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Drop the Beat

(R is for Roxanne) Roxanne pays for embarrassing her boyfriend
Club Mephisto was the hottest dance club in town. Invariably the velvet rope line outside the door was long enough to wrap around the side of the building. Even so, Roxanne and her boyfriend Mitch never had a problem getting in. Roxanne was hotness personified. She was not quite six feet tall with a perfect hourglass figure that she barely concealed in a pair of daisy duke jean shorts and a tube top that showed off her navel piercing. She wore cute ankle-boot heels that magically transformed her legs. She and Mitch knew to walk past the front of the line ostensibly on their way to the end of it and the bouncer would always invite her in, Mitch in tow.

Mitch loved Roxanne, and loved dancing with her, but always felt like he had to be constantly on guard to keep the other guys in the club from getting any ideas. Mitch was tall and chiseled. Usually a look was all it took to send the message, but Mitch hated being distracted from enjoying himself. Such was the price of being a sexy woman's man. 

The DJ was playing loud, thumping Dubstep as they walked in. They made a stop at the bar, showing their wristbands to get a couple of drinks. As she sipped her drink, Roxanne started moving her hips with the thumping, syncopated beat. Mitch loved seeing his hot girlfriend dance almost as much as she was drawn to doing it, like a moth to the moon. She gulped down the rest of her drink and grabbed Mitch by the hand and dragged him towards the dance floor. Once there, she started dancing seductively around Mitch, almost using him like a prop, hanging on his arm and arching her back, and gyrating in every conceivable direction. She spun away from him as she danced and her outstretched hand grazed another guy as she moved. The other fellow turned and gave Roxanne a smile. She returned the smile and orbited for a moment. She started to get close and Mitch started to roll his eyes. There she went again. Mitch finessed the situation by dancing his way over and imposing himself between the two. The other fellow got distracted as his own dance partner made her own move - grabbing him and turning him, not too gently back in her direction.

Roxanne smiled at Mitch. Mitch relaxed and smiled back, and continued to dance. After the song ended, Mitch walked Roxanne over to the edge of the dance floor and excused himself to go to the men's room. Roxanne watched him go. As soon as he was out of sight, the DJ started up another song that Roxanne recognized as one of her favorite Skrillex numbers. She closed her eyes and felt the music carry her out onto the dance floor. It wasn't long before she was dancing in a small clearing on the dance floor, surrounded by guys ogling her. As she danced, she closed her eyes again, intoxicated by the beat. Suddenly a strong hand on her wrist dragged her to one side. She opened her eyes and saw Mitch glaring at her.

"What have I got to do, Roxanne? Every guy in this place is undressing you with their eyes! You know I don't like you dancing without me! I gotta practically beat all of these goobers off you with a stick even when I'm here!"

"Don't be jealous, Mitch, I was just dancing. This is my favorite song!"

"Oh? Let's see if you like my remix!"

He reached a hand back and smacked her bottom through her daisy dukes. At the same time, he wrapped an arm around her back and around her waist, forcing her to bend over. Her mouth formed a little "ooh!" of surprise. He smacked her other cheek, keeping time with the music. As he spanked her on the dance floor, he started moving his own hips in time with the beat of the music and the crowd started to clear and watch. The time of the music was perfect for spanking, and Roxanne found herself feeling the beat in a whole new way. Mitch kept up his swats, though her jean shorts moderated the impact somewhat. The two of them started dancing while he spanked. She kept her bent over position, and he kept spanking, but their feet started to move. The crowd was transfixed. A couple of club bouncers came over, not entirely sure whether they should stop Mitch or not. The DJ started accelerating the mix, and Mitch responded, speeding up his spanking tempo. Finally, Roxanne broke away from Mitch and stood straight up and grabbed him, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him hard on the mouth. Mitch wrapped his hands around her back and held them on her warm ass cheeks. The crowd broke into spontaneous applause.

Roxanne broke away from the kiss and half-whispered, half-shouted in his ear, "Let's get out of here." Mitch took her hand and led her quickly out of the club back to his car. There, he opened the back seat of the car and they both climbed in. He grabbed at her breasts through her tank top while she fought to get her shorts off. He saw what she was up to and started working his own pants down, freeing his hard cock. He sat sort of sideways in the back seat and leaned back. She straddled his torso facing away from him, holding her panties to the side with one hand and guiding his cock into her with the other as she lowered herself down onto him. He moaned as she slid herself onto him and started fucking him. Their breath fogged up the windows of the car. He could see that his spanking had made her bottom just slightly pink. He slapped her ass as she bounced on his dick, making her moan louder. She started talking in partial sentences of ecstasy, "oh God! Your dick! Oh! Fuck me! Oh! I'm going to cooooooome!" As she came, he felt her pussy grip his cock and his own orgasm hit him like a freight train and he tensed up and his cock erupted inside her.

Neither could do anything except breathe for quite a while. At last, Roxanne lifted herself up off Mitch's lap and he straightened up. She sat in the opposite seat and just stared straight ahead, still partially lost in the afterglow. He reached over and took her hand and brought it up to his lips and kissed it. She looked over at him and smiled.

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