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End of Exams - Part 1

Samantha's last exam was today. Congratulations, Sam. Let's play.
End of Exams - Part 1

Samantha's last exam is at 10:00am Saturday morning. She has been studying hard, trying to put together the concepts in her mind. I have always admired how hard she works at the things that interest her. I have been working hard, too.

I am planning an end-of-exams surprise for her.

So, 8:00 am Saturday morning comes, and the alarm goes off. Sam is awake quickly and turns off the alarm. She always rolls out of bed before I do, and she is off to the shower before my eyes are completely open. She needs about half of the sleep that I do. I stumble out of bed, and pee while she's in the shower.

“Are you hungry, hun? Can I make you some breakfast?”

“Yeah, that would be great! Thanks!”

Her showers are longer than mine, and by the time her breakfast is ready, I am ready to have a shower. I meet her in the bathroom with her robe.

“Your breakfast is on the table, here's your robe. Go eat while it's hot. I'll jump in the shower right now. Just leave it running.” This is pretty much our routine. She needs her breakfast. I'm not a big breakfast guy, I'll get coffee after I drop her off at the exam. I like coffee.

“Ok, thanks, honey.”

I get out of the shower, dry off, get dressed and join her in the kitchen. I kiss her as I enter. She is wearing jeans and hoodie, her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. As much as she likes to get dressed up, I find her just as attractive like this. She is beautiful to me, no matter what she wears.

“Mmmm... today's the day! How are feeling about the exam?'

“Good, not nervous, just wanna get it over and done with.”

That's what I was waiting to hear – my plan is on! If she was worried and stressed about it, and the exam went badly, I don't think I could pull off my plan – she wouldn't be in the mood. The plan is on, but I don't let on that anything is different today. I put her outside collar on, and take off the formal one.

Kissing the top of her head, I say, “Ok, we should get going soon. Ready?”

“Just give me a minute, and we'll go.”

I drive her the short distance to her exam, and kiss her goodbye, but I hold the kiss just a bit longer than usual. She smiles, and puts her hand on my chest. I give her the look that says 'Mmm... I'm so glad you're mine.' She gets out of the car, and waves back over her shoulder at me. Her smile is devastating. I shout after her.

“Good luck, honey, make sure and turn off your phone before the exam!” I watch as she turns it off and puts it away while walking to the building. Time to send the first text.

'i was watching your ass as you got out of the car... mmmmm :p I'll pick you up after the exam, but if you finish earlier, text me, I will be close by'

The university is not nearly as busy as it usually is. Exams are nearly over, and lots of students have gone home already. I pull away from the curb, and go get a coffee. I need to make another couple stops.

It's 12:30 and I am waiting at the student lounge on campus, watching the door where I dropped her off. As she leaves the exam, she bunches her jacket up in her arms, and turns on her phone. She gets the 'ass text' as she is exiting the building, and a big smile comes over her face. I can't tell if she is blushing or not, she's little bit too far away.

'got yr text :p exam was great!'

'cool! now stop where you are and follow my instructions' In the time it took me to write and send the text, she has walked around 40 feet.

Her smile is bigger now, and she chuckles, shaking her head a bit. She knows me by now. She decides to play along. She responds with a one-word text:


'respond with k, sir or no, sir'

'k, sir' She is beaming now.

'put yr jacket on, but don't do it up - then pretend to fumble with the zipper at the bottom of yr jacket but really, I want you to undo the button of yr jeans and the zipper too.'

'k, sir'

Sam is standing facing just slightly away from me. I am watching her undo her zipper, and I am smiling. She gets the button and her zipper undone, and she is standing there, looking around. The phone goes off in her hand.

'feeling a little embarrassed, vulnerable?'


'stay there for a minute. dont worry nothing will happen to you – I am watching you right now' With that, she looks around, trying to find me. She can't see me. She responds with a text.

'k, sir'

I wait a moment or two, as two male students students walk by. This is what I was hoping would happen. She pretends to be using her phone, but she really is waiting for the next text. She turns slightly to try and avoid the students' gaze.

'turn to your right and come into the student lounge I am here waiting for you'

She takes the time to respond: 'k, sir'

She walks to the door and opens it. She looks to the left first, and then turns to her right. Then she sees me, and the brightest smile comes over her face – I am smiling too. Sam is the light of my life.

We kiss and embrace, and I say “So it went well?”

“Yeah, it was great, I'm SO glad it's over. You are SUCH a bastard! What's with the texts?”

“Oh you know, I just thought I would harass you a little bit! Now that your exam is over, we can spend the day together”

“Mmmm, that would be nice, but I have to work at 6”

“Nope. I called Julie and asked her if she would take your shift. She said she would. I told her I wanted to surprise you, and she said 'What kind of surprise?' and I said “Oh, you know, a SPECIAL surprise. She got all embarrassed and happy and stuff. I told her not to warn you.”

I am nodding my head slowly and the look on my face says 'Yes, this is real, I really did that.'

“Seriously? You really-”

I cut her off, “Yep, you're all mine until tomorrow night at 6.”

The look on her face is completely priceless: it is warm, loving, kind, grateful. I love her with everything that I am. Truth be told, I am the lucky one. Her friends never liked me much in the beginning, but I won them over, just as I won her over. She leans into me again and we hug and kiss for a long moment. Just a bit too long, as it turns out, because I'm starting to get hard. With all of the planning, and everything working out right, and seeing her follow my instructions like that... and now, I've got her in my arms... well, who could blame me?

She feels the hardness and I say to her “Um uh, yeah, maybe I should sit down for a minute.”

She laughs quietly, pushes me gently into the chair, and kisses me one last time.

“Here, here's a 10, get us some coffees or something.”

She is positively glowing – already! This is going to be a memorable day.

She returns with the coffees, and takes off her jacket. We sit, not facing each other, but beside each other. We talk about the exam, and I am looking directly into her eyes – there is no other woman in the world for me.

“I'm just so glad to be finished with this semester.. it's been a difficult one.'

“I know, it has been a hard one. Hell, I'm looking forward to 'finishing,' too!”

Sam laughs with her wicked, knowing smile – God, I love that. I just love that. Apart from that little bit of flirting, I am attentive, and she finishes talking about the exam. We move onto to talking about other things, more general things. As we move on, and the conversation gets less serious, I am now making a more concerted effort. I am definitely flirting with her now; lightly, gently, touching her hand and her arm, looking overtly at her breasts, and pretending to be able to see through the table to her crotch.

While I'm pretending to stare at her crotch, I say “You know, those two guys that walked by noticed your pants...” I give Sam my wickedest smile. Mine is nothing compared to hers, but she gets the idea.

“THEY DID NOT!” she play-smacks my arm, smiling, then raising the coffee cup to her lips. I smile, but wait until she takes a sip of coffee.

“Oh, they totally did!”

Sam nearly spits out her coffee.

“One turned to the other and gave the International Man Signal for “Did you see that, dude?”

“You bastard, you dirty...”

“Mmmm hmmm,” I say as I'm nodding, “and you LOVE every minute of it.”

She turns her head away, blushing and smiling.

“I'm gonna go to the bathroom, then we'll go.'

She's still smiling, but purposely looking in the other direction. I touch her hand as I pass by her. Still not looking, she lifts it slightly to make contact.

I return from the bathroom and approach her from behind. I put my hands on her shoulders, and kiss her on the top of her head. I love the shampoo that she uses – it smells like strawberries.


“Yeah, sure, let's go.”

I grab her jacket off of the back of the chair and hold it up in the air for her. She puts on one sleeve and then the other. As the jacket goes on over her shoulders, and she zips it up, I take another opportunity to hug her from behind.

I whisper in her ear: “You're mine. ALL mine – and I'm the luckiest man in the world.”

“You are...”

As she responds, I kiss her neck, slowly and open my mouth, gently scraping my teeth across the sensitive skin there. Sam blushes heavily. I know how to get her going. I take hold of her hand, and lead her out the door. We turn right and walk into the cool air. She is letting me lead her by the hand – she could easily have completely caught up with my gait, but she is softly, suggestively, walking just a bit behind me, just a bit too slow... I feel like a king, and she feels like a queen. This is a magical feeling, and I never want it to end. We walk together for a few minutes.

“We'll stop here for a minute.” It's the pharmacy just off of campus. Sam doesn't say anything, she is enjoying the feeling of being led. I am enjoying the feeling of leading her.

The air is warmer inside, and I unzip my jacket a little, and then to Sam's surprise, I step in front of her and unzip hers – I have never done this before, and she is taken aback a little, but enjoying the feeling. I want to generate another slightly embarrassed feeling, because her pants are still undone.

'Being led, having him open my jacket for me – it's so wonderful.' Not having to worry about anything or think about anything for now, Sam drifts off into thought. 'What would it be like to live like this all the time?' The thought in her mind is like a warm blanket on a cold night.

As she is losing herself in that thought, I take her hand again, leading her to the aisle with the 'condoms and sexy stuff' as she likes to call it. I grab a box of the new warming lube we have been wanting to try, but she is not really paying close attention, and doesn't really notice until we get up to the counter. Then she sees it – she is brought back from being lost in thought and she's blushing again. She gives me the You Bastard Look.

I'm talking to the cashier. “Hi, how are you?” I say in a slightly obvious way. She sees the box of warming lube. She knows. She is trying hard to contain a smile, but failing miserably. She begins to blush a bit, because I am looking right at her, daring her to say something.

I look at Sam and raise my left eyebrow as if to say 'Something wrong?' She is blushing and I am grinning like a fool, because I caused both of the blushes with my cheekiness. Sam turns her head, shying away, but I still have her hand. She isn't going anywhere. I manage to take my wallet out with one hand and get my card out. I pay for the lube and I do up her jacket again, and we go out into the cold. Her pants are still undone in the front.

We are walking now, smiling, but not talking. I have not let go of her hand in the last 15 minutes. Thankfully, we live close to to the university. I couldn't take a long walk after all this. I can barely keep myself from jumping her right here. As we get closer to home, I begin to speak.

“When we get inside, I want you to follow my instructions.”

The phrase 'follow my instructions' is our code for “Let the domination begin.”

“Yes, sir.” This is our code for “Alright, let's do this!”

Calling me “sir” is a gift to me. She is putting her trust in me, and I am promising to care for her. This, along with the bondage and the spanking, has been a new and very welcome dimension to our relationship. We are both thrilled by it.

I unlock the front door, and the house air is warm on our cheeks. I turn to face her and bend my head slightly. I am close to her, practically touching her with my chest. My nose is nearly touching her forehead.

“Stay right where you are, and don't move.”

“Yes, sir.” Her eyes rise to meet mine. She knows exactly what she is doing...

“No... I did not give you permission to look at my eyes, now did I?”

“No, sir.”

“Look at you, being bad.”

“Yes, sir.”

I take my jacket off first, and then my shoes. I put on my winter slippers and then I tend to Samantha.

I slowly unzip her jacket. I am revelling in the slowness, the gentleness, the sound of the zipper as it slides over the teeth. I can hear her breathing, too. It is slightly deeper and slightly quicker than normal. My hands grab the lapels of her jacket, and I open it to reveal her sweatshirt. I draw the jacket back, around her shoulders, and down over her hands. As my hands pass her hands, I grip her wrists through the jacket and hold them firmly. I am still standing in front of her, nearly touching her. I am holding her hands behind her back. I am looking directly into her eyes, and she is looking at my neck.

“You're mine. All mine. And you will do as I say.”

“Yes, sir.”

I lean my head just a bit, and plant a warm, slow kiss on her forehead. “That's my girl. That's my good little slut.”

That word has come to mean so much to her. It is our mutually chosen word for her during our playtime. We never use it, other than when we are playing. I put her jacket on the hook, but I have thought ahead. I have her blindfold waiting there. I was preparing for this while she was writing her exam. She is facing the other direction, and listening to me put the jacket on the hook, but she doesn't realize that I have grabbed the blindfold. I snug up to her back, move her hair to the side, and bury my face in her neck. I draw my lips lightly across the skin, sending shivers down her body, warming her crotch. Her nipples harden and twinge under her sweatshirt.

The blindfold fits firmly, but not in an uncomfortable way. Between the loss of sight, and the feeling of me kissing, and nibbling on her neck, she is beginning to tremble just a bit. My hands are running overtop of her sweatshirt, touching, teasing, probing.

“Raise your hands above your head.”

Slowly, so slowly, I take the sweatshirt off over her head. It is torturous for me to go so slow, when she is tingling all over already. The air is cool on her skin, and I throw the sweatshirt onto the couch in the living room.

My hands return to her body. They are leaving trails of tickling fire on her skin. Her breathing is coming deeper and quicker now, her breasts beginning to heave.

“Stay here. Don't move.”

“Yes... sir.”

I take the box of warming lube and go into the bedroom to light the candles. I have placed 36 beeswax tealight candles around the room. The room is warming up fast. I return to her in the living room, and continue the slow undressing. Her bra comes off next, and then those jeans. They are, of course, already undone, so all I have to do is literally slide them off. She is not wearing any panties. This is why I wanted her to undo her jeans in public.

Samantha is standing in the colder living room and she is nearly shivering, now. This was actually my plan – I wanted her to feel a bit cold, exposed. I return, and I stop in front of her, facing her. I take a moment to reintroduce my hands to her body. I take her by both hands, and walk backwards, guiding her to the bedroom. In the short few minutes that have passed, the room is several degrees warmer than the living room. She feels the warmth on her skin, and she sighs a little bit.

“Is that better?”

“Mmmm, yes, sir,” she says in a thankful tone.

I have not only laid out candles, but all of the things we will need for the afternoon. Not that she can see it, mind you - again, part of my plan. I have put almost every surface and every handle in the bedroom to use. I take her by the hands and guide her to a spot a foot or two in front of the foot of the bed.

“Knees locked, bend over, elbows on the bed.”

“Yes, sir.”

“So, you thought it was a good idea to look me in the eyes a moment ago?”

“Um, no, sir...”

“Uh huh, yeah. I think you need some punishment, don't you?” This was why she looked at me. She knows why she did it, and I know why she did it.

“Yes, sir.”

“Let's begin, then.”

THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, THWACK Three hard handslaps on each cheek for now. My hands soothe her warming cheeks.

“There, there, I can be nice, too, right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Alright, now, get up on the bed, face down. Stay there for a minute.”

Sam gets up on the bed, lying face down. I go to each one of her wrists and tie them to the bed board. Her legs are still free. I get up on the bed, and kneel down, straddling her ass. I tuck my calves in beside her legs. She is nearly immobile. And then I begin to tickle her. I tickle her ribs, her lower back, her arms, and her neck. She is laughing hysterically, and nearly out of breath in just a few minutes. She is thrashing on the bed, seemingly trying to buck me off of her hips, laughing through it all. She loves it.

I take a break and let her catch her breath.

“So, you thought the spanking was the only part of your punishment, didn't you?”

“Yes, sir, I did!”

“Well, you were wrong!” And I start tickling her again. In no time, she is giggling and thrashing. In between giggles, she says something.

“Oh you bastard! Stop!”

“What?? Well, I think calling me a bastard deserves some more spankings, don't you?”

“Um, no sir?” she says, laughing, knowing full well that was the 'wrong' answer.

I scoot further down her legs, revealing her beautiful ass. There is a bit of redness from the previous spankings.


I laid out the claws next to the bed. The claws are metal devices for me to hold onto, so I can draw the somewhat-sharp edges across her skin. Sam's favourite places are her back and her ass. I begin with her back. Drawing the claws across the skin of her back lightly, I am teasing her. She knows it will get more intense, but for now, it's just light. After a few moments, I increase the intensity, and she begins to writhe and moan. After while of this, it's time to switch to her ass. She loves attention lavished on her ass. She loves the claws to be used on her ass. Her ass is going to get some scratches.

I drag the claws with a light-to-medium pressure over her cheeks and her muscles tense under the skin. There are light, pink lines on her cheeks now, but they are blending in with the redness from the previous swats. I take a moment to tease her asshole: she goes crazy for this. I take one prong of one of the claws and trace lazy, tickling circles around the outside of her pucker. It makes her crazy with desire. Up the crack of her ass to her tailbone and back, and then making circles all around. She is squealing with delight.

“Oh, God, that's so good...” she says.

“Hmm... that's funny, I didn't hear a 'Sir' in there... I think we'll just have to...” and I start hand spanking her again.

THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, THWACK! Three more on each cheek. These are a little bit lighter than the last bunch.

“Alright, alright! I'm sorry, sir!”

“Ok, you're sorry. But how sorry are you? Are you sorry enough to suck my cock? I could let you get up if you were sorry enough to suck my cock...”

“I am, sir! I'll suck your cock, please, just let me up!”

“Ok, then, you've got yourself a deal. But let me get the warming lube first.”

I get off the bed, and undo the ties binding her to the bed. I grab the box of warming lube, and apply some to each one of her nipples. She pulls me back onto the bed, and throws me down. In a flash, she has my pants open, and me inside of her mouth. I close my eyes. Her blowjobs are incredible. She is enthusiastic, dedicated, and she prefers to swallow. She is my queen.

We spend the next 2 hours doing it every which way. After, we lie there, together, breathless. A long while passes, and I speak.

“You are incredible, Sam. Incredible.”

“So are you. Sir.” The playful sarcasm is unmistakeable. We laugh and hold each other.

“Did you enjoy the warming lube on your nipples?”

“Yeah! It was really nice!”

“Good. Now, as wonderful as this was, we still have the evening to ourselves. And we are going out for dinner and a movie.”

“We are?”

“Oh yes! We've got reservations at La Palma for 6:30 and we'll catch the late movie. Sound good?”

“Sounds great!” La Palma is her favourite restaurant. I like it too.

“Ok, let's take a shower, and maybe we'll take a nap before La Palma.”

“Mmmm, yeah!”

“I'll get the shower going.” I go to the bathroom, get the shower started, and then, she is behind me. She reaches around and grabs my now-limp cock.

“Awww... I don't turn you on anymore?”

“You do, he's just so goddammned tired!” With that, I turn around, drop to my knees and put her leg up on the side of the tub. I take one last taste of her grooly, delicious pussy.

“Alright, that's enough, get in there...” she says, gently pushing my head away toward the shower.

We are both in the shower, washing up and we can barely keep our hands off of one another. The afternoon has, apparently, done little to slake our thirst for each other. I wash her back, and her bum. There are going to be some bruises there. Lately, I have started shaving her pussy for her as well. At first, she was unsure how she if she would like it or not, but once she saw that I was careful, and I enjoyed doing it, it became normal for us. We get out, dry off and walk back to the bedroom.

“Let's get some Arnica gel on your bum, unless you want to keep the bruises.”

“No, hun, get the gel. Thanks.” I spread some gel on her ass and work it in.

“Did you want to take a nap?” I ask, as I'm rubbing in the gel.

“Not really, I feel really good right now.”

“Ok, then we have time to go shopping before La Palma, don't we?”



I was taking her shopping tomorrow if she wanted to take a nap. I've got it all planned out. She likes lingerie, I could care less. Honestly. She couldn't hide her beauty if she tried. She is just as beautiful to me in sweat pants and a hoodie as she is in her Little Black Dress. But, she loves her lingerie, so we're going to Victoria's Secret. Her friend Tina works there, and, hopefully, she can get us a discount.

But we're not going just yet. I spring my surprise on her.

“I want you to wear this,” and I pull out the vibrating bullet from the drawer by the bed. I bought it this morning, and washed it up.

She looks at the bullet, and it begins to dawn on her. Then she looks at the remote control in my hand, and she knows, now, what we're going to do. I click the remote while the bullet is in her hand, and she lets out a small gasp. I look at her and raise my eyebrows as if to say, “I'm waiting.” A delicious smile comes over her face, and she shakes her head slowly. I nod slowly.

“Put it in. And then, put your panties on and get dressed. We're going shopping.”

She slips the bullet in and gets dressed. When she is mostly dressed, the phone rings. It's her mother. She picks up and answers.

“Oh, hi mom. Yeah, it went well. I'm so glad it's over. One more semester and I'm done.”

I catch her eye, and indicate the remote control in my hand with my eyes. The biggest “Nnnnnnooooooo!” look comes over her face. She is pleading with me. But I have mercy on her, for now. I wait until she hangs up and then give her a quick one-second hit.

“You bastard, if you had done that when I'm on the phone with my mother...”

I am grinning like the Cheshire Cat. I am bad, but I'm not that bad. She shakes her head slightly as she turns away.

“Hey, you better finish getting dressed, we've got some shopping to do.”

The anticipation is building in her now. 'What has he got planned? What is he going to do?'

We are dressed now, and heading out. It's just before 5, and our reservations at La Palma are for 6:30. We get to Victoria's Secret at the mall in 10 minutes. As we are getting out the car, I give her a 2 second buzz. She stumbles a bit.

“You bastard!”

“You love it!” She smiles.

We walk to the entrance of the mall, and go inside. There is a traffic jam of people ahead of us, and we slow down. I give her a 5 second buzz. She turns her head to me and gives me the You Bastard Look. I keep a straight face, and pretend to not know anything. The traffic jam clears, and we start walking again. Victoria's Secret is just ahead.

“Hey, I wonder if Tina is working...”

The You Bastard Look again - this time, with the head shake. We approach the entrance to Victoria's Secret and I click it and leave it on for 2 seconds. She is ahead of me, now, still shaking her head slightly. She loves every minute of it.

Tina is working. Oh this is perfect. I didn't know if she was working or not, but it's so much better for my evil plan that she is. As Sam waves to Tina, I hit her with a one second burst. Sam almost stumbles a bit. I can't see her face from this angle, but I really wish I could. At this point, she decides that she is going to tough this out, she is going to beat it. But I am in control of the bullet. I choose when it goes on, and when it goes off. She is at my mercy. My aim is to be playful, but I'm not going to wear out my welcome, because we still have dinner and a movie ahead. But I do want to hit her with it just one more while we are here. Sam gets her things, and goes to the counter to pay. Tina asks her how her exam went. I hit the remote control, and leave it on as Sam begins to answer.

“Ohhh.. it was good, went well, I feel good about it...”

I am standing behind Sam. I speak. “I'm glad you feel good about it, honey.” I click it off.

Tina knows something is up, but can't quite tell. I am so bad. I pay for Sam's lingerie and we leave.

We get into the car, and I don't touch the remote again until we get to the restaurant. We sit at our booth, and the wine comes. We raise our glass to each other, and I slip my hand under the table. Sam stops and doesn't take a sip. I was teasing her that time.

“To good times!”

“To good times.” She is smirking and looking me right in the eyes.

I take the remote control from my pocket, and slide it across the table to her. She grabs it, at first, to keep it out of sight. She quickly puts it in her purse. I am 'gambling' by doing this.

Paul the waiter comes up. We have chatted with him since our very first visit to La Palma. His girlfriend is one of the chefs here. “Hi Paul, how are you?”

“Very well, guys! How are you?”

“Great! We're celebrating the end of Sam's semester. What are the specials tonight?”

“How nice! Tonight we've got the Halibut with Forbidden Rice, Mussels with Lobster Bisque sauce and Lemon Pepper Chicken with Saffron Rice.”

“I'll have the Lemon Pepper Chicken, and Sam will have the Halibut and Rice. Thanks, Paul.”

The rest of the meal was wonderful, as it always is at La Palma. Paul comes and I ask for a doggy bag and the cheque. As he is leaving our table, Sam slides the remote control back to me. She is beaming, daring me to hit it again. I didn't know if she would give it back or not. I gambled, and we both won. Paul returns with the cheque and the doggy bag. He asks if everything was alright.

I hand him my card, hit the remote, and say “Very nice, as always, Paul.” Sam says nothing, just breathes in.

I am bad. She loves it. We make a great couple.

Paul brings back the bill, I sign and we get up from the table.

“Thanks, guys! Nice to see you both again.”

“You, too, Paul. Say hi to Lynn for us.”

“I'll do that. You guys take care.” He walks away.

I help her with her jacket, and lean in to kiss her, but I whisper instead, “You're mine.”

She whispers back, “Yes, sir.”

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