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I was now at the mercy of Anabelle and my Step- mother was on her way.........

Anabelle produced a small bundle of paper's and said, "I have amended one of our temporary contracts of employment to highlight that you will work here for three month's without pay in lieu of your transgressions, sign here", with that Anabelle handed me the paper's and a pen.

There was little point in me reading the contract, if I refused she would just call the Police and I would be back to square one, plus I was feeling vulnerable still being naked. I scribbled my signature on the contract. Anabelle satisfied that my signature matched that on my licence put the papers in her desk drawer and locked it.

Anabelle told me to wait in the office while she went for my clothes, after about 5 mins she returned to the office but, instead of holding my shirt, pants shoes etc she was carrying some flimsy feminine items and a couple of pairs of wedged sandals.

"Right, humiliation and learning respect is all part of your punishment so I am sending you home in such a way that you will remember not to steal", said Anabelle, who threw a pair of white transparent panties with red flowers on and a matching cropped top in red with white flowers.

Anabelle gave me the two pairs of sandals and said "try them both, one pair will definitely fit.

"I can't wear those what if someone see' s me, this is all wrong", I said in disbelief.

"I have thought of that and told your step-mother to bring her car around to the service entrance that way only the two of us will see you dressed in your pretty things" she replied with a final element of sarcasm.

Just then a buzzer sounded, "That will be your step-mother at the door, so get dressed now! and I will go and let her in", said Anabelle in a very strict manner.

I struggled to pull the panties on and then wriggled in to the crop top. The clothing if you could call it that was very tight and did not seem to cover any of me. I slipped the wedged sandal's on and toppled forward a little before I got my balance. I must have looked ridiculous a tight crop top with flowers on that did not even reach my navel, a tiny pair of see through knickers and ladies sandal's! Even though I felt stupid my cock was getting hard again pressing against the tight waistband of the panties.

Just then I heard Anabelle outside the office door say, 'this way' and the two women entered the office.

As soon as Sarah, my step-mother saw me she burst out laughing and Anabelle started to giggle with pride at her handy work. I cringed with embarrassment and put my hands over my genitals, but Anabelle not only made me uncover my cock but also made me turn around and pull the panties down to show Sarah my sore bottom.

I could feel Sarah loving every minute of my torment she was laughing and grinning saying things like I didn't think he could look so pretty and I see you have made a start with his little 'botty'.

Anabelle changed her expression and said, "Right I will leave this miscreant in your charge until he returns here for work, I am sure you will continue to maintain his punishment after all he must have caused you and your family a lot of distress". "Still let us hope this arrangement avoids any further problems and maintains the good name of your family", added Anabelle as she held the door open for Sarah and I to leave.

I waddled out of the office behind Sarah who led the way to the back entrance to the shop. Her car was parked right outside and Sarah got in, I rushed to get in myself but the door was looked and there I stood in the open air for anyone to see, I panicked and banged on the door window, finally Sarah opened the door grinning to herself and she said, "oops sorry, I didn't know the door was still locked".

I was so relieved to be inside the car even though I was practically naked sat beside my step-mother. We started to drive away and I instinctively covered the area between my legs with my hands, it was uncomfortable as my bum was still a little sore.

"Thank god!" I said, "that women was keeping me hostage and framed me!, we need to get home and call a lawyer, you need to help me Sarah", I added.

Sarah suddenly stopped the car and turned to me and said, "you are already in a lot of trouble young man, I have had to sign an agreement to personally oversee your punishment and I gather, from Ms Mortimer , that you also signed an agreement which admits both your guilt and liability, if that is the case no lawyer can get you out of this, and if you kick up a fuss and your Father finds out, well I don't know what he will do, so I suggest you comply totally with this arrangement and adhere to your punishment". "Do you understand!", added Sarah sternly.

I should have read all the papers before signing, not knowing what else I could do I just muttered, "Yes Sarah".

"Very good", said Sarah, who continued, "now you will do exactly what I tell you to do without exception and we will start by having a good look at that "manhood" of yours, so from now on you are forbidden to cover yourself up, so hands by your side and if I ever catch covering yourself up again your backside will be purple".

I obeyed Sarah and revealed myself to her gaze.

Sarah softened her stern demeanor and broke in to a gentle smile, then she reached over and grabbed my cock, with her other had she pushed the waistband down and under my balls, and started to massage my cock, she licked her lips and said, "to think you have been hiding this lovely piece of man meat all this time, and now your all mine".

It was so unreal, I was now the plaything of my step-mother, who I had to obey, and who could punish me at her whim, and who was at this second rubbing my cock while I was wearing girls Knickers.

Sarah put her hands back on the steering wheel and drove off giggling and saying to herself, "that's enough pleasure for you, for the moment".

It was certainly the weirdest journey of my life and after twenty-five minutes we were driving through the gates of the driveway and parked outside the house.

I turned to Sarah and pleaded with her to let me put some clothes on but, she just said she would have to see how obedient I was first. I rushed in to the house with Sarah strolling in behind me. When we were both in the hall Sarah told me to go in the living room and wait for her. I did as I was told and waited for Sarah. After a few minutes the door to the living room opened but instead of Sarah it was my step-sister Melissa!.

"Oh my god!", shrieked Melissa, "I didn't believe mom when she told me but just look at you!", added Melissa.

Melissa started to circle me staring in astonishment fixing her eyes on my still straining cock, tears of embarrassment and shame started to trickle down my cheeks and yet I was still excited as I was still fully erect. Just then Sarah entered the room and when she saw the scene with me almost naked being surveyed by her daughter Melissa, she started to smirk.

"Now, house rules", announced Sarah, turning to me she said, "for the next three months, call it your 'sentence', you young man will do whatever Melissa and I say and you will address us as Mistress Sarah and Miss Melissa, you will have a list of daily duties to perform which will be assessed by Melissa and I." "We will also administer any punishment we see fit, when a punishment is complete I think you should thank us, after all we are helping you stay out of Jail. When your father is here your punishment will be paused until he leaves the house, at which time your punishment will resume, I happen to know he is only planning to be here 10 days in the next three months, so with luck your crime can be kept a secret".

As I was listening to Sarah and taking in the horror's that were in store for me over the next three months, I suddenly started to suspect collusion, Sarah seemed to have all this situation a little too well planned out. I was about to reveal my suspicions, when Sarah spoke again, "Right, Melissa needs a practical lesson in punishing you and I need to see that you are compliant too so, Melissa off you go".

"What, I can spank him now?", asked Melissa to her mom.

"Yes, you can spank him anytime you want", replied Sarah.

Melissa jumped up with glee and rushed to get a chair, she brought it to the centre of the room next to me and sat down, giggling she turned to her mom and said, "shouldn't he be totally nude".

Sarah replied, "whatever you want your in charge darling, its up to you to tell him what to do and he will obey".

"Won't you", added Sarah addressing me.

"Yes Mistress Sarah".

I was completely defeated and Sarah new it.

"Strip", shouted Melissa, "and then over my knee I'm going to love this", she added triumphantly.

I pulled the crop top over my shoulders and kicked off the sandals from my feet and dragged the flimsy panties down my legs and off. Fully nude me a twenty-three year old man laid over the lap of my sixteen year old step-sister to be spanked, totally at her mercy.

Was staying out of Jail and the money really worth all this I thought to myself.

Smack! the first blow hit my already sore bottom, smack!, smack!, smack!, the beating seemed relentless and I found myself pleading with Melissa to stop but, she just laughed and said, "this will teach you, you've been nasty to me since mom and I moved in, now I am in charge!"

"Good girl, that's enough now Melissa", said Sarah.

"Oh, I was just getting in to it", replied Melissa, who with that straightened her legs and pushed me to the floor.

Sarah gave my back a light kick and said, "what do you say to Miss Melissa?".

I brought myself up on my knees in front of Melissa's feet caressing my tender bottom and sobbing slightly said "thank you for spanking me Miss Melissa.

Melissa laughed and said "I'm the boss, I can't wait to tell my friend's".

I started to shake with fear, but then Sarah told Melissa it had to be a strict secret and she could not tell anyone about the situation.

Sarah told me to go upstairs and take a shower and then to go to my bedroom when I was finished but, that I was to remain naked and that she would join me later to discuss my 'night time duties'.


Chapter 3 soon.

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