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Five Minutes in Hell Part 2

Hannah needs an attitude adjustment so it's time to go over Angus's caring and corrective knee again
Five Minutesin Hell?

Part Two

It had been a week since Angus spanked me and I was good as gold. The only problem was, I kind of wanted another spanking. I tried doing things like breaking a cup or spilling something to see if he would punish me, but it didn't work. So I abandoned the idea, assuming it had been a once off.


I was sitting on the floor stuffing my face with chips. I was snuggled in a blanket and wearing trackies. The very picture of glamour. Angus walked in and shook his coat on.

"Wet out," he said.

"Duh," I muttered. He walked over to my nest of wrappers, empty drink cans and plates.

"What happened here?" he asked. I ignored him. I was normally scrambling for his attention. He was usually aloof. Today I didn't feel like it. In fact I resented him for it. I'd had a shit day with about fifty things gone wrong and I wanted to be alone.

"Not talking to me, then?" he quizzed. 

"Nope," I answered.

"Alright." He went upstairs and I heard him turn the water on. Of course I thought about him in the shower, how his body would look, if his chest was as perfect as it looked under his business shirts. Whether he was well endowed.

"What are you watching?" he asked. He was in a good mood.

I stared at the TV.

"Alright," he said. "Something's clearly got you riled. What is it?"

I ignored him still. He stood up.

"I'd like some help in the kitchen, Hannah. My parents are coming over for dinner."

"Fuck you and your parents." I kind of muttered it, but unfortunately Angus has very good hearing.

"That's it," he announced, dragging me to my feet.

"Let go," I whined.

"You need a smack."

"No, I don't."

"Your attitude is foul. You clearly need an adjustment."

He pulled me down the hall. I groaned. "I feel like shit, Angus. I haven't even been into uni today. Just leave me alone."

"I thought you must have wagged uni," he said sharply. "You couldn't accumulate such an impressive mess in only an hour."

He pushed me into the study. I stood in front of the desk. I expected him to take his seat behind the desk but instead he stood in front of me. He put his hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes. "Is there anything else you'd like to admit to so I can add it on to your punishment, Hannah?"

"Why would I do that?" I demanded. "That'd make me a fucking idiot!" I was so angry I was on the verge of biting him.

"Right, then. I think I should punish you in your room this time. I'll get you smartened up then you can have a shower and cook dinner."

"No way!" I firmly intended to spend the rest of the night becoming one with the couch.

"You cook almost every night and you love it. Your cooking is fantastic too, Hannah. You can't pike on me tonight."

"I don't feel like it."

"Yes, you've told me that. You've been sitting inside all day with the heater on and you feel like crap." I huffed. But I followed him to my room. He cracked the window a touch. He sat down on my bed. "Over my knees," he told me. I pouted.

"Come on." I lay down on the bed in his lap. He pulled my track pants and panties half down my thigh. The butterflies in my stomach in went into overdrive. My pussy stirred to life.

He rested his warm open palm on my left cheek. I moaned. "You're behaving like a brat," he told me sternly. "You wagged uni today, you messed up the living room and didn't clean up after yourself and you told me, and my parents, who you haven't even met, to go fuck themselves." That did sound bad.

"Technically I said fuck them."

He tapped my bottom and I squeaked.

He got out his phone. "I'm setting the stop watch. I'll stop when it goes off. You will get the same as last time. Five minutes of nice hard smacking on your bare bottom." I shuddered with pleasure and fear. This was Angus's ritual, passed down by his father. It was how he and his sisters had been punished. Always after the initial explanation. I loved imagining his sister's getting their bare bottoms smacked. "If you can't keep still I will stop, readjust you and continue. If you have to be restrained you can expect it to become more painful. Got it?"

"Yes, Sir."

"I really think you need this one, Hannah."

"Yes, Angus," I whispered. I was scared but I wanted to be brave.

I cried out as the first awful slap landed. I grabbed a pillow and clutched it as hard as I could in my arms. He smacked one cheek, then the other, about a second apart. Smack, smack, SMACK. The fire spread. I flinched as his hand bit into my soft ass. "My hand almost covers your whole cheek," he mused. He painted the tops of my cheeks but mostly spanked the fleshiest portion of my bum. I nawed on the pillow. "You're taking it very well," he commended.

"Thank you. How much time has it been?"

"Thirty seconds."


The sting of the last smack built on top of the next. I felt like reaching back to cover my bottom but I knew better. "It hurts," I began to whimper. SLAP! his hand came down and spanked my poor tender bottom. He had a perfect rhythm going on. He was measured, methodical, and merciless. He was kind of paternal. And that kind of turned me on. A lot. He continued to punish me unabated.

"Oooucch!" I cried into the pillow. I started to kick my legs.

"Stay still, Hannah," he warned.

"But it hurts so bad."

"I know, love. I've actually been going a little easier on you because you've been so cooperative. Let's not put an end to that, now."

"Yes, Sir," I squeaked. My bottom was on fire. So was my pussy. He kept hitting the same spots. I squawked and kicked. I couldn't help it. It was only natural to try to escape the sting, even though I wanted to be good for my punishment.

"Hannah," Angus growled. He had no tolerance for struggles. He secured his leg over mine and twisted my arm into the small of my back.

"Please," I squeaked.

But of course, he wouldn't have it. He aimed a perfectly executed WHACK to my left cheek. Then my right. It was so forceful I screamed. My body ricocheted starting with my jiggling butt. "You know you get it harder when you struggle." I wondered if Angus appreciated the sight of my scarlet, bouncing flesh or if he was simply taking care of business. He certainly acted like it.

"I'll keep my legs down, promise."

"Hmm," he considered, continuing to smack my cheeks.

He freed his leg. I spread my legs. I found the sensation of the pain pleasurable, like I had transcended somehow. I moaned and spread them wider. Surely he couldn't resist the sight of my nice pink little pussy peeking out between my thighs? I heard him grunt. He smacked harder. My eyes watered. I gave out a sob/moan that filled up the room. "Hannah," he gulped. "Close your legs."

"It helps with the sting if I can move them a little," I said innocently.

"The time is almost up." I lay there moaning loudly as he paddled me to the last second. The beep went. I could hear his breathing.

"You can get up now," he said.

"I know."

"I'm showing a lot of self restraint here, Hannah. Yes, the way you're laying is extremely inviting. I'd have to be blind not to notice it. Please get off my lap."

"Why? If you like it?"

"Because it's torture."


I felt his finger very lightly, very hesitantly stroke my outer lips.

"You think I don't want to bury my whole face in that delicious looking peach?"

I grinned into the pillow. "So why not?"

"Because you're my house mate, and you're younger than I am. If things go wrong I've let my cock steer me into trouble."

I sat up on the bed, but I didn't pull my panties up. My bottom was smarting from his severe hand. He looked at me. His eyes were... relaxed. So pretty and brown. He had such a handsome face, chiseled and strong. My eyes strayed to his slacks. They had tented big time. I wanted to suck his cock. I loved how serious he was, but I also loved the thought of him groaning and grabbing a rough handful of my hair as he lost control. I went for the zip on his pants. He caught my hand.


His hand was shaking. His jaw was clenched. I stroked the outside of his pants. He grunted. "Stop it, Hannah."

"You gave me what I needed. As you can see, I'm in a much better mood."

He stood up and went for the door. I tried to run after him but I tripped, pants around my ankles and all. "Are you alright?" he asked.

"No," I whined. I scrambled onto all fours and crawled.

"Oh, Jesus, Hannah." Oh, I didn't actually mean to do that! I laughed. He pulled me to my feet and went for my panties without looking at me. He yanked the waist band up. 

"My bottom hurts," I pouted. "I don't want to wear my panties."

"Oh, God," he groaned, looking toward the ceiling. He secured my trackies. I laughed. I leaned up and tried to catch his lips. 

"Stop it," he repeated, but his mouth was twitching.

"Is that a smirk, or a smile?" I questioned.

"You're a determined little thing," he admitted. He looked down at me.

"So why not go for it? I'm twenty one. I won't trash the house or go crazy if it doesn't work out between us. Promise."

"You like me," he said carefully, "a lot. I like your friendship and I think you're scorchingly hot, Hannah. But I'm not in love with you. If you want to fuck because you love me, and I took you up on it, I'd feel like kind of a scum bag."

"You don't need to," I said. "You're not taking advantage of me. You even tried to run away from me, remember?" I laughed.

"Then I came back," he muttered.

"Yeah, you did." I grabbed his tie and pulled his face down so I smash my lips against his. He tried to pull away but I choked him with his tie. I dashed kisses on his neck and sucked the skin. I bit down and he moaned and clutched my waist hard. I worked my way up his jaw and his face with quick little kisses, then I returned to his lips. He easily met them and kissed me. He flicked his tongue over my bottom lip to part them further. My stomach flipped. The heat radiated through my body. He put his hand around my throat while he kept kissing me.

He broke the kiss. "Jesus," he gasped.

"I guess we have chemistry." I was shaking. So was he.

"Should we go to my room?" I asked. I took his hand. "Please?"

To be continued... mwahahhahah

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