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Discount Store, Part Two

Tags: spanking, f/m
Discount Store Part 2 F/M By

I had been spanked by an older woman in the building, and was now invited to her apartment to have lunch with her and to meet her niece. Her niece visited her for lunch about every other week, and Mrs. Jones thought that I should meet her. The niece was supposedly about my age, and was still single. Since I was always looking for new single women to meet, I agreed to have lunch with Mrs. Jones and her niece.

Mrs. Jones' apartment was very clean and nice. She had the table set very precisely, with everything in its proper place. When I arrived right at noon, Mrs. Jones greeted me and introduced her niece, Karen, to me. Karen looked about my age and was a very pretty woman. I was a little taller than she was, and she was wearing a white blouse and a pleated plaid skirt.

"Everything is already to eat, so let's sit down." Mrs. Jones said. Then we had a wonderful meal of steak, potatoes, peas, and a nice pie for desert. Mrs. Jones and Karen asked me a lot of questions as we ate. I told them where I worked and what I did. I also was able to ask Karen a lot of questions about her. I found out that we had a lot in common, and that it was real easy to talk to her.

After we finished eating, Mrs. Jones had Karen and I sit in the living room and talk while she did the dishes. We talked for a long time, and I was really interested in possibly dating Karen. Karen then asked Mrs. Jones if it was all right to go to my apartment to talk. Mrs. Jones said it was OK, so I showed Karen my apartment. Although I had tried to clean it after my spanking from Mrs. Jones, it still wasn't as clean and nice as Mrs. Jones apartment.

Karen and I talked and talked, and then I finally got up the courage to ask her if she would go out on a date with me. "I would love to, but it will depend on what happens next." Karen said. Let me run up to Mrs. Jones apartment and get something. I'll be right back. Then she left the apartment. I was thrilled to finally meet a nice looking woman that we had a lot in common in our work and with our ideas. I couldn't wait to get to know her better.

I heard a knock on my door and I let Karen back into the apartment. To my surprise, she was now carrying the same bag that contained stuff that Mrs. Jones had spanked me with. "Please sit down so I can ask you a few questions before I will agree to date you." Karen said. Once seated, Karen asked, "My aunt told me that she had spanked you and that you wanted to be spanked. Is that true?"

I was shocked that Mrs. Jones had told her niece about spanking me. "I'm surprised and embarrassed that she told you. But yes, she spanked me." I replied.

"If I were to let you date me, I first want you to submit to a spanking by me. And you will follow my every command. Will you do that for me?"

Karen was the first woman that I really felt truly compatible with. So I said, "Yes, I really do want to date you! So do you want me to bend over the table like I did for your aunt?"

"No! I want you to go into your bedroom and take off all of your clothes. Put two pillows under your stomach, and lay on them in the middle of your bed. I'll give you one minute to do that." Karen said.

"But…" I started to say something.

"Hurry up! You're wasting time."

So I ran into my bedroom, quickly took off my clothes, and lay down on my pillows. This made my poor bottom stick high up in the air. As soon as I was in position, Karen walked into the bedroom.

"You really do need a woman in you life. Your apartment is still messy, and you didn't even bother to neatly fold your clothing. You really deserve this spanking. Don't you?" Karen asked.

"Yes I do." I meekly replied.

"So let me get started." Karen then pulled out the paddle with the holes in it and started to spank me. It stung a lot more than the spanking I had received from Mrs. Jones. I kicked my feet and tried to block my spanking by placing my hands over my bottom.

"My aunt warned me that you may not like to be spanked like this. But she included something in the bag to take care of this situation." Karen then reached into the bag and pulled out cuffs and some rope. She started with my wrists and tied them to the bedposts. Then she tied on ankle to the bedpost. I soon realized that my legs would be spread wide apart and that my penis and balls would hand down between my legs.

"Please don't spread my legs like this." I complained.

"You should of thought of that before you started to kick you legs." Karen said.

Then my spanking started again. Although the spanking stung my poor bottom, I felt excited being completely exposed to her like this, and I had an erection. Karen must have noticed because she would use the riding crop and flick it between my legs. I had a wonderful feeling of both pleasure and pain at the same time.

She spanked and spanked me, using every paddle and spanking implement in the bag. Then she stopped and asked, "Where is a key to your apartment?"

"In my pants pocket."

"I'm going to leave you like this for about ten minutes. I want to talk to my aunt some more. This way, you can think about the spanking you just received." She then left the bedroom and I heard my apartment door close.

I tugged at the ropes, and found out that I was totally at Karen's mercy to release me from my bonds. But I still felt excited, and my bottom had a nice warm feeling to it. It seemed like an hour, but Karen finally returned to my apartment. After examining my poor spanked bottom, she rubbed some lotion on it while I was still tied down. She also rubbed some lotion between my legs and stroked my erection.

"So it looks like you enjoyed your spanking. Let me relieve you of this!" The Karen stroked my penis and balls until I came all over my own bed. "I guess that will give you something else to clean up. I'm going to write my phone number on a piece of paper then release you. Please stay in position until I leave the apartment."

Karen loosened my cuffs and untied the ropes, and wrote her phone number down for me. After she had packed up the duffel bag, she climbed between my legs and said, "It was nice meeting you. I expect to hear from you so that we can go out on a date and I can continue to spank you." Then she grabbed my penis and balls and stroked them some more.

"I will be sure and call you!" I said. And then she left the apartment. What have I just gotten myself into?
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