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Disciplined at Work

David’s secretary spanks her boss with HR’s approval.
David’s Secretary, Susan, came in to his office, obviously very angry, flashing her Bank Statement.

“David. Someone has taken £100 from my account. I spoke to the Bank and they said it was taken out by my cash card.”

She took one look at him and went in to a rage. He was blushing. She raged “How could you? I stood at the cash machine with my Mum and she saw the Bank reject giving me any cash. She had to wait with me and was getting more and more annoyed with me! Now I find out you stole my money.”

David blustered “I was going to give it back soon but I lost it at the betting shop.”

“Right. That does it. You might be my boss but I gave you my card details just the once and you promised me you wouldn’t use it again. You even took the card from my bag without asking. I could, no should, call the police.”

“Please don’t. I will do anything.”

Susan was angry but as he made that offer she decided what she was going to do. David just watched as she made the call to Lesley Marshall, the Head of HR.

“I need to see you on an urgent matter involving David Stone and I. ... OK, thank you, we will come now.”

Susan put the phone down and said, “Come on, let’s go.”

David was the best salesman on the team and knew he was arrogant but that didn’t matter whilst he produced the results. He was very generous when out with staff and so everyone accepted David for being the salesman he was. Even the girls accepted their bottoms being lightly smacked or pinched and the odd unwelcome peck on the cheek because it was “just David being David.” Recently his figures had nose dived, he was at a low, and things were not going well for him.

David was still surprised how his secretary had reacted. Susan is a very attractive girl, the main reason he had employed her, she always dressed in short tight skirts, and even tighter tops that showed off her ample breasts. She was a bit mousey though, timid, and never seemed to react when he pinched or smacked her bottom. So whilst he fancied her, he supposed, he was never inclined take her very seriously. He needed someone with more passion.

David wanted to say something but he had never seen Susan so mad at him before. This was a very different Susan. A Susan who meant business. He bottled, got up and they walked in silence to Lesley’s office which is located in a quiet part of the building, well away from anyone else. She had an outer office which no one occupied and then her inner office. Lesley told them both to take a seat.

“What is the problem?” she asked, looking first at David then at Susan. When David blushed and looked at the desk she turned her attention to Susan.

“Susan?” she asked.

“Lesley, can you believe that David has stolen from me. I threatened to call the police. He begged me not to and said he would do anything. I wondered what you thought we should do.”

“Well, not an easy one,” Lesley said, going over to a filing cabinet and taking out a file. David could see it was his personal file. He licked his lips, fearing the worst.

“Let’s see,” Lesley continued. “Disciplinary matters. What does it say in your contract?” she said to herself, studying the document.

“Oh, that’s interesting. I must say it was probably a typo but, yes, you have signed it David. Look here,” she said, pointing to a heading halfway down the page.

David looked and at first didn’t understand the relevance. The heading said Discipline and Grievance Procedures. David looked at Lesley, questioning the importance. He was suffering from an even greater loss of confidence than he thought as all of this was going over his head but not for long as he felt a sense of foreboding. He was short of cash and already had a complaint of sexual harassment against him sitting on Lesley’s desk. This is a problem he could do without but he reckoned it was going to haunt him. He saw Lesley speak again.

“Don’t you see David? It says Discipline, not Disciplinary. It sets out grounds for disciplining you. Discipline is very different to a disciplinary hearing. This means if you can’t reach an agreement with Susan you will have a discipline hearing which will decide the discipline you will receive. That’s not a warning but physical discipline.”

Now David sat back as it hit home. Hitting being the operative word. “You are kidding Susan” and then added, “Aren’t you?

“You are being accused of stealing. If that is what you have done then the result will be discipline, not a disciplinary hearing.”

“But, surely...”

“No buts David. Did you steal or not?”

“Well, I suppose not exactly stealing because I was going to pay Susan back, it’s just that...”

“David, that sounds like stealing to me.”

“I guess,” he conceded.

“So that is settled. You have stolen. Your contract says discipline. So, Susan, as you are the victim what discipline do you think is appropriate?”

“Hang on a sec,” David spluttered.

“It’s OK David. My job at HR is to mediate. I much prefer that. It’s just that if I can’t get the two of you to agree then I have to decide. So Susan, what do you think is appropriate?”

They both looked at Susan, who was making out she was thinking hard.

“Well, I certainly think more than a slap on the wrist.”

Lesley said “I agree. It must definitely be something that fits the crime and he will remember.”

“Like a spanking perhaps?” suggested Susan.

David caught his breath, but before he could say anything Lesley said, “Now that’s an idea. I don’t see what’s wrong with that at all.”

Lesley looked at David and asked sternly, “What do you think David?”

“Are you serious?” David gasped.

“Oh yes. I went to an HR conference last week and the spanking of staff is one of the accepted methods of dealing with things in several Companies who were there.”

“Really?” asked David, surprised.

“Oh yes, and I can see how it would work,” Lesley said firmly.

“No,” David said but not too convincingly by now. “Please, you can’t be serious.” He looked earnestly at both women.

Susan and Lesley looked at each other and then back at David. Lesley said emphatically to Susan, “I think a spanking is right. That way you can both draw a line under the episode assuming he pays you back today.”

“But I can’t,” David squealed, looking at Susan. “I don’t have any money.”

“Oh dear. That’s not good. So what do you propose David?” Susan asked.

“Can I pay you back after the next pay day?”

“That’s two weeks time. No, I don’t like that.”

“What then?” David asked.

“Well, if you accept the spanking then I will wait. If not then you will have to ask someone to lend you the money, and explain what you have done to the Police.”

David fell silent. He didn’t want the Police involved that was for sure. He knew he was stuffed and would have to accept the spanking. It was the only way out.

“OK, I will take your spanking,” he said quietly.

“Not so fast buster” Lesley said. “I agree a spanking is right, but I need to impose my authority as well so your punishment will be a spanking by each of us.”


“You heard David. The kind of thing discussed at that conference was a hand spanking, the belt, and the cane as well,” said Lesley.

“That’s agreed then,” said Susan.

Lesley just looked at David, daring him to object. Lesley and Susan discussed how it had to be and quickly reached a decision. David would have to be naked to increase the effect. They would sit on a chair in turn and he would have to lie across their lap. Each would spank him. Lesley would then use the belt and Susan the cane. David would stay across Susan’s lap for the strap, but stand schoolboy like grabbing a chair for the cane. They decided they were satisfied with that structure.

Lesley said, “Oh and don’t worry about making too much noise David. We are in the inner office. Once I lock the outer office door no one will come in and no one will hear the noise you will make.”

David said a sarcastic, “That’s good.”

Susan smiled knowing it was bravado and that David was struggling to accept what was going to happen to him.

David kept thinking how he was Susan’s boss. He told Susan what to do. She made him coffee. She even gave him a blow job when he asked, particularly after they had been to the pub. How come she was now discussing with HR how he was to be disciplined?

Lesley stared at him while Susan spoke earnestly, explaining to David how she was so incensed, how he had let her down, that she could not believe her boss would steal from her, how could he have thought he would get away with it, and to lose it all at a betting shop to boot. Well now he was going to pay for it.

He saw her mouth move, heard the words spoken, but they floated over him. He was just thinking how humiliating it was going to be.

Lesley then said, “OK David, I will spank you first. Get undressed and bend across my lap.”

David looked one last time, pleading with his eyes to be let off, but both women were having none of it.

“Do as I say or Susan will call the Police. We don’t have time to waste.”

David was now scared of Lesley. She knew it all he thought. Not a woman to be trifled with. Once the Police were mentioned again David’s resistance dissolved. He was going to be spanked and that was that.

David undressed quickly and bent across Lesley’s lap. The floor came up to meet him. No sooner was he in place than Lesley started to spank him. He got the feeling she knew what she was doing because after only a few minutes he was squirming around across her lap getting very uncomfortable. She knew how to spank hard and was very businesslike. She rested now and again, and just chatted to Susan as though he was not there. Two women in control of a man who thought he was the boss of at least one of them. The one who hadn’t yet spanked him.

David had to stand up when Lesley was finished. She made him stand there with his hands on his head making a point of looking at his private parts. It was with more than a little embarrassment that David realised he had an erection. After being spanked.

A few moments later and he was put across Susan’s lap. Susan’s spanking felt more intense but of course he was already stinging from Lesley’s spanking. Still, he squirmed around again, although now realised his erection was pressing down on Susan’s thigh. Susan was enjoying the experience of making her boss suffer whilst at the same time realising he was somehow being aroused by the experience.

Susan stopped spanking him and rubbed his bottom, which she quickly felt made David even more aroused, particularly when she rubbed the inside of his thighs.

Lesley snapped, “Right, I have the belt Susan, hold him steady.”

David tensed. He felt Susan had one hand on his back the other holding him halfway down his thighs.

Lesley made ready to give him the first stroke. She stood to the side and David could see her as she raised the belt over her head, and “whhhhhoooooossssshhh.”

Susan held him down and he yelped. He knew he had better not beg for it to stop. The two women were clearly in the middle of things and were enjoying every moment. For Susan this feeling of control was new and one she enjoyed, was excited, and knew from the quivering of her pussy she was already wet.

Lesley gave him twelve strokes in all. David knew his eyes were wet but was trying ever so hard not to cry.

“Get up David,” Lesley instructed. He stood up again through hazy wet eyes saw both women look at him, realise his eyes were full of tears, look at each other and then back at him. Was that sympathy in their eyes he wondered? Was it all over?

David was told to stand in the corner like a naughty schoolboy whilst the two women chatter before Lesley left the room and returned a couple of minutes later.

Lesley brought the cane in to the room and laid it on the table. David was told to turn around. He just stared at it. Lesley gave Susan a grin.

Lesley smirked at Susan and said, “You know, at the conference they said sometimes they caned staff on their hands, particularly when stealing was involved.”

“Oh, like now,” said Susan as though the thought had just struck her. Again the control was intoxicating, knowing her whim could give David so much extra pain.

“Exactly,” agreed Lesley.

Lesley looked at David and demanded “Hold out your hand. Now! Unless you want me to call the Police!”

David knew he had no choice and held his hand out in front of him. He was not even conscious of being naked, nor that he was still so erect. Lesley and Susan both smirked when they saw his reaction, and just about kept themselves from laughing out loud.

Lesley picked up the cane, stood to the side of David and placed the cane on his outstretched palm to gauge the distance. Then she raised the cane, held it high for a second, and then brought it down across David’s outstretched palm.

The pain was instantaneous. David could see the red line across his hand.

Two more followed on that hand and then three on the other. David cried out after each stroke. He hadn’t been caned on his hands since school, and it still hurt.

Lesley handed the cane to Susan.

“Right, grab the seat of the chair David. I suspect you got this at school as well.”

A look from Lesley told him to agree. He presented his bare bottom. Susan tapped his bare bottom a couple of times, raised the cane and brought it down on his bottom. David yelped but it wasn’t as bad as he had expected.

“No no,” said Lesley. “Like this.” She took the cane and stood behind him. He was not ready for the severity.

David heard the swish of the cane and knew immediately it was very different to the sound made when Lesley gave him the first stroke. He realised too late though and when the cane bit in to his bottom the pain was far greater than he expected. He let out a howl that brought smiles to the faces of both women, not that David saw them as he was hurting too much.

David knew this was not a cane stroke given by a novice. Lesley had used this before, and knew very well how to use it properly.

Susan took the cane back and gave him another stroke. This time it hurt as much as when Lesley had caned him. It really hurt.

Five more strokes followed. Each stroke seemed harder than the previous one and David squirmed around in increasing pain. Tears welled up in his eyes and flowed down his face. He knew they were there but couldn’t stop them. It was all he could to stop himself blubbering out loud.

When it was over David stood up and rubbed his bottom. Both women grinned at the sight of the high and mighty David, leading salesman extraordinaire, rubbing his bottom as his penis bobbed up and down, tears streaming down his face.

Lesley sat in her chair behind her desk and demanded David stand in front of her.

“Do you promise never to steal from Susan again?”

“Yes,” he said quickly, still hoping the tears would soon stop flowing down his face.

“Then we will say no more for now but I await Susan’s daily report though.” Lesley added, “Mind you, I don’t know how you two will deal with that,” pointing at his erection.

“I have an idea,” Susan said, smiling.

She was much calmer now, friendly even. Lesley stayed seated and Susan stood in front of her boss.

“What do you say David?”

“Sorry,” he said looking at Susan.

“Show me respect David. Say sorry Miss.”

David lowered his voice as though it were his old headmistress who had thrashed him. “Erm sorry Miss.”

Susan smiled. “I like that David. Miss. Yes I think you should address me with respect. You know David, I think I should take rather more of an interest in your discipline. It will do you good. Do you think I would make a good strict assistant?”

David smiled at the new Susan. He wanted a woman with more passion and she certainly had it now. He even fancied being dominated, and his erection told Susan exactly that.

He said quietly, “I think you would Susan, I mean Miss.”

“Hhmm, good. So when it is just you and I together you will address me as Miss, at all times.”

David looked at Lesley who seemed to be studying some papers and said softly, “Yes Miss.”

Lesley announced, “Look I have to go down the corridor for a few minutes. Feel free to continue your chat.” She got up and left the room.

“Now, where were we? Oh yes, so how come you had an erection before?” Susan asked.

“I don’t know really. Maybe because you were so strict and somehow so sexy as you disciplined me?”

“I enjoyed it as well, which is why I’ll be spanking you again you know. I suspect it will be very soon my lad.”

“Yes Miss,” he replied, more composed.

“How is your bottom?” asked Susan.

“It feels warm, and I won’t be sitting down for a while,” he answered.

“How about kneeling? Can you do that young man?” Susan asked firmly.

“Well, yes, I guess,” he stammered.

“Good. Go on then, kneel in front of me.”

Bewildered he did so. Susan then moved her legs apart and he could see she wasn’t wearing any knickers.

“You know what to do,” she said sarcastically.

David blushed. Of course he knew but the way she said it was so condescending. Dominant though. Very dominant and demanding. He stammered his reply.

“Well yes, Susan, erm Miss I mean, but someone might come in.”

“Come on, you aren’t so fussed when I give you a blowjob are you?” Susan snapped.

“No, but, well, I mean,”

Susan giggled. “Exactly. So enough. You have been disciplined and I need you to say thank you. Or shall I give you a few more with the cane first?”

“No,” he said very quickly, and edged forward nuzzling his head between her thighs.

He didn’t hold back and kissed and licked and sucked her until she was breathing deeply, then sighing, then giving out a long gasp that told him she had come.

She calmed down and said sweetly, “Good boy. You can get up now.”

David stood up and edged towards her, leaving her in no doubt he expected a present in return.

Susan lent forward and with a blur her hand hit the side of his leg and he yelled out. Then a second smack. It stung. Susan decided several more smacks were justified and as David tried hard to stand still as her open hand landed again and again on his legs the tears started again.

“Down boy. You don’t get yours. Not from me anyway.”

Susan took a tissue and threw it at David. “Go on do it yourself.”

“What?” he stammered, sniffing.

Susan picked up the cane and ordered gruffly, “Enough of not doing as I say. Put your hands on your head, feet apart.”

David did as he was told. Susan put the cane just under his balls.

“Please don’t,” he gasped.

Just then Lesley came back, saw Susan with the cane and knew what she was about to do. She winked at Susan as she passed by but David couldn’t see.

“Stay very still,” she said as she lightly flicked the cane six times on to his balls. David gasped and rose up on to his toes to try to minimise the strikes.

She withdrew the cane and smirked. She was looking at his penis and as David followed her gaze sure enough he was stiff.

“Do it David,” Susan insisted.

He realised Lesley was there when she said from behind, “You heard the lady.”

He groaned, took the erect shaft in his hand, and started to rub himself faster and faster watching Susan lick her lips so sensually and stroke her pussy in his full view as he got closer to orgasm until he let out a final gasp and his cum spurted out in to the waiting tissue and over his hand.

David recovered quickly but immediately felt humiliated, and more importantly dominated. He quite liked it actually.

Lesley said, “David, Susan will report to me on a daily basis for the next month and if on any occasion you have disobeyed her she will be authorised to discipline you again. Understood?”

“Yes,” David said, and again he knew his penis stiffened at the thought.

Susan said, "I will be strict David, so don’t underestimate me.”

He looked at her with a sudden respect. Yes, she was right. He did take her for granted. She did deserve more from him.

“Of course Miss.”

“You can go now.”

“Thank you Miss”. He quickly got dressed and walked to the door, certainly humiliated, but he convinced himself he had learnt a valuable lesson and he would certainly treat Susan far better than he had before.

“I will be getting a cane by the way,” Susan said as he got to the door. He looked back and Susan smiled at him, a sarcastic smirking smile by a woman who knew she was now in control. David knew this was not the last time his secretary will punish him as he closed the door behind himself.

He walked down the corridor convincing himself it will help him to know his secretary would discipline him. He rubbed his bottom as he walked though careful to stop rubbing when anyone was coming. It stung but that was ok he reckoned. It will be a good reminder. A good check on what he does. When he got to his desk he sat down but grimaced and jumped up again, placing a cushion on the seat before gingerly sitting down again. His bottom stung, his hands stung, both from the cane he knew, and even his legs still tingled from when Susan smacked them so hard.

Yet he knew also that as he thought about how dominant Susan had been, even though she humiliated him by putting him across her lap for a bare bottom spanking, he was getting another erection.

He smiled as he thought about it. He even felt more relaxed and wondered about his next discipline meeting. Susan will spank and cane him again then will definitely give him a blowjob. Maybe he will ask her out now. He really fancied the new dominant Susan. Yes, he would ask her out for sure, get inside her knickers, and explode his cannon inside her. He had it all planned out.

Lesley and Susan had waited a few moments and then Lesley went to the door, opened it, and looked out to check David had gone. When she was satisfied he was out of hearing she closed the door, walked over to Susan, put her arms around her neck as Susan put her arms around Lesley’s waist, and they kissed each other on the lips as they pulled the other close in. Susan’s tongue oozed into Lesley’s welcoming open mouth.

When they pulled away Lesley said, “You were great. So strong. Amazing.”

Susan put her hand under Lesley’s skirt, bringing it round to the front of her thigh, running her fingers across the front of her knickers, as she had done so many times before, slipping her hand inside her knickers and on to her soft wet vagina.

“Oh good, Lesley, you are wanting me aren’t you.”

“Please,” Lesley gasped with a shiver as she reacted to Susan’s exploring fingers.

Susan deftly put her other hand under Lesley’s skirt and pulled her knickers down, passed her thighs and down to her ankles. Susan kept hold of the knickers and her face was now inches from her friend’s hair mound and she could see her wetness and smell her sex. She nuzzled in and kissed her friends private parts, her tongue darting out, pressing in to her vaginal lips. Lesley parted her legs as wide as she could, stretching those luscious lips, allowing Susan free reign to kiss her, lick her, suck her, find her clitoris, make her gasp and pant until she let out a long gasp that told Susan Lesley had come, still licking her sweet sex juice. Susan kissed her friends wet pussy for a while as she recovered then stood up and kissed Lesley again, their tongues entwining once more.

They cuddled for a while longer before reluctantly drawing away from each other.

“I don’t know how he fell for all that crap about a conference,” Susan said laughing.

Lesley said, “Nice touch as well making him masturbate.”

“Next time he asks me to give him a blowjob I’ll make him to do it himself.”

“Like it.” Lesley said with a giggle.

“You were good with that cane Lesley,” Susan said.

“You picked it up very quickly, once I showed you.”

Susan replied, smiling, “Strange I enjoyed giving him the cane isn’t it Lesley, particularly given the number of times you have caned me?” She smiled.

“As I will again tonight my darling when we get home.”

“I hope so. It is such a turn on. I want you to really draw out the punishment and ensure maximum pain before making love to me.”

“I will my young love because I so enjoy caning you. Oh, and I really liked you caning his balls, just as I cane you sometimes you sexpot,” Lesley said as she fondled Susan between her legs.

Susan said, “He has no idea we are lovers does he?”

Lesley replied, “He’s a man, just thinking of his own cock. Why should he even think we are?”

Lesley continued, “Anyway now you better get back. Give him hell today and tomorrow just so he knows you are now in charge. I’ll give you one of my canes tonight so you can give him another dose as soon as you can. He knows you are going to so best not let him down, the crud.”

“I can’t wait. He is going to be one very sorry boss.”

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