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Do It With A Nerd

He might be a scrawny nerd, but he sure can fuck.
Like any other Saturday night I’m sitting on the couch watching TV, bored out of my mind and horny as fuck. My boyfriend’s laughter floats through the house we share as he plays on his computer in the other room while talking to his friends on Skype. 'Why is he not throwing me on the bed and fucking my brains out instead?!' I’ve attempted several times to catch his attention to which I get ignored. It does make me feel a little bad, but at this point I’m pretty annoyed by it. 'I’m just going to have to be blunt.'

With a little huff; I hop off the couch and stride to our bedroom. Two scattered drawers and a few outfit changes later, I walk back out in a pair of yoga pants with a low cut tank top that I usually wear to work out in. He likes how my tits practically pop out of the tank top when I’m jogging on the treadmill. I aim towards the room he’s held up in with a little smirk on my face. 'He’s going to give me what I want whether he likes it or not.' 

It takes no time for me to stride over and stand near his chair. I watch as he pauses a game, the screen showing several popup windows, one moving really fast.

He looks over at the second monitor as he speaks in his lazy Australian accent, “I’m gonna do that glitch I heard about.”

His fingers fly over the keyboard in front of him as he laughs at what someone says on the chat of his streaming channel. I bite my lip at the little nerdy shit he talks about with his friends. I’ve always found that attractive. Being bold, I maneuver to sit on his lap which takes him by surprise and annoys him a little.

“Babe, I’m trying to play COD here.” There’s just a hint of a whine in his voice that only I can hear while leaning back into him.

“It looks like you’re humping a fence.” I bounce on his crotch for emphasis while watching his character move up and down in place.

He shamelessly raises his hips to press against my ass like he always does, “I’m jumping on it…plus it’s supposed to be a glitch.”

“You’re such a cheater. Can never play fair, can you?”

He kisses the back of my neck with a tease of his tongue, “I never hear you complain.”

I can’t help the little moan that slips out, making him chuckle huskily. He takes a hand off his controller so it can take a hold of my thigh nearest to it as he continues to make the person on the screen bounce. I feel his already hardened cock press into me as he holds me against him.

“How bad do you want my dick?” He whispers in my ear as if already knowing why I’m in here.

Right now I’m so horny that I can’t even voice how bad I want it as another moan comes out. He clicks his tongue in disapproval before repeating his actions from earlier.

“Be quiet or the guys will hear those sexy moans.”

“I can’t help it when you do that.”

“Well, you were the one who decided to interrupt me while I’m busy.” His tone is curt as he bucks his hips.

Well, you were the one ignoring me when I was trying to get you to spend some time with me for a change,” I hiss at him in annoyance as he decides to be mean and wants me to stand up.

He allows it long enough for him to yank down my pants. The little smirk that plays on his lips tells me that he’s pleased that I decided to leave my panties off. Before I know it, I’m back to sitting on his lap with my legs spread apart. He takes my tank top off before I can even protest and pulls down my bra so that my tits pop out of the top. One hand grabs the game controller as the other one resumes tightly gripping my thigh.

“Since you want to be a little bitch,” he hisses in my ear menacingly, “You’re gonna sit here while I finish my game, then I’m gonna punish you.”

A shiver runs down my spine at his delicious threat as he grinds the fabric of his shorts against my already throbbing pussy. He continues the torture by simultaneously running his hand up and down my side, stopping to grope my tits roughly. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it. Whisper-soft moans continue to emit from me as the time passes and I feel like I’m going to combust at any moment. About three minutes later he finally throws the controller down on his desk.

“I can’t concentrate with all those moans and you wiggling on my dick.”

“Mmm, then play with me instead.” I purr in response while bringing his other hand over to help massage my tits.

He squeezes and pinches in all the right spots that drive me crazy whilst at the same time peppering heated kisses all over the side of my neck. It doesn’t take long for him to remember that he has a threat to fulfill. He orders me to bend over his knees. I’m already dripping wet from anticipation by now as he rubs my left ass cheek before giving it a smack hard enough to make me cry out.

“That is for bothering me when I’m busy.” His accent is more prominent as the time passes. He repeats the earlier steps to which my reaction is the same result, but it’s his name this time.

“For being a fussy little impatient princess who has to have her way all the time.”

Three more times his hand rains down quickly on my other cheek, this time making me moan. Two of his fingers find my sopping hole, ready for him to finger me deeply.

“Those are for not being quiet,” a grunt passes his lips before he growls, “Now answer my damn question.”

Pushing back against his hand, I can’t help moaning out loud, “Bad, I want it so bad!”

“Show me.”

My body moves to between his legs and he lets me undo the zipper on his shorts. My mouth salivates at the sight of his freed cock; an impressive size for someone who’s so skinny. The annoyed grunt that is heard when I give it a lick from base to tip makes me giggle. I bat my lashes at him innocently before descending upon the juicy piece of man meat that lies thick in my hands.

What I’ve learned since I lost my virginity is that when you suck cock, you show him that you love it just as much as he does. Like right now, I’m curling my tongue around it as I go down slow. When I come back up it’s at the same pace but I hollow out my cheek as I suck hard. Giving the tip a little nibble, I scoot myself a little closer to him so that I’m basically rubbing my tits on it as well. One hand keeps a tight grip on the base as the other moves up to massage his thigh, all the while continuing to suck at the right hardness.

He’s panting and grasping my hair as he bucks his hips slightly. A moan slips from me as I let my legs brush back and forth for a little friction. His cock begins to twitch and I know if I continue he’ll blow his load, leaving me unsatisfied. 'I cannot have that happening.' At the moment I could care less to receive anything in return, I just want to fuck.

After standing to my feet I’m spun around and forced to sit on his lap again. He lifts me for a brief moment to pull his shorts down a little more and then practically impales me onto his throbbing cock.

“Fuck!” I gasp as my back is smashed against his chest.

He bites my neck, gliding his tongue over it afterwards, “If you can dish it out hard, you can take it hard.”

A shiver runs down my spine as he takes a hold of my neck gently and possesses my hip with his free hand. He forcefully moves me up and down his length in harsh strokes. Automatically, moans galore pour from my lips as he makes me do what he wants. After a few minutes I’m allowed to move on my own accord yet I keep up the pace with him whilst arching my back. I feel his hand slip down to the apex of my thighs; his index and middle fingers roughly working my clit almost cause me to lose it.

“Already that close?” He growls in my ear.

“Yes!” I moan breathlessly in reply.

He clicks his tongue in disapproval for the second time tonight, “I’m not going to let you have it that easily, darling.”

“Please!” I beg shamelessly when his fingers stop moving.

“Turn around.”


“I said turn around!” He spits out through gritted teeth.

Not wanting to make him angry, I do as he demands and turn around on his lap. We share several heated kisses; him tasting every inch of my mouth as his hands squeeze my ass. Breaking away, I lean back to rest my elbows on the computer desk behind me as I ride him slow; at the same time tightening my inner muscles just to hear him finally moan. It’s contagious and I keep doing it as we both moan together in pleasure.

“Fuck, feels so good.” He moans while taking a hold of my hips.

“God, yes! Fuck!” The words are sort of combined as they fly out of my mouth.

My head falls back and my mouth pops open in ecstasy as he takes over. Hips slamming into me with abandon as the sound of skin smacking against skin fills the air around us.

“Look at my little slut loving me beating her pussy up.”

“Mmm.” Moaning is the only thing I can do in response.

“Does anyone fuck you as good as I do?”

“No!” I moan loudly.

He pulls me up so that I can wrap my arms around his neck and look him straight in the eyes. His hips grind upward into me for just the right friction against my clit as he holds me with no gaps between us. We fall back into a hard and fast pace as he captures my mouth in a passionate kiss.

“Fuck that dick,” He hisses in pleasure whilst shoving me on him. “Shit!”

Using his shoulders for leverage, I bounce as hard as I can manage. It feels so good and I’m so close to my orgasm. Broken versions of his name are flowing out of my mouth constantly. It takes a simple smack on the ass to send me over the edge; free falling into unadulterated bliss with screams of his name.

Sweat is running down his face as he leans forward to kiss my neck sloppily whilst moving me with him. I’m so worn out from such an intense orgasm that I can barely help him. I try my best to keep up though; squeezing with my inner muscles. He’s working double time with his head thrown back until moans begin to flow from him.

“Fuck!” He groans loudly as he finally came.

“Mmm.” I giggle into his neck whilst giving it a few kisses.

He lets out the most adorable laugh as he smacks my ass, “Shut up.”

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