Family Friend Jane Part Two

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Family Friend, Jane Part 2

When I was 18, my parents were on vacation for three months and left a family friend Jane, in charge of the house and the discipline of me. Jane had just graduated from college at the time, so she was about four years older than I was. She caught me going through her bras and panties, so she spanked me.

As I grew older, I missed Jane and how her spankings changed my life. I went to college and moved away from my parents, and dated a few women. So I was surprised during my last year in college, during the holidays, to get a letter from Jane. She said that she was getting married in early January, and that she wanted me to be part of her wedding party. The letter went on to say that I was one of her most favorite friends, and hoped that I would accept her invitation.

Her wedding date was before my college classes began again, so I accepted her offer. She was marrying into a wealthy family, so almost everything was arranged for me and I didn't have to use much of my own money. Jane mailed back to me airline tickets, a voucher for a taxi to the hotel, and my hotel reservations. The wedding was going to take place in a large old church in the middle of the city, and the hotel was only a block away from the church. Most of the hotel was filled with her wedding party and nearly all of her guests.

She was very organized with her wedding plans. I would arrive on Thursday afternoon, and on Friday morning, be measured and pick up my rental tux. Late Friday afternoon would be the wedding rehearsal, followed by a dinner. Her wedding was to take place on Saturday at four in the afternoon, followed by a reception that had a fully catered dinner. I was grateful that Jane had my flight back booked on Monday, so I would have Sunday to relax and enjoy the city.

My flight went very well, and I was surprised at the nice large room she had reserved for me at the hotel. The tuxedo rental place was only a few blocks from the hotel, and I had no trouble with the tux rental. Jane had also prepaid for my tux rental. Everybody was so busy, that I didn't get a chance to see and talk to Jane until her wedding rehearsal. I thanked her for everything and soon the rehearsal started. Jane told me that she really wanted to talk to me some more after the rehearsal dinner.

At the rehearsal, I found out that I was paired up with one of Jane's younger friends, Linda. She was also in her last year of college and was always a close friend of Jane. I guess that Jane had been her mentor, and she had been a really close friend for the last six years. At the rehearsal, they told us that the pictures would be taken at one o'clock, and probably take two hours. This would give us a whole hour to relax and prepare for the wedding.

The rehearsal dinner was a full five-course dinner back at the hotel. The food was great. Jane came around to me during the dinner and said she wanted to talk to me some more in my hotel room after the dinner. Since I was in a strange city with no evening plans, I told her it would be good to talk to her some. After speaking with the rest of her wedding party, I went up to my room and relaxed. About a half an hour later, I heard a knock on the door and it was Jane. I let her in and we talked on the couch. I had grown much bigger since she took care of me at age eighteen, and my voice had gotten deeper. She told me that I would make a great husband for a woman, someday.

Then the conversation turned to when she had taken care of me when I was eighteen. "I have so many pleasant memories of that summer, that is why I wanted you to be in my wedding party. You will always remain my one of my most favorite friends."

"I am grateful to be part of your wedding party." I replied.

"Remember when I caught you in the guest room going through my bra and panties and what I did to you?"

"Yes, you spanked me and had me wear panties while you stayed with me." I said.

"You do remember. Good for you."

"Those spankings actually taught me more respect for women. So I was happy to see you, again. I was hoping that you would spank me, again." I said.

"So do you still wear those panties I bought you?" Jane asked.

"As you can see, I have grown a lot since then, so they no longer fit me."

"Clyde, pretend that I am babysitting you and stand in front of me with your hands on your head. You have been a naughty boy and I just caught you going through my things."

I stood in front of her and she unbuckled my belt, unzipped me, and brought my slacks to my ankles. Soon my underpants were also at my ankles. Now I stood in front of Jane, naked from the waist down. I had an instant erection, standing before her like this.

"As I remember, you reacted the same way when you were eighteen." Jane examined my penis and balls and said, "you need to shave down here if you are to wear my panties during the wedding. Stay right here with your hands on top of your head, while I run back to my room to get some things. Where is your room key?"

"On the television." I replied.

"Stay right there. I'll be back shortly."

I felt sort of funny, standing with my hands on my head, and naked from the waist down. But in a few minutes, Jane walked in the room carrying a bag.

She pulled out a razor and some shaving cream. She then went into the bathroom and came out with a warm washrag and towel. "Stand still. I don't want to accidentally cut you." Soon I felt the coolness of the shaving cream, and the cool air around my now hairless penis and balls.

"Before I try my panties on you, I believe you deserve a good spanking. Go over my knees so that I may spank you." Jane was wearing a short skirt with pantyhose. She hiked up her skirt and soon I could feel her soft smooth legs under my body. My erect penis dangled between her legs. She closed her legs together, so I was tightly in position. "I am happy to hear those spankings you helped change your life."

"I now treat women with a lot more respect since you spanked me." I said.

"So let me turn you white bottom a nice shade of red." The Jane started to spank me. Since it had been a few since Jane had last spanked me, it took a little bit of time to get used to. She started with softer spanks, and they became harder and harder as time went on. It was nice to smell her perfume, feel my bottom warm up, and be totally under the control of Jane. Soon the spanks were starting to sting and I began to squirm a bit.

"Don't move around so much. Your spanking is almost over with." Jane said. After a few more spanks, Jane said, "You can stand up now."

I stood up and my hands quickly went back and rubbed my poor bottom. Meanwhile, Jane reached into the bag and pulled out three pairs of panties. "Stand with your arms behind your back as I try these on you." Then I had to step into each pair of panties as Jane pulled them up and examined me in them. All three had a lot of little lace on them, and she thought a pink pair fit me the best. They were made out of very thin silk and barely held my erect penis in them.

"Be sure you wear these to the wedding, tomorrow. I want to remember that you have a well-spanked butt and you are wearing my panties in the wedding pictures."

"But I will feel so embarrassed. What if someone notices?" I pleaded.

"That is why I wanted you in the ceremony, and why you are one of my favorite friends. I need to see my other guests, now. See you tomorrow." Then Jane took her bag and left my room.