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Ellie’s Private Punishment

Ellie sees Katherine at her home, and faces a harder punishment than at the correctional center
At exactly 8 o’clock Ellie rang the doorbell of Katherine’s house. The correctional officer opened the door. Ellie smiled but Katherine remained stern.

“Come in, Ellie,” Katherine said in an officious tone.

Ellie stepped across the threshold wondering if she had made the wrong decision. She was expecting to be welcomed by a smile and a welcome kiss, maybe more. Then a glass of wine followed by her discipline session. Not this welcome from a hard-nosed correctional officer.

“Go through to the front room and wait for me there. Hands by your side and no talking.”

Ellie was about to say something but one look at Katherine stopped her. She was holding a cane which she swished once in what was a threatening manner. So Ellie licked her lips, turned, went in to the front room, and stood in the centre.

Katherine followed her in. “We said naked, Ellie; so get undressed and be sharpish about it.”

Ellie jumped at the instruction but realised she was scared and excited at the same time. Scared because she wasn’t sure if this was going to be just a nasty experience, and excited because she thought how sexy Katherine looked in her uniform. Not the uniform she wore at the correctional centre though. Her top was tighter across her ample bust with a front zip and Ellie could tell Katherine wasn’t wearing a bra. The skirt was also tighter and much shorter showing off Katherine’s firm bare legs. Katherine was wearing lipstick which she didn’t have on at the correctional centre either. Ellie was sure this far sexier Katherine was purposely being overbearing, and that it was an act. Hopefully.

So Ellie crossed her arms and lifted her vest top above her head. She saw the glint in Katherine’s eye as her breasts bounced downwards. She also wasn’t wearing a bra. Ellie unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor before stepping out of her thong. She scooped her skirt and thong up and put them with the vest top. For added effect she placed her hands on her head so that Katherine could admire her body.

Katherine eyed Ellie from head to toe as she walked up to her, stared in to her eyes, walked behind her, and ran her finger down Ellie’s back, from the top of her spine to the bottom.

Ellie gasped with pleasure and closed her eyes, savouring Katherine’s soft sensuous touch. She was hardly conscious of the swish of the cane until it bit in to her bare bottom. She gasped in surprise and in pain as the stinging rushed across her bottom cheeks. She was still sore from the caning the day before after all. She knew the caning today would be worse; if for no other reason than she was going to get thirty-nine strokes instead of twenty-four. Even so, she wasn’t expecting that stroke at all.

Katherine said sternly, “I said hands by your side, not on your head.”

Ellie was breathing deeply, still partially in shock from the cane stroke as she put her arms down by her sides. Sexy or not, Katherine was going to be strict with her she now knew. Suddenly a flutter flew across her pussy as she submitted to the very sexy, but equally stern, correctional officer.

Katherine ordered, “Out the door and go to the room across the hallway, Ellie.”

Katherine did as she was told. When she entered the room opposite she entered and immediately saw the contraption in the middle of the room. Some of it was similar to the spanking bench she was tied to at the correctional centre. It was clear she would again be in a kneeling position with her arms and legs tied with leather straps. Then she focussed on the part of the contraption that was closest to where her bottom will be. Slowly it dawned on her. She had seen something like it on one of the internet sites she had surfed before going to the correctional centre. It was a spanking machine.

Ellie turned to Katherine open mouthed.

Katherine held back a smile but clearly enjoyed the look of recognition on Ellie’s face. Keeping her stern persona though she said, “You have seen one of these before then, Ellie?”

Ellie was flummoxed, but answered, “Well, yes, erm, a picture anyway.”

Katherine nodded and took a few steps forward, again glaring in to Ellie’s eyes, before going behind her. A few seconds later and Ellie sensed the movement a fraction of a second before the cane again bit in to Ellie’s bottom. She gasped again, wanting to rub her bottom, but not daring to.

“You missed the respectful, Miss, Ellie.”

Ellie immediately replied, “Sorry, Miss.”

Katherine smiled at the back of Ellie’s head. She was enjoying herself. She said sternly, “I think you need to learn a sharp lesson my girl.”

Katherine sat on a wooden chair and ordered, “Get across my lap, Ellie.”

Ellie swallowed hard as she stood by the dominant correctional officer, before bending across her lap. She felt Katherine’s cool thighs as her face was inches from the floor. A look behind and she saw Katherine’s slim firm legs. Ellie had wondered what it might be like to be spanked by Katherine, and now she was going to find out.

Katherine said sternly, “When I say a sharp lesson, I don’t mean a short one.”

With that Katherine raised her hand and brought her open palm down hard on Ellie’s bare bottom. Spank after spank followed, the spanks landing on alternate bottom cheeks at first but then several spanks landing on the same bottom cheek which increased the stinging sensation for Ellie. Katherine spanked the submissive Ellie harder and harder, knowing it will warm her bottom for the punishment to come.

Ellie gasped as the spanking started to sting. She loved the submissive position, bent across a the dominant woman’s lap, seeing her legs on the far side of the chair, knowing her bare bottom perched on Katherine’s lap will be turning deeper and deeper shades of pink.

Katherine rubbed Ellie’s legs from time to time, rubbing her inner thighs as well, and twice ran her fingers along Ellie’s damp pussy.

Ellie gasped the first time Katherine rubbed her pussy, not sure if it had been a mistake. The second time though she was sure it was intentional. Even as the increasingly severe spanking continued Ellie remembered the fluttering as her pussy was rubbed.

When Katherine felt Ellie squirm around on her lap she smiled to herself, loving giving pain, and knowing the far more intense pain to come will be even more enjoyable for her.

After spanking Ellie for a good ten minutes, and seeing a very red bottom on her lap, she stopped, and ordered,

“Get up and kneel on the bench, girl,” Katherine ordered.

Ellie eased herself off Katherine’s lap and looked at the dominant woman. Katherine had a wicked grin on her face, one that said she was enjoying this, and wanted Ellie to enjoy it as well. Ellie knew then this will be what she had hoped. She took a deep breath but was now happy this was going to be sexual as well as discipline. She turned and kneeled on the bench and placed her arms and legs ready to be strapped in.

Katherine went from strap to strap and tightened each one securing Ellie in place. She stood close to Ellie’s face, just to the side of the chair. “Comfortable, Ellie?” she asked.

Ellie replied a respectful, “Yes, Miss.”

Katherine stood beside the tied down Ellie and showed her a leather paddle. It had a metal strip running down the middle. “I will attach this to the machine and you will be spanked by it.”

Ellie made another mistake. “Is that part of the thirty-nine strokes, Miss?”

Katherine stepped to Ellie’s side, tapped her bottom with the leather paddle, pulled her arm back, and landed a hard spank on Ellie’s bottom. Ellie gasped just as a second spank landed and as she gasped again so the paddle landed again, and again.

“What do you think, Ellie?” Katherine asked sharply.

Ellie was breathing heavily as the stinging spread across her bottom. “No, Miss. I guess they won’t count.”

Katherine knew Ellie was going to be beautifully submissive. She fixed the paddle to the machine and then walked back and stood by Ellie’s face. She knelt down and whispered in to her ear,

“Neither do the cane strokes I have given you. There are still thirty-nine strokes to come.”

Ellie sniffed again further showing she was submitting to the dominant Katherine. She loved the perfume Katherine was wearing and the sweet smell of her breath. Ellie licked her lips when Katherine continued whispering in to her ear.

“I have a remote control. It allows me to stand here and alter the intensity of each spank, as well as set the number. Bear in mind I expect your full submission and obedience as I can change the number of strokes. Understood?”

Ellie looked at Katherine, glancing at the remote in her hand, nodded, and said a respectful, “Yes, Miss.”

“Good,” Katherine snapped. She stood up, and said sternly, “Let me show you. I will set twelve spanks, three seconds between each spank, and each one will land on a slightly different spot on your bottom. Ready?”

Ellie loved the sternness in Katherine’s voice as she again nodded and added, “Yes, Miss.”

Katherine made a show of pressing buttons.

Ellie heard the whirring noise and knew the paddle was being pulled back. There was a twanging sound and next moment her bottom near exploded as the paddle spanked her hard. She gasped, gritted her teeth, and remembered the machine had been set to spank again after three seconds. Sure enough Ellie could make out the whirring noise and then the twanging sound, followed by the pain spreading across her bottom. She again gritted her teeth as the pain spread.

Katherine ran her finger along Ellie’s lips placing the palm of her hand on Ellie’s mouth. Ellie responded with a kiss on Katherine’s open palm just as the paddle spanked her again. She pressed her lips hard against Katherine’s palm, finding reassurance in its pressure.

Katherine moved her hand to Ellie’s breast, squeezing a nipple just as the next spank landed. The pain across her bottom was echoed by the pain in her nipple as Katherine continued to squeeze her hard. Katherine kept squeezing as the next spank landed.

Ellie was struggling with the hard spanks and tears started to fill her eyes. She sensed Katherine move behind her and felt her hand rub the inside of her thigh just as the paddle spanked down again. Ellie gasped out loud whilst Katherine ran her fingers along Ellie’s pussy. Ellie felt the quiver through her pussy as Katherine’s finger pressed inside, just as the paddle spanked down once again. Ellie had never before experienced the sensation of both the hard spanks and searching fingers.

Katherine was careful to have her hand low enough to miss being hit by the paddle as her fingers found Ellie’s clit whilst the paddle kept up the rhythm of one spank every three seconds.

Ellie let out an orgasmic gasp as the paddle landed for the twelfth and final time. She breathed heavily as her orgasm exploded, conscious that Katherine was still flicking her clit even after the paddle had stopped, and Ellie reached her second orgasm, crying out rapturously, ecstatically.

Katherine gently removed her fingers from Ellie’s quivering pussy. Ellie groaned happily, her bottom stinging but nicely so. Then she heard the whoosh close-by and opened her eyes to see Katherine swishing the long thin cane again and looking menacing.

Katherine said sternly, “Now for your punishment. Thirty-nine strokes was the set tariff.”

Ellis gasped in anticipation, not surprise. She hadn’t forgotten about the cane even in all of her rapture. Now the time had come. One she so wanted. Ellie licked her lips as Katherine swished the cane once more and then turned her head to follow the beautiful Correctional Officer as she stepped behind her. Ellie screwed her head around and saw Katherine remove the paddle and replace it with the cane.

Katherine checked it was properly secured before stepping back in front of the secured Ellie.

The two women looked at each other. Katherine smiling wickedly, used to giving pain to those who deserved it, and even to those who just wanted it; like Ellie. Ellie looked tense, pensive, remembering she even baited Katherine to get more strokes. Now though the reality was upon her. The paddle had hurt enough, so what were thirty-nine strokes going to feel like she wondered? Very painful, she reckoned.

Katherine said in her now usual stern voice, “Thirty-nine strokes, seven seconds between each stroke, and once again the machine is set to place the strokes in different places each time. Understood?”

Ellie again looked up, licking her lips, aware she had wanted this. Well sort of. She had expected Katherine to cane her, not a machine after all. However, it also felt sexy, knowing Katherine will stand in front of her, looking down, as the cane strokes bit in to her bottom. Then Ellie thought excitedly that maybe Katherine will give her another orgasm during the caning. How great would that be? Suddenly she was smiling.

Katherine saw the smile, waited a few moments, even smiling back. Then her face hardened. “Wipe that smile off your face, Ellie. This is discipline. You will find out what thirty-nine straight strokes of the cane will feel like.”

“Oh,” Ellie said, feeling worried. Memories of the correctional centre. She had coped with that caning. Will she now? she wondered.

Katherine was delighted though. She had purposely brought Ellie to orgasm knowing that without any sexual side play Ellie will understand exactly what a discipline caning will be like. Not the relatively short one she got at the Correctional Centre . This one will be far longer and more painful. On the other hand she also knew that afterwards, once the pain engulfed Ellie, the lovemaking will be far better, for them both.

“Ready?” Katherine snapped.

“Yes, Miss,” Ellie answered weakly.

Katherine smiled, realising Ellie understood her predicament. To calm her though, as this was something they both wanted, Katherine leant down and whispered in Ellie’s ear,

“Take it well my lovely and we will both enjoy the afters.” She kissed Ellie on the lips, Ellie kissed her hard back.

Katherine stood and pressed some buttons on the remote in front of Ellie, saying, “Thirty-nine strokes…seven seconds…variable positions…good…go.”

Ellie heard the whir then the whoosh and the pain spread right across her bottom. Her head flew back, her mouth opened, she gasped. As she recovered she missed the whirr but felt the searing pain as the cane bit again in to her bottom. Two strokes. Just like at the Correctional Centre; but different somehow. This was a machine. No feelings. None at all. Seven seconds later and the next stroke landed and the pain ran across her bottom so quickly. The machine might not have feelings, but Ellie did. She felt the pain rushing across her bottom, and savoured it.

Katherine stood in front of Ellie, watching her, loving being able to look down, seeing the pain etched in to Ellie’s face as she threw her head backwards, looking straight up at her. She found Ellie’s pain filled face so sexy, so kissable. She never got that view at the correctional centre. There she only really saw the ever increasing numbers of red weal’s drawn across the person’s bottom she was caning. That was work. This is play. Sexy play.

The cane strokes continued. The whirr followed by the whoosh followed by the pain filled look on Ellie’s face. The tears added to her beauty. Katherine felt the flutters across her pussy as she became quickly aroused by Ellie’s pain. Her nipples were taut as they pushed outwards. She looked at Ellie’s breasts as her head was thrown backwards and her breasts rose. Her nipples were not tense, but they will be later she was sure, and she would enjoy taking them in to her mouth, sucking them.

Katherine saw the counter on the machine. Twelve strokes already. No break though. It was set to give thirty-nine even strokes, all the same strength. Different to when given by an officer. Very different. She was sure Ellie won’t be focussing too much on that difference though. Not yet anyway.

Ellie felt the throbbing covering her whole bottom. It was unrelenting. As she cried out after each stroke she realised there was no mercy. The tears rolled down her cheeks. She gritted her teeth. It was bearable though. Just. The strokes continued and as the cane bit in to her bottom each time she screamed out in pain. There was never a doubt about when the next stroke would land. Somehow the regularity helped her. Not with the pain. That was intense. The evenly spaced out strokes made it easier to take. The pain though as the strokes continued was ever more difficult to cope with. Yes, consistently painful she supposed as yet another hard stroke cut in to her bottom.

Katherine saw the tally was already twenty-four strokes and counting. She stood closer to Ellie, touching her almost, but not wanting to interfere with her focus, the caning. Let her enjoy it, feel it, be immersed by it. Just as she was.

The strokes continued. Ellie’s cries filled the room. Tears ran down her face. Pain and ecstasy continued.

Ellie didn’t know how many strokes she had received. She just knew it must be lots and lots as the pain engulfed her. The stinging was more intense than she had expected, certainly much more than when she had been disciplined at the correctional centre. She knew more now, much more than when she first entered the centre of course, and she knew Katherine was close-by. Watching her. The pain though was greater than she had expected by a long long way. Enough for her to be crying out loud, not caring how it might look to Katherine.

Suddenly Ellie was aware the caning had stopped. The pain continued to sting her whole bottom, a stinging that soon became mildly erotic. After all she had got through the caning, her pussy quivered as she lay still, her head resting on the table, not caring she was still secured by her wrists and ankles. She was crying heavily and could not stop.

Katherine stroked Ellie’s head and face, wiping away the tears although they were quickly replaced by others. She whispered in to Ellie’s ear,

“Good girl. You took your punishment so well. Let me release you. Lie still.”

Ellie relaxed as she felt first her ankles then her wrists being released. She lay there, very still except for her heaving chest as she let out deep sobs.

“Get off, Ellie,” Katherine said sternly but in a softer tone.

Ellie eased herself off the machine and stood unsteadily.

Katherine held out her arms and Ellie threw her arms around Katherine’s neck who clutched her around her waist. Ellie put her head on Katherine’s shoulder and cried again. Freely.

Katherine put her hand on Ellie’s bottom and felt the hard ridges from the caning. She squeezed and Ellie gasped. Katherine laughed a wicked laugh, saying, “Was it what you expected?”

Ellie was sobbing but managed to say, “It was much harder than I thought it would be, and so painful.”

Katherine pulled her head back, looked in to Ellie’s eyes just an inch away, and whispered, “How about this?” She leant forward and kissed Ellie on the lips, softly at first, but when Ellie pressed back she kissed harder, pressing her tongue against Ellie’s lips and as Ellie’s mouth opened pushed her tongue inside, searching out Ellie’s waiting tongue. The kissing was passionate as Katherine squeezed Ellie’s bottom again and the resulting gasp sent quivers through both their pussies.

“Come with me,” Katherine said happily as she led Ellie out of the room, next door to her bedroom. Ellie spotted the bottle of wine in the ice bucket and two glasses.

Katherine let go of Ellie and quickly unzipped her top and removed it showing off her ample breasts and taut nipples. She saw Ellie smile and smiled back as she unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it.

Ellie looked on through her tears and smiled when she saw that Katherine had no knickers on either. Sexy or what?she thought.

Katherine held out her hand, Ellie took it, and moments later Katherine was lying on the bed, Ellie on top of her, thankful she wasn’t lying underneath with her stinging bottom. When Katherine again clasped Ellie’s bottom it was clear why Katherine chose to be underneath. She ran her fingers over the ridges of Ellie’s caned bottom, squeezing, relishing the gasps her clenching fingers caused Ellie to let out.

They kissed each other as Ellie raised herself on her elbows so that Katherine could caress her breasts, her own nipples now as taut as Katherine’s. The two women kissed and caressed each other, enjoying the other’s body, kissing and sucking and licking each other’s breasts. Ellie no longer worried about her stinging bottom as she slid off Katherine’s body lying side by side, their fingers finding the other’s wet pussy.

Slowly Katherine pushed Ellie on to her back. Ellie gasped. Katherine said, “Enjoy it, my darling. Savour the pain.”

Ellie gasped again but lowered her bottom on to the bed, let out a long breath, and settled down. Katherine was right. She was relishing the pain and found it erotic. Just as she had hoped.

Both Katherine and Ellie relaxed, enjoying each other, kissing and sucking each other’s pussy as they brought each other to orgasm, continuing to lick the other’s pussy as they got a second orgasm and a third.

Satisfied, the two naked women lay holding each other, Katherine again clutching Ellie’s sore stinging bottom.

“Well?” Katherine asked with smiling eyes.

“Very well, thank you,” Ellie replied.

Next moment there was more pain across Ellie’s bottom as Katherine gave Ellie a hard spank. “Very well, thank you, Miss,” Katherine said sternly emphasising the last word.

“Sorry, Miss,” Ellie said obediently. After a moment Ellie asked, “So is that the hardest the machine can cane, Miss?”

Katherine smiled, replying, “Not at all, Ellie, far from it.”

“Really?” Ellie replied, almost absent mindedly.

“Want to try it next time?”

“Tomorrow morning maybe, erm, Miss?”

Katherine gave Ellie another hard spank. “Cheeky,” Katherine said smiling. “I tell you what. In the morning I will put you across my lap and give you a long spanking. Then you will be nicely warmed up for the machine. It will be forty-eight strokes; and they will be harder than today? How does that sound?”

“Wicked, Miss. Really really wicked.”

The two women giggled happily as they cuddled up to each other.

Ellie was looking forward to her next caning, and to seeing how hard she can take the cane whilst Katherine thought about spanking and caning her new again. Katherine kissed Ellie again squeezing her erect nipple. Ellie gasped, bent forward and sucked Katherine’s erect nipple. They cuddled, each lost in their own thoughts, each looking forward to spending a lot of time together.

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