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Driving With Uber, An Unexpected Benefit - Chapter 12

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Klara is curious - can a spanking truly be enjoyable?

It had been two weeks plus a day or two since Khrystiana had received her last punishment spanking from me.  We had talked on the phone a couple of times and had lunch one day.  We had also taken in a Cubs game that I had been given pretty good tickets for.  Khrys was learning the sport of baseball and enjoying it very much.

I had gotten a call from Khrys on Tuesday and we talked a little while.  Khrys and I had become very good friends despite the difference in our ages.  Khrys had moved to the States from Denmark after taking a sales position with a cyber security company here in Chicago.  That had been almost three years ago.  We had met soon after she moved when I picked her up as an Uber passenger and was taking her to her bank. 

She had mentioned that she had overdrawn her account and was trying to get it cleaned up.  I teasingly told her that she should be smacked for that.  She hesitated a bit before telling me that her dad thought the same way.   In fact, she went on to say that if she were home she would probably be spanked for it, even though she was then twenty-three.   Her comment interested me since I had been fascinated with adult spanking for as long as I could remember.  I asked if she wanted to meet for lunch.

One lunch turned to a couple and a couple of dates for drinks.  Khrys found out during our conversations about my interest in adult spankings.  She also learned that I had in the past been a sort of “strict uncle” for some of my friends, helping to hold them accountable.  Those conversations led to Khrystiana getting her first real punishment spanking from someone who was not related to her.   

One night Khrys and I had been talking and she told me about something that had happened to her.  During her junior year of college she had been invited by her best friend, Brigette,  to spend the night with her.  Brigette's dad had come home and had asked Brigette if she had forgotten that they had plans for that evening.  Brigette had told her dad that she had been hoping that they could put it off.  Brigette's dad had looked at Brigette and told her that they could not.  But since she had invited Khrystiana over, then Khrystiana could watch.

Khrys had found out that night that she was not the only college girl who was spanked by her dad.  She told me that at first she had been embarrassed, and then started getting aroused.  I told Khrys that was not unusual. Khrys had then decided to do some research on her own on the internet.  She told me that she had found that some folks needed ‘reminder’ spankings.  Her birthday was coming up, so I offered to give her a playful birthday spanking. 

Since that time almost three years ago Khrys had received one more punishment spanking, for drinking and driving.  She had also received a number of ‘reminder’ or playful spankings some of which resulted in sexual play between us.  She had also received a real spanking two weeks ago because of her actions towards her sister.  Klara was spending the summer before her senior year with a firm in Milwaukee. 

During the summer, Khrys had convinced Klara that she needed to be seriously spanked for some money issues of her own.  Khrys had told Klara about our ‘uncle/niece’ relationship early in the summer but had not revealed anything more about our relationship.  Khrys finally told Klara everything.  Given the history of their relationship, Klara could not understand why Khrys had not trusted her.  Klara had been very hurt, and had decided to give Khrys a punishment spanking for that.  Khrys also realized that she had not been completely open with me, and had wanted me to punish her as well. 

Khrys had told me previously that Klara would be staying with her for about a week before heading back home for school.  Her call tonight was to tell me that Klara would be coming in on Friday before flying out the following Saturday.  She said that she and Klara had talked earlier and they both wanted me to join them on Saturday for dinner.   I told Khrys that I would love that but wanted the girls to come to my place.  I suggested they come around 2:00 or so, and we could spend some time by the pool before I grilled steaks for our dinner.  Khrys indicated that the idea was perfect.

The girls got to my place right around 2:00.  We chatted a bit and then these two sisters headed into my bedroom to change.  Once they came out with coverups on we headed downstairs.  We selected our spots and as soon as the girls removed their coverups I knew I was in trouble.  These two were wearing a couple of the skimpiest swimsuits that I have ever seen.  Some of my friends were there and I knew the amount of teasing I was going to get.   Soon I had a number of friends, and some acquaintances, stopping by to say hello and obviously to be introduced to my friends.  Khrys and Klara were loving it and flirting outrageously with guys aged from mid-twenties to almost seventy.  One of the younger guys actually groaned when he found out that Klara was leaving for Denmark in one week.

Around 5:30 I left the girls to get the steaks.  Earlier, I had opened a couple of bottles of wine so it could breathe before our dinner.  I laid out the salad that Klara had brought.  I put the steaks, Khrys’ vegetables for grilling, a bottle of wine and three glasses on a tray and headed back downstairs.  I headed over to the grill I had reserved and noticed that the two girls had put their coverups back on and were heading to the grill area.  I smiled inwardly because I could easily see the question on the face of my male friends; “What does he have?”

We had decided earlier to eat on the balcony, so we took the steaks and vegetables back upstairs.  The girls headed into my bedroom to change back into shorts and shirts as I laid out the buffet in the kitchen.  We headed back onto the balcony for dinner.   It was surprisingly pleasant for an August night in Chicago and we decided to enjoy that fact. 

During dinner, we talked about Klara's summer here and how her senior year was going to go.  We talked a bit about the job offer she had gotten.  Klara told us that she was very tempted by it and, in most likelihood, would accept it.  She said that they had given her until January to accept it or reject it, which she really appreciated. 

Khrys laughed and told her that, “You better accept it!”. 

As we had finished dinner I started to get up, but both Klara and Khrys told me to stay as they picked up our plates and headed inside.  About ten minutes later they reappeared, telling me that all the clean up was done.  Klara was carrying a bottle of cognac and three snifters.  Khrys was carrying a cigar and the cutter and lighter she had given me for my birthday.  I laughed as Klara poured the cognac and Khrys clipped the cigar, put it in her mouth and lit it before handing it to me.  We settled in to talk.

Klara led off.

“Chuck, I know that over the summer both Khrys and I have received serious punishment spankings from you, and also that Khrys has received one from me.  After the one I gave Khrys, you and I talked.  I had been very confused about the concept of a playful spanking.  I only saw spankings as punishment, something that hurt and which was also very embarrassing.  Our conversations made me really start wondering about non-punishment spankings, and, like Khrys had, I spent some time on the net exploring the idea. 

She continued, "I shared some of my thinking with Khrys.  You told me the night we talked that the difference is 100% mental.  From what I saw on the net, that seems to be true.   From what Khrys told me, it is very much true for her.  This week I talked more with Khrys.  I told her that I was now really curious to see what a playful spanking would be like.  I just cannot fathom the idea of a spanking actually being something enjoyable.  I know that everything I read on the web tells me it can be.  Also, Khrys has told me it is; I just cannot fathom it.”

Klara at this point took another sip of cognac and smiled.  She turned to me again. “My big sister told me that she was pretty certain that if I were curious, you would not object to helping me satisfy that curiosity.”

I looked over at Khrystiana with a quizzical look.  I looked back at Klara, who was still smiling.

“And how, young lady, do you want me to help satisfy that curiosity?  Do you want me to give you a playful spanking?”

Klara reacted immediately.

“No, not at all.  That is not what I was hinting at whatsoever.  Like I said, I cannot even conceive of a spanking not hurting.  The only way I would agree to a spanking tonight is if I were due one, and I am not.  I have not done anything that deserves a spanking.  I have zero plans on being spanked tonight!”

I looked at Klara with a curious look on my face.

“Then what do you have in mind?  How am I to help you satisfy that curiosity?”

Klara grinned and looked at her older sister.

“Simple. I want to watch you give Khrys a playful spanking.”

“Now, wait just a minute, Klara,” Khrys jumped in.  “When I told you that I was certain that Chuck would help satisfy your curiosity I was referring to the fact that I thought that Chuck would be happy to give you one.  Not give me one."

Then Khrys grinned mischievously. “However, since you mention it, I would not have any major objections.  It has been way too long since I have had a ‘reminder’ spanking.”

Klara giggled. “Then it is all settled!  Uncle Chuck will give Khrys a reminder spanking.  I will get to see what a playful spanking is like, which will satisfy my curiosity.  The only thing I do ask is that you go through this exactly as you would if I were not here.  What I mean by that is that if Khrys gets turned on and some sexual play follows, so be it.  In fact, I am hoping that happens.”

“Well, ladies, I am glad that you two have figured this all out.  But there is one thing that you both have forgotten.  I see that we have a witness and we have a spankee.  But you also need to have a spanker who will agree to this.  I realize that you do have someone who, in most probability, would be interested.  However, don’t you think that you need to find out for certain if he is?”

Klara and Khrys looked at each other and started laughing.  At times, I had thought that these two could have been identical twins.  In this case, they both reacted by simply laughing at me.  Khrys had been sitting next to her sister on the couch.  She came over to me and sat on my lap.  She put her arms around me and give me a very lingering kiss.   

“Chuck, would you please, please give me a reminder spanking?”

I returned the kiss, grinned and looked at Klara.

“Congratulations, Klara.  Tonight you are going to see a playful spanking for the very first time.”

Khrys gave me a kiss on the cheek and jumped up. 

“Well, the one condition that Klara gave us, Chuck, was that it be done as if she were not here.  So we must forget that she is here for the next hour or so."

Khrys popped out of my lap and headed to the center of the room.  She faced me and slowly removed her tee shirt and I discovered that tonight she was braless.  Her beautiful, perfect breast popped into view.  She flipped the tee shirt onto the table and then unsnapped her shorts.  She unzipped them and slowly stepped out of them.  She placed them on the tee shirt and did a very slow pirouette with her arms raised over her head.  She grinned at me as she approached me and asked me to remove her panties.  I was more than happy to comply.  As I peeled them down I caught an idea of the scent emanating from her pussy, a warm, musky scent.  She stepped back and again did a slow turn.  I was, as always, mesmerized.  I glanced over at Klara and realized that she was just as mesmerized. 

Khrys walked over to me and took me by the hand.  As she was leading me into her bedroom she glanced at Klara and suggested that she might want to follow us.  Klara scrambled to her feet and quickly came after us.  By the time Klara had gotten into the bedroom Khrys was sitting me on her bed and then seductively draping herself over my lap.  My eyes were feasting on Khrys' back, bottom, and legs.  My hand went to her perfectly pert bottom and slowly started rubbing both cheeks.  I could feel my cock starting to respond to the feel of Khrys' ass.  I glanced up and saw that Klara was sitting on a stool leaning forward with her elbows on her knees.  Her eyes were dancing.

I knew that Khrys would want a long spanking, so I decided to start slow and easy.  My spanks were more like soft pats on her bottom.  I continued this for a few minutes but then started very gradually to increase the intensity.  As I did, I started landing the spanks in different spots.  I continued this for about three to four minutes before once again deciding to increase the intensity and, this time, the speed of the spanks landing on her now slightly pink bottom. 

I stopped to rub for a few minutes and glanced again at Klara.  She had moved to the edge of the seat and was watching intently.

I could tell from Khrys’ reactions, body and vocal, that she was beginning to “feel” the spanking and that her arousal was growing.  I increased the intensity even more and now started moving towards Khrystiana’s ‘sit’ spot, that tender area where her bottom meets her legs.  Khrys started moaning even more and was now kicking more and moving her legs apart.  After another five or so minutes I started to rub again.  I was feeling how warm Khrys’ bottom was becoming.  I decided that we needed to continue some before I decided to check to see how Khrys was responding to this spanking. 

I pulled Khrys closer to me and moved her forward some, so that her bottom was more elevated.  This also positioned her legs so that when I decided that the time was right, I could easily check between them.   As I did, I heard Khrys.

“Please, Chuck... harder, more, please.”

I glanced over at Klara as my hand rested on Khrys’ bottom rubbing.  Klara’s eyes were even wider and her mouth was agape.  She saw me looking at her and just nodded and mouthed, “Please do as she asks”.

I raised my hand and brought it down with a sharp crack on Khrys’ right cheek and then repeated it for the left.  With both, Khrys jumped and gave a small cry.  I gave Khrys between twenty to thirty very sharp spanks on her bottom and thighs and then stopped to rub.  Khrys’ legs were spread and I reached in between and realized that my lady friend’s pussy was sopping.  I rubbed her pussy lips a little and could feel Khrys shake some as she lay over my lap. 

I then decided to settle in for a serious playful spanking.  I continued that spanking for the next ten minutes or so and Khrys was writhing, kicking and moaning.  But she never asked me to stop.  In fact, she would push her bottom up as if asking for more.  As Khrys’ bottom was turning a very red shade I decided to bring this reminder spanking to an end.  I started slowing down and also lessening the intensity of the spanks until I was rubbing her bottom.  

Khrys was breathing heavily as she laid across my lap.  She then spread her legs even more.  My fingers quickly went to her swollen pussy lips and started their journey.  I removed my fingers and turned Khrys so that she was lying on her back and I was able to spread her legs and get between them.  My fingers returned to her pussy and soon I found her clit.  I started moving my thumb over it and touching it in every way I could.  I did not believe that Khrys would last long, and I was soon rewarded with the sounds of Khrys rapidly moving towards climax.  After a few more minutes Khrys came and she screamed.

“God, Chuck, Wow.  I cannot believe it.  Don’t stop.  I want to cum again.  Please eat me.”

I did not need the invitation.  I dove between her legs and inserted my tongue into her pussy.  Khrys grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her even tighter as she also clamped her legs around my neck.  My tongue was searching for her clit and I realized by Khrys’ reaction that I had found it.  My fingers were wet with Khrys’ pussy juice.  I moved my hands so that they were under Khrys’ butt and lifted her up enough so that my fingers could find her anal opening. 

She gasped when I touched it and was encouraging me even more as I started to probe and insert my finger into her rectum.  Again, it did not take long.  Khrys reached a tremendous orgasm as she shook and then collapsed onto the bed, finally loosening her legs and releasing my head.  I fell back completely satiated that I was able to bring my friend such pleasure. 

She lay there without talking for a few minutes.  Khrys then came to me and gave me a deep, lingering and soulful kiss. 

“That was amazing, Chuck.  They seem to just get better and better.  Thank you so very much.”

I kissed her back. I think that both Khrys and I had forgotten that we had an audience.  We heard a slight cough and looked over to see Klara sort of flopped back over the stool.

I think that I blushed as I looked at Klara. “I had planned on letting you see a playful spanking, but had not planned on letting you see the whole show.”

“Uncle Chuck, I am so glad that you did.  During the spanking, I could see that Khrys was definitely enjoying it.  It was a hard spanking but it did not seem to be bothering her in any way.  In fact, she was very much enjoying it.  But the way it finished absolutely convinced me that spankings can be 180 degrees apart.  Khrys, you were beautiful and amazing”.

Khrys blushed a bit with that comment. “Thank you.  But right now you have to head to the balcony.   We are going to join you for another drink after I get dressed.  But Klara, that might take fifteen minutes or so.”

Klara giggled as she jumped up and headed out of the room.  Khrys looked at me and leaned in for another kiss. 

“That was wonderful, Chuck, fabulous.  I am going to repay the favor.”

As Khrys was saying that her hand went to my zipper and pulled it down.  She looked at me and grinned mischievously as she commented that she thought that she had felt something a little earlier.  My cock jumped out at her.  Khrys nestled my balls in one hand as the other encircled my now erect cock.  She grinned at me as she moved down and started licking the head and then encircling it with her lips.  Khrys knew that at my age I was not going to be able to last anywhere as long as I would have liked.

However, she had assured me more than once that this factor was irrelevant.  There were times, she had told me, that she would simply want to give me the kind of pleasure that I gave her.  I had been hoping that we might have to make Klara wait the full fifteen minutes Khrys had mentioned, but not tonight.  Khrys readily swallowed my ejaculation.  We then cuddled together for a few minutes before Khrys got dressed and we headed to the balcony.

As we walked out Klara looked at us with a very mischievous grin. 

“Have you two been fucking in there, making me wait out here?”

Khrys laughed as she responded.

"If we have been fucking, little sister, we would still be in there.  So no, we were not.  I simply wanted to give Chuck a blowjob in private."

I could not believe what I had just heard.  I simply shook my head as we all sat down on the balcony.  We spent the rest of the evening in very casual conversation.  Klara and Khrys chatted a little bit about the positives of ‘reminder’ spankings.  We mostly talked about what Klara would be doing before she headed back to Denmark the following Friday.  Khrys had delayed a business trip for a week so that she could be in Chicago for her sister’s final week.  I paged for an Uber around midnight and headed home, leaving the two girls to talk.



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