottom. She continued to spank Carl with the brush with a constant stream of spanks, not resting even when she spanked him two three and even four dozen times. David was facing the wall and closed his eyes in trepidation as he realised how hard the spanking must be, no warm up with a hand spanking even, just the brush and dozens of spanks without a break. Carl was struggling judging from his gasps that turned to howls and then sobs and uncontrolled crying.

Sonia announced, “David, over here please.”

David turned and couldn’t help but notice how red and bruised Carl’s bottom was, and still no sign of Zoe easing up. Carl was squirming around on Zoe’s lap who was focussed on the spanking. David saw Susan and Lesley across the room still drinking wine and chatting and smiling, looking across at Zoe, and then when they caught David’s eye they raised their glasses to him as though saying cheers. Great thought David, a drinking audience and he became conscious that all the women were fully dressed whilst the two men who were the ones being spanked were fully naked.

“Now David,” demanded Sonia.

David turned to find Sonia on the other upright chair opposite Zoe with a hairbrush in her hand. David couldn’t help but notice the tight vest top she was wearing, and for the first time realised she was wearing shorts. He was going across her bare thighs. Sonia smiled and David followed her gaze straight to his penis, now erect.

Right there and then David recognised he fancied Sonia. She might be several years older than him but sat there so in command she looked very beddable. Sonia recognised the look on David’s face as he walked across the room to her.

“David, you will show me respect in future, understand?”

“Yes,” David replied.

Sonia stood up and said, “You kept saying how Susan did this and that better then me David, how about this?”

In a blur Sonia swung her hand and slapped David around the face. He gasped and looked like he was going to cry.

“Well David, was that harder than Susan slapped you?”

“Yes,” David whined.

“Why did she normally slap your face David?”

David looked shocked as he remembered. “When I didn’t call her Miss,” he said quietly.

“Exactly David, just like you didn’t again.” As she finished the statement so she slapped his face again, even harder.

“Sorry Miss,” David said quickly, his face stinging.

Sonia took a breath and asked sternly, “Again David, do I slap your face as hard as Susan?”

“Yes Miss,” David conceded quickly.


Sonia looked across the room at the two ladies and winked. Again Susan raised her glass. Sonia sat down and said firmly,

“Right David, let’s see if I spank harder than Susan, after all the nice things you said about her at the office it’s nice to know the things I do better.”

Sonia pointed to her bare thigh, and smiled at Susan and Lesley as David bent down across her lap. David realised Zoe had kept spanking Carl throughout the exchange and now he was across Sonia’s lap he was only a couple of feet away from Carl’s bottom which was redder and more bruised than any spanked bottom he had ever seen. Sonia saw the sideways glance and said flatly,

“You’ll be able to compare bottoms later David, maybe we girls can decide who has been spanked the hardest?”

Susan laughed and Lesley said, “Good idea, and a glass of wine for the winning spanker.”

Zoe kept spanking Carl as she said happily, “I’m in.”

Sonia said, “Well don’t expect an easy victory girl.”

David was now dreading the spanking, but somehow all the banter was arousing him, a group of women who held sway, not scared to assume control. He knew he had an erection that pressed down on to Sonia’s bare thigh, and he knew she would know. He looked at her legs and thought how good they looked, slim, a show of muscle, not bad at all.

Sonia lifted her hairbrush and brought it down on David’s bottom. He wasn’t expecting it at least not until the last moment when he saw Sonia’s calf muscle tense as did her thigh but it was too late to tense his bottom. David bucked when the hairbrush hit home and when he landed back on her thigh Sonia felt again the hard penis as it dug in to her, a feeling she liked. One she never got when she spanked Carl, but did when she spanked other men. She raised the brush again and again and each spank brought what was for her a pleasing gasp from the man across her lap. She was enjoying spanking David more than the other men she spanked. David was a real pain but she knew from Susan he had a better side. Susan knew David fancied her but it was only one way. Susan used him for what she wanted. She enjoyed being licked by a man, but she only wanted to make love to a woman, Lesley.

Sonia however favoured men and liked the idea of having a man whom she dominated, and who enjoyed being dominated. She felt David could be that man. That meant she had to spank David long and hard to enforce her control and work out whether he would submit wholly to her. Of course there was also the glass of wine at stake.

Zoe stopped spanking Carl who took several minutes to recover enough to stand up. Zoe gave Sonia a look and she nodded, knowing she was giving her friend consent to take Carl upstairs and tend to him. He needed an older woman she felt, and trusted Zoe not to take too much advantage. Anyway, she intended doing the same with David when she got the chance.

David was struggling under the non stop spanking with the hairbrush. He grasped Sonia’s calf and held on, and Sonia didn’t mind. She would have him kissing her leg later on as a sign of submission anyway. For now she was concentrating on landing the hairbrush on every square inch of David’s bottom, enjoying how his bottom cheeks caved in when the brush hit, sent ripples of flesh outwards, only to see them ripple back in time for the spank on the other bottom cheek. Spank after spank after spank. David continued to squirm around on Sonia’s lap, but whilst in pain still felt Sonia’s power, not just the hairbrush but her firm hold on his waist to keep him close in to her, her legs tensing, he even thought he felt her breathing. He looked sideways and though he could not keep his eyes open for long and his sight was blurred with tears he did see Lesley and Susan, wide grins on their faces as they watched him suffer.

He hated them both. He was being slaughtered with the spanking. He knew they had set him up with this woman, that they matched his cunning by having their own film to match his tape. Yes as much as he hated them he also loved them. They knew he hated the pain but loved it as well. Afterwards he felt on a high. Lesley and Susan used him though as they went with each other after they watched with ridicule as he masturbated in front of them. He just needed to have a woman who would love him afterwards. Maybe Sonia would be different.

The spanking went on for what seemed like forever, but as always eventually it ended. David was aware of his own crying, could feel the tears actually running down his cheeks. This had been the hardest spanking he had ever received and he would tell Sonia that, just as soon as he could get the words out. Several minutes passed before David could get up and as he did he pressed down on Sonia’s thigh and he looked at her lap and immediately knew his erection stiffened. The women saw it as well and exchanged knowing glances with each other.

Sonia too felt different about David. She knew Susan had said if she had been in to men then David would have been a decent shot, and Sonia went in to the whole thing with that in mind. Was David the man she was looking for? Younger than she wanted but may be that didn’t matter. Not really. Sonia wasn’t going to give David an easy ride though.

“Hands on your head David,” she ordered and as his hands were raised Zoe and Carl came back in to the room.

Carl was relaxed, but still naked.

Zoe said, “I thought we had better see who won when I heard the screaming stop,” she said laughing.

“Stand next to each other you two,” Sonia demanded.

David felt strange standing should to shoulder with Carl, and whilst he didn’t want to look at Carl’s penis he did and saw it flat compared to his own erection. Strange he thought.

Lesley was heard to announce, “Well a draw I would say girls.”

“Looks like wine all around then,” Susan said. “Well, for the girls only of course.”

Sonia smiled.

Lesley announced, “We’re going to the wine bar, have a few drinks then something to eat.”

Zoe said, “Hey that sounds good. Mind if Carl and I join you, make it a foursome.”

Sonia looked up surprised. “You two a couple now?”

Zoe said, “We are after what we did to each other upstairs.” She smiled and so did Carl although he eyed his Mum with less confidence.

“Too much detail. Go on you enjoy yourselves, and Zoe, you look after my son you hear.”

Zoe laughed and replied, “Ok, but I thought you didn’t want any details.”

Sonia laughed, Carl relaxed, and the four of them left, leaving Sonia and a still sobbing David alone.

“Wash the wine glasses up David will you please?”

Great thought David, now he’s the maid. He took the wine glasses in to the kitchen and didn’t notice Sonia following him in but felt her hand as she smacked his bottom. David turned, nearly dropping a glass.

“Careful with my glasses,” she warned.

David turned back to the sink and felt Sonia rub his bottom. She smiled as he tensed his bottom expecting another smack that didn’t come. After several moments he relaxed but was still wary. Sonia said,

“Do you want to wear this?”

Sonia held up a condom.

“Really?” David really was surprised.

“Allow me,” Sonia announced, waited for David to object but he didn’t, and stretched open the condom, held his penis in place with her fingers, and eased it right down his stiff shaft.

David didn’t know what to say. Was she treating him like an equal perhaps now his spanking was over? He hoped so but his momentary hope was shattered when Sonia grabbed his penis and squeezed hard.

“Follow me,” she said sharply, turned around, changed hands and grabbed his stiff penis again and led him out of the kitchen, up the stairs, and in to her bedroom. He felt anything but equal as he was led along by the 44 year old gasping as Sonia increased the pressure of her grasp just to make sure David knew who was in control. Once in the bedroom Sonia turned to look at David again changing hands, now holding the whole of his balls in her hand as well as the lower part of his penis. She squeezed until David gasped, then released her grip slightly.

“Just gauging how much I need to squeeze.”

“OK,” David replied between pant.

Next second Sonia used her free hand and gave David another slap around the face.

“Respect David, don’t ever forget who is in charge.”

“Sorry Miss,” David quickly said. He told himself he really must remember to say Miss in future or else his face will be bruised by the time he gets back to the office.

Sonia sat on the bed and pulled David closer to her, just a simple yank and a squeeze of his balls enough to make him follow her every whim.

“So David, choices my lad.”

“Really Miss?”

Sonia smiled at David’s newly found respect.

“Keep that up boy.”

Sonia felt David’s penis stiffen with the conversation. Yes he found submission a turn on. Sonia worked her way up the bed pulling David after her until she lay down and had David lie on top of her, but still kept hold of his penis.

“Check if I’m wet David, carefully mind.”

David eased himself up and ran his finger along Sonia’s pussy, and found she was already wet. He heard her breathing deepen as he caressed her pussy and her hips moved in unison with his movement.

“Inside me David, but do not come, just get inside me,” she whispered, her voice laboured.

Sonia held his penis as he manoeuvred himself around and she guided him inside, releasing his penis and moving her hand to his bottom. David felt Sonia tense a couple of times and David knew Sonia was on her way to an orgasm. Suddenly she stopped moving and said firmly,

“Decision time David. You can leave now before you cum and you are free. I won’t come to the office again. Your contract will be torn up and your new one put back in the file.”

David breathed in sharply when he was told the new contract had been taken. Nevertheless he asked,

“If I cum inside you what then?”

“I will be in the office first thing Monday. I will be stricter than Susan and spank you harder than Susan.”

“What about this?”

“That is my whim David. Sometimes you will be spanked very hard and I will tell you to lick my pussy until I cum, but I won’t do you. Other times I will give you the best sex you have ever had although your bottom will sting well afterwards. That’s because spanking you turns me on David, I mean really turns me on. One thing though, and be sure you understand this David, I will be your boss. You will do as I say. I will slap your face if you are disrespectful, and spank and cane you when you deserve it. Make no mistake about that.”

David looked down at Sonia, and wondered at how beautiful he thought she was.

“My choice then to be dominated and spanked at your will or you walk away now?”

“Exactly David. Your choice.”

“No choice then really.” David lowered himself as he kissed Sonia on the lips and filled her mouth with his tongue, gyrating slowly to begin with, then faster and faster. Sonia’s short breaths matched his own until she let out a lingering gasp and David soon followed with a low groan that told her he had cum. They lay together clinched in each others arms.

Sonia spoke first. “Your decision.”

David laughed and said, “Yes, but I suppose the last decision I am ever allowed to make, Miss.”

“Probably,” Sonia replied, smiling.

They kissed, sealing their relationship.

Sonia said, “Come on, let’s join the others.” She waited a moment then added, “You can come back here tonight if you like?”

David smiled, and replied, “Love to Miss.”

Twenty minutes later and Sonia and David walked in to the wine bar. Susan looked up, and watched them both carefully and saw by the body language all was well. David and Carl were wincing as they moved around on the hard seats and the ladies joked about how they both deserved their spanked bottoms.

Susan said, “Don’t feel so sorry for yourselves you two, Lesley had her bottom spanked today as well and her bottom is at least as red as yours.”

David and Carl looked at Lesley, amazed. She nodded and said, “I deserved it, just like you two did.”

There was stunned silence for a moment and then they all laughed feeling very relaxed. They all chatted for a while, and Sonia couldn’t stop herself asking Zoe,

“Go on, what did the two of you do upstairs?”

Zoe looked at Carl, then back at Sonia, and said,

“Well, I rubbed oil in to Carl’s red bottom, and oh yes he isn’t a virgin anymore.”

Sonia blushed, as only a mother can who didn’t really want to know and said a quiet,

“Oh good.”

Susan asked Sonia,

“What did you and David do when we were gone then?

Sonia laughed and replied,

“We aren’t virgins either.”

Everyone laughed.

David looked from one to the other, a group of friends with similar desires. He was getting over confident and said without thinking,

“So Sonia, as you are the boss are you paying?”

David was smirking like a youngster who has just cracked a really good joke only he sees. Sonia gave him a very serious look. There was silence around the table as everyone stared at Sonia. David realised they knew her rather better than he did right now.

“There is a very fine line David, and you are going to find out that when you cross it a friendly chat quickly becomes a discipline spanking.”

David’s shock at the threat, or maybe it was a promise but he wasn’t sure, was immediately overtaken by the thoughts of how Sonia was already showing her control. He was going to have to be careful with Sonia. His bottom was very answerable to her. Maybe the next spanking will be followed by sex again. He won’t know until it happens though. All he did know was that he was turned on by his new girlfriend.

Susan smiled as she saw David thinking as he used to, mischievous and scheming, it was just that he wasn’t the one in control any more.

Sonia knew her pussy was damp and she was aroused when she saw she had wiped the smile from David’s face. She was so going to enjoy controlling his feelings. David fell silent wondering what that fine line was and hoping after all he didn’t cross it, but he soon felt his erection and looked up to see Sonia staring straight at the bulge in his trousers with a smile that told him his bottom was going to hurt tonight for sure. Welcome to his knew life he thought, and wondered if his bottom would ever stop stinging.