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Full service assistant

A new assistant offers much more than coffee.

When Clara retired, it left a gap in my work life larger than anybody at the office could imagine. She was the one that made feel welcome when I took over the corner office after the merger. Clara organised my life for 5 years, making sure I was on the right plane, at the right meeting and even got me out of a tight spot with my ex wife once or twice by telling her to fuck off when she got demanding. The one thing she never did was make me coffee, this she told me she wouldn’t do on the first morning as I walked into the glass walled office on the 35 th floor.


“Morning Mr. Wood, I am Clara your assistant. You have a meeting with the finance Director in 10 min. I don’t make coffee so please help yourself.”


I asked Clara to help me find somebody suitable before she left and she did exactly that in her normal efficient manner. She handled the interviews and after 2 weeks, she came into my office and handed me a list of candidates. I was very surprised to see only one name on the list.


“What only one, am I such a bastard that nobody wants to work for me I asked” “No she replied, she’s the one I believe will be most appropriate”


Clara arranged for me to meet the candidate the next day but informed me that as Melanie was still working at another company it would have to happen early evening outside of working hours. My diary did not allow much room to manoeuvre in any case so I accepted.


The next day was Friday and Clara reminded me around lunchtime of the interview with Melanie at 6 o’clock that evening. It had slipped my mind but I quickly called my Squash friend to cancel our game and told Clara, “Of course I remember, no problem” She knowingly looked at me and rolled her eyes.


When Clara brought Melanie into my office just after 6’oclock I was finishing a report and did not look up immediately. Waving at her to take a seat, I took my reading glasses of and looked up.


In front of me was a girl that could not be more than 20 with a body that re-affirmed that. She was dressed in typical corporate dress, Black skirt, white blouse, black jacket and a pair of French horn rimmed glasses. Hair tied back in a plait.


I jumped up suddenly flustered and stuck a hand out, “Paul Wood” I introduced myself. “Melanie Grove” she replied. Her hand was warm but the grip made me re-consider the small girl image. Her voice was a mixture of honey and gravel and the lasting impression was one of “I know things about you”.


Shall we sit on the couch, I asked in an effort to regain my composure. I could not believe that I was feeling so intimidated by this girl.







Sitting down across her I managed to get a look at her and noticed that the skirt was a bit shorter than the accepted length in our company, the blouse buttons were undone one lower than suitable and I could spot a small tattoo on her left ankle.


After the normal intro questions of “so tell me why you would like this job” and “what are your career plans” we fell into a comfortable banter about office life, a bit of private stuff on both sides and the future of the company. Lulled into a sense of calmness I did not see the next question coming and it took all my control not to jump up and run.


“Mr Wood, do you think you would like to fuck me?”


Melanie had changed her position ever so slightly and I realised that her legs were spread and I could see that she was not wearing any panties. Her pussy was smooth and very pink. The labia were plump and the faint tan line told me she wore a small Brazilian thong in the sun. The insides of her legs looked soft and firm like a young girl’s would. She was fiddling with her blouse buttons and her eyes forced mine to look into hers.


“I am also not wearing a bra if you were wondering” she answered my unspoken question.


To my relief I noticed that Clara was not to be seen and the office had gone quiet with most staff having left for the day. I followed her gaze down towards my crotch and realised I had an erection that must have been visible from across the room.


“It seems that the answer is yes gathering from the evidence” Melanie replied on my behalf again.


She stood up and came towards me, stretching her hand out she said “Come with me please”.


I silently got up and did as I was told, following her into the boardroom adjoining my office. She closed the door behind me, and before I knew what happened she was rubbing her taught body against me.


I could feel her hands moving down towards my butt. She was massaging my cheeks and murmuring in my ear. “What would you like from me Mr Wood?


I could not help myself and slid my hands around her and under her skirt. I had to feel that smooth pussy and inside legs. Her bum was rock hard in a feminine way and I slipped my finger into the top part of her but crack. It made her press against me and my cock jumped at her.







“Allow me Mr Wood”, she said.


Standing back, she unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it with her skirt on the floor. She did not have a bra on as promised. Her tits were a perfect size 36C and the nipples faced towards me in a proud uncompromising manner. They were dark brown and puckered. Her small areolas were a lighter shade and I could not see any tan lines.


“I hope you approve”


Next to her pussy, I noticed a small tattoo, it was the image of a small sperm swimming towards her dripping wet box. I took a step closer and grabbed her tits in my hands; I was massaging them and licking the nipples. Her hands moved down towards my pants and I could feel them being undone.


Without much force, Melanie pushed me back into a plush boardroom chair and stripped my pants off over my ankles. My erection was straining against my briefs and she started sucking me thorough the material. Her hands were cupping my balls and every now and then, she would scratch my testicles with a fingernail. All I could do was close my eyes and grip the arm rests of the chair.


“Mr Wood I need you to take these off now please”


I heard her command while tugging at my briefs. I complied without asking. She positioned herself between my legs and continued the blowjob. I could feel her long middle finger snake towards my arse hole and wondered if she would. It did not take long for the finger to start massaging the area between my balls and my hole and the sensation almost made me come.


She was sucking at my dick like an ice cream, making sure every inch was covered. Her teeth were making me jump and the finger on my arse was driving me insane. She must have felt this because she stood up and turned around. Spreading her cheeks, she moved back and slowly slid down onto my dick taking it all at once. She was tight and I could feel the muscles of her vagina rippling against the head of my penis. Slowly she started moving up and down keeping her cheeks spread with both hands.


The sight of her wet puss sliding up and down on my dick was enough to make my faint. I could see the pussy juice spreading across my lap and up her bum crack. She started to bounce faster and faster and her pussy was clamping down on me. She came without making a sound but I could feel her spasm and her nipples becoming very hard.


“Mr Wood I think you need to punish me for cumming without you giving me permission”









I have never tried spanking before but the thought of my hand on her white bum and hearing her gasp in pleasure turned me on. I grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around. Pulling her over my lap like a schoolgirl, the white bum stuck out and I could feel her wet pussy sliding over my legs. Without a word, I slapped her lightly on the left cheek. Instantly it turned red and I could hear her whimper. Her white bum was turning crimson under my hand and the moans were getting little louder as I continued slapping her bum with just the right amount of force not to leave a bruise. Melanie started moving her pussy against my leg while I was spanking her and I could feel her clit rubbing against my knee. She was dripping wet and my legs were becoming slick with her juices. Spreading her legs slightly she moaned.


“Fuck me with your fingers please Mr Wood”


I intertwined my index and middle finger and slid it into her juicy box wriggling the tips to find her spot. As I found it, she jumped and whimpered loudly. I used my thumb to massage her brown bum hole using her own cum as lubrication. She puckered her hole and I slowly circled it with my thumb massaging the muscle to release. My knotted fingers were playing with her G spot and her inside were tightening up for an orgasm. When her bum hole relaxed, I withdrew my fingers from her pussy and slid my middle finger up into her bum, slowly bit by bit making sure she relaxes as we go.


Melanie started moving against my finger in her bum and she slid in and out, while keeping her clit firmly on my knee. I moved my free hand around to her breast and started rubbing her nipples. They were like hard little rocks under my fingers and I wanted to suck them into my mouth. Instead, I twisted them lightly while rubbing and pulling and her sharp intake of breath told me that she was going to cum again. This time she could not keep it as quiet as previously and I prayed that Clara were not close by.


Melanie got off me and pushed a chair away.


“Please fuck me on the table sir”


She leant back spreading her legs and inviting me into her dripping cunt. I was close to cumming but wanted to taste this little pot in front of me and stuck my head between her legs. She tasted of youth, fresh with a bit of musk. Her pussy was as tight as it looked and the smoothly shaven labia made her stand out proudly. I slipped one finger into her bum and started teasing her clit with my tongue. She was not sure if she had to buck around on my finger or keep still so that my tongue could work her little nub into frenzy. Her hands were at the back of my head pulling me into her crotch and she was moaning so loudly that I started worrying about security bursting in on us.








“O yes Mr Wood I like that, keep your tongue right there, and keep going please, O my god I can’t believe I am going to cum again!”


I was about to lose control so pulled back and flipped her over. Her tits were squashed onto the Teak boardroom table and her feet were flopping in mid air as I pushed my dick into her pussy from behind. I grabbed her hips with both hands and jammed myself into her as deep as I could. I could feel my balls slapping against her clit as I drove into her again and again. Her pussy walls were so tight that it took all my strength to withdraw and then push in again. I could feel her cumming and pulled out just enough to keep my penis head in the opening of her cunt. This drove her mad and she pushed back with so much force that her nails left gouge marks on the boardroom table.


My cum was thick and I came in gobs that filled her pussy, it started running down her legs, mingling with her own cum juices and dripping on the expensive carpet. She was using her pussy muscles to milk me dry and could not pull out of her grip as she continued cumming right there on the boardroom table, her tits mashed against the hard wood and her red bum sticking up in the air.


It took us 5 minutes to recover and get our clothes back on. We moved back into my office just in time to hear the knock on the door.


“Well how are things going here”, Clara asked. “Everything under control thank you Clara” Melanie responded before I could say a word.


Melanie was busy gathering her coat and bag as she looked over her shoulder at me and said, “Isn’t that right Mr Wood?” I realised that I was not in control anymore and admitted this with a silent look in her direction. After Melanie left, Clara came into my office. I was just sitting there trying to get my strength back.


“Mr Wood I do hope you like Melanie as your new assistant, I am sure that she will be able to do what I did for you and much more.”


I looked up at her and she winked.

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