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Driving with Uber - An Unexpected Benefit, Chapter 7

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Khrystiana messes up again

Khrystiana called me a couple of days after my birthday and told me that she wanted to get together.  She told me that she had loved our birthday celebration but did want to talk.  She told me that she had the feeling that I had enjoyed it as much as she had.  But she told me also that her concerns were about how I was handling the aftermath.  She wanted us to get together to simply talk, so we did.

She very bluntly asked if I was thinking that we had gone too far, that we had stretched our limits.  I told her that the thought had crossed my mind. She smiled as she suggested that we think about the talks we had originally had when the sexual connection had come up.  She told me that we both realized that sex was not the driving force behind our relationship but, at the same time, there was a definite sexual connotation in it.  She felt simply that there would be times when that part of our relationship would come to the fore.  She told me that she did not think that this would be often and, in fact, that had been proven by the fact of how rarely sex did come into play.  She asked me if I were really concerned or upset about what had happened. 

I answered her honestly.

“Khrys, how could any male of any age be upset about having such a wonderful sexual experience.  So no, I was not upset at all.  Was I concerned?  You caught me very off guard and yes, I was.  Did I enjoy the evening?  Of course, I did.  Did I love having that sexual contact with such a fascinating, beautiful, phenomenal women?  Absolutely.  Am I hoping it happens again?  Absolutely.  But at the same time, I do not want our sexual relationship to be our governing relationship.  I want our friendship to be that.  I want you to agree with me that if ever either of us feels that the sexual connotation or even the discipline connotation begins to interfere with our friendship, then either or both would have to end.”

Khrys responded by telling me that she understood and in fact agreed with me that our friendship was critical.  We both knew that there would be the day when Khrys would establish a close relationship with another male who would become her husband who would be able to provide all she needed.  

We got together a couple of times in May.  During our Saturday meeting, Khrys was excited to tell me that her sister, Klara, would be arriving the last week of May.  She would be living in an apartment in Milwaukee that was being provided for all the interns by the company.  Khrys told me that she was anxious for us to meet and asked if it would be ok if she invited her sister to come down for the first weekend in June and meet me that Saturday night over dinner at her place.  I told her that it would work for me but suggested instead that I take both of them for dinner to welcome Klara to the states.  Khrys agreed.

Khrys and Klara met with me at the restaurant near Khrys’ apartment.  Khrystiana had raved about her younger sister.  She had laughed as she had told me that she was her closest sibling but also told me that Klara was of all the kids the one who got into the most trouble with their dad.  She had commented more that once to me about how she had wondered how Klara was going to do here in the States without someone to keep her in line.  More than anything I wanted to ask if Khrys had any ideas or suggestions but decided that at this point silence was my best option.

The first Saturday of June came and Khrys introduced us as I got to her apartment.  I could immediately see why Khrys was so enthusiastic about her sister as she, like Khrys, was adorable.  Her hair was more reddish than Khrys’ blond and her eyes were more of blue than Khrys’ green.  Her boobs were bigger than Khrys but Khrys easily “beat” her with regards to legs and rear.  That is not to say that Klara’s legs and butt were lacking, far from it!  More than anything, Klara even outdid Khrys in her bubbly personality and enthusiasm.

We had a great dinner and then walked back to Khrys’ place.  Once there, Khrys and I spent about fifteen minutes going over her budget and then the three of us headed to the balcony for wine and cheese.  Both girls gave me the traditional kiss on both cheeks as I headed home.

As our July meeting came up, Khrys had sent me a text asking me if we could pass on our typical first Saturday meeting as she, Klara and some others were going to head out to celebrate Klara’s twenty-first birthday.  Officially there is no legal age in Denmark, but they had decided to celebrate her “US coming of age”.  I agreed to that.

I got a text from Khrys on Monday thanking me for having changed our date as she and Klara’s friends had a great time on Saturday evening.  She also told me that she was tied up all day with work on Monday and Tuesday but was wondering if we could meet for lunch or drinks after work on Wednesday or Thursday.  What concerned me a bit about the text was that she had sent it to “Uncle Chuck” and not “Chuck”.

We had agreed a long time ago that she would only use “uncle” when she felt punishment was needed.  I was very curious to see what she had to tell me.  I replied to her text that we could meet at Cindy’s (a loop Chicago bar overlooking Lake Michigan) for a drink and enjoy the view on Wednesday evening.  We agreed to meet there at 6:00 and I reached out to the manager whom I knew asking for a table that would have some privacy.  I had a feeling that Khrys would prefer that.

We spent about thirty minutes or so just talking about what had been going on for each of us.  I knew that Khrys had something she wanted to discuss but knew that she would bring it up when she felt comfortable doing so.  After about thirty minutes, Khrys grew very quiet and then looked at me and said that she had something to give me.  I nodded.  She opened her purse and brought out an envelope and held it in her hands. I asked her if she wanted to give the envelope to me.

“I should, Uncle Chuck, but I don’t want to.  I know I need to give it to you but I wish that I did not.”

With that, she just held onto the envelope and was looking between it and me.  Finally, she gave a deep sigh and looked at me.  She shook her head as she held her hand out offering me the envelope.  I took it.  I asked Khrys if she really wanted me to open it.  She smiled meekly as she told me that she would prefer I did not but she knew that for her sake I needed to.  A tear came down her cheek as she told me “you need to open that envelope.”

I opened it and pulled out a traffic citation.  I looked at it and saw that it was for running a red light.  I breathed a deep sigh of relief and told Khrys that this was not good but it was not that bad…no one was hurt.  She looked back at me and whispered to me to read the comments.  I did and noticed the officer’s comment…” had been drinking but not over the limit”.

I looked at Khrys.  

“He told us, me and Klara, that he would let us go even though he should not.  He told me that I was slightly over the limit  I have no idea why he let us off, but he did.   I did have too much to drink and then tried to drive home.  We only had a couple of blocks to go and he told me that he would simply give me a summons and then follow us home, slowly.”

“Khrystiana”, I said, “ Needless to say, I am really disappointed in you.  I can understand why you wanted to meet as soon as you did.  Should we go back to your place now to take care of this?”

Khrys looked at me with a very tearful expression.  “I wish that I we could…but we cannot.  Klara is spending this weekend with me.  You need to cancel any plans you have for Saturday night and plan to spend the evening with me and my sister.

I looked at Khrystiana.  “Khrys, what exactly does your sister know about our relationship?”

Khrys sighed, looked at me and smiled. “Time for full confession”.

“I remember the first night you met Klara.  It was the June night when you and I always meet to discuss my money situation.  The next morning Klara and I went out for breakfast and she had a very interesting question for me.  She asked me to explain exactly what our relationship was.  She was wondering why we had spent some time talking about my finances and all and thought that it was an unusual topic for you and I to discuss.  I decided that it was time for me to open up about our relationship.”

We continued the conversation as I asked her what all she had told her sister.  Khrys told me that she had told Klara about how we had met with me being an Uber driver for her.  During that ride, she had mentioned that she was heading to the bank because of an overdraft situation.  She then described the rest of the conversation by telling her that I had teasingly told her that she should be smacked for doing that.  

She went on to explain how she had mentioned to me that her dad would have done exactly that and how we had talked a bit about accountability and that we followed the ride up with lunch the next week.  I explained to Klara that over the next couple of weeks you and I had talked about it more.  During those weeks, as I told Klara, I realized that I  was beginning to trust you, Chuck and that we were becoming friends. She further told Klara that she had found out that Chuck had earlier in his life been kind of like an uncle figure to some young women

“I then basically told Klara that I asked if you would adopt me as a niece and help hold me accountable.  I also told her that I knew that accountability would include me paying the same type of consequences for behavior that daddy had provided us kids.”

She smiled as she said that Klara had asked her if I had ever spanked her.  I let her know that since we had met a little more than a year ago that you had.  You had spanked me twice.  The first time was for mishandling the  money and the second was for texting while driving.  She told me that Klara has asked for details about the spanking so she had given her those.  She told her about how I had spanked her for the overdraft issue and also for texting while driving.   She pointed out that she had not told Klara about her reminder spankings.  She felt that before the Klara returned home for her senior year she would do so.  She was pretty sure that Klara would understand but she did not feel that this was the time to tell her.

“Uncle Chuck, we made it home ok on Saturday night but that still does not let me off the hook.  On Sunday Klara and I were talking about how stupid we had been by not using Uber or Lyft.  She asked me if I was planning to tell you about what had happened.  I told her that I was really surprised at her question because it was very obvious that I had no choice.  I told her that our relationship was built upon honesty.  Furthermore, I told her that if I did not tell you, you would never know.  However, I explained, that I would always know.   I told her that I was going to tell you, agree with you that I need to be punished and also tell you that Klara needs to be present when you punish me.  This surprised Klara but I explained that Daddy would have insisted on her being there when he punished me since Klara was with me when I screwed up to badly.”

She then told me that we did not need to go to her place to resolve this issue tonight but that she did want to come over Saturday night to address this issue.  She reiterated the fact that Klara was coming over Friday night and would be there until Sunday.  

“I don’t know what your plans are for this Saturday evening but I am hoping that you can reschedule anything you might have planned.  I really do not want to put this off any longer than I have to.  I already am a jumble of nerves about this.”

I agreed and told her that I did have plans but it was something that could  be easily changed.    I told her that I would get to her place around 6:00 and suggested we order in some pizza and then we would address this issue after dinner.  She agreed as we stood up and headed out of the bar.  She got to the street and she gave me a very strong hug.  As she did she whispered how sorry she was that she had made such a mistake.

She also said, “I remember you telling me that you really do not like at all giving a severe punishment spanking.  I feel especially badly about this because you are going to have to give me a punishment spanking and, knowing you, it will be severe.”

As I headed home I reflected on our conversation.  If I had been planning on giving Khrys one of her reminder spankings this Saturday I would have been looking forward to it very much.  I was thinking that if Khrys knew such a spanking was coming she would have also looked forward to it.  I was not looking forward to this one.  A spanking was always fun when they started especially knowing that I would be seeing Khrys in the nude again.  They were fun when she first came over my lap and I could caress her bottom before starting.  But my mindset for a true punishment spanking had to be totally different.  I had to keep in mind that what I was doing was not fun for Khrystiana but was something that would, in the long run, benefit her.  She and I both truly believed that.

I got a text from Khrys on Friday confirming our “date”.  She again apologized.  She also had told me that she had been a bundle of nerves knowing that a punishment spanking was coming.

Saturday came quickly.  I took the L and got to Khrystiana’s around 6:00.  Klara had already opened a bottle of wine and Khrys had already ordered pizza and told me it should be delivered within about 15 minutes.  We started making small talk and I was asking Klara on how her internship was going.   She was excited about the work and really enjoyed the folks she was working with.  

As we were eating, Klara looked at me and told me that Khrys had told her about our relationship.  I asked her how Khrys had explained it.  Klara told me that Khrys had told her that most of all you and she were extremely good friends.  She also told me that Khrys had told her that we had kind of like an uncle-niece relationship.  She blushed a bit (almost like her sister) when she said that Khrys had told her that I helped hold her accountable for her actions and that included spanking her when she was naughty.  She went on to say that she loved her sister and kind of could understand.  But she also said that this seemed to be kind of a strange relationship.

I responded by saying that I believe she was right.  However, I also asked, how do you think that your sister feels about it.

Klara responded by saying that her sister obviously was very comfortable with it.  But it still made her wonder.

I laughed as Khrys interjected with a “Hey, I am sitting right here!”

“Klara, everyone is held accountable in some way.    Tonight you were telling me that you love your internship and the folks that you are working with.  Khrys has told me that you are really hoping that this internship will turn into a full time job offer.  If you mess up at work, the consequences would be obvious.  You would not get an offer after the internship.  Sometimes, unfortunately, there are no immediate consequences for screw-ups.  Consequences can be helpful.  Your sister, I realized, is a woman who feels that she needs those consequences in her life if she does things that she feels are wrong.  I believe that there is nothing wrong with that.  In fact, I believe that this sort of approach can be a good thing.  Your sister asked that I hold her accountable and, out of respect for your sister, I agreed to do so.  Did she tell you what led her to the decision to ask me to do that?”

As Klara shook her head I continued.

“We had lunch on Tuesday and I invited your sister back for another lunch the following week.  Instead, she asked me to come here for dinner the following Saturday.  When I showed up we had a great dinner and spent some time just visiting before the question of our relationship came up.  Khrystiana told me her decision as to what she wanted had been made the previous Thursday.  She had a skype session with your mom and dad.  After that session, she told me she realized how much she had missed your dad and his guidance.  She told me that she realized that she hated getting spankings from her dad but also loved the emotional release it provided her.  She realized that she was really missing the, I think the word was,  reassurances she got from her dad’s guidance.  She then asked me to provide that guidance.  I told her that I would but she had to be aware that this would not be something I enjoyed doing.  I would do it if she felt it would be a benefit to her.  She assured me that it would be and that, Klara, is how your sister ended up over my lap that evening.  And it is why she is going to end up in that position tonight.”

“Your sister and I got together this past Wednesday after work and she told me about what had happened.  We both knew what this meant and I offered to come back here that evening so we could take care of this situation.  If we had it would have been over with.  Even though I knew that she would much prefer not having the anticipation, she refused.  She told me that you needed to be here for her punishment.  Given how things were handled back home I appreciated that.  But I am going to give both of you a chance to reconsider that.  Klara, if you want to go sit by the pool and if Khrys is ok with that, I have no problem with that.”

Klara looked over at her sister who was quietly shaking her head.  Klara looked back at me and told me that she felt her sister wanted her to be here and even though she would prefer not to be, would stay.

By now we had all finished our pizza so we chipped in together to clean up.  We went from the kitchen to the living room.  Klara and I took a seat on the couch.  Khrys came over and sat on my lap, put her arms around my neck and hugged me.  She then told me that she was really sorry that she had put me in a position where I had to do this.  She stood up and backed away a bit.  She sat down on a chair and removed her sandals.  She stood up and peeled her tee shirt over her head and then reached back to remove her bra.  I glanced over at Klara and realized that this had not surprised her in the least.  I remembered that this was the status quo back at home.  Khrys unsnapped her shorts and wiggled out of them and then removed her panties.  Unlike last time I enjoyed watching Khrys undress for me, there was no posing or slow pirouettes.  She stood facing Klara and me.  I asked her to go get the citation and then head to the corner.  I asked her to face Klara and me, read it aloud and then face the corner and think about what had happened and what was going to happen.  I told her that I wanted her to think about actions and consequences.

The next five to ten minutes were a bit uncomfortable.  In another situation, I would have simply browsed through some magazines or something but that did not feel right with Klara there.  I also did not feel comfortable making small talk with Klara.  We use both sat there watching Khrystiana stay as still as possible with her hands over her head.  I finally had enough and told Khrystiana to go get a dining room chair and put it in the living room in front of the couch so that Klara had a front row seat.  Khrystiana did so.  

I stood up and walked over to the chair and sat down.  Knowing what was coming Khrys came over and stood on my left side.  I gently took her over my lap and started rubbing her bottom.   I started lecturing her.  After a couple of minutes, I started.  My hand started coming down quickly and with strength on her bottom cheeks and upper thighs.  It did not take long given the intensity of the spanks that Khrys was kicking and writhing about on my lap.  I kept at it.  By now her bottom was a bright red and very, very warm.  I glanced over at Klara and saw that her focus was 100% on her sister’s bottom.  I kept it up and by now Khrys was crying and telling me that she had learned her lesson.  I could tell by her body language that she had not but I decided to stop.  After a couple of minutes Khrys had realized I was waiting but, unlike the first time that I had spanked her, she did not assume that this spanking was over.  I rubbed her very warm bottom and told Khrystiana to return to the corner.

I reminded her of no rubbing as she headed to the corner and she obeyed.  Her hands were on her head and her very bright bottom was on display.  The top of her legs matched the color of her cheeks.  I let Khrys contemplate her feelings before I quietly asked her to come back to me but before she did, go get the hairbrush.

I could see Khrys’ face drop as she faced me but without a word, she headed into her bedroom and returned with the brush I had given her for her birthday.  She handed it to me.  I was impressed when she looked at me with a slight smile and told me that she had been expecting that request.  She also said that she had also been hoping so much that her expectation was going to be wrong.  

I patted my knee and Khrys quickly came over it.  I pulled her to me and also pulled her up some so that her bottom was placed at the top of my lap.  I knew also that I had to wrap my left leg over both of hers as she would be kicking very soon.  As I did, Khrys tensed even more.  She hesitated a minute and then wrapped both arms around my right leg and hung on as tightly as she could.  

“Khrys, your daddy always had trouble with you actually accepting your spanking.  I know that.  You know that.  I bet that even Klara knows that.  I am going to spank you until I feel that you have finally given in and have accepted this spanking.  The longer you fight me, the longer this spanking is going to last.”

With that, the hairbrush landed twice on one of her cheeks.  Khrys jumped and threw her head back with a shriek.  I kept it up going from side to side from high to low.  Within minutes Khrys was crying and begging me to stop.  She was kicking and fighting me as the spanking continued.  I glanced over at Klara and saw the frustration in her face.  She started to say something but saw the look on my face and realized it was not her place to do so.  After another ten to twenty very harsh claps with the hairbrush, Khrystiana collapsed over my lap.  I pulled her even tighter, took my leg back to under her lap, raised her bottom some more, dropped the brush and then spanked her hard with my hand for another five minutes or so.  We ended as before.  Khrys was over my lap sobbing away as I was rubbing her very hot bottom.  She eventually turned over and gingerly sat on my lap as her arms went around my neck and she simply sobbed.  I held her as close as I could,  Klara, in the meantime, was just looking at us with some sort of wonderment in her eyes.

I helped Khrys get to bed and once again got the ice towels and aloe.  Once I had tried to help Khrys get settled I went back to the living room and sat down next to Klara.  She looked at me with a very slight smile.  I told her that I should probably be heading home but before I left I had a hunch that she would like to talk.  I was certain that she had questions.  She said that she did have questions and asked me I could stay a while.  Since we had not had hardly anything to drink that evening she indicated that she would really like to have a glass of wine.  We walked over to Khrys’ wine rack and selected a nice Merlot.  We headed out to the balcony.

“That was quite a spanking you gave my sister, Chuck.”

I replied that I was very much aware of that.  I asked her how it would have compared with one their father would have given Khrys for the same offense.

Klara told me that the kinds of things that got the kids into most trouble were incidents, like this one, in which someone could have been seriously hurt.  Drinking and driving was, in her dad’s and mom’s opinion, one of the worst things you could do.  She told me that the only thing that might have been different were that her dad would have found a way to make the punishment even more embarrassing.  

“Khrys and I had talked about how your dad punished and she had told me how he not only increased the duration and intensity of a spanking based on misdeed but he also made them more and more embarrassing.  In fact, after her first spanking from me, which was on the bare, she told me that her dad would have made her be totally naked.  That conversation led to the fact that when I spanked her for texting while driving she was nude as she was tonight.  I believe that her spanking tonight was more embarrassing for her since you were also here.  As I mentioned earlier,  I suggested to your sister that we take care of her punishment on Wednesday evening after she showed me the citation.  She insisted on waiting for you even though I know that putting it off meant ever more time to think about what was coming.  I was also aware that she was going to be more embarrassed about you being here.”

Klara took a sip of her wine and you could tell that she was formulating some questions.  

“Chuck, Khrys had told me that before you two really decided on your uncle/niece role that you had told her that you had spanked other women in the past.  Do you enjoy spanking girls?  I got the impression tonight that even though you might be somewhat accustomed to giving them that it was not something you were getting much enjoyment out of.”

“Klara, I cannot remember when I was not fascinated and intrigued with the concept of adult spankings.  I use to do a lot of business travel and for a number of years would meet women on the internet with whom we had this interest in common.  I did meet with a number of them and took a fair number of those women over my lap.  The great majority of those women were ladies who were looking for just some playful, sexually related spankings.  I very much enjoyed giving those.  A much smaller number were women like your sister, a woman looking for someone to hold her accountable.  There were a few women who wanted someone to provide discipline to them when they did things that they should not be doing or when they did not do things that they should have done.  I did not enjoy giving those types of spankings.  I did not enjoy what I had to do tonight.  I would not have done it except for the fact that Khrys and I made an agreement that I would.”

“I mentioned to you earlier that what really led to Khrys’ decision to ask me to be her ‘uncle’ was a conversation she had with your mom and dad.”  Klara was nodding.  “There was more to that conversation.  Khrys had told me that after that conversation she had with your folks, she realized that she had been doing really well before she had moved to the States but in the time she had been here she had seen herself kind of taking backward steps.  Her finances were off kilter.  She was starting to party too much.  She was getting late on projects at work.  She told me that another reason she wanted us to have this relationship was because she honestly felt it would help her become the woman she wants very much to become.  I think personally that she had made progress.  Her first spanking from me was well over a year ago.  Until this week, there has only been one time when I felt that she had earned a spanking.”

“Did tonight’s spanking hurt her?  Of course, it did.  Was it embarrassing to her?  Of course, it was.  Tonight’s spanking was something she will feel the results of for a number of days.  More important, it will be something that she remembers for a very long time.  I honestly hope that this is the very last time that she mixes driving with drinking.  You heard my comments when I was scolding her before and during her spanking that in today’s world, with ride sharing and all, there is absolutely no reason for it.”

We talked a bit more as we finished our bottle of wine together.   We did eventually change the subject as I did not want to make the visit with Klara 100% about spankings.  As we were heading to the door I did suggest that Klara check on her sister before she went to bed to see if she needed some more aloe on her bottom.  I told her that I had left it on Khrys’ nightstand.  I suggested that if her sister were asleep and laying on her tummy just to simply apply some.  It would help in the AM.

As I started to head out the door Klara pulled me into a hug.  She told me she had been very curious and a bit concerned about Khrys’ and my relationship when her sister had told her about it.  She honestly told me that she had wondered if I had been taking advantage of my relationship with her sister.  After tonight, though, she could see that I was not.  She was very happy that her sister had found me and that our relationship had turned the way it did.  As she gave me the kiss on each cheek she smiled.

“I think that you might have been the best thing to have happened to my sister in a long time.  Thank you.”





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