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Exquisite Torture

I am usually a very light sleeper, but my doctor had put me on a sedative to help me get a better night’s rest. I fell asleep on my left side, as is my habit, with my husband Jim snuggled in behind me, his arm draped possessively over my body. I slept soundly in his arms, knowing it was the weekend, and neither of us had to get up to go to work.

I woke mid morning to find myself naked, spread eagle on the bed, wrists and ankles bound to the bed. I was gagged and a sleep mask covered my eyes. I strained against the restraints, and moaned against the gag. His soft sexy voice in my ear suggested that he wouldn’t do that if he were me. With that I felt clamps being applied to my oh so sensitive nipples. Damn...I could feel that right down in my pussy. I squeaked my pleasure, and tried to ease the feeling of pleasure between my legs. With that, I felt the clamps on my nipples tighten.

Jim has always been handy, and the next thing I feel is my puffy lips being spread open. The cool morning breeze wafts across my now exposed clit. I feel Jim’s hands on my body, and then the ice cold smooth glass G-spot dildo being slipped into my pussy. I try desperately to arch my back, to seek more of the icy smoothness, but it was useless. All my struggles got me were the clamps on my nipples tightened just a touch.

My pussy was throbbing around the now warm dildo, and I needed some attention paid to my clitoris. I squirmed on the bed, and before I knew it I felt another clamp being placed on my clit. Again, I tried to arch my back, but Jim just ignored my attempts to convey to him that he was driving me wild.

I felt him begin to finger the tight sphincter of my ass. He gently worked in one finger, and waggled it inside me. I tried to giggle, but that just seemed to anger him, and he withdrew his finger quickly. The clamp was removed from my clitoris, and I felt the blood rush to that nubbin. A moan escapes my throat.

Jim lays his body over mine, his voice husky in my ear, “I’m going to undo your wrists and ankles have to promise me that you aren’t going to move, okay? I’ll move you, to where I want you. Okay?”

I nodded, I had no idea where his game was going to go, but I was willing to find out. He took the clamps of my nipples, and suckled on them to get the blood flowing again. He kissed his way down my body, spending time suckling on my clit, leaving me so close to an orgasm, but then moved on, removing the now hot dildo from my cunt. Soon my ankles were loosed, but before I could stretch, he covered my body with his own again. He untied my wrists, but held them together in one of his big hands.

In one breath, I was flipped over onto my tummy and my hands were restrained once again. He positioned the pillow so I could breath, then shimmied down my body, and pushed my knees up, so my plump ass was in the air. My ankles were restrained again, to the sides of the bed, so my pussy was exposed. I tried to squirm, I needed to try to ease the throbbing in my core. All that got me was a lashing with a leather belt across my ass. Oh, god, the pain was exquisite and my cunt throbbed all the more. I waggled my ass hoping that would result in yet another lashing with the leather belt. I wasn’t disappointed, and the moment the leather smacked the pink skin of my ass a scream formed in my throat. Another lash came close after the second, the tender skin of my ass felt on fire.

Before I could catch my breath, I felt an ice cold glass bottle being gently inserted into my hot cunt. The sensation was something I’d never felt before. If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was Perrier water, fizzing inside me. The carbonation bursting inside my hot cunt was indescribable. The bottle was pulled abruptly pulled from my body, and I felt Jim’s mouth on the opening to my love canal. He drank deeply, of the Perrier mixed with my own love cum.

My whole body was on fire, my thighs were trembling. I moaned, not sure if it was in agony or ecstasy...and for that, I felt another quick lash to the already stinging flesh of my ass.

My cunt was throbbing, and I needed something inside me. At this point, I didn’t care what it was. It was if Jim could read my mind, and the next thing I felt was my favorite vibrator being ever so slowly pushed inside me. The nose of the dolphin poised directly on my throbbing clit. Jim turned on the vibe, and it began to churn inside me, while the buzzing on my clitoris was a welcome relief. Jim had fashioned a way to hold the vibe in just the right place, with a wide width medical tape from my first aid kit. He wound the tape around my hips tightly, making sure the vibrator would stay in place.

I could feel the inner muscles of my cunt working around the cock like toy, while it continued to buzz frantically on my clitoris. Yet again, a moan escaped my throat, because the sensations Jim was bringing to my body were things I had never been so bombarded with at one time. He ran his hand over the still pink flesh of my ass before I felt the stinging smack of leather to my ass. I heard the whoosh of the leather through the air, only moments before I felt another sting of the one inch band of leather raise yet another welt on my flesh.

The next thing I felt was the smooth glass dildo being slid into the tight sphincter of my rectum. I could feel the tip of it nudge the tip of the vibrator in my pussy. The thin wall between the two orifices sensitive to the onslaught of sensations.

I had cum so many times, I had lost count. My whole body was trembling. I could feel the warm cum seep from my body. I was whimpering with exhaustion. Jim seemed to understand, that he could take me no further. The glass dildo was gently pulled from my sphincter. The tape was tenderly removed from around my hips, and the vibrator was shut off. The restraints were undone, and the gag and sleep mask were removed. Jim gently helped eased my knees down, until I was laying on my belly on the bed. The tears welled in my eyes, and his voice held concern, “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

I couldn’t speak. I was so weak from multiple orgasms. He reached for my favorite massage oil, and tenderly rubbed out the kinks that had worked themselves in during my time in bondage. He gingerly tended to the welts on my ass from the lashings with the leather belt. He turned me onto my left side and curled in behind me. “Later, when we wake up, we’ll soak in the hot tub...naked.”

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