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Disciplined at Work Yet Again

David gets a new secretary, but the decision-making includes her spanking him
“So Susan, the month is up. How are you getting on with David?”

Lesley and Susan were chatting in Lesley’s office over a cup of coffee.

“I’ve spanked him so many times I can’t remember. The toe rag deserved every one though.”

“You have at least enjoyed spanking him though.” She smiled.

Susan licked her lips smiled sexily at Lesley and said, “Not nearly as much as spanking you.”

Lesley laughed. Susan had been spanking Lesley for the last few weeks as well as David, although theirs was invariably foreplay that led on to hours of lovemaking. David on the other hand was usually made to masturbate in front of Susan and then slink off home to do whatever men like him did in the confines of their own home. The odd blowjob was the most Susan ever gave her boss, and only if he was sobbing his eyes out from a particularly hard spanking. It never ceased to amaze her how David still had a hard on when crying.

Lesley was serious a moment.

“I’ve been offered another job.”

Susan double took and looked blankly for a few moments whilst the statement sank in.

Lesley continued, “There is an upside. I need a secretary.”

“Really!” Susan smiled broadly.

Lesley explained all about the job, although Susan wasn’t really listening. She was going to take it and be with her beloved Lesley. Far better than being with the toe rag David.

“We will have some fun with his replacement.”

Susan laughed. “What do you have in mind?”

“I have two applicants coming in. Both are friends of mine. One is the one he will prefer. A ditsy looking blond in her early twenty’s who looks really good. She looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but she loves men and men love her. Oh, she quite enjoys spanking her men as well.”

“Hhhmm, and the other?”

“An older lady who enjoys dominating men.”

“Really?” So I’m not the only one then?” Susan was giggling knowing how much she enjoyed dominating her boss.

“There are others, lots I imagine and of course many more who would love to. You are an exception as you actually do dominate your boss. Anyway, she works part time but I know would love the job.”

Lesley laughed and continued. “I know David will go for the ditz but I have other ideas how it will end up.”

Susan laughed. “What’s she like?”

“A very nice person really. She is divorced and has her 19-year-old son living with her. Needless to say she still spanks him and he accepts being disciplined and has watched his Mum spank several of her boyfriends.”

“Isn’t that weird?”

“No. She just believes discipline is necessary where her son is involved so she spanks her him, but admits she gets turned on by spanking her boyfriends.”

Susan laughed. “So what’s the deal here?”

“Oh she will say she wants the job, and she’ll get it of course. She will then dominate the naughty David for a month or so before deciding if she wants to continue or resign.”


It was Lesley’s turn to laugh. “I told her how you have been spanking him and she wants to see what it is like to be in a spanking relationship at work, well of sorts. She is going to be very strict and give him very hard spankings and if she feels a buzz then she might continue, but if its flat then she won’t,”

“Like it. How old is she then?”

“Well, I would say about 44 years old.”

“But David is 33 so she is almost old enough to be his Mother,” she exclaimed.

“Well it will be like that if there is no sexual spark. Anyway, maybe not a Mother, more a Step Mum, and there are plenty of step mum’s not much older than the children they take over. So David will be a naughty boy spanked by his surrogate Mum.”

“So if they are both coming in how will you play it?”

“The ditzy girl will come in first, then the surrogate Mum.”

They were both laughing now. The phone rang and reception said Eva was here.

“That’s the ditz,” Lesley explained. “I will make out I’m interviewing her then take her to meet David. Sonia should be here by then. Her names Eva by the way. You’ll like her.”

The plan was hatched. Susan went back to her desk and sure enough 20 minutes later Lesley brought Eva along to meet David. She was good-looking, slim, blond, and confident. Lesley stopped at Susan’s desk as she left Eva in David’s office and said Sonia, her 44 year old friend, Sonia, was waiting to be interviewed. She would buzz through when ready to bring her down.

10 minutes later David and Eva left his office. David said to Susan,

“This is Eva, my new secretary.” David ignored Susan and said to Eva, “She will show you how it all works, it’s not difficult.”

David was annoyed with Susan and she knew why. Susan realised she had not actually told David she was leaving yet David of course knew. She would speak to Lesley about that later and explain how annoyed she is. Anyway David was cool with Susan as he said,

“I am just taking Eva to the kitchen for a coffee.”

Susan said stiffly. “Erm David, can I just show you something I left on your desk?”

David huffed which he always did to show he was in charge. “OK then Susie if you must.”

Susan cringed. David knew very well she hated being called Susie. David excused himself telling Eva to wait here, and then David and Susan went in to David’s office.

“Well?” David demanded.

“Where’s your respect David, I should slap your face you know.”

David cooled down a bit but wasn’t going to give in wholly. “Look Susan, you won’t be my secretary soon so I can do what I want.”

Susan gave him a hard look. “Two things little man,” she said raising her voice causing David to try to quieten her down scared Eva outside might hear.

“Two things,” Susan repeated. “First, I am still here for two weeks. Second for your rudeness you and I will have a chat after work, with the cane. Understood?”

“Now Susan, there’s no need for that.” David was trying to be conciliatory but knew he had made a mistake.

“Oh there is every need David. Twelve strokes I’m thinking, but it might be more. Eighteen, maybe twenty-four. I haven’t stopped thinking.”

David was now extra especially careful. “Sorry Miss,” he said in his most respectful tone.

“HHmm, well it’s definitely twelve David, after work. Understood?”

David decided he wasn’t going to fare any better and resigned himself to twelve strokes. He nodded, left his office and as Susan sat at her desk she watched David and Eva walking off to the kitchen.

Five minutes later and they still hadn’t returned. Lesley buzzed down so Susan knew she and Sonia were on their way. A minute later and Lesley and Sonia walked up to Susan’s desk.

Lesley said, “Susan, this is Sonia who is the second interviewee for your replacement.”

Lesley saw David’s office door was open and the office was empty.

“Where is David?” Lesley asked.

“In the kitchen with Eva. I’ll go and get him shall I?”

Lesley smiled as Susan got up and walked to the kitchen and watched as Susan opened the door, then looked back outside and beckoned Lesley to come over. As Lesley and Sonia walked over Susan threw the door to the kitchen open. David looked around quickly but realised Susan still saw him with his hand on Eva’s bottom and he was leaning in behind her looking as though he was going to kiss her neck.

Susan stormed over to him demanding,

“What do you think you are doing David?”

David stammered a reply, “I wasn’t doing anything, really.”

Susan asked Eva more gently, “Are you OK?”

A flustered Eva replied, “Yes .. yes thank you, it’s just, well, I mean …”]

“Now now Eva, David is like this with all the girls. You just settle down and I will deal with this.”

David was nervous, not sure what Susan would do. He found out.

Susan did what she had done so often before and grabbed him firmly by his balls and squeezed. David gasped as he fought to take a breath. Just then Lesley and Sonia came in. David was flummoxed to say the least. Susan kept hold of his balls as they both looked at Lesley.

Lesley summed up the situation and said firmly,

“Right David, your choice. Instant dismissal or you come obediently to my office so I can deal properly with this gross misconduct. Well David?”

David could see Lesley was seething but his balls were in such a firm grasp all he could do was nod his head furiously. Lesley nodded to Susan who let go of David’s balls.

“Let’s go, and David, if you fail to come with me you will be sacked. Understood?”

“Yes Lesley,” he said gasping and bending his knees alternately to try to abate the pain.

They all walked off towards Lesley’s office, and although a couple of the staff looked up none seemed to wonder what is what all about. Two minutes later and Lesley closed the outer door to her office and then the inner door.

Lesley looked at Sonia and Eva and said, “No one will disturb us here.”

She looked at David and her attitude changed and she snapped angrily, “What were you doing David?”

David was still hurting but in a tortured tone managed to say,

“Sorry Lesley, I was just being friendly.”

“Really!” Lesley retorted, clearly still enraged. She continued, “Well David, I think we need to show our applicants how we deal with you don’t you think?”

David was horrified. He looked from Lesley to Susan but from the look on their faces he stood no chance. He then turned at Eva and Sonia and gave them a pleading look.

Sonia was the first to speak. “How do you deal with sexual harassment here then?”

David’s mouth dropped open as though he was going to say something but Susan jumped in with, “Well I usually give him a good spanking.”

Eva gasped. Sonia nodded her head in appreciation, and said, “That is certainly better than a warning and a slap on the wrist. I was in an office when the men thought they had the right to touch up any of the girls. The HR Manager there was a man and he wasn’t prepared to take any action. I like the idea of taking action. Just a spanking or something stronger?

Lesley went to the cupboard and opened it. All the women saw the canes hanging inside. Eva gasped again. Sonia clapped her hands with enthusiasm. Susan smiled. David groaned.

Lesley took down a long thin cane with a crooked end and swished it. She looked at Eva and said,

“So tell me Eva, would you like David here to make his amends?”

“That sounds like fun. Something humiliating though.”

Lesley turned to Sonia. “What do you think?”

“I like the idea of making him pay. It should be something that really hurts though.”

Lesley made to think a moment. “Hhhmmm. It has to hurt and humiliate. Yes, I know just the thing.”

She turned to David and ordered, “Trousers off David, and your pants.”

David pleaded, “Lesley, have some sympathy.”

“Right David, as you showed Eva here?” Lesley was particularly sarcastic.

Eva gave him a hard stare. David gave in and undid and removed his trousers and pants.

“Hands on your head David.”

He stood there, his hands on his head, naked below the waist except for his sock, looking quite comical. Lesley turned to Eva and beckoned her to sit in the chair she turned in to the room.

“You might prefer to remove your knickers Eva.”

Lesley bit her lip to stop a laugh as Eva sat down and pulled off her knickers.

“David, I think you know the drill. Not quite as good as getting inside her knickers but the same theory. Now on your knees and get in to position.”

Eva smiled as she moved her legs apart to display a newly shaved pussy. Newly shaved because she knew from Lesley this was always the intention.

Lesley turned to Sonia and said,

“Well Sonia, I am sorry you had to see David in his worst light.”

“Oh that’s OK. But I don’t see he should get any enjoyment from pleasuring this young lady.”

“Exactly what I was thinking,” said a gleeful Lesley. “That is why you will be giving him the cane as he licks. To encourage him of course.”

The women laughed as they waited with excitement to see David with red lines across his bottom screeching out with his tongue squeezed in to Eva’s pussy.

“All set ladies?”

Sonia took the cane from Lesley and positioned herself to the side of where David will have to nestle to lick Eva’s pussy. David moaned as Sonia tapped his bottom with the cane and he edged forward, feeling the coolness of Eva’s soft inner thighs, a position he has enjoyed so often before with women with whom he is enjoying sex. He knew this wasn’t going to be fun though. He will have to make sure Eva has an orgasm and he will be left unfulfilled, and being watched by all these women. How humiliating.

Lesley said sternly, “Right David, you do as Sonia tells you, understand?”

David nodded.

Sonia said in a no nonsense tone, “David, listen up. Sonia will cane you whilst you pay your dues to Eva here, so stick your bottom out.”

Sonia tapped David’s bottom with the cane and he made himself ready, arching his back, tensing his bottom cheeks, listening for the inevitable swishing sound as the cane flew through the air, ending with a thwack and immediately afterwards the searing sting as the cane caused his bottom cheeks to explode.

David knew this wasn’t the first time Sonia had welded a cane.

“Now David, nuzzle in boy and get your tongue to work. If I think you are slacking you know what you will get.”

David immediately edged forward kissing Eva’s inner thighs, licking her pussy, making it wet so his tongue can edge inside easily. He so enjoyed licking pussy, feeling the woman’s thighs tighten as she gyrated and inched her way towards orgasm. As he licked Sonia played with David. She ran the cane along the inside of his thighs and fluttered it from side to side and as he did so David moved his legs apart, momentarily enjoying the pain and forgetting to lick Eva. Next second there was a swish and David felt the horrible stinging pain again. He yelped but immediately worked his tongue inside Eva’s pussy again.

Eva put her hand on the back of David’s head to keep him in place and closed her thighs squeezing his cheeks. David could hear Eva starting to pant. What he failed to hear was the next swish of the cane and when it bit home he made an involuntary move forward but the pain was too severe for him to appreciate the groan that came from Eva as she became more excited by the thrust of his tongue against her clit. David again recovered but as he pressed his tongue again against Eva’s pussy there was another swish, another pulsating pain spread across his bottom and he pressed harder, licking more fiercely not understanding why he was being caned. He heard the next swish and now he was struggling to take the pain and stay in position with Eva. He looked up and saw to the side Lesley and Susan laughing at him. He looked up and saw Eva wagging her finger, telling him off. He hesitated but looked behind and saw Sonia standing with each end of the cane in each hand, bending it, looking cross. He looked for too long. He gasped when he heard Sonia demand,

“Stand up you silly man,” she demanded.

Feeling helpless David slowly stood.

“Hold your hand out in front of you.”

David wanted to argue but as he looked around the room he saw three fully dressed women all pointing at him as though he was just a plaything, and even Eva who’s oh so juicy pussy was still on show was laughing at him. He felt so small, so embarrassed. Slowly he held out his hand remembering how much the cane would sting. Sonia tapped the cane across his palm, lifted it, pursed her lips, and flicked it back down. David gasped. Not as bad as he remembered.

“Now bend over you silly silly man,” Sonia ordered.

David turned and grabbed a chair. He couldn’t argue. He just accepted, looking at the faces of the laughing smiling women. He thought about all the women he had groped, their breasts, even those he knew weren’t wearing a bra so he felt their softness, and the those other times when fuelled with drink he slipped his hand inside their knickers and felt their hairy pussy, or others whose were shaved. All good manly fun, or so he thought, never thinking about the woman. Well he was thinking about the women now all right as he bent over.

“Stick your bottom out. Six I think.”

“Oh goody,” Eva exclaimed with glee. “Make them hard,” she added.

Sonia took aim and then came another swish, another thwack, and this time David knew it was coming, that searing spreading pain. There was no break in the caning. Sonia was caning with the relish she always used. Lesley and Susan watched, enjoying the spectacle. David suffered each cane stroke noisily, not caring he couldn’t cope with strokes that were so much fiercer than any Susan or Lesley had given him. The tears flowed down his cheeks as the pain spread in waves across his bottom. The women looked on as David’s face dropped, his chest heaved as he suffered, and his sobs filled the room. Each woman knew how David treated his female staff. Lesley had explained, so none had any sympathy for the quite obvious retribution being taken on the sales manager.

When the sobbing subsided Sonia tapped his bottom again with the cane and said sharply, “Back to your position little man.”

David turned, dropped to his knees and again nestled in between Eva’s legs, his bottom burning. Sonia tapped his bottom again and again making him edge further and further forward, ensuring he made no decisions himself, maintained no authority nor retained any dignity. He was a toy being used and abused by a group of women. David licked Eva’s pussy again, felt her hand on his head pressing him in to her, and the cane scratching across his bottom, a constant reminder. Eva was now breathing more deeply and David gyrated in time, wanting to bring her to orgasm quickly, to end his suffering, but Eva held on, enjoying every lick, until she could hold on no more and with rolling gasps allowed her orgasm to burst out. David kept licking to make sure his job was done and then was still, his head still pressed in to Eva.

Eva opened her eyes and winked, satisfied.

Sonia demanded, “OK David, stand up and look at me.”

David stood and faced the woman who had punished him so expertly.

“Put your hands on your head boy,” she almost spat out. David’s hands flew to his head.

“Now listen very carefully. Do I have your attention?”

“Yes you do,” he spluttered.

Sonia moved the cane to between David’s legs and fluttered it from side to side and David moved his feet apart. His balls were hanging unprotected. The cane flicked upwards and lightly hit his ball sack drawing a gasp from David.

“Stay still,” Sonia ordered.

“So David, who would you like to be your secretary, if you had the choice?”

David was about to say Eva when another flick of the wrist landed the cane again on his ball sack, and another, slightly firmer, causing David to stand on tiptoe in a bid to lessen the blows. He looked at Sonia and saw her smile, then at the others and saw they were also enjoying his suffering.

“David, pay attention,” Sonia warned.

David looked steadfastly at Sonia and knew the answer he had to give. Not the answer he wanted to give.

“You,” he said quietly.

Another flick of the wrist and another blast of pain and he heard Sonia demand, “Louder boy.”

“You Sonia, you Sonia,” David spluttered.

Sonia smiled and said, “Good boy and let me commend you on your choice.”

Another flick, another flash of pain, another gasp from David, and Sonia removed the cane from between his legs and David settled back on his feet. He hadn’t realised how his tears still flowed and his breathing was heavy.

Lesley became business like.

“Right then, Sonia it is. David, come over here.”

David stepped quickly across to Lesley who had some papers on her desk.

“David, these papers say you agree that Sonia has discipline rights over you in accordance with your contract. That means she can order you to a quiet place and spank or cane you, or both. The severity is her decision alone.”

Lesley held out the pen and David took it and signed his name, aware that even though he had been caned and humiliated he had an erection and was clearly aroused. He knew it was because he had been dealt with so severely. It happened when Susan disciplined him, and now he knew Sonia drew the same feelings. David turned to face the women, his erection standing up in front of him.

Eva walked over to him, looked him in the eye, grabbed his erect penis and said,

“You should have chosen me you moron. I would have shown you my pussy whenever you wanted it. Now you end up with mamma over there. You deserve her though because she is more likely to tan your bottom rather than let you get inside her knickers.”

David heard laughter as Eva yanked his penis and pulled him towards the wall. He gasped as he was forced to follow although he admitted to himself there was an odd thrill at having his manhood held so tightly by a woman. Eva felt David’s penis stiffen and she winked at the others, careful to make sure David didn’t see. The ladies nodded when they saw how to control David, and each flexed her fingers imagining how they would each control David with a firm grasp and a simple tug.

“Stand facing the wall you dummy head and think about your new secretary.”

David wanted to explain, tell her he wanted to choose her, invite her out to dinner, for a drink, anything that would let her do to him what he had done for her. How he wanted a blowjob right now. Anything in fact as long as he was sorted out. He faced the wall and heard the women discuss how red his bottom was and their mocking tone reminded him how humiliated he had been made to look. He was thankful when he heard Lesley say goodbye to Sonia and Eva, and listened as the door closed behind them, having heard the arrangements for Sonia to start in two weeks time. He listened as Susan and Lesley discussed how he had been beaten, but still managed to give Eva an orgasm. What a performance they agreed. What a humiliation for him. Even so he was still erect and needed a woman’s touch. He groaned when he heard Susan say,

“Oh David, here’s a tissue. Sort yourself out please.”

For David it was a nightmare. He turned around dreading the tissue that would be held out to him, shocked to see Lesley stand with each end of the cane in each hand, threatening him with the cane again. David had no fight left. He took the tissue, and with the other hand he encircled his erect penis. Slowly he rubbed as he thought about Sonia caning him and Eva’s pussy and as he rubbed faster and faster he felt his hot cum leaking on to his fingers and soon he was no longer thinking about the two women watching him masturbate, and he felt his cum flood up between his fingers and caught it in the tissue, well experienced now given the number of times Susan made him pleasure himself in front of her after she had spanked or caned him. David was breathing heavily, still slightly dizzy from his exertions.

“Get dressed and go back to work David.”

Susan gave her usual order, his dismissal. He took a deep breath and grabbed up his trousers and pants and quickly dressed, well aware the two women weren’t even looking at him, as though he was just a discarded toy. Again something he was used to.

Susan turned and stood in front of him. “Good luck with your new secretary David.”

“Thank you,” David replied, and felt the pain of his balls as Susan took them firmly in her grasp, and as she squeezed he saw the blur of Susan’s other hand as she slapped his face hard.

David rubbed his cheek to try to ease the pain of his face but the pain of his balls held firmly by Susan went on unabated.

“How many times must I tell you David, when it is just us you address me as Miss. Got it yet?”

David wanted to shout back and say he had just forgotten that’s all. Did she have to slap his face for it? He didn’t though because he knew he deserved it. It’s what he did when he was in charge. No allowances. Get it right the first time or it’s just plain wrong. So all he said was a plaintive,

“Sorry Miss.”

Susan kept hold of his balls as she scolded her boss, delighted when he became stiff again, seemingly enjoying having his balls held tightly as he was told off. She squeezed just to watch him gasp, then relented and again he was stiffer. This was something she was enjoying, but knew Lesley would have the same feelings when she grabbed her pussy later on before spanking her and making love.

“OK David, so now go back to your desk and I’ll be along later. Oh and David, I still will want to discuss discipline with you later on, just you and me,” Susan allowed the comment to settle before adding, “And this.” She held up the cane. “Twelve don’t forget.”

David knew what that meant. Susan had neither forgotten nor forgiven his rudeness earlier. David sobbed in submission and left the office. He walked down the corridor and thought immediately of Susan, how dominant she was, how she had slapped his face, how he had held his balls so firmly, how she will cane him later. Within moments he had an erection and a smile. He was looking forward to later on. Susan would put him back across her lap before caning him which was always a turn on. It might hurt like crazy, crikey did hurt like crazy, but he wouldn’t miss it. He wondered whether Sonia will be as strict with him. He hoped so.

When David had gone and the doors were closed Lesley went over to Susan, threw her arms around her neck and kissed her hard on the lips. Susan accepted the kiss but then pushed her friend gently away. Lesley saw Susan was annoyed.

Lesley asked “You’re not going to miss spanking him are you?”

Susan snapped back, “No of course not. He is still such a good-for-nothing. No it isn’t that, I want to know how come David knew I was leaving before I did.”

“Oh dear, yes, well, I told David yesterday.”

“What? I’m really annoyed now,” Susan said, sounding and looking incensed.

“Why the paddy?” Lesley asked now sounding a bit offish.

“He knew before me actually so I sat there like a lemon as his new secretary was brought down, and I hadn’t even told him myself I was leaving.”

Lesley knew exactly what she had done. She wanted to rile her friend. It was more of a turn on than she thought it would be, a very chilling experience, and one she knew would end up with her on the receiving end of a spanking.

Susan was still enraged. “You should have asked me first? How come you took it for granted I would come with you?”

“I just hoped you would,” Lesley said hopefully.

“Not good enough.” Susan demanded, “When is your next meeting?”

Lesley looked at her watch and said, “In an hour.”

“Good. That will be enough time to make my point.”

Susan gave a wicked smile, adding, “I’ll need what’s hanging in the cupboard.”

Lesley looked up and instantly was reminded that’s where she keeps her canes. She watched as Susan got up, walked over to the door, took the cane out of the cupboard, and walked back to the desk. Lesley took a deep breath and stood up as her friend approached.

“Best to be respectful I guess.”

Lesley swallowed hard.

Susan repeated, “You should have consulted me shouldn’t you?”

Lesley looked at the cane and nodded her head.

“Good girl,” Susan said. “At least you know you have been horrible to me and why it will have to hurt. Now you know what to do.”

Lesley walked around to the front of the desk, lifted her skirt above her waist and tucked it in at the back before lowering her knickers to her knees, then bent down and grabbed the chair that only minutes before David had been grabbing.

Susan said in a strict tone, “You asked if I would miss spanking David, well I won’t because I will be spanking and caning you my naughty little Lesley, that’s why.”

Susan stood behind her and flicked the cane between Lesley’s legs and commanded, “Legs further apart my girl.”

Susan flicked the cane until Lesley had parted her legs sufficiently wide. She then flicked the cane upwards onto Lesley’s pussy. Lesley gasped and went on tiptoes. When Susan flicked the cane again Lesley couldn’t raise herself any further and let out another gasp, and another when Susan flicked the cane on to her pussy a third fourth fifth and sixth time. Susan was satisfied her friend started to feel sorry for what she had done. She withdrew the cane from between Lesley’s legs and ran a finger along her pussy, her freshly shaved pussy she noted, and was pleased to feel the lips were soggy. She squeezed Lesley’s wet pussy and Lesley gasped but held her position, allowing herself a soft pant as she enjoyed the sweet pain.

“I am glad you need to take this as much as I need to give it,” Susan said firmly.

Susan stepped to her friend’s side and as Lesley looked up at her she pouted her lips and stuck her finger in her mouth sucking as she did, knowing that was going to really turn Lesley on. It did.

“Bitch,” Lesley hissed.

Susan returned to Lesley’s side and placed the cane across her bare bottom, tapping it a few times, watching Lesley wriggle her legs preparing herself for the first stroke. The first stroke of many. Tears will flow quickly, stripes will be drawn across Lesley’s bare bottom, Susan will be resolute.

“That’s right Lesley, a bitch and a half actually, as you will now find out.”

Both knew the giving and receiving of pain was a real turn on. Lovemaking will follow and it will be as hard and as intense as the caning.

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