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Driving the babysitter home.

Susan needed a spanking on the way home.

What began as a disappointing evening, became the greatest gift my wife Ann, ever gave me.

I was 32 years old and had just been promoted to sales manager at my company.  My old sales team arranged a dinner to celebrate this achievement.  My wife Ann was beautiful, smart and has always been my best friend and supporter in everything I have done.  She took great care of our two young children, and she managed everything around the house so that I never had a worry and could focus on my demanding job.  I knew I was a lucky guy, but just how lucky, I was about to find out.

The sales team I was leaving, planned a dinner at my favorite restaurant to celebrate the promotion.  Ann was proud of me and very excited to make this night a very special one.  She picked up our favorite babysitter, Susan, right from her school so we could get to the restaurant in plenty of time.  Susan was a junior at the nearby Catholic School.  She was a little on the shy side, but very conscientious and great with the kids.  She was pretty with long dark hair and sparkly blue eyes.  She was also athletic, at about 5'2" she played guard on her schools basketball team.  She had been our main babysitter for a couple of years and had earned our trust and we both liked her very much.

As we headed for the restuarant, I told Ann, "You know, I don't think I have ever seen Susan in her school uniform before."

Ann smiled and asked me what I thought. 

"I think she looks really nice, I bet the guys at school think so too."

Ann said, "I think so too, after I picked her up today she told me that there is a guy on the football team who has called her a few times lately, she is hoping he will ask her out."   

"I just hope we don't lose our babysitter, it's so great to have someone like her," I told Ann.

Ann said, "I reminded her, that if she does use the phone, to keep it short so we can stay in touch.  She told me that she understands how improtant that is, and promised to not tie up the phone."

We arrived at the restaurant to find most of the group already there.  We ordered drinks and socialized for close to an hour, before ordering dinner.  Once we had ordered, Ann excused herself and told me she was going to check in with Susan.  She returned just a minute or two later and told be that the line was busy, so she would try again in a little while.

We had a great dinner with some amazing wine.  Before they came around to order dessert, Ann left to again check in with Susan.  This time she came back with a distressed look.

She said, "Jim, the line at home is still busy. that is not like Susan, I am really afraid that something might be wrong.  I hate to leave early and ruin your celebration, but I don't feel right about staying."

I told her, "Ann, your instincts are always pretty good, if you think we should leave, I'll just tell everyone that one of the kids is sick.  They will undersand."

The drive home was about 30 minutes.  A few mintes after we left, Ann called again and this time, Susan answered.  Ann asked her what had happened that the line was busy for so long.

Susan told Ann, "I am so sorry, Mrs. Mann.  I was only on the phone for about 5 minutes.  I just now noticed that when I hung up, the phone was not set right in the reciever, so that is why the line has been busy.  I am so sorry, I really messed this special night up for you and Mr. Mann, I feel just awful."

Ann told her, "Well, I am glad that there is no issue with the kids or the house.  I know accidents happen, so don't worry, we will be home in a few minutes."

Ann took a deep breath of relief and told me that eveything seems to be OK.  "The only problem now is that your big night has been wrecked."

"Well, things like this happen, I will be fine." I told her.

A minute later Ann looked at me with a sly smile.  I said, "What is that look about?"

She kind of bit her lower lip and said, "I have an idea that you just might like."

"OK, I give up," I told her.

"Jim, how would you like to have your favorite fantasy come true tonight?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"You know Jim, you have always told me how you think about spanking a catholic school girl, right?"

"Ann, that is a fantasy, reality is a totally different thing.  There is no way I could ever really spank Susan.  How would that work?"

"Well Jim, I could tell that Susan feels really bad right now.  I think she might feel a sense of justice, if you were to punish her for being a naughty girl."

"I could never find a way to do that, Ann."

"Jim, I know you would like to spank Susan if you could, right?"

"Well, maybe, I suppose, but that just could never happen in reality."

"Jim, when we get home, I want you to go upstairs and check on the kids.  Take a few extra minutes up there.  Meanwhile, I will speak with Susan and let her know how dissapointed we are, especially you, on your big night.  I can play it by ear, but I have a feeling that I will be able to talk to her about what she did.  I will tell her that we would like to pay her, but ask her if she agrees that she does deserve to be punished for her negligent behavior.  If she agrees, I will tell her that Mr. Mann will drive her home and on the way, they could stop somewhere and she should allow him give her a good spanking.  If she agrees, when you come down, I will say, I paid Susan so she is ready to go.  That will be your signal."

While all of this sounded good to me, I could not understand how that conversation would go or that there was any real chance of this actually taking place.  On the other hand, I know that my wife can make a very convincing argument about just about anything and if anyone could pull this off, it was her.  So then I wondered, how I would act if it actually came to me giving Susan a spanking.  Fantasy is one thing.  This is a real girl.  I would not want to hurt her and how would she act in such an odd situation?

Once we arrived home, it was clear that Susan was really shook up.  She was clearly upset and embarrassed about what had happened.  I went right upstairs as my wife and Susan sat down in the living room.  I made sure to give them plenty of time to talk.  Finally, I decided I needed to make an appearance, no matter how odd that would feel.

Ann was alone in the kitchen, she told me that Susan was in the rest room and would be ready to leave in just a minute. 

I just gave her a quizzical look, and she said, "It will all be good, Susan understands what you need to do, so don't worry about it, take your time with her.  I will be waiting in bed, when you get back."

Susan appeared a minute later.  She seemed a bit uncertain, but she looked so nice in her plaid skirt, white blouse and navy blue school vest, short white socks and saddle shoes.  Now I was really beginning to feel nervious.  Was I really going to stop on the way home, put her across me lap and spank her?  Would I pull up her skirt or even take her panties off?  It was hard to imagine, but it was time to leave.

Once on our way, Susan told me how badly she felt about wrecking my night.  I told her that I was sure everything would be just fine.  I asked how the kids were.  She kind of lit up a bit and told me that kids were great, as always.  She told me what they had for dinner and about some of the games they played and how much she enjoyed them. 

Then with no hesitation she said, "Mr.Mann, if you take the left just ahead, there is a quiet little park, just down that street, where we could go."

I put the blinker on and could feel my hands shaking and my mouth getting very dry.  I took the left and drove very slowly down the street untill Susan pointed out the small parking lot a few feet ahead.  I turned into the lot and pulled into a spot near the only light in the area.  Susan pointed out a small bench about 30 yards away and asked me it that looked like a good spot.

"Sure Susan, that should be fine."

I'm sure she heard the nervousness in my voice, she said, "Mr. Mann, I love babysitting for your kids.  I always try to do my best.  I know I was careless tonight.  I have a been a naughty high school girl and I need to learn from this.  I trust you completely and promise to do whatever you ask, so don't worry about that.  Let's walk over to the bench, OK?"

I looked into her pretty blue eyes and just nodded.  She opened her door, got out and waited for me to come around and take her arm.  We walked slowly toward the little wooden bench.  It was very dark and quiet.  Only the little bit of light from the parking lot and the moon, allowed us to find our way.

Once at the bench, we both sat down.  Susan removed the vest she was wearing and placed it over the back of the bench.  She reached for the top button on her white blouse and said, "Your wife told me that if I did not want my blouse to get wrinkled, it would be better if I took it off, is that OK?"

"Yes Susan, I would like to watch you remove your blouse."

She slowly fumbled with each botton until all were finally opened then she pulled the tail out from her skirt.  She held her blouse open allowing me to see her thin white bra as she slid the blouse off and placed it neatly on top of her vest.   

I told her how pretty her bra was.

Susan thanked me got a serious look on her face and turned sideways, toward me.  I put my arm on the back of her shoulder and gently guided her across my lap.  I helped her get into the ideal position.  Now I had this 16 year old babysitter lying across my lap as I looked at just the back of her bra and her uniform skirt.  She turned her head back to see me and said, "Mr.Mann, I need you to spank me now."

"OK Susan, that is what I am going to do.  First I need to lift your skirt up and make sure it stays out of the way.  So if you can hold pretty still, that will help.  I lifted the hem of her uniform skirt up and pulled it nearly up to her bra strap.  She moved just a bit forward so that her panties covered bottom, was now the highest part of her body.  The silky white panties matched her bra.  I told her they were a pretty set and I was lucky to get to see her in her underware. 

Susan again looked back and said, "Mr. Mann, are you going to pull down my panties before you spank me?"

"Yes Susan, I need to take your panties off, so if you just lift up a little bit, it will make it easier for me to pull them down."

"Yes sir," she said as I worked the smooth silky panties down across her firm and perky bottom, she then bent her legs up, allowing me to easily removed them.

I gently rubbed my right hand over her smooth little bottom and said, "Susan, I don't want to hurt you, so at anytime, you can let me know if it's too hard or if we should stop, alright?

She just replied, "I need to be punished, Mr. Mann."

I then gave each cheek a firm, but not hard blow with the palm of my hand.  Her bottom tensed up slightly.  I lightly rubbed my hand over her bottom and told her to try to relax.  "Maybe start by parting your legs a bit, it will keep you from getting to tense."

She parted her legs as I had suggested and I began to spank her with an assortment of taps with my fingers, followed by firm smacks with the palms of my hands.  Her legs kicked up a bit following some of the harder swats.  I asked her if I was hurting her too much,  She said, "Not at all, Mr. Mann, it would be alright to spank me a little harder, if you want to."

I got into a very study pace trying to make sure I spanked each cheek with the same firmness and number.  A few times her bottom would tense up, but only for a second.  Then she would again part her legs in order to relax a bit.  Before too long, I realized her legs were far enough apart to offer another interesting view.  I helped her to move forward on my lap, just a bit, and could now see that her clit was becoming a bit damp.  I slowed down to admire the scene. 

Susan turned her head again and asked, "Mr. Mann, are my legs open enough for you to have a good view?"

"Yes Susan," I replied, as I slowly moved my fingers which had been rubbing her bottom, down between her legs and gently stroked the moist clit, I had been admiring.  Susan was now moaning with pleasure as my fingers found just the right spot.  I then worked two of my fingers well up inside of her.  She squirmed and began to moan louder and louder letting out a low scream as my fingers found their way deeper and deeper.  Finally she screamed, "I'm coming Mr.Mann, I'm coming....don't stop, please don't stop!

Finally it came to a end.  She said, "Mr. Mann, Can I just lay here for a minute?"

"Sure Susan, everything is fine now."

"Mr. Mann, if you would like to see me tits, you could open my bra, if you want to."

"That would really be nice, Susan," I said, as I undid the single hook and helped her to sit up on my lap.  I held her breasts for a while, and kissed her rock hard nipples.  Finally Susan said, "Mr. Mann, I know that your cock was really big and hard while you were spanking me.  I need to take down your pants and suck your cock until you come in my mouth, OK?"

With that, Susan knelt on the grass in front of the bench, opened my belt, unhooked my pants, pulled my zipper down, then took down my pants and underpants.  She sucked my dick for no more than a minute or so until I shot blasts of cum down her throat like I had never done before.  She not only swallowed it all, she licked up every bit she could find off of her face, chest and tits.

Finally we both got dressed and straighened up.  When I dropped her off she said, "Mr. Mann, thank you for taking the time and caring enough to give me such a good spanking. I will never forget it."

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