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Ellie’s Punishment

Ellie has to attend a Punishment Centre for the first time
Twenty-five year old Ellie looked up at the sign. ‘Correctional Discipline Centre for Adults: Ladies Entrance.’ The men’s entrance was on the other side of the building. She looked again at the letter she had read so many times before. It was from the Court. For stealing the underwear she was sentenced to 18 strokes of the cane. The minimum for theft as it was her first offence.

It was a mistake. She had absentmindedly walked out of the shop holding the underpants and when stopped she panicked. She denied theft but was also rude to the security guards. There was no alternative though to pleading guilty. It was a stark choice. Six months in prison or 18 strokes of the cane at the Correctional Centre. As she was starting a new job she chose the cane. Well in any case the Courts encouraged that choice to keep costs down. That’s why the prison sentence was set very high, and although 18 strokes of the cane sounded high as well, Ellie knew that after a few days it would be a distant memory. How did she know? Well her best friend Belle got caned a lot at school and she told her.

Ellie had discussed it with Belle, her best friend, who had pointed out there are people who actually enjoy being spanked and caned. That led Ellie to surf the internet and sure enough she found plenty of sites that showed men and women enjoying being punished even with what must be stinging throbbing bottoms. What surprised her was that when she watched some videos of women spanking and caning other women she actually found them erotic. Her pussy was wet by the time she turned off her computer and in her first hour in bed that night she had masturbated three times.

By the morning of her punishment though she was again worried as today was the day she was going to get 18 strokes of the cane. On the plus side remembering the videos gave Ellie some comfort as she took a deep breath and went through the doors. Her appointment time was in 10 minutes but she would rather be early than late.

Inside there was a reception area. She went to the desk.

“Letter, please,” the receptionist demanded curtly. Ellie handed the letter over and watched the receptionist check the details on her computer. She liked the way the receptionist was dressed. A tight beige short sleeved shirt tight enough to show her breasts pushing out the buttons, and a matching skirt that stopped a couple of inches above her knees, Bare legs added to what Ellie saw as a sexy lady. A click or two later and the letter was handed back with a brusque command, “Upstairs to the first floor and take the double doors.”

Ellie thought the abrupt tone was uncalled for as she made her way to the first floor. She passed two women coming down and noticed both had red eyes, tear filled, and both were rubbing their bottoms. On the other hand both also carried their green forms so were free to leave after their punishment. Once there she went through the double doors to find a larger reception and several people sitting and a few more standing. She noticed one or two of those standing were rubbing their bottoms and when she got closer saw they had red eyes and realised they were either crying or were until very recently crying.

There was another Reception desk and she went over to it. Another receptionist, even sexier than the first, asked for her letter, matched it to the name on the screen, and said as abruptly as the receptionist downstairs, “Doctor’s letter please.”

Ellie handed over her Doctor’s letter and remembered her embarrassment at the experience. She attended her doctor yesterday and had to show her the letter from the Correctional Centre. Her doctor had to give her a check up and confirm she was fit enough to take her punishment. The humiliation was something she doubted she would ever live down as every time she sees her doctor she will be reminded of her punishment. What’s more it will be on her medical records so even if she changed doctor’s it would always be there,

Once the receptionist scanned the doctor’s letter handing the original back she said abruptly, “The changing rooms for the caning chamber is through that door,” she said pointing to a door. She continued, “Take a seat inside and read the notes. Your Correctional Officer will be here soon.”

Ellie took the notes and walked towards the changing room, noting the sign that directed those getting hand spankings to other changing rooms. Ellie realised there were different grades of punishment, and reckoned the caning chamber will be one of the most severe. She went in to the changing room and found an empty seat and started to read. There were all sorts of rules. Address the Correctional Officer as Miss or Ma’am. No speaking unless spoken to or else the tariff is increased by up to six strokes at the Correctional Officer’s discretion. The punishment is given in the nude, which Ellie wasn’t expecting. There will be people watching, some behind a screen and some in the room. Those watching might be members of staff including trainees, through to members of the public who had to attend to watch several punishments to try to deter them from breaking the law themselves. That was likely to include people who were about to take their driving test as a large percentage of those who attend Correctional Centres had committed driving offences. Ellie focussed on the penultimate rule. No one can have more than 30 strokes in one day so if the tariff is more than that then the offender will have to attend again the next day, and the day after that if the tariff was over 60 strokes. Could any crime require a punishment of more than 60 strokes or was the rule written just to scare newbies Ellie wondered? She still looked up in shock wondering if anyone in the room was going to suffer over 60 strokes.

The last rule was a bit of a surprise. “All offenders are punished in the nude.”

Ellie went over to the Receptionist and asked, “Excuse me Miss, but why is the punishment to be given with me naked as people will be watching?” Erm, Miss?”

The Correctional Officer looked seriously at Ellie and said in a flat perhaps sarcastic tone, “This is a punishment and being embarrassed, humiliated, is very much part of it, to encourage to not to be sent back again.”

“Oh, I see,” Ellie said, even more unhappy with her predicament.

“Happy now are you?”

Ellie was far from happy but said respectfully, “Yes thank you Miss.”

“Good,” the Correctional Officer said, adding, “But for talking in breach of the rules I will be adding three strokes to your tariff.”

Ellie was shocked, and also annoyed with herself for her stupidity. She had just read the rules and still broke one almost immediately, and got herself three extra strokes. Really stupid.

An older woman sat down next to Ellie. She was nervous as she looked around the room at the others. Ellie must have been staring as the woman suddenly said, “First time is it sweetie?”

“How did you know?” Ellie asked.

The woman smiled. “You are reading the notes sweetie. People only read them once.”

“Oh, I see. Yes, it is actually.”

“How many are you going to get?”

Ellie blushed and said, “I was sentenced to 18 strokes but asked a question and got given three more. And you?”

“I’m in for 48. I get 30 today and then I come back tomorrow for the last 18 today.”

Ellie gasped.

“You have found out the hard way these people just try to wind you up and add strokes to your punishment Anyway, get used to it Ellie. These Correctional Officer’s make you feel small and embarrassed as a matter of course.”

Ellie asked tentatively, “Does it hurt much?”

Janet scrunched up her face again. “Too right it does. I have been here several times but I never get used to it. It’s not as though you get any light strokes. These Correctional Officer’s only know hard. No, in fact they only know very hard. Believe me, if the prison term was more realistic I would take that for sure.”

Ellie was surprised at the horror in the woman’s voice. The films on the internet didn’t show that much pain. More like stinging which went after a short while.”

“How long does it hurt for?”

“Ages, sweetie. I’ll still be stinging when I come back for the last 18 strokes tomorrow, and then I’ll be stinging for two days at least. The trouble is the weal’s. They hurt like forever.”

Ellie became concerned. She wasn’t expecting the pain to last that long. Still, she will find out soon enough.”

Ellie liked the woman and smiled

“I’m Janet by the way.”

“Thank you Janet,” Ellie said trying to smile.

Just then a Correctional Officer stood by the door and called out, “Emerson and Watkins.” The Correctional Officer looked about thirty years old so older than Ellie but rather younger than Janet.

“That’s me,” Janet said standing scrunching up her face, clearly not looking forward to what was going to happen to her..

“Me too,” Ellie said standing as well, somehow feeling happier she will be with a lady who knew the system.

Janet smiled back and held her hand out indicating Ellie should lead the way, saying, “Remember, once through those doors do not speak unless asked a question.”

“Got it thank you,” Ellie said sincerely.

Janet and Ellie approached the Correctional Officer who said curtly, “You must be Watson,” looking at Ellie.

“Erm yes, erm, Miss.” Ellie stared at the Correctional Officer who she thought looked so attractive in the standard beige blouse which seemed tighter and so breasts were pushed out even further. Her tight skirt accentuated her figure, and her bare legs were a shape to kill for. Yes, Ellie felt this Correctional Officer was very sexy in fact, well if it wasn’t for the fact she was about to discipline her.

The Correctional Officer glared at both women turned and led the way along a corridor to the third door. “In there,” she ordered. “Get undressed and wait for me. I will be back in a few minutes.”

Janet and Ellie entered the room to find a Guard sitting at a table also in what Ellie now knew was the regulation uniform. She handed them both a key and pointed to the row of lockers. Ellie looked across at the lockers and saw a woman just walking up to them. As she and Janet walked across themselves Ellie realised the woman was crying and could see she was rubbing her bottom. Then she saw what looked like about 30 fierce red lines across her bottom and realised she had just been caned. Ellie gasped in wonder remembering again what she saw on the internet and how she thought how realistic some of them were and felt her pussy quiver at the memory as she watched. Now though she looked again at the woman’s face and the tears streaming down her face and saw the realism, and her real predicament.

Ellie saw Janet start to undress so Ellie did the same listening to the woman’s sobs behind them.

There were several chairs by the lockers and when Janet sat down and crossed her legs so did Ellie who felt guard looking at her and so covered her pert breasts with her arms. After a stern look from Janet Ellie remembered it was best to accept things and lowered her arms.

The sound of a swish, thwack and yelp came from the adjoining room. Ellie looked at Janet who remained expressionless under the gaze of the Guard. The sounds continued; a swish then a thwack and a louder and louder yelp. Ellie soon realised they were listening to the caning being given to another woman. The sounds were relentless as the yelps turned to cries. To Ellie they became erotic even as her own caning was ever closer.

The persistent sounds ended and there was silence for a few minutes. There was the sound of crying as a woman came from the direction of the caning room rubbing her bottom madly and tears streaming down her face. She went straight over to the Guard, collected her key, and went over to her locker and started to get dressed. Ellie saw her bottom was red lined with hardly any part of her bottom that wasn’t red. Just then Ellie had the smallest of orgasms but it was definitely an orgasm.

The Correctional Officer looked at Janet and Ellie.

“Emerson, you’re next.”

Janet stood up and the Correctional Officer said, “Are you Janet Emerson?”

“Yes, Miss,” Janet replied.

“Follow me.”

The Correctional Officer and Janet left the room leaving Ellie alone with the Guard and the still crying woman who was now almost dressed.

There was silence for some minutes then there was a thwack followed by a grunt from the other side of the door, followed by another thwack and grunt and another and another. Ellie looked across at the Guard who smirked back and of course Ellie knew Janet was being caned as the next grunt was heard. The grunts were getting louder and louder each time until after one thwack there was a yelp. There was no gap as each thwack was followed by a louder and louder yelp until there was a shriek. This time Ellie wasn’t so aroused now as she knew she was next. She covered her breasts again but this time feeling rather sorrier for herself.

Ellie was aware of new arrivals and she looked up to see two more women enter the changing room. They were also directed to the lockers and got undressed. One looked about 19 years old and the other in her thirties. Ellie realised they will both listen to her being caned. That made her smile to herself as these women will hear her being caned straight before they are caned themselves. Now that turned her on and she knew her nipples were now erect.

All too soon the thwacks stopped as did the shrieks. There was silence for a few minutes and then Janet walked back in the changing room rubbing her bottom and tears also ran down her face.

Suddenly Ellie heard the Correctional Officer say to her. “Watson, your turn.”

Ellie stood up and walked towards the Correctional Officer following her down a short passage and in to the caning chamber. She didn’t expect anything like what she saw.

The first thing that stood out was the spanking bench in the middle of the room. She knew she would be tied down but the bench looked forbidding. Next to it was another Correctional Officer, a woman who looked twenty. To the right of the spanking bench were two rows of seats and some ten people were sitting on them. Ellie reckoned the majority were under twenty, evenly split between men and women. To the right was a large blacked out window which is where Ellie knew from the notes official witnesses will be watching.

She also saw the men’s section separated by a glass partition. A man was stretched out and secured on the spanking bench and a Correctional Officer was caning him hard.

Surprising even herself Ellie was relaxed and beyond being concerned she was naked in front of these men and women, who she knew were all looking at her pert breasts and erect nipples on show and her pussy hair glistening with her sex juice. There were so many different emotions flowing through her body and the anticipation was far more arousing than watching on the computer. Equally, although relaxed Ellie was also becoming more aware of her impending predicament as she focussed on the spanking bench and the two Correctional Officers who were about to discipline her.

Both Correctional Officers stood next to the spanking bench, and the assistant said curtly, “On the bench Watson.”

The bench was all leather and Ellie could see her bottom will be at about the same height as the arm of an armchair or sofa and was elevated in the middle so her bottom will be raised for the caning. Her legs will rest on two leather arms with straps that would be tied over her knees and ankles. Her legs will be well parted and Ellie knew she will have to accept the humiliation of knowing her stretched pussy will be on show whilst even worse her bottom will be stretched so the strokes will hurt much more. Two further arms had straps for her wrists which needed her arms to be stretched out. Ellie clambered up on to the bench and waited whilst the Assistant Correctional Officer tied each of the straps tight.

After being secured the Assistant Correctional Officer announced, “The crime committed is stealing and the penalty set is 18 strokes. A Doctor’s certificate has been received.”

Ellie looked around and saw so many eyes staring at her, and after a movement to the side watched the Correctional Officer pick up the cane. Ellie saw it was a thick cane and knew from her internet surfing that it will hurt more than a whippy cane. The Correctional Officer wasted no time placing herself to the side of the bench.

Ellie heard the Correctional Officer say to the room but directed at her, “Prepare yourself Watson. Every stroke will be a hard one, no sympathy, no mercy. This is a punishment and the Authority’s fully intend that you experience pain and discomfort. Understood Watson?”

Ellie looked at the attractive Correctional Officer, nodded, bit her lip, and said a quiet, submissive “Yes, Miss.”

Ellie turned away as the Correctional Officer raised the cane. She heard a whoosh, the thwack and then immediately a burning pain spread right across her bottom. Ellie heard a shriek and realised it was from her. The first stroke. Just the first one. Seventeen more to come. Could she cope she wondered. She remembered what Janet told her. Say nothing. Take the caning and leave. She hoped she could do just that but the pain was more than she had expected. What she saw on the internet had not conditioned her for the pain she experienced.

Ellie heard the swish and tensed her bottom just as the second stroke bit in to her bare bottom cheeks. The straps did their job and held Ellie in place. The third stroke hurt even more and this time Ellie’s head jerked up as she yelled out. Her bottom was stinging as she struggled with the pain. The fourth stroke drew yet another shriek as did the fifth. After the sixth she knew she was crying and her bottom throbbed.

Ellie wondered what those watching will be thinking of her screaming out. Her eyes were tear filled so could not see anyone but reckoned most will be scared, promising themselves they won’t break the law. She bet the Correctional Officers were taking pleasure themselves though, enjoying the crying out and getting real job satisfaction.

The seventh stroke was somehow more manageable. Maybe Belle was right. Once the first few strokes were over her bottom became accustomed, conditioned, to the pain. Ellie remembered one of the articles she read on the internet that after the initial horrid pain the bottom is in a numbed like state and the stinging sensation of subsequent cane strokes can become erotic whilst the pain intensifies afterwards. Whether the pain turns to an erotic tingling or an unbearable pain depends on the individual. Ellie hadn’t believed the article but in a strange way that is how she was feeling. She still yelled out at each stroke but so long as she breathed deeply the shock had gone and Ellie reckoned she will experience the erotic tingling later on. Once again Ellie knew the real thing was far more erotic than looking at internet sites could ever be as she felt another light quiver across her pussy and she experienced another short orgasm.

The Correctional Officer kept caning Ellie’s bare bottom. Ellie was still unable to take a stroke without shouting out but there was almost a rhythm. She heard the swish, no longer heard the thwack, but as the cane bit in to her bottom she tensed her arms which were held firm by the straps, tried to kick her legs but again the straps held her firmly in place, leaving her head which jerked upwards as her mouth opened and expelled the yelp. As her forehead fell back on the leather bench she just had time to breathe deeply again as the next stroke bit in to her bottom. Stroke after stroke after stroke was the same. Ellie was crying uncontrollably but as she suffered each stroke so she knew she was closer to the end.

The Correctional Officer announced, “Now for the three extras.”

Ellie groaned knowing her original tariff was up and she was now going to get the extras for her stupidity.

The strokes were given quickly, one after the other, no gap, and the pain was awful.

As suddenly as it started so the caning ended. Ellie’s arms and legs stayed tense as the tears rolled down her cheeks. The Assistant Correctional Officer undid each of the straps and ordered, “Get up Watson.”

Ellie eased herself up on all fours, her pussy on show to everyone but she hardly cared as, she stepped down, her eyes tear filled, unable to see the door.

“Over there,” the deputy Correctional Officer said abruptly steering Ellie to the passage to the changing room door. Ellie sped through the door rubbing her bottom as she walked across to the Guard, collected her locker key, and went over to her locker. The two waiting naked women sat there staring at Ellie’s bottom but Janet had gone.

The Correctional Officer said firmly, “Smithson, you are next.” It was the 19 year old who stood up and walked towards the door. She was already crying with deep sobs. She wasn’t going to enjoy her punishment one bit.

Ellie got dressed and was just easing her knickers up gasping with the stinging impact of the elastic as she heard the swish thwack and grunt coming from next door. The caning of the 19 year old had already started. Once her knickers were on Ellie quickly got in to the rest of her clothes, handed the key back to the Guard, and made her way back to reception. She passed women coming the other way knowing they too will be caned before long. Focussing she realised she passed several doors with a sign “Spanking Room,” on a sign and knew behind those doors there are other Correctional Officers who will be spanking other offenders for more minor infractions. She realised this was a final reminder about what had happened to her, well except for her stinging bottom.

In reception she went to the desk. The receptionist checked her computer, saw Ellie had received her punishment, and gave her the green card which she needed to show reception on the ground floor to be let out of the building. She breathed a sigh of relief as she left the building and breathed in the cool fresh air.

“Fancy a drink honey?” she heard and turned to see Janet looking at her.

Ellie wanted to discuss her feelings about being punished and welcomed Janet’s invitation. When Ellie nodded Janet continued, “Sorry, but I had to get out. Anyway there is a pub around the corner so we can stand by the bar rather than sit down.”

“That’s good,” Ellie said with a smile, “As you were right. I won’t be sitting down for quite a while yet.”

Janet and Ellie walked in to the pub and ordered drinks, standing by the bar. Janet immediately said how much her bottom hurt and again bemoaned having to return tomorrow for the rest of her strokes. After a while though she relaxed and the two of them chatted happily. Ellie felt so relaxed after discussing what had happened and felt Janet had asked her for a drink to help her through the pain, probably not realising that now she felt positively sexually aroused. Janet finally said, “Well it was nice meeting you Ellie but I have to go.”

Ellie replied, “Thank you so much for helping me, I’m sorry you have to go back tomorrow for another 18 strokes?”

“24 now,” Janet said ruefully.

“How come?” Ellie asked surprised.

“Well I made the same mistake as you did and got given an extra six strokes for speaking when I shouldn’t have done.”

“Oh dear,” Ellie said sympathetically.

Just then a woman arrived and said to Janet, “It was your own fault wasn’t it. You knew the rules.”

Janet looked startled, so did Ellie, when they realised it was the Correctional Officer who had caned them both. She had changed and looked even more attractive in a sleeveless top, short skirt, and still bare legs. Her hair hung down below her shoulders. Janet looked around blushing and was about to say something that would tell everyone around them she had been caned at the Correctional Centre when the Correctional Officer said, “My name is Katherine by the way. I know you are Janet and Ellie?”

“Well, yes,” a startled Janet replied.

Katherine smiled wickedly and said, “I am right aren’t I Janet, about you knowing the rules?”

Janet blushed and replied, “Well I suppose so.”

“Can I buy you both a drink? Katherine asked.

Ellie smiled back seeing the Correctional Officer was even more attractive in her casual clothes and said, “That would be very nice.”

Janet looked at her watch, and said, “I would love to but have to get going.”

Katherine smiled again and said, “I guess I’ll see you again tomorrow then Janet. You are on my list again”

“I can’t wait,” Janet said wryly picking up her bag and leaving.

Katherine bought two drinks and asked Ellie, “Shall we sit down then?”

Ellie blushed and said with a smile, “I don’t think I’ll be sitting down today, nor not tomorrow I reckon.”

Katherine said looking almost sisterly at Ellie, “Nonsense, I think you’ll enjoy the sensation.”


“Yes I do,” Katherine said firmly.

Ellie picked up her drink and walked over to a table choosing the chair with a cushion on it.

Katherine said sharply, “Not that one. Sit on the wooden one without a cushion.”

Ellie bit her lip pensively but enjoyed the dominant tone of the woman who less than half an hour ago had caned her bare bottom in front of a crowd of strangers. Anyway she took a deep breath and eased herself down on to the hard seat. As her bottom touched the hard wood she gasped but persevered and sat down on the seat.

Katherine was smiling as the pain spread across Ellie’s face and then relaxed. “I bet it is tingling rather nicely now isn’t it?”

Ellie smiled. “Well yes it is actually. You knew it would be though didn’t you?”

“I was pretty sure,” Katherine said smiling. She continued, “I sensed you coped better than your yelps and crying made out. Am I right?”

Ellie said cautiously, “I didn’t expect this tingling to be so, erm,”

“Erotic?” Katherine asked.

“Well yes.” Ellie was more relaxed now in Katherine’s company and explained, “I read on the internet before coming some people find being punished erotic and never expected to be myself but there you are. I did find it erotic.”

Katherine asked, “Erotic enough to go through it again?”

Ellie pondered the question. “I would have to break the law again for that and I don’t want to do that.”

“Not necessarily,” Katherine replied, continuing, “I have a spanking bench at home and enjoy caning people as much as you enjoy the after effects of being caned.”

“Really?” Ellie asked.

“Yes. I could tie you down and cane you, maybe even more strokes than I gave you today.”

Ellie asked, “Did you go lighter on me after the first six strokes; it’s just that I coped with them better?”

Katherine replied firmly. “Definitely not. We get monitored by the people behind the glass. They watch me cane you and then monitor what you say in the changing rooms. It’s more than my job is worth.”

“Oh I see,” Ellie said. “In that case maybe it sounds like fun. Erm how do you want me dressed?”

Katherine laughed. “Naked of course. What else?”

“Oh,” Ellie said feeling even more aroused.

Katherine continued, “First, you will go across my lap for a very long very hard spanking. To begin with I will spank you with my hand and then with a wooden backed paddle hairbrush. After that I will cane you.”

Ellie said, “Oooh that sounds like my bottom will be stinging like mad.”

Katherine looked sexy as she said, “But your pussy will be as wet as mine and we will both want each other. The lovemaking will be orgasmic.”

After a moment’s thought Ellie asked, “Will it be 30-strokes? I am kinda wondering what that would be like.”

“Oh no, my girl. None of these do-gooder limits. You got 21 strokes today. Tomorrow you will be getting 36-strokes. All hard ones. That’s what I was thinking anyway,” Katherine replied with an edge to her voice.

“Wow,” Ellie said breathlessly. “How about now?”

“No, Ellie. You will enjoy it much more tomorrow. We will meet tomorrow after work at mine at 8 o’clock. I live just around the corner from here.”

“Sure,” Ellie said quickly. She added, “Erm, how will you be dressed?”

Katherine smiled and asked with a sharpness to her tone of voice. “If you had the choice, would you want me in uniform or naked?”

Ellie licked her lips before answering. “You look so sexy in your uniform. Please would you wear that to discipline me?”

“Good answer Ellie. In fact I have a sexy version at home.”

“Cool,” Ellie enthused.

Katherine looked sternly. “Except now its 39-strokes as you haven’t addressed me as Miss.”

“Sorry, Miss,” Ellie said quickly, blushing, with the faintest of cheeky smiles.

Katherine lent forward and kissed Ellie on the lips, a firm kiss from a dominant woman, and the submissive Ellie loved every second of it. She could not wait for tomorrow and her second caning; sure she will be caned regularly in future. Katherine was just as sure. Both had wet knickers already just thinking about it.

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