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Flat Sharing With My Girlfriend’s Sister - Part II

When my girlfriend’s sister moves out, she shares a sex tape and things get interesting.

A sextape from my girlfriend's sister arrives...

About a week after my first caning of Ann’s sister, Emma, I was sitting at home alone one evening when I received an email from her. This in itself wasn’t unusual as she often sent us stuff she thought we’d like. More often than not it was discount vouchers for Ann’s favourite shops. This time, however, the email was just addressed to me and contained a simple message, “I thought you might be missing this…” and a URL to an anonymous file sharing server.

My curiosity was piqued and I downloaded the compressed file, and after running a virus scan, extracted the contents to my PC. It turned out to be a movie file apparently recorded the day before judging by the time stamp. Now I was really interested and opened up the file to see what it was all about.

The initial shot showed Emma’s face close up as she had clearly just started the recording on what looked like the webcam of her laptop. After a couple of adjustments to the angle to get it how she wanted, she spoke into the camera saying that she hoped I enjoyed the show. With that, she walked away and I could see she was wearing nothing but very sexy black bra and knickers. The camera was also showing a bedroom, which I guessed to be Gary’s, her current boyfriend, judging by the movie posters on the walls. Emma had positioned the camera so that it had a clear view of the bed and surrounding area.

Moments later Gary appeared in the shot with a towel around his waist as I guess he’d just come out of the shower as his hair looked wet. Emma walked over to him and they embraced and began to caress. Emma tugged his towel undone and let it dropped to the floor. She then quickly got on her knees in front of him and grabbed his cock and began to lick the end. Emma had said that Gary was a big boy, and she wasn’t kidding, by the time she’d got him fully erect his penis looked very long and thick. Gary didn’t waste any time and pushed his dick into Emma’s mouth, grabbing a handful of hair and began to face fuck her. As he slid his dick in and out I could see Emma was fingering herself. Gary started gently at first, but he became more excited and he pushed himself harder and deeper into her mouth making her gag.

After a few minutes of this, he let go of her hair and pulled out, telling her to turn around and bend over the bed. Emma did as she was told and Gary positioned himself behind her. He casually pulled her knickers to one side and with one hand carefully guided his cock inside her, pushing up to his balls in one go. Emma let out a low moan as Gary began to fuck her with long slow deep strokes. They kept fucking in this position for a while, with Gary changing the depth and pace of his strokes bringing Emma so close to the edge, but never letting her cum. It seemed that as Emma was just about to climax Gary would slow down and spank her hard about five or six times before continuing with his fucking. After the third time, Emma had nearly cum, Gary pulled out and stood to one side for a moment.

His cock looked even bigger, red and angry, slick with their juices. I could see that Emma’s pussy looked delightful, if a little distended from the fucking. Gary disappeared from the camera shot for a moment, but returned with the cane that I had last seen in our spare room.

Gary bent Emma over the bed more until her head was resting on the mattress and her bum was really sticking up. He didn’t bother to pull down her knickers, they were so skimpy they clearly offered no protection to the cane. He then positioned himself to one side carefully tapping the cane on her behind so he could judge his distance. Then without further delay, he proceeded to give Emma six hard strokes of the cane. After the six he dropped the cane, grabbed Emma by the hips and began fucking her again.

This time it was just simple fucking, as hard and as fast as he could until he came with that familiar animal grunt. He held himself tightly against Emma and I saw him twitch repeatedly as he came deep inside her. After a few moments, he slowly withdrew his glistening dick, still hard and angry looking. I could once again see Emma’s gaping cunt, this time with Gary's cum beginning to dribble out down her inner thigh. His white cum was in contrast to the scrap of black lace that formed Emma’s knickers which were still pulled over to one side.

Gary stepped back to examining his handy work, and then to my amazement picked up cane again telling Emma that he going give her another 6 strokes! Emma gasped and tried to rise but Gary simply put her over again told her to keep still, otherwise, she’d get even more. This time Gary pulled Emma’s knickers down to just below her bum, and they formed a thin black line framing her now welted bottom.

Emma had said that Gary often caned her harder when her knickers were half pulled down and I wondered if that would be the case here. I didn’t have to wait long to before Gary took up his caning position to one side of Emma and rechecked his aim with the cane with the now familiar tap tap tap.

This time however it was clear from how far Gary pulled his arm back for the first stoke that this caning was going to be much harder than the first. Indeed, the first stroke landed with a heavy crack and was greeted by a painful yelp from Emma. The rest of the caning continued in a similar fashion with each stoke really whipping in leaving an angry red welt each time. It was clear by the twelfth stroke that Emma struggling to manage having slumped forward onto the bed burying her head in the covers trying to block out the pain from the cane.

Gary dropped the cane and positioned himself behind Emma. His cock was still rampant as he carefully pulled apart Emma’s cheeks to expose her more, and with little more than a perfunctory wipe of his cock on her still moist cunt he pushed himself into her. He then rode her hard and fast, pounding her roughly. This time he took considerably longer before he came. Finally pulling out as he did so shooting rope after rope of thick cum over Emma’s red welted bottom.

He then stood back to admire the view of a well caned bottom covered in streaks of cum. Unbelievably Gary then picked up the cane again, flexing it menacing between his hands. It was clear he wanted to cane Emma again. Emma must have sensed this and rolled into a fetal position on the bed denying Gary a clear target. Reluctantly Gary put the cane on the bed and reached out to Emma who stood and embraced him. All the while she had her back to the camera so I had clear view of the damage the cane had done to her pert bottom.

She then moved towards the camera and turned and looked over her shoulder. I realised the laptop must have been on a dressing table with a mirror and she was now getting a closer look at the marks, as was I. I could clearly see the twelve red and purple welts that crossed her bum, with a couple lower down on the very tops of her thighs.

Emma then said to Gary that he would have to stop the canings because they were going on holiday soon and everyone would see the marks if she wore a bikini. Gary seemed unconcerned and said if he couldn't cane her arse, he would just have to fuck it instead. It was her choice! Emma just laughed and said she'd have to see. With that both went out of camera shot to the bathroom.

A few moments later she quickly returned to the room on her own and facing the camera lent forward a spoke directly into the lens saying she hoped I liked the show and if I wanted to see more then I should send her a video of me and Ann fucking. With that she blew a kiss and the screen went blank.

I wondered if she knew that Ann and I had made a couple of sex tapes which we sometimes watched when we were in the mood. I also wondered how much of this whole episode she had mentioned to Ann. Whilst Ann was quite relaxed about our relationship, I expect she’d be a bit ‘unhappy’ to find out I'd caned her little sister on the bare ass and then exchanged sex tapes. But I figured what the heck, it's not as if we'd actually fucked, so I decided to make the trade.

To make things more interesting I sent Emma an email asking her to let me have the pair of knickers she’d worn in her sex tape with Gary because I had a kinky idea. Sure enough a couple of nights later Emma dropped by on the pretence of picking up the last of her things. While she was here she quickly pressed the pair of little black knickers she'd been wearing into my hand with a sexy wink before gathering the last of her things and saying goodbye to myself and Ann.

That night I set about my plan for making my own sex tape. Ann was very submissive in the bedroom and was happy for me to use light bondage and blindfolds on her. So that evening after few glasses of wine I took Ann to bed. After some foreplay and messing around I told Ann I was going to blindfold her while I fucked her. She was up for this and quickly got out one of her silk scarfs which I carefully tied around her head totally covering her eyes.

I then manoeuvred her over the end of the bed, bent forward so I could take her from behind. I then switched on the video camera which I had left ready on the dressing table. The camera had a complete view of the bedroom and everything I was going to do with Ann. I was already erect from our joint foreplay and after gentle probing Ann with the tip of my cock, I slid smoothly into her soft folds. I began to fuck her with long purposeful strokes, pulling almost all the way out before sliding back in hard. I alternated between long hard strokes and series of little short pumps which quickly made Ann cum hard and noisily.

I then pulled out so the camera had a clear shot of my hard cock, slick with Ann’s juices. Whilst Ann was catching her breath I pull Emma’s knickers from their hiding place under the corner of the bed. Ann likes to be fucked whilst wearing her knickers with me pulling them to one side to fuck her. It came as no surprise to her when I told her I was going to slip her knickers back on and then fuck her. She readily stepped into then, not knowing that they were her sister’s knickers.

With Emma’s knickers now in place, I mounted her again and began to fuck her hard and fast. Ann immediately began to whimper and groan as I pumped into her. I then stopped, pulled back and smacked her arse hard six times on each side and then rammed back into her. I continued with this rhythm until Ann’s arse was a deep shade of red.

By now Ann had come another two times and I could feel my orgasm approaching, I sped up and at the last moment pulled out to spray cum all over Ann’s bum, back and of course, Emma’s knickers. When I finished I carefully slipped the knickers off Ann and used them to mop up the remaining cum before scrunching them up and throwing them in the corner. From a distance, they just looked like any other pair of knickers.

I helped Ann stand up and we kissed. Ann rubbed her red bottom and said she was going to have a shower to clean up. After she left the room I picked up the soiled knickers and turning to the camera, dangled them saying I hoped Emma would enjoy ed having them back soon!

Later the next day I downloaded the file from the camera, encrypted it and sent it to Emma, then awaited her reply.

I didn't have to wait long…

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